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CosmiTec's Love Letter, Issue #038 -- About Cheating Men And Childless Women
January 21, 2008

Did you know that according to some studies, Valentine's Day is the peaktime for cheating?

Speaking about cheating, you may have heard the news about the divorce of Nicolas Sarkozy, the current President of France, and his affair with ex-(super)model Carla Bruni, eventually leading to a new marriage this year (reportedly on February 9, 2008).

The president has been married different times and had quite some affairs between...

So, we couldn't resist checking his natal chart with our own researched findings about infidelity in the male horoscopes .

Nicolas Sarkozy was born January 28, 1955 at 22:00 (10:00 PM) in Paris, France (source: BTW: this astrotheme web site is one of the best internet sources to find any celebrity birthdate! Though it's a French site, many pages are translated in English too.

In the President's horoscope we find:

  • the Moon in Aries: a red flag, nothing more, but still something to keep an eye on, especially when the Moon conjuncts Mars in its own sign. This brings instinctive and very subconscious and uncontrollable drives, urges and impulses towards others. He's highly "inflammable" and may be very fault-finding, blaming the other(s) for everything that goes wrong.
  • Venus sextile Neptune: another red flag. Venus and Neptune are almost always involved in horoscopes of cheating men, so we wrote on our web site
  • the planetary picture (midpoints in 45° modulus; orb 1°): Black Moon = Pluto = Venus/Neptune. BINGO! This one is a real BIG red flag. "Incurable" cheating...
In conclusion, according to our statistical findings, there are at least three very important indications of infidelity in his natal chart. He fits the picture of cheating men perfectly.

Our database with male cheaters has increased in the mean time and we will run our "statistical model" again to find additional astrological configurations, signatures, planetary pictures or patterns that point to cheating, unfaithfulness and infidelity. We'll update our existing signs of cheating in the male horoscopes on our web site very soon.

Many other research projects are ongoing; we still are trying to find more data regarding arranged marriages, a project that -- after some years -- is still leading to inconclusive results because of our small database.

Some projects are in an end phase, nearly ready for publication.

Incorporating the many new and recent data we got of childless and/or childfree women, we were able to analyze a total of 166 reliable data (from the 250+ data we originally had -- after carefully checking all the individual birth information, we had to delete the data of all the women who in the mean time conceived or whose birth information was controversial or unreliable).

We are still busy analyzing this database to find highly significant and reliable astrological signatures or patterns, the results of which will be made public soon.

Hopefully we will be able to include them in the next Love Letter. As a teaser we'd like to give some general hints here right now:

* Moon/Pallas midpoint 30° Venus (orb 1°)
* Mars conjunct the Ascendant (orb 1°) or in the sign of the Ascendant
* heliocentric Venus square helio Saturn (orb 1°)
* heliocentric Venus semi-sextile helio Uranus (orb 1°)
* .....

These configurations work beside the configurations that we already listed in a previous Love Letter. More about it and on how to interpret this all in a future Love Letter -- not to overwhelm you with too much at once now.

Astrology really works! And it rocks!
Luc De Jaeger

Work in progress (coming in one of our next issues):

  • love marriages
  • arranged marriages
  • love degrees
  • fertility and Moon phase returns - latest research
  • happily married women: astrological indications

If you have any further suggestions or ideas to incorporate in one of the future issues of our Love Letter, please, click here to let us know!

Table of Contents

Our regular features
  1. The Love Forecasts for the Month
  2. Love Quotes of the month
  3. What's new on our web site?

Our occasional features

  1. Venus In Containment (Part II)

Love Forecasts for February 2008

February 2008 starts with a Venus-Jupiter conjunction at 10° Capricorn, exact around February 1. In other words, Fortuna Major meets Fortuna Minor bringing prosperous moments if you are born around January 1, May 2 or September 4.

If you are born around July 2, October 3 or March 31 you may feel trapped in a secret union OR there may be money losses through others.

Mercury conjuncts Neptune at 21° Aquarius around February 3. There is too much imagination, so don't lose ground. Try to avoid misunderstandings as confusion runs high now.

Mercury conjuncts the Solar Eclipse at 17° Aquarius around February 7 marking the next 6 months with the need to communicate. Talks and agreements will mark this otherwise quite successful period.

However, 17° Aquarius is a solitary degree with emotionally upsetting characteristics. There is a feeling of being left alone and isolation too.

Around February 11 the Sun conjuncts Neptune at 21° Aquarius. Make your dreams come true.

If you are born around January 14, April 14, July 16 or October 17, February 12-13 may bring promiscuity, sexual problems and secret affairs. It may be an erotic time anyway.

If you are born around October 20, January 17, April 17 or July 20, Valentine's Day is marked by tension in the relationship and separation. Perhaps there is unrequited love or love is just a dream. Expect more stress during the day.

Around February 17 the Sun conjuncts the Moon's Node at 27° Aquarius. At the same time Venus enters Aquarius bringing illness and separations of loved ones.

Mercury stations around February 19 at 8° Aquarius and turns direct again and is able to function and reason quite well again. However, this means that Mercury starts thinking more independently instead of supporting the ideas of the group. Opinions start to differ.

The Lunar Eclipse at 1° Virgo around February 21 opposes Saturn marking stagnation and separations. The aspects denote solitary feelings too. Try to relax as much as possible.

The Sun at 5° Pisces opposes Saturn at 5° Virgo around February 24 setting limits, the more so if you are born around February 25, May 27, August 29 or November 28. Take care of your health too. Separations are likely to occur.

Take your responsability and pay attention to the elderly.

Mercury joins Venus at 11° Aquarius around February 26; making for some enjoyable talks, presents and love letters.


Love Quotes of the Month

It is easier to fall in love when you are out of it than to get out of it when you are in
-- Francois de La Rochefoucauld --

The slowest kiss makes too much haste
-- Thomas Middleton --

Our love should not be just words and talk; it must be true love, which shows itself in action
-- Apostle John --

Unarmed love is the most powerful force in all the world
-- Martin Luther King Jr. --

Love and eggs are best when they are fresh
-- Russian proverb --

By all means marry. If you get a good wife, you'll be happy. If you get a bad one, you'll become a philosopher
-- Socrates --

Life is sexually transmitted and terminal
-- Source Unknown --

What's New on Our Web Site?

We finally published the 2008 forecasts for the 12 zodiac signs. The descriptions are shorter than usual. The reasons are that people on the internet don't read long texts but rather want short and to-the-point delineations.

Also, our previous yearly forecasts were not the most visited or popular pages mainly because it took quite some time to get the pages in the search engines. Taking into account the Return On Investment (ROI), we decided to only post the most important and general significations this year. Just take a look: Aries 2008 Taurus 2008 Gemini 2008 Cancer 2008 Leo 2008 Virgo 2008 Libra 2008 Scorpio 2008 Sagittarius 2008 Capricorn 2008 Aquarius 2008 Pisces 2008

Venus In Containment (Part II)

We continue our series about the planetary containment of Venus (the position of Venus between two other planets or bodies).
  • Mercury-Venus-Sun: they love many people. Fickle love life but also adaptable. They need a mental love life rather than a physical one.
  • Mercury-Venus-Moon: resilient. Double and bi-polar traits.
  • Mercury-Venus-Mars: lazy. Talkative
  • Mercury-Venus-Jupiter: fickle love life. Involves in far too much. Exuberant
  • Mercury-Venus-Saturn: a wavering love nature causes sorrow or loss. Solitary
  • Mercury-Venus-Uranus: uninhibited. Controversial.
  • Mercury-Venus-Neptune: inner confusion. Refined love
  • Mercury-Venus-Pluto: a highly imaginative love life. Needs beauty. Intense and inconstant love life. Philosophical.
  • Mars-Venus-Sun: forcefully and rather opinionated. Possessive
  • Mars-Venus-Moon: stagnating situations
  • Mars-Venus-Mercury: attracted to dynamic and active people. Inconstant productivity
  • Mars-Venus-Jupiter: passionate and rather aggressive. Self-indulgent
  • Mars-Venus-Saturn: frustrations and necessity where love is concerned
  • Mars-Venus-Uranus: free and uninhibited expressions of love. The teacher. Women have a "boy-ish" look
  • Mars-Venus-Neptune: idealistic love nature. Dreamer. Two faces.
  • Mars-Venus-Pluto: battling with loved ones. Very demanding and sexual
  • Jupiter-Venus-Sun: magnanimous and indulgent. Naive
  • Jupiter-Venus-Moon: entousiasm. Popular
  • Jupiter-Venus-Mercury: sluggish. Intellectual
  • Jupiter-Venus-Mars: loves everybody and everything. Wasteful
  • Jupiter-Venus-Saturn: hard workers. Single or solitary
  • Jupiter-Venus-Uranus: adopts values of others. Humanitarian
  • Jupiter-Venus-Neptune: spiritual love. Constantly in love. Many lovers.
  • Jupiter-Venus-Pluto: multifarious attractions and desires.
To be continued...

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