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CosmiTec's Love Letter, Issue #039 -- Astrological Research Revisited
February 21, 2008

In our previous Love Letter we talked about some of our ongoing research projects.

It's time now to share our findings -- as far as the results are conclusive that is. It takes weeks, months and even years to find conclusive and reliable results. If you continue reading, you'll know why.

Before we jump to our first project we'd like to tell how we actually do our research. We consider this very important information that you should try to understand before using our research results in your own astrological work.

Say, we want to research the astrological condition(s) that make a childless woman (for example). How do we proceed?

  1. We make sure we have as much reliable birth informations as possible (Rodden rating B or above)

  2. We look for numerous astrological conditions and configurations (aspects, midpoints, degree areas, geocentric and heliocentric positions, planetary phases, rulerships, planets in signs and houses, harmonics, etc etc). "The sky is the limit" and we try to think out of the box (that's important!). So it is that we not only take the major aspects into account but numerous other (minor) aspects and planetary openings too etc.

  3. Our software program(s) are used to analyze these different conditions and calculate a Chi Square (one of the most widely used theoretical probability distributions in inferential statistics, i.e. in statistical significance tests). The higher the Chi Square the more important and significant the astrological condition is.

  4. Then, we start combining all the significant factors/conditions and comparing them to a "control group." If we find a certain combination of astrological conditions that is NOT found in the control group, then we have found a very significant astrological combination. This combination (of two or more astrological conditions) makes one single signature. And so, we search for as many signatures as possible.

    Really, there are numerous, hundreds and even thousands of different significations pointing to the same single event (i.c. a childless woman). There are hundreds of configurations pointing to what makes a childless woman (for example) and what we want is to find as much signatures (a chain of combinations of astrological configurations and conditions) as possible.

We call every single chain, containing different significant astrological conditions, a signature. We repeat because it's important: there are hundreds, even thousands of signatures (chains of astrological conditions) pointing to the same life event, trait or characteristic.

It's erroneous to say or think that one single configuration relates with one single event or trait... Nature is a network and not a linear one-on-one thing.

In our research, we want to find as many of these signatures pointing to the same life event, traits or characteristics as possible.

An example wil make it more clear:
Let's say we have found 100 single significant astrological conditions and configurations (with a high Chi square) that are found in 200 charts of childless women.

Then we start combining astrological condition 1 with condition 2 and look at the "control group" of 200 charts (or more) of women who conceived children. Can we find a single chart with this combination in the charts of women with children or not. That's the question:

  • If we can find a chart in our control group having the same combination of astrological conditions, we have not found anything significant.

    Then, we start combining condition 1 and condition 3 and start all over, searching for a chart in the control group that has the same combination of conditions.

    We start combining two conditions at first and if all dual combos are researched, we start combining three conditions, and start all over and so we go on, eventually combining 4, 5, 6,... astrological conditions.

  • If we cannot find a chart in our control group having the same combination of astrological conditions, we have found something significant. This combination will be our first signature.

    Then we go on with combining the other astrological conditions (for example: condition 2 and condition 3; or condition 3 and 4 or condition 1 and 3 or...) and look at our control group to see if the combination can be found in it. If not, we have our 2nd signature and so we go on. If all dual combos of conditions are researched, we start combining 3, 4, 5,... and more conditions and do the research over, looking for as many signatures as possible.

Are you still here?? ;-))

Hopefully, you now understand how complex and immensely time-consuming astrological research really is, the more so because there's almost nobody in the whole world who is doing astrological research this way.

Also, to our knowledge, there is still not a single astrological software program available in the whole world that can accomplish this huge task for us!!

We have to rely on different software programs to help us accomplish this task, and hopefully they are bug free. And then, we are left alone with a lot of deduction and insight to find the right combinations to build our signatures...

Also, every time we add new reliable birth information to our database(s), we have to start from scratch ;-(((

What a hassle! But in the end it really pays, because the results are reliable and VERY significant. Astrology rocks!

Astrologically yours
Luc De Jaeger

Work in progress (coming in one of our next issues):

  • love marriages
  • arranged marriages
  • love degrees
  • fertility and Moon phase returns - latest research
  • happily married women: astrological indications

If you have any further suggestions or ideas to incorporate in one of the future issues of our Love Letter, please, click here to let us know!

Table of Contents

Our regular features
  1. The Love Forecasts for the Month
  2. Love Quotes of the month
  3. What's new on our web site?

Our occasional features

  1. Venus In Containment (End)
  2. Childless And Childfree Women - Research Results (Part I)

Love Forecasts for March 2008

Mars enters emotional Cancer around March 4 bringing more intense and impulsive behavior. Expect some overreactions as long as Mars resides in the sign of its fall. Mars in the water sign Cancer also points to wasted efforts.

Love ideals and a romantic mood prevail around March 7 when Venus conjuncts Neptune at 22° Aquarius. This combo has something devine and goes with a longing for the unobtainable. This may affect you if you are born around November 15, February 11, May 13 or August 15.

There's a longing for peace and harmony too with an urge to escape from reality because at the same day aggressive Mars at 0° Cancer opposes forceful Pluto at 0° Capricorn. This highly forceful and violent combination may bring rage and terror.

Women should be very careful with the men they deal.

The Sun conjuncts Uranus at 18° Pisces around March 8, adding to the explosive atmosphere. As if that's not enough yet, Mercury conjuncts Neptune at 22° Aquarius around March 9. Confusion is all around. Information tends to be unreliable too.

Indeed, the time span between March 6 and March 10 might be a very turbulent one with confusion and desperate feelings.

Venus conjuncts the Moon's North Node at 26° Aquarius around March 10, bringing more peace and harmonious connections.

Around March 12, Venus enters passive and elusive Pisces; bringing more seductive power into your love life. Venus in Pisces brings forth kind of a platonic love rather than a physical love.

Seduction is in the air too and with passive Venus in passive Pisces, it may be more difficult to stand firm. Massages may be a way to turn the other on now... ;-)

However, if you're born around May 22, August 24, November 23 or February 20, there is separation from a (be)loved one around March 12-13.

Around March 14, it's time for Mercury to enter nebulous Pisces too, the sign of its detriment and its fall. Your mind tends to lack any sense of direction. Expect more miscommunications during this transit, more distortion of the facts and more confusion. Follow your intuition, not your rational mind and go with the flow.

Venus at 3° Pisces opposes Saturn at 3° Virgo around March 15, breaking up quite some relationships (in a broad sense). Separations may especially occur if you're born around May 25, August 27, November 26 or February 23.

Moreover, Mercury will oppose Saturn around March 17, adding to the separative influences. Also, the mood is more dark and serious and there is quite some criticism. Mental clutter needs to be controlled and what you say or write will be supervised. There are issues about the reliability of words and/or documents.

March 20 marks Spring with the entrance of the Sun into Aries. The Sun squares Pluto though, releasing some friction and power struggles. There's explosive tension in the air.

Around March 24, Mercury conjoins Venus at 14° Pisces bringing enjoyable talks and presents or gifts. Send out your messages of love.

Mercury conjuncts Uranus at 19° Pisces around March 27. Venus joins this combo just a day later so that some creative experiences may color your days. Now is the time to surprise your lover and any creative idea will do. Go dancing or enjoy some concerts. Send some innovative presents, gifts or love cards.

If you're born around September 13, November 12, December 12, January 10, March 11, May 11, June 11 or July 13 you are especially favored by this configuration.

Love Quotes of the Month

Men are like diamonds - they cannot be polished without friction
-- Source Unknown --

A man in love is not complete until he's married. Then he is finished
-- Source Unknown --

The usual masculine disillusionment is discovering that a woman has a brain
-- Margaret Mitchell --

Till I loved I never lived enough
-- Emily Dickinson --

Love is a game that two can play and both win
-- Eva Gabor --

A good marriage is like a casserole. Only those responsible for it really know what goes in it
-- Source Unknown --

A hug is a handshake from the heart
-- Source Unknown --

What's New on Our Web Site?

We added two new pages: one about sexual compatibility and another one about when to marry on which our research results will be published in the near future.

We will also add new pages with other research results soon.

We also updated our dating page and updated different deactivated external links on our web site.

Venus In Containment (End)

We continue and end our series about the planetary containment of Venus (the position of Venus between two other planets or bodies).
  • Saturn-Venus-Sun: cautious in expressing love, too self-centered
  • Saturn-Venus-Moon: unemotional and rather "cold", needs to learn to enjoy
  • Saturn-Venus-Mercury: feels unloved, fear of making choices
  • Saturn-Venus-Mars: may be aggressive at times, fears disputes
  • Saturn-Venus-Jupiter: in conflict with themselves and tends to over-compensate
  • Saturn-Venus-Uranus: holds on to love and money, tends to live isolated
  • Saturn-Venus-Neptune: needs and loves order
  • Saturn-Venus-Pluto: very conservative
  • Uranus-Venus-Sun: independent and unique
  • Uranus-Venus-Moon: desires the unusual, easily bored
  • Uranus-Venus-Mercury: unique sense of beauty
  • Uranus-Venus-Mars: independent, creative energies
  • Uranus-Venus-Jupiter: the sky is the limit
  • Uranus-Venus-Saturn: needs to learn to cope with reality and conservatism
  • Uranus-Venus-Neptune: dislikes obligations, has high ideals
  • Uranus-Venus-Pluto: deep-set feelings of alienation, obstinate possessive
  • Neptune-Venus-Sun: very idealistic about love, chaotic finances
  • Neptune-Venus-Moon: has lots of imagination and dreams, impractical
  • Neptune-Venus-Mercury: exaltated, inconsistent
  • Neptune-Venus-Mars: passive and complacent, confused
  • Neptune-Venus-Jupiter: idealistic values, self-indulgent
  • Neptune-Venus-Saturn: desperate love life
  • Neptune-Venus-Uranus: feels isolated from reality, anti-social
  • Neptune-Venus-Pluto: romantic at heart but restrict themselves from becoming immersed in their dreams
  • Pluto-Venus-Sun: intense love life, obsessive
  • Pluto-Venus-Moon: over-rational, lazy
  • Pluto-Venus-Mercury: rigid, wants things they cannot obtain
  • Pluto-Venus-Mars: overpowering attractions
  • Pluto-Venus-Jupiter: intense attractions, exuberant, possessive
  • Pluto-Venus-Saturn: compulsive, selfish
  • Pluto-Venus-Uranus: needs uninhibited freedom, anti-social
  • Pluto-Venus-Neptune: confusion, psychic understanding

Childless And Childfree Women - Research Results (Part I)

We analyzed 166 natal charts of women who have not conceived or cannot conceive a child for whatever reason.

In our research, we used all the major planets and points (Sun to Pluto, Mean North Node and the 4 major Asteroids). We also incorporated the Vertex, the Dark Moon Lilith (the mean apogee of the Moon) and the Part of Fortune (changing between day and night births).

We used all major and minor aspects, the parallel and contra-parallel included. The orb for the minor aspects is 1° and for the major aspects we did our research with three different orb settings (1°, 3° and 6°). All midpoints were done with 1° orbs.

The conditions were tested in geocentric positions and heliocentric positions as well. We used the modern house rulers (for example, Pluto rules Scorpio).

We also used the Topocentric house system (almost similar to Placidus).

In this first part we list the major and most significant astrological conditions that we found out of these 166 reliable data of childless or childfree women:

  • Mercury/Saturn midpoint semi-sextile Ceres (orb 1°) (Chi square 36.0)
  • Jupiter/Pluto midpoint trine Venus (orb 1° (Chi square 36.0)
  • Mercury Quintile Saturn (orb 1°) (Chi square 36.0)
  • heliocentric Saturn/Ceres midpoint 150° heliocentric Venus (orb 1°) (Chi square 36.0)
  • Neptune sextile house cusp V (Topocentric system; orb 1°) (Chi square 36.0)
  • Moon/Neptune midpoint semi-sextile Saturn (orb 1°) (Chi square 36.0)
  • Moon/Neptune midpoint 36° Pluto (orb 1°) (Chi square 36.0)
  • Venus/Mars midpoint inconjunct Black Moon Lilith (orb 1° (Chi square 36.0)
  • Chiron square the Ascendant (orb 3°) (Chi square 25.0)
  • Mars semi-sextile Black Moon Lilith (orb 1° (Chi square 25.0)
  • Vertex in Scorpio (Chi square 25.0)
  • Venus in Aquarius (Chi square 25.0)
  • Moon conjunct Uranus (orb 3°) (Chi square 18.0)
  • Moon parallel Venus (orb 1°) (Chi square 16.0)
  • Sun is the lowest planet (Chi square 16.0)
  • Venus 135° Pluto (orb 1°) (Chi square 16.0)
  • Sun conjunct Venus in mundo (orb 1°) (Chi square 16.0)
  • Sun/Moon midpoint sextile Saturn (orb 1°) (Chi square 16.0)
  • Sun/Moon midpoint square Vesta (orb 1°) (Chi square 16.0)
  • Moon/Saturn midpoint 135° Sun (orb 1°) (Chi square 16.0)
  • Moon/Neptune midpoint sezmi-sextile Black Moon (orb 1° (Chi square 16.0)
  • Moon/Chiron midpoint semi-sextile Ceres (orb 1°) (Chi square 16.0)
  • Moon/Chiron midpoint Quintile Ceres (orb 1°) (Chi square 16.0)
  • Moon/Vesta midpoint 36° Sun (orb 1°) (Chi square 16.0)
  • Venus/Mars midpoint semi-sextile Pluto (orb 1°) (Chi square 16.0)
  • Venus/Saturn midpoint sextile Pluto (orb 1°) (Chi square 16.0)
  • Venus/Uranus midpoint inconjunct Neptune (orb 1°) (Chi square 16.0)
  • Venus/Saturn midpoint inconjunct Mean North Node (orb 1°) (Chi square 16.0)
  • Venus/Juno midpoint semi-sextile Neptune (orb 1°) (Chi square 16.0)
  • Mars/Neptune midpoint Quintile Venus (orb 1° (Chi square 16.0)
  • Neptune parallel house cusp 5 (orb 1° (Chi square 16.0)
  • Sun conjunct Venus (orb 3°) (Chi square 16.0)
  • Mars conjunct Jupiter (orb 3°) (Chi square 16.0)
  • Sun sextile Uranus (orb 3°) (Chi square 16.0)
  • the ruler of the 5th house retrograde and trine retrograde Ceres (orb 3°) (Chi square 16.0)
  • Sun parallel Ceres (orb 1° (Chi square 12.5)
  • Juno contra-parallel Ascendant (orb 1° (Chi square 12.5)
  • Moon square Jupiter (orb 3°) (Chi square 12.5)
  • Moon square Mars (orb 3°) (Chi square 12.0)
  • Moon/Pallas midpoint 30° Venus (orb 1°) (Chi square 8.0)
  • Mars conjunct the Ascendant (orb 1°) or in the sign of the Ascendant (Chi square 8.0)
  • heliocentric Venus square helio Saturn (orb 1°) (Chi square 8.0)
  • heliocentric Venus semi-sextile helio Uranus (orb 1°) (Chi square 8.0)
  • Ceres conjunct Ascendant (orb 6°) (Chi square 8.0)
  • Ceres trine Ascendant (orb 6°) (Chi square 8.0)
  • Venus opposite Mars (orb 6°) (Chi square 8.0)
  • Pluto in the 1st house (Chi square 7.0)

To be continued...

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