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CosmiTec's Love Letter, Issue #018 -- The ULTIMATE Time To Conceive... Is It True?
May 21, 2006

Even if the year is not half-way yet, we started working on our yearly predictions for 2007 that we will publish on our web site within some months. It's like in the fashion world: in spring they are designing and preparing winter clothes and in winter they are designing and preparing spring and summer clothes...

As the yearly predictions are a most time-consuming work, it's best to start early -- even if 2007 is still far ahead. But time goes fast and we need all our spare time to calculate the trends for the 12 Sun signs AND the 12 Ascendants.

We still have not found any astrology related web site on the Web delivering such detailed and personalized analyses. Moreover, NONE of our predictions and forecasts are computer generated! They are all the work of a human astrologer who tries to grasp complex and multidimensional planetary alignments and tries to decipher their meanings and indications.

Even if the predictions can't replace very personalized reports or readings based on the own birth information, we are amazed how often we do hit the nail.

Finally, we published our first astrological research results about miscarriages and stillbirths on our web site (see the "What's New on our Web Site" feature below).

You will notice from our monthly love forecasts that the month of June promises to become a rather difficult one for a lot of us.

Our prayers and blessings go out to all the ones who will have to endure hardship on the physical or emotional level during some challenging configurations that are coming up in sky.

Let it be and let the sun shine - even if it's just in your heart!

Luc De Jaeger

Work in progress (coming in one of our next issues):

  • tried 'n true astrological aphorisms about love
  • love marriages
  • arranged marriages
  • love degrees
  • fertility and Moon phase returns - latest research
  • happily married women: astrological indications

If you have any further suggestions or ideas to incorporate in one of the future issues of our Love Letter, please, click here to let us know!

Table of Contents

Our regular features
  1. The Love Forecasts for the Month
  2. Love Quotes of the month
  3. What's new on our web site?

Our occasional features

  1. Your Questions and Comments:
    • The ULTIMATE Time To Conceive... Is It True?
    • Can a Scorpio and a Virgo have a true love relationship?

Love Forecasts for June 2006

June may become a rather difficult month with some challenging configurations and alignments. There is not only the upcoming Mars-Saturn conjunction, but also another dreadful Saturn-Chiron opposition around the same time as well :-((

Let's start with June 1 on which you'll find an exact opposition between Mercury and Pluto at 25° Gemini/Sagittarius. Mercury is very strong in its own sign Gemini and points to mental issues. There is annoyance and your thinking may become dogmatic/obsessive. This opposition may denote some "tyranny" and anarchism as well. There is extreme nervousness.

Mostly, this is an aspect of exaggeration and/or presumptuousness.

Mercury enters emotional Cancer while Mars enters Leo around June 3. Your thoughts go out to your family and home. Your children, if you have any, need your attention. Also, your children seem to be more active than ever.

You will be able to express yourself and show your love in more an open, and often a more dramatic, way. Often this is a way to gain more attention of others and your lover.

June 4 and 5 may bring separation of beloved ones if you are born around March 13, April 28-29, June 14, July 31/August 1, September 16, October 31/November 1, December 14 or January 28-29.

If you are born around November 3-4, January 31, May 1 or August 2 you feel important and are popular around June 7. Money-related matters need your attention.

Around June 9-10, there is a lot of love's sorrow and/or agony noticeable, especially if you're born around August 6-7, September 21-22, November 6-7, December 20-21, February 2-3, March 19-20, May 4-5 or June 20-21. Clearly, these will not be your best days and don't expect anything as you might be in a very sad and miserable mood.

In contrast, there is sheer happiness around June 15 if you're born around June 17 or December 17.

If you are born around March 14, April 30, June 15, August 1, September 17, November 2, December 16 or January 29 the month of June may take a rather negative and worrisome undertone.

Between June 18 and June 21 the stars seem not to be with all of you. The Mars-Saturn conjunction exactly in opposition to Chiron is a most challenging and terrifying combination, affecting health and happiness.

Also notice that disruptive Uranus stations around June 19 at 14° Pisces, triggering very sudden events and reinforcing this most challenging period.

If possible, don't marry or get engaged in June to be sure these disturbing configurations do not create more havoc in your own (future) love life.

June is marked by a grand square in fixed signs, a dynamic configuration shaking your physical well-being, money and possessions!

We did not mention yet that the transiting Moon's Node is at 0° Aries in June. The 0° in Cardinal signs are very important degrees as they almost always indicate public (mass) events.

0° Aries (also called the Aries Point) is one of the most dynamic points of the zodiac. It signifies new undertakings, fast actions and interventions.

Police or military interventions, as well as interventions from fire brigades and departments or security services are obvious under this transit.

Also, expect new encounters in your life that will influence your life profoundly.

Around June 21, when Jupiter squares Saturn and the Sun enters home-loving Cancer it's a good time for a move.

Around June 24 Venus enters mutable Gemini, pointing to the right time for a short trip or visit to a beloved one. Around June 28-29 when Mercury, the messenger, enters Leo, the sign of love and children, chances are that children become the focus of attention. Also, It may be a hectic time then.

If you think about conceiving a child, just know what you're doing. Mercury is decreasing in speed, going to station and turn retrograde early July and leaving Leo. Just to say that you might reconsider what you think about right now really soon...

Love Quotes of the Month

You can't put a price tag on love, but you can on all its accessories
-- Melanie Clark --

They do not love who do not show their love
-- William Shakespeare --

Marriage is one long conversation, chequered by disputes
-- Robert Louis Stevenson --

In an enduring and happy marriage, there is a commitment both to the spouse and to the institution of marriage
-- Jeanette and Robert Lauer --

If you are considering marriage, ask yourself one question: Will I still enjoy talking with her when I'm old?
-- Friedrich Nietzsche --

Everybody knows how to raise children, except people who have them
-- P. J. O'Rourke --

What's New on Our Web Site?

This time we updated our web site with the following additions:
  • we published our research results regarding miscarriages . By taking these astrological results into account, women might be able to prevent miscarriages.
  • we added some other reviews of online astrology readings and reports. This time the online service provider is "Astrology Forecasts." Read the review...
  • we updated some expired links on different pages

Your Questions

We got the following question from Shanese:

Can a Scorpio and a Virgo have a true love relationship?

Our Answer:

Actually, a true love relationship is not solely based on the zodiac signs the respective Suns are in, but it helps when the Suns are in compatible signs.

Virgo and Scorpio are compatible signs and both have something in common: their sense of detail and the way they penetrate into details. Virgo is an earth sign, so penetrating in a material way (being the nitpicker). Scorpio is a water sign, penetrating in an emotional (psychological) way.

However, Virgo is a mutable sign and Scorpio is a fixed sign. And here's where the differences start. Scorpio is very stubborn and set in his way. He wants to be in power and control.

Virgo is more adaptable and often too "negative" and subordinate and will seldom be able to overcome Scorpio's obsessive willpower. In the long run Virgo will become embittered in the relationship.

Also, the outlook on sex is not the same and this may bring disputes as well.

Only a personalized horoscope comparison can give more information regarding the overall compatibility and endurability of the love relationship, but it's best that Virgo and Scorpio don't commit too soon. They should take their time (at least a year or two) to learn to know each other very very well before engaging in a serious love relationship.

Another question came from Alexis:

I was advised that the ULTIMATE time to concieve would be "when the Moon in a fertile sign, free from aspect with Saturn or Mars, on a Jupiter hour of a Jupiter day, with Jupiter ruling the 5th house, placed in the 1st house." Do you have any idea what this means, and whether I can pinpoint on which day(s) these series of events happen?

Our Answer:
It's quite the usual thing with most (medieval) astrological aphorisms...

Most of these are made when some specific configurations occurred in the skies then, and then they were "published" as if they are true...

Sometimes they are, but sometimes they are not...

Let's analyse the conditions of this aphorism for a moment.

  • The Moon is in fertile signs when the Moon is in water signs: Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces, so the transiting Moon must be in one of these signs.

  • Also, the Moon should be free from aspects to Mars or Saturn meaning that not a single aspect (conjunction, sextile and so on) should occur. We took an orb of 6° for the major aspects and 3° for the minor ones.

  • Moreover, we need a Jupiter hour on a Jupiter day which means the following:

    All days of the week are assigned to a specific planet: Sunday is assigned to the Sun, Saturday to Saturn. And a Jupiter day is Thursday. So, according to the rule we should only conceive on Thursday...

    The same as every day is assigned to a specific planet, every day is divided into parts that are assigned to a specific planet (starting from sunrise). You will need some software to calculate the "hour rules" as the day is not divided into equal parts... We need the time when Jupiter 'rules' the hour.

  • Then we need to find a moment with Sagittarius on the 5th house cusp and its ruler Jupiter in the first house...
All these conditions should occur at the same moment.

We checked this aphorism with different astrological software programs. The only time span in the (near) future in which all the conditions are present is around 2014-2015...

Clearly, this rule may be reliable, but it's highly unrealistic...

Indeed, there are quite a lot of aphorisms that are true, and a lot that are untrue. Anyway, this one is not quite valid. So, we suggest that you forget about this one...

... and be careful when reading about other aphorisms. Check them first with some astrological software programs.

Soon we'll publish some "tried 'n true" aphorisms about love, sex and childbirth. Stay tuned!

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