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CosmiTec's Love Letter, Issue #050 -- Arabic Parts in Matters of Love
January 21, 2009

The New Year just started as the first commercial gift ideas for Valentine entered our inbox on January 3. That's how things go in a crazy and impatient world. We don't object the gift ideas but rather the inappropriate moment seeminlgy coming from people who seem to be rather insensible.

Anyway, this is our 50th issue. Time goes fast. Very fast.

When we decided to go with our site management ( Site Build It by SiteSell ) to start our astrological internet business, we had no idea where we would head for in reality (we had so much in our mind but were not sure if we were right and if they were the right company to go ahead with).

When you decide to go for an internet business you never know how things will fare and how reliable your site management is or will be. The internet IS extremely volatile and fluctuating and has always been this way. However, after all these years, we are definitely convinced we made the right choice by going with Sitesell.

We're growing, growing and still growing by following their principles (which are, among others, based on passion, integrity and reliability). Currently, there are more than 1500 subscribers to this Newsletter which is, for an astrological newsletter, very very nice.

If YOU have a passion for something (don't ever go for less because you will NOT succeed!), perhaps you can tell and share it to the (digital) world and start an internet business too.

If your passion is a profitable (internet) topic, you may even be able to quit your regular job over time. In an unstable economical world, the spreading of risks by generating different kinds of income may be a godsend for some.

So far about our 50th newsletter.

During our continuing astrological research we found very interesting and significant results in using the Arabic (or Arabian) Parts re the marriage horoscopes (we refer to our web site updates). Time to tell something more about Arabic Parts and what they may reveal about your love life.

As there is quite something to tell about it, we'll start this series with an introduction and why we opt for some Parts.

Enjoy a romantic Valentine's Day!
Luc De Jaeger

Work in progress (coming in one of our next issues):

  • love marriages
  • arranged marriages
  • love degrees
  • fertility and Moon phase returns - latest research
  • happily married women: astrological indications

If you have any further suggestions or ideas to incorporate in one of the future issues of our Love Letter, please, click here to let us know!

Table of Contents

Our regular features
  1. The Love Forecasts for the Month
  2. Love Quotes of the month
  3. What's new on our web site?

Our occasional features

  1. Arabic Parts in Matters of Love

Love Forecasts for February 2009

If you are born between January 20-30 or March 21-31 the first half of February might become one of the most passionate periods you ever experienced. The undertone is very erotic, even sexual and full of irresistible attraction and desires. This clearly is your time. You are warned ;-)

To a certain (or minor?) degree this also applies if you are born between February 19-28.

Around February 1, Mercury starts changing its course and stations to turn direct again at 21° Capricorn. Finally, you can start making up your mind. However, in limiting and formal Capricorn, Mercury is still in the process of assimilation. It's concerned about material goods and status/esteem/career.

Mercury in Capricorn is still in a business-minded and governmental period. Wait for more humanistic and people-oriented influences when Mercury enters Aquarius.

It's almost around the same time that Venus enters impulsive and highly inflammable Aries. Venus here is in a very seductive mood and follows its primal desires. Venus may lack some boundaries here. You may love "the strong and the bold", the Warrior and everything that needs courage and some drive.

Venus at 0° Aries is above all erotic and full of desires. It represents the sparkle of love. The message can be "Love me."

However, Venus is also very creative in its current position and longs for romance and a harmonious (i.e. very beautiful) environment. Poetry and music can help ease any tension.

Mars enters unpredictable Aquarius around February 4 and sextiles Venus (for the coming weeks!). If you're born around January 20, February 19, March 21, April 21, May 21, June 22, July 23, August 23, September 22, October 23, November 22 or December 22, you may meet some interesting and charming people. These are days of attraction and love at first sight.

However, with Saturn at 20° Virgo opposing Uranus at 20° Pisces around February 5-6, chances are the attraction is short-lived (Uranus is the dispositor of Mars). Also, stress, tension and separation is in the air.

Something is CHANGING. Something new enters the spotlight (Uranus is always the stronger when EXACTLY opposite Saturn, breaking with "the old and the past", breaking barriers and walls).

The exact Saturn-Uranus oppositions almost always bring technical and/or electrical issues/failures. Don't buy any electronics or electrical appliances during the exact aspect.

Venus at 2° Aries squares Pluto at 2° Capricorn around February 6. Powerful and compulsive drives steer you if you're born around this day (February 6), May 8, August 10 or November 10.

It will also affect you if you are born around March 23, June 24, September 25 or December 24.

It may be passionate times in which you want to accomplish or produce something. Perhaps you want to (re-)conquer love. The atmosphere is loaden anyway. If you're born around this day (February 6), your (solar return) year will be full of passion and forceful (or, for some, even fateful) events.

Especially if you are born around February 21, May 23, August 26 or November 24 this configuration may have a very sexual and passionate undertone and may bring irresistible attractions, the more so because Venus and Mars are still building an exact charming sextile.

For some of you though, the square between Venus and Pluto will dominate and may bring a painful separation from a (beloved) female person, for whatever reason (this is the more so because of the current and still exact Saturn-Uranus opposition of separation, break-ups etc.).

Around February 9, the Lunar Eclipse at 20° Leo introduces a change for sure because the Eclipse is also opposite Chiron of breakthroughs at 21° Aquarius.

The Lunar Eclipse may bring some people together into relationships and partnerships. Merging and fusing with others comes to the foreground. There may be fulfillment of desires (to marry or to start over again with someone else).

Jupiter and the Moon's North Node cross each other at 8° Aquarius around February 11, enlarging your community. There may be a gathering.

Around February 12, the Sun conjoins Neptune at 23° Aquarius making for a very subtle and sensitive atmosphere.

Mercury enters Aquarius around Valentine's Day. Let this day surprise you!

Between February 15 and 17, Mars is between 8°-10° Aquarius and conjoins the Jupiter-Moon's Node conjunction, building a highly fortunate trio.

If you are born between January 28-31, April 28-May 1, July 31-August 3 or October 31-November 3, much can be accomplished successfully.

If it's your birthday now (between February 15-17), chances are you will marry in the (solar return) year to come, give birth or bring forth other successful accomplishments. Your popularity is at an all time high anyway and you will enjoy the company of others very much.

This fortunate configuration/trio also affects you if you are born between May 29-June 1 or October 1-4. You too may enjoy the company of others and enjoy a good time.

The Sun enters compassionate Pisces around February 18. You're more prone to emotional behaviour and may be(come) more sensitive, absorbing outer influences easily. It's becoming a more vulnerable period.

Around February 21, Mercury conjuncts the Moon's North Node at 8° Aquarius. Connect with others by any means (letters, instant messaging, forums/fora, etc.).

Mercury conjuncts Jupiter at 11° Aquarius around February 24, bringing exciting and (often highly) favorable news. Wisdom and insight now prevail.

If you're born around January 2, January 31, March 2, April 1, May 2, June 2, July 11, August 4, September 4, October 5, November 4 or December 3, you can make your point and may be in a cheerful mood. Send messages of love.

Love Quotes of the Month

When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece
-- John Ruskin --

The only true gift is a portion of yourself
-- Ralph Waldo Emerson --

A woman who still thinks marriage is a fifty-fifty proposition is only proving that she doesn't understand either men or percentages
-- Flo Kennedy --

A man's got to do what a man's got to do. A woman must do what he can't
-- Rhonda Hansome --

Marriage, if it is to survive, must be treated as the beginning, not as the happy ending
-- Federico Fellini --

In love, one and one are one
-- Jean-Paul Sartre --

If someone you love hurts you, cry a river, build a bridge, and get over it
-- Source Unknown --

Women and cats will do as they please, and men and dogs should relax and get used to the idea
-- Robert A. Heinlein --

What's New on Our Web Site?

There are the following updates and additions to report:

Arabic Parts in Matters of Love

In this new series, we'll delve deeper into the meanings of the Arabic (or Arabian) Parts in matters of the heart.

From our own astrological research we can confirm that (some) Arabic Parts make the difference and are extremely important. They are easily overlooked and we urge you to not underestimate their importance.

That's why we want to make sure you take them into account in your astrological studies.

What are Arabic Parts?

Actually, Arabic Parts are based on an algebraic formula: A + B - C = D in which A, B, C and D are planets, bodies (the Sun, Moon, Pluto, the Asteroids and Trans-Neptunian Planets etc...), angles (Ascendant, MC, IC, Descendant) or other (sensitive) points (the Parts, the Moon's Node, the Black Moon, solstice points etc...).

Further on we will use the notion "planet or point" to cover all bodies, planets, angles, points etc...

An Arabic Part is a planetary picture (a name introduced by the Hamburg School, Uranian Astrology or Alfred Witte's School) or the reflection of planetary geometry (called by other astrological schools or astrologers) based on two dynamic pairs of polarized midpoints (A/B = C/D).

When in the sky or in a horoscope the zodiacal distance of planet/point A to planet/point D is the same as from planet/point B to planet/point C, we have an Arabic Part.

The method is very old, possibly thousands of years old, and nobody really knows yet where and when it originated. It's, among others, thanks to Al-Biruni, a medieval Islamic astrologer who collected the Parts, that we still know this method. Because the method may have been used by the Arabs, the parts are named "Arabic or Arabian Parts."

Whatever the history and original meanings and use, there are hundreds, if not thousands of Parts (combinations of A + B - C equalling point/planet D) and all have a meaning or significance.

There are different meanings though on how to build the real Parts as some astrologers claim that only the (real) planets (and Ascendant) should be used to build a Part.

We disagree as our own practice and astrological research has shown that everything is interwoven with everything. That's why you can use a Part as part of another Part as we will show you in a second.

The most well-known Part is the Part of Fortune (which we also use because it's based on one's personal bodies/points: Ascendant, Sun and the Moon).

We do change the formula at night though, because our research has convinced us that this brings more reliable results.

------ SIDEBAR -------------------------
Now, you may ask us if we really do believe in the Arabic or Arabian Parts because, after all, by blending so many points, you can always find and/or prove anything?!

We started "believing" in the Parts after a specific life event that shocked us, stunned us with jaw-dropping perplexity. Read on...

Many, many years ago we were shopping in a store and wanted to pay with our credit card. We usually pay with our credit card as it's so very convenient ;-) However, when we tried to pay, our credit card was declined. After different trials, it didn't work, our credit card was declined.

Because this has never happened us before and was quite embarrasing, even though we then payed by other means, we wanted to look at it astrologically.

After analyzing the daily transits, there were NO exact aspects working. We checked the midpoints in the 8th harmonic (45° dial) and there were NO exact midpoints going on or nothing related to financial matters. We checked the progressions and transits together etc... To no avail.

We then incorporated the Trans-Neptunian Planets (TNPs) from the Hamburg School (Uranian Astrology) in the 45° dial to find out that there were NO exact midpoints or pictures active reflecting the situation.

How frustrating that was because, after all, it was an event that kept us busy at that time. In our opinion this should have been reflected in our horoscope.

Then, we had the idea to just bring in more points: the Part of Fortune, the major Asteroids and keep the TNPs.

We compared all these transiting points with our natal chart in the 45° dial and then WOOW:

This one came out: transiting Saturn = the midpoint (Kronos/Part of Fortune) (orb 0° 00')

It was the ONLY exact (orb 0° 00' !!!) midpoint out of hundreds of combinations.

Clearly, when transiting Saturn (the blockage) was EXACTLY at the Kronos/Part of Fortune midpoint this told the complete story!

In Uranian astrology, Kronos is "the Master" and the Part of Fortune is related to financial matters. If you know that our credit card was a Mastercard (and not VISA or American Express or...) your jaws might even start to drop more.

Indeed, the (Kronos/Part of Fortune) midpoint symbolized our Mastercard and with transiting Saturn right at this midpoint, our credit card was blocked. Wooow!

Now you will understand why we "believe" in (some) Arabic Parts and why we only use EXACT aspects (0° 00') to delineate events. And why we "believe" in astrology too... ;-)))
------ SIDEBAR -------------------------

Which Parts have we thus far found to be important in matters of love?

  • the part of Marriage: Ascendant + Descendant - Venus
  • the Part of Self: Ascendant + Ascendant - ruler of the Ascendant
  • the Part of "The Other": Ascendant + Descendant - ruler of the Descendant

Mind though that there are numerous other Parts (Part of Attraction, Part of Passion, Part of Sex, Part of Karmic Ties, Part of Fascination, Part of Fated Attractions, etc...).

Most astrology computer programs list different Parts. If you don't have a computer program here's how to calculate the Arabic Parts.

  • change the degrees of the zodiac of the planets/points, A, B and C into numbers from 0 to 359; following the list below:
    • Aries = 0° to 29°
    • Taurus = 30° to 59°
    • Gemini = 60° to 89°
    • Cancer = 90° to 119°
    • Leo = 120° to 149°
    • Virgo = 150° to 179°
    • Libra = 180° to 209°
    • Scorpio = 210° to 239°
    • Sagittarius = 240° to 269°
    • Capricorn = 270° to 299°
    • Aquarius = 300° to 329°
    • Pisces = 330° to 359°
  • Add (and subtract) the three respective points and planets so that you get one number
  • change the number back to the zodiac degree following the same list. This zodiac degree is the position of the Part.

For example: if the Ascendant is at 17° Sagittarius, the Moon at 20° Aries and the Sun at 9° Taurus we can calculate the Part "Ascendant + Moon - Sun."

To calculate "Ascendant + Moon - Sun" we convert the points as follows:
Ascendant 17° Sagittarius = 17 + 240 = 257
+ Moon 20° Rries = 20 + 0 = 20
- Sun 9° Taurus = 9 + 30 = 39
= (257 + 20 - 39) makes 238

Converting 238, the position of the Part, back to degrees brings us to 28° Scorpio. The Part is situated at 28° Scorpio.

The Parts work very strong with a conjunction (for example, if Mercury is at 28° Scorpio, the Part works out). Next comes the opposition. The aspects have to be EXACT (orb 0° 00' - 0° 01')!

To be continued...

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