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CosmiTec's Love Letter, Issue #073 -- Update Childbirth In Solar Returns
December 21, 2010

In our previous Love Letter we wrote that our astrological research is temporarily on hold due to the work involved in overhauling our web site. This will, however, not keep us from writing updates about the latest research results that are still waiting for some time to be published. So, while the results are already some months old, there still are some interesting conclusions to be made public.

In this Love Letter we'll update our childbirth research: how to spot when (in what year) a woman will give birth by taking a look at her solar returns (a solar return is an annual horoscope cast for the exact moment the transiting Sun returns to its natal position, around the birthday that is).

In the coming months, we will also publish the latest results about our marriage research, fertility research and, depending on different factors, other research results.

In the mean time, here's already analyzing the 2011 forecasts for the 12 zodiac signs that we hope to publish online mid January 2011. We know, we're running late but it's very time-consuming and quality should prevail!

Enjoy today's Lunar Eclipse (Full Moon) and have romantic Holidays!
Luc De Jaeger

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Table of Contents

Our regular features
  1. The Love Forecasts for the Month
  2. Love Quotes of the month
  3. What's new on our web site?

Our occasional features

  1. Update Childbirth In Solar Returns

Love Forecasts for January 2011

The New Year starts with a (North Node) Solar Eclipse at 13° Capricorn around January 4. Though we have read quite some forecasts pointing to the disruptive energy of this particular Solar Eclipse, we do not agree with it at all.

Of course, your individual natal chart has to be taken into account too, but we consider this Solar Eclipse to be a highly auspicious one, with some challenges in the background too. Let's take a look.

During this Solar Eclipse, there are two important planetary pairs forming at the same numerical degrees: Venus at 26° Scorpio squares Neptune at 26° Aquarius and Jupiter conjuncts Uranus at 27° Pisces. Venus trines the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction and builds a small triangle with Neptune.

Venus and Neptune squaring each other at the same numerical degree (26° in a sign) builds the most challenging aspect during the Eclipse.

On a mundane level, it brings issues related with water and/or gas (inundations, explosions) and on a personal level, it is above all related to love's sorrow and tearful events linked to the separation from a beloved one. It can be quite a tragic combination, depending on where transiting Venus and Neptune fall in your own natal chart, but it will take time for the pain to disappear... It looks like you hang on to your sorrow, which you should avoid. You want to be alone, and perhaps that's the best thing to consider if you want to conquer your issues.

Jupiter and Uranus at the same numerical degree (27° in a sign) are most auspicious and bring relief in any situation, how bad your situation looks. Both planets are always related to major breakthroughs in the world of technology, ICT, aircrafts, space and the Universe.

Remember that the first Man on the Moon happened during an exact Jupiter-Uranus conjunction too and you hopefully will agree that WAS a milestone. Indeed, the Jupiter-Uranus conjunction always signifies a Quantum Leap! But there is more...

The Asteroid Chiron at 27° Aquarius too is at the same numerical degree as Jupiter and Uranus. Chiron is related to breakthroughs too, unlocking doors, making the configuration just more awesome, exceptional, extraordinary and way more important and significant. Though a Solar Eclipse works out for about 6 months with a peak during the month of the Eclipse and another peak 3 months later, we will likely experience a highly important "revolution" in the above-mentioned fields starting January 2011.

The small triangle that is active during the Solar Eclipse is related to dissatisfaction and "a lost feeling" (i.e. difficulties in coping with a new way of living, with new realities).

Because this Solar Eclipse is a North Node Eclipse, it's more related to starting new ventures, initiating something totally new.

Also, 13° Capricorn is a fortunate and auspicious degree, especially related to relationships and love. For lots of people (not only for Prince William), this Solar Eclipse will bring a new love, a marriage, a baby, public recognition and appeal in the months to come... If you are born around January 16-18, February 15-17,4 March 17-19, April 16-18, May 17-19, June 17-20, July 16-21, August 20-22, September 19-22, October 19-22, November 18-20 or December 18-20 you will feel the exceptional powers of this Eclipse to the fullest.

If you are born around March 12, June 13, September 14-15 or December 14 you may be in a somber mood around January 5. You feel punished or just down. Don't stick to your sorrow, it's only very temporarily.

The Sun at 16° Capricorn squares Saturn at 16° Libra around January 7, blocking your creative self-expression if you are born around January 6-7, February 5, March 7, April 6, May 7, June 7, July 9, August 9, September 9, October 10, November 9 or December 8. It's not your day...

Around January 11, Mercury at 27° Sagittarius squares the Jupiter/Uranus conjunction at 27° Pisces. There is a fortunate change of course and new insight that will lead you to a more optimistic view. Messages and letters of hope might help you.

Mercury enters serious and business-like Capricorn around January 13. Back to business! Around January 13-15, Mercury will bring lots of talks. You may be very talkative and excited these days, especially if you are born around February 5, March 22, May 7, June 23, August 9, September 24, November 9 or December 23. You will share your excitement and experiences with others. Watch or listen to the possible press conferences!

Mercury conjuncts Pluto at 5° Capricorn around January 18, making for aggressive thinking and physical injuries. The past has shown that Mercury-Pluto in Capricorn is not too good a combination because it's very harsh. There are issues around financial matters too that need to be resolved.

The Sun enters independent Aquarius around January 20. It's time to break free. Make a trip, travel or leave home and go out.

Jupiter enters pioneering and initiating Aries around January 22.Especially the first degree Aries is the most initiating, igniting and sparkling one of the zodiac. Your world view will get a new boost and something (or someone) totally new will enter your world and change your world view. Jupiter in Aries is the real pioneer, adventurer and traveler who always looks to expand his/her life. However, Jupiter may become careless too and may take inappropriate risks. Still try to be moderate.

Around January 26, Saturn stations and turns retrograde at 17° Libra. At the same time it squares Mercury. Because Saturn is Mercury's dispositor (Mercury is in Capricorn which is ruled by Saturn), sorrow prevails and marks late January 2011.

According to the research by C.E.O. Carter in his Astrology of Accidents, 17° in Cardinal Signs is exceptionally violent. This degree is often associated with physical injuries through fire arms. Saturn and Libra rule the skin and skin problems (often the result of burns) may occur as well. Saturn is also often related to (accidental) falls, and you are warned to be careful where you walk or cycle. Just to say that there is violence around late January 2011. Take care!

Love Quotes of the Month

Man is the only animal that eats when he is not hungry, drinks when he is not thirsty, and makes love at all seasons
-- Source Unknown --

True love comes quietly, without banners or flashing lights. If you hear bells, get your ears checked
-- Erich Segal --

Take my word for it, the silliest woman can manage a clever man, but it takes a very clever woman to manage a fool
-- Rudyard Kipling --

Modest women choose a man by the mind, not the eye
-- Publilius Syrus --

There's more self-love than love in jealousy
-- Francois, Duc de La Rochefoucauld --

Don't go with girls you'd be ashamed to marry
-- John Updike --

One should always be in love. That is the reason one should never marry
-- Oscar Wilde --

What's New on Our Web Site?

There are tons of updates and changes we made since our previous Love Letter. We will only list the most important ones and do not mention the continuous minor additions and changes:
  • we updated our When to Marry page with the conclusive results regarding the tertiaries (Sun-Venus conjunctions) and marriages.

  • we added the corporation chart (actually, the launching) of another online dating service: First Affair . First Affair is a very fast-growing casual dating community on the Internet where people meet who are looking for erotic contacts and experiences.

  • we also reviewed some new astrological profiles from online astrologers and astrology companies. This time we reviewed two reports written by Vedic astrologer Carol Allen . She immediately earned our highest recommendations for her top-notch reports.

  • we updated all our 12 gifts pages for the zodiac signs with new zodiac sign gift ideas.

  • we added new free daily horoscopes from external services

  • we updated our free love horoscopes page

Update Childbirth In Solar Returns

In our Love Letter issue 027 of February 21 2007 we discussed our first research results about childbirth in Solar Returns based upon 459 solar return charts of women.

Almost 4 years later, we think it's time to update the research results with our latest findings based upon 857 solar return charts of women.

A solar return chart is a horoscope calculated for the moment the transiting Sun returns to its natal position (hence, the name solar - or related to the Sun -- return). A solar return chart is valid for 1 year (from birthday to birthday) and is told to indicate and forecast all the events that will happen in-between. You can compare the solar return chart with the natal horoscope (like synastry), but we've not done so because of the work involved.

In our research, we only analyzed the solar return charts as a stand-alone horoscope, calculated for the place of birth (because we do not always know where the woman resided around her birthday). Fortunately, unlike the 2007 results, our research now also includes the major Asteroids and TNP's (used by the Hamburg School, Uranian Astrology) and some other astrological factors as well.

Below, you can find our latest findings. Because of the extremely time-consuming work, we have not yet been able to blend the listed astrological configurations and conditions together and compare them with a control group so that we can make a signature (a combination of astrological conditions or configurations that are only found in the charts of the analyzed group and not in the control group).

Anyway, a single astrological condition, found in a solar return chart will not indicate childbirth. You need many configurations and confirmation by the progressed charts.

Click here if you want to find out how we conduct our astrological research for more information.

And now to the most important results (print in bold highlights very important configurations; purple text indicates extremely powerful configurations that indicate childbirth as such). Please note that we use the international conventional abbreviations for the planets and bodies.

  • MC/KN 150° UR (Uranus is 150° away from the MC/Moon's Node midpoint or in other words, there are 150° between Uranus and the midpoint) (orb 1°) Chi square 64.00
  • MO/PF = SO (45° dial or 8th Harmonic, orb 1°) (in other words, the midpoint between the Moon and the Part of Fortune builds a 8th Harmonic aspect -- i.e. multiples of 45° -- to the Sun) Chi square 40.5
  • Jupiter semi-sextile (30°) the Mean North Node of the Moon (orb 1°) Chi square 40.0
  • SO/MC = MA (45° dial or 8th Harmonic, orb 1°) Chi square 33.0
  • Venus between 9-10° in a mutable sign (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces) Chi square 32.0
  • MO/Ceres = Vesta (45° dial or 8th Harmonic, orb 1°) Chi square 31.0
  • any direct (i.e. not retrograde) planet or body (from the Sun to Pluto) sextile retrograde Jupiter (orb 3°) Chi square 22.0
  • the distance between Juno and Vesta is 180°-200° Chi square 22.0
  • any midpoint combination in which the Moon (MO), Venus (VE) and Pluto (PL) are involved (45° dial or 8th Harmonic; orb 1°) Chi square 18.0
    For example: MO/VE = PL and/or MO/PL = VE. According to R. Ebertin's Combination of Stellar Infmluences, these midpoints represent "Motherhood." We can only confirm his findings and are, again, amazed by the value of his work and research.
  • the Moon trine Mercury (orb 1°), especially in the 240° aspect or waning phase Chi square 18.0
  • the ruler of the IC (4th house cusp) sextile the 12th house cusp (orb 3°) Chi square 17.0
  • the ruler of the Ascendant sextile the Part of Fortune (orb 3°) Chi square 17.0
  • the Ascendant is in Sagittarius Chi square 16.0
  • the distance between the Moon and the MC is 60°-80° Chi square 16.0
  • the distance between Venus and Pluto is 40°-60° Chi square 16.0
  • Jupiter opposite Uranus (orb 1°) Chi square 16.0
  • Jupiter opposite the mean North Node of the Moon (orb 10°) Chi square 14.10
  • the Ascendant between 4-5° in mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces) Chi square 16.0
  • Venus semi-square Uranus (orb 1°), especially in the waning phase (315°) Chi square 12.8
  • the distance between Uranus and Ceres is 90°-110° Chi square 12.0
  • Venus and Jupiter are between 210°-240° apart Chi square 12.0
  • the Moon trines the Sun in the waxing phase (120° aspect not 240°) (orb 1°) Chi square 12.0 (interestingly, the Moon here is in the 5th solar house of children if we take the Sun as the Ascendant and use equal houses)
  • the ruler of the Ascendant or the ruler of the 7th house or the ruler of the 5th house is opposite the Sun (orb 3°) Chi square 12.0
  • the Moon in any aspect (0°, 30°, 45°, 60°, 90°, 120°, 135°, 150° or 180°) (orb 1°) with the 6th house cusp Chi square 12.0
  • the MC in any aspect (0°, 30°, 45°, 60°, 90°, 120°, 135°, 150° or 180°) (orb 3°) with the Part of Fortune Chi square 10.0
  • Neptune in any aspect (0°, 30°, 45°, 60°, 90°, 120°, 135°, 150° or 180°) (orb 3°) with the MC Chi square 12.0
  • the Moon conjunct Uranus (orb 1°) Chi square 10.0
  • the Moon in the 4th house Chi square 10.0
  • Uranus rises first before the Moon Chi square 10.0
  • ruler of the 9th house trine the Sun (orb 3°) Chi square 10.0
  • Mars square Jupiter (waxing phase) (orb 1°) Chi square 10.0
  • the Moon sextile Jupiter in the waning phase (300°) (orb 1°) Chi square 10.0
  • Uranus parallel the Ascendant (orb 1°) Chi square 9.0
  • Pluto in a cardinal house (houses 1, 4, 7 or 10) Chi square 8.0
  • Mercury or Jupiter conjunct an angle (Ascendant, IC, Descendant or MC) (orb 15°) Chi square 8.0
  • the Moon in Taurus or Sagittarius Chi square 8.0
  • Ceres in the 9th house Chi square 8.0
  • retrograde rulers of either the 8th or 9th house conjunct the Ascendant (orb 3°) Chi square 8.0
  • the Sun in any aspect (0°, 30°, 45°, 60°, 90°, 120°, 135°, 150° or 180°) with the MC (orb 1°) Chi square 7.0
  • the direct (not retrograde) ruler of the Ascendant conjunct the MC (orb 3°) Chi square 7.0
  • Jupiter conjunct the IC (4th house cusp) (orb 1°) Chi square 7.0
  • Mercury in any waning aspect (0°, 30°, 45°, 60°, 90°, 120°, 135°, 150° or 180°) (orb 3°) with Jupiter Chi square 5.0
There are NUMEROUS more configurations to be mentioned, but these are the most important ones. The Venus/Jupiter sextile Pluto midpoint we listed in 2007 still came out strong but is now way overpowered by the above listed configurations.

The more data we have, the more reliable our astrological conditions become. If you want to check solar return charts for childbirth, start with the configurations in bold. In case, you find different ones in a specific solar return chart, check for further confirmation in the progressed charts.

Pay particularly attention to the Moon-Venus-Pluto midpoint. This combo alone is not enough to indicate childbirth AS SUCH, but if you find it in a solar return chart of a woman, you should start to look for the other configurations. A double whammy of Moon-Venus-Pluto midpoints increases the odds for childbirth in a huge way.

the Moon in any aspect (0
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