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CosmiTec's Love Letter, Issue #046 -- Rulerships and Relationships
September 21, 2008

Last month we had to devote most of our spare time to some very important web site maintenance and adding new features. So, there's not that much new content online (though much is almost ready to be launched very soon).

In this Love Letter we delve deeper into the rulerships (much overlooked in our opinion) and what it means for your love life and relationships.

With love!
Luc De Jaeger

Work in progress (coming in one of our next issues):

  • love marriages
  • arranged marriages
  • love degrees
  • fertility and Moon phase returns - latest research
  • happily married women: astrological indications

If you have any further suggestions or ideas to incorporate in one of the future issues of our Love Letter, please, click here to let us know!

Table of Contents

Our regular features
  1. The Love Forecasts for the Month
  2. Love Quotes of the month
  3. What's new on our web site?

Our occasional features

  1. Rulerships and Relationships

Love Forecasts for October 2008

Mars enters powerful Scorpio around October 4, increasing passion and instinctive urges.

Around October 6-7 there's more activity at hand: the Sun at 13° Libra squares Jupiter at 13° Capricorn, Venus at 15° Scorpio squares the Moon's North Node at 15° Aquarius, the Sun conjuncts Mercury at 13° Libra and Mercury at 13° Libra squares Jupiter at 13° Capricorn.

If you are born around October 7, January 4, April 4 or July 6 expect some news, letters, successful speeches or negotiations.

Venus at 21° Scorpio squares Neptune at 21° Aquarius around October 11 making for a romantic mood. However, chances are you can't live love and it all remains rather platonic. Expect deceptions and love's sorrow. Love is at a distance anyway.

Around October Mercury at 7° Libra stations and turns direct again. Mercury changing direction at this degree may bring important changes related to your career, especially if you are born around June 29-30, October 1, December 29-30 or March 29. Also, it may bring some huge deceptions in your relationships (Libra is the sign of relationships - in a broad sense).

Things may become more clear under this station. Chances are there may be disputes in the air.

Around October 18, Venus enters Sagittarius and finds more freedom to relate with whomever one envisions. There is way more travel in the air as long as transiting Venus resides in this sign.

Around October 23 the Sun enters Scorpio bringing more determination.

Mercury at 16° Libra squares Jupiter at 16° Capricorn another time around October 26 (the other time was October 6-7 when Mercury was still retrograde). Be careful in your judgements. Misinterpretations often occur under such a square.

Love Quotes of the Month

Broken hearts die slowly
-- Thomas Campbell --

The greatest hate springs from the greatest love
-- Thomas Fuller --

A maid that laughs is half taken
-- English proverb --

...And love is only and always about the lover and never the beloved
-- Nikki Giovanni --

Love is so much better when you are not married
-- Maria Callas --

Aren't women prudes if they don't and prostitutes if they do?
-- Kate Millet --

One man's folly is another man's wife
-- Helen Rowland --

No sex is better than bad sex
-- Germaine Greer --

What's New on Our Web Site?

There are the following updates and additions to report:
  • on every single page of our web site you now can find social bookmark buttons in the footer. Click here to read what exactly social bookmarking is.

  • the topic of divorce horoscopes is a new section on our web site, with a new button on the left navigation bar. Previously, it was part of our marriage horoscopes section, but now we logically split the topic of marriages and divorces up. The article about the divorce research, printed in our previous Love Letter, is now online under this section. More to come.

  • Very unexpectedly, Google launched a new web browser ( Google Chrome ) to compete with the Microsoft Internet Explorer (now in its 8th Version; a stable beta 2), Firefox (currently Version 3.0), Opera, Safari etc.

    Though the Google Chrome browser is still in beta -- and, knowing Google, might remain so for a long time --, we had to check how all our pages did with this new browser. Because there were quite some problems in the layout of some pages, we had to change a whole lot of HTML to make sure the layout is still neat and as clean as possible.

    It took a whole lot of time to make sure every single page of our large web site came out well with Google Chrome. After all, our web site is the face of our Company and it should be as clean and neat as possible.

    This does not mean we really like the layout of our web site (in our opinion it's very old-fashioned) but as we have no HTML editor and have not the time to convert the hundreds and hundreds of pages to a more modern and convenient layout, we'll stick to it till we have found a solution.

    Google Chrome seems to have already earned 1% of the web browser market and will, in our opinion, gain when more features are incorporated. It's a fast and very clean browser giving priority to the web sites you see and with useful features. Unfortunately, the browser still freezes a lot, but hey that's why it's still in beta.

Rulerships and Relationships

In astrology, every zodiac sign is ruled by a planet or a Light (the Sun and the Moon). When a house cusp falls in a certain zodiac sign, we know that the planet or Light that rules that zodiac sign also rules that house.

If Capricorn is on the 2nd house cusp, Saturn rules the 2nd house because it also rules Capricorn.

We always take the modern rulerships into account (assigning Uranus to rule Aquarius, Neptune to rule Pisces and Pluto to rule Scorpio) but do not neglect the fact that Mars co-rules Scorpio, Saturn co-rules Aquarius and Jupiter co-rules Pisces.

As of today, we are convinced that the modern rulers do work but we have also found the co-rulers to work too in some instances. As far as our research stands (and it's not yet conclusive at all), there may be a difference between day and night births.

Just for your information: a day birth is seen from the natal chart when the Sun resides in the houses above the horizon (7 to 12), a night birth is seen from the natal chart when the Sun resides in a house below the horizon (1 to 6). In our opinion, astrological research should take this difference into account. More about it in another Love Letter.

The rulerships:
Aries is ruled by Mars
Taurus is ruled by Venus (as a Morning Star)
Gemini is ruled by Mercury (as a Morning Star)
Cancer is ruled by the Moon
Leo is ruled by the Sun
Virgo is ruled by Mercury (as an Evening Star)
Libra is ruled by Venus (as an Evening Star)
Scorpio is ruled by Pluto and co-ruled by Mars
Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter
Capricorn is ruled by Saturn
Aquarius is ruled by Uranus and co-ruled by Saturn
Pisces is ruled by Neptune and co-ruled by Jupiter

The rulerships are a very important part in delineating horoscopes because they show the core or essence of the way the topics that are related to that house will unfold and develop.

In relationship analysis, we ALWAYS take the ruler of the 7th house into account because that's where we'll find the way relationships will unfold and develop.

Below you can find the core meanings of the ruler of the 7th house in the 12 different houses of the natal chart.

Ruler of the 7th house in the 1st house
You may be under the influence of the partner. You tend to follow and submit to the other, the partner. The danger is to become totally dependant. Love at first sight and sudden encounters/attractions influence one's life. The partner brings you in motion and is the force that drives you.

In the long run, relationships tend to be deceptive. The love relationship tends to evolve into a relationship full of disputes.

Ruler of the 7th house in the 2nd house
The 2nd house is the most stable house of the zodiac. The ruler of the house of relationships in this fixed house is often about stalemate and situations about eternal longings. You may be stuck in love and cannot get out of it.

Relationships should be stable and if no relationship is possible, stability is found in material gain and possessions. Relationships tend to influence one's self-worth enormously. Relationships may develop slowly and with difficulty. It's not always the partner you're dreaming of that you will marry!

Often, the partner is involved in one's business (love relationships and business go hand in hand).

Ruler of the 7th house in the 3rd house
The 3rd house is the most unstable house of the zodiac. Almost all relationships in your life may vanish and it's highly difficult to find a relationship that will last a life long. Also, you want to be seen. You need a partner to show yourself to. You do need a whole lot of attention.

The partner is your mirror and the need to communicate with the other is part of your life. You also need a lively partner. The outer appearance of the other is of the utmost importance and the pitfall is that you bond with someone who may have a gorgeous body but who is totally unsuitable for you.

Your partner may be much younger than you are.

Ruler of the 7th house in the 4th house
Encounters and relationships bring you into an emotional state. You are very sensitive and tend to identify yourself with the other, the outer world. You need to become more detached. You MUST have a partner to feel good and you are a very private person. You should learn to be more independent though.

Ruler of the 7th house in the 5th house
Flirting is part of your life and "the other", the partner brings you in a state of creative self-expression. You want to enjoy life with the other through shared hobbies and sports. You need the other to keep you going. It's the other, the partner who ignites your creative drives, who is your source of inspiration and makes life worthwhile.

You need a partner to look up to, who has flair. Relationships need something playful.

Ruler of the 7th house in the 6th house
In relationships, you tend to be careful and rather submissive. You may be shy and need a friendly environment. You can't stand conflicts and feel easily rejected or neglected.

You pay attention to the details and your partner has to be neat. Your partner may have a weak health and you may encounter him or her in your working environment.

Ruler of the 7th house in the 7th house
Your partner may be quite selfish or self-sufficient and goes for his or her own urges and instinctive drives. In a certain way, the partner lives his or her own life, detached from your life.

Your partner may be eccentric who does not want to belong to a certain gang/group/family. You are very intellectual and need mental stimuli.

Ruler of the 7th house in the 8th house
The 8th house is the house of eternal longings. You feel attracted to people who will not (never) let you go. Your partner should be a tower of strength, even if life changes. This position can point to a very stable union, whatever happens in one's life. Encounters can be highly impressive and intense and leave you with deep and often painful (unfulfilled) desires.

Relationships should be built on fidelity, stability and reliability. In case these principles cannot be attained, relationships tend to become a cruel and destructive war. Competition may be an issue.

Ruler of the 7th house in the 9th house
Relationships have a fairy tale characteristic. It's about the "grand amour." Often, the partner has a totally different world view (because she or he is a foreigner, stranger or just someone living far away from the own birth place).

It's not the most realistic combination and you tend to live in an imaginary world, seeing the partner through rose-colored glasses. You see no problems, only solutions.

You want (and often are) to be loved and popular, always joyful and friendly. Many love affairs are likely because you love them all....

Ruler of the 7th house in the 10th house
You need more mature partners and in case you are a woman, chances are there is a HUGE age difference with your partner. Also, your partner has to be a person of importance, someone who climbed the ladder and has a decent position you can look up to.

Status and prominence attract you. Relationships have something conventional, traditional and may be rather "boring." You need a partner to bring order and structure to your chaotic mind or life.

Ruler of the 7th house in the 11th house
This combination may bring a toggle relationship. Often, love is at a distance and you are attracted to people you often can't have. Bonding is really difficult with this combination and while you long for love and close comfort, you run away when you've found it.

Relationships tend not to endure and are short-lived. You are attracted to unconventional people who don't want to be pinned down. You have it difficult to make choices. Very often, you need different relationships to feel good.

You can't stand emotions. It's a very contradictory configuration bringing stress into your relationships too.

Ruler of the 7th house in the 12th house
You may meet your partner through your working environment (your partner is a customer). Perhaps the partner loves solitude and is creative. It's a passive combination in which your have to accept things as they are.

The 12th house is not a physical house at all so that you can detach yourself from physical experiences/pleasures and need a partner to live life on another level (a more spiritual level). Relationships may be platonic and lived in the head, more than in reality.

Your partner may be very artistic or be musically inclined, living his or her own inner world.

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