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CosmiTec's Love Letter, Issue #075 -- Who's Your Husband?
February 21, 2011

In this Love Letter we try out the URL shorteners by Tiny and temporarily disregard the Google URL shorteners. We hope to avoid another round of disabled links but have to wait and see how Tiny's algorithms behave in a mass submission like this newsletter.

In most cases, URL shorteners work relatively well in single e-mails or web-sites (think Twitter) but when numerous e-mails with shortened URLs are sent at the very same second (like in sending a newsletter with more than 1,900 subscribers like this one), some algorithms consider this as SPAM and disable all links for security reasons.

That's what happened in our previous newsletter when our links were disabled by Google. After all, the algorithms assume the URL shortener is used to hide (questionable) links in the first instance and they don't yet "see" the intention of using the URL shortener or what exactly is behind it (except for compromised links that are in their algorithm databases).

So, Google is NOT to blame for all this; the spammers are because they have made of the internet a jungle and minefield that needs strict measures to avoid security issues.

Google uses extremely strict anti-spam algorithms and they are aware that their algorithms, which are fully automated, are not bullet-proof yet and need to be tweaked further. While the great folks at Google tweak their algorithms, some links may be enabled (again) and others may be disabled. Because of this, we temporarily don't use Google's URL shortener any longer to avoid further interruptions, hassle and frustration.

After all, as we pointed out to Google, we want clickable links. Moreover, we want all e-mail clients to be able to handle even the longest URLs. Also, the primary focus of ICT giants (like Google or Microsoft) should be about finding ways to make sure that all e-mail clients can handle even the longest URLs without breaking them. This way, we don't need URL shorteners to make links clickable.

THAT would mean progress!

Anyway, we do monitor this all closely and hope that Tiny's algorithms are more "intelligent" and reliable. If not, there are other options we will consider...

Back to astrology and what this Love Letter is all about...

There are different astrological ways to find out and/or describe the marriage partner in the natal chart. There is a very reliable and simple method that can be found in some natal charts of women. Unfortunately, till now, we have not found a similar simple rule in the natal charts of men yet. That's why our featured article will only discuss a simple way to spot in a female natal chart who the husband might be.

Because one of the heavy generational planets, Uranus, will enter Aries in March for lots of years to come, we give a preview of what may be expected.

Next month we will describe the upcoming ingress of Neptune in its own zodiac sign Pisces which is to happen in April. These are interesting and historic times!

So much Love & Light!

BR Luc De Jaeger

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Table of Contents

Our regular features
  1. The Love Forecasts for the Month
  2. Love Quotes of the month
  3. What's new on our web site?

Our occasional features

  1. Who's Your Husband?
  2. Uranus in Aries

Love Forecasts for March 2011

March 1 brings you in an artistic mood if you are born around January 19, March 5, April 19-20, June 5, July 22, September 7, October 23 or December 7. Some of these birthdays may be hopelessly in love and full of (unfulfilled) longings. There may be one-way-love or unrequited love.

Transform the energies and go to the movies or read/write poetry or go out shooting pictures and be creative above all.

Venus enters independent Aquarius around March 2 and will enjoy group events and social gatherings in rather an impersonal way. But still, Venus is in a good position while it resides in this fixed air sign and is very compassionate (humanitarian).

If you are born around January 27-28, March 13, April 28, June 13-14, July 31, September 15, October 31 or December 14-15, there is a lot of sorrow noticeable around March 5. Actually, the whole month of March may bring some inhibitions, a loss of energy and uneasiness (dis-ease) into your life.

Around March 9, Mercury at 28° Pisces squares the Moon's North Node at 28° Sagittarius, resulting in issues regarding traffic and communication on land and sea. It's a busy time.

Mercury conjuncts Uranus at 29° Pisces around March 9 and will enter pioneering Aries the same day. Mercury is in a very weak position when it enters Aries.

In this position, Mercury has knowledge of secrets and secret plans/projects. It may bring sudden and breaking news about death(s), illness and/or accidents. There is confusion and uncertainty.

While Mercury travels through Aries later on, it will be very assertive, outspoken and insightful. Mind your words though as this position tends to talk faster than it is able to think.

Uranus enters Aries around March 12 and will present some startling novelties and breaking news. The 1st degree Aries is a highly important one as it is related to the beginning of the Tropical Zodiac. The 1st degree Aries is the most pioneering and initiating degree of the tropical zodiac, denoting fresh starts and everything that starts anew or is called a "first ever."

In Cosmobiology, 0° Aries is called the Aries Point and it refers to "The Earth" and the "World" (at large). Any planet or body at this degree will show events that have a HUGE impact on all of us, on the whole world and should be seen as historic moments. Events are now visible, out in the open, to all of us (to the World at large), for good or bad.

Uranus will stay the whole month of March at the 1st degree Aries, which may prove to become a rather eruptive and upsetting combination.

If you are born around January 27-28, March 13, April 28, June 13-14, July 31, September 15, October 31 or December 14-15, there is illness around March 13 and you don't feel well at all. If you are born around the same day of March 13, your whole (solar return) year is marked by dis-ease. So, take care!

Mercury at 7° Aries squares Pluto at 7° Capricorn around March 13 denoting vexation and annoyance. You are obsessed with an idea and put all your energy into what's on your mind. You may have tunnel vision now so that it's best to not jump to conclusions too soon.

Mercury conjuncts Jupiter at 11° Aries around March 16, bringing auspicious research results. Your efforts will be honored (but it will take efforts!!). The downside is that, while you feel obliged to find answers, you tend to become fanatical in your search. You tend to stick to your opinion even if there is lots of opposition. You will experience this transit to the full if you are born around January 2, February 15, April 1, May 18, July 3, August 20, October 5 or November 19.

Around March 18, Mercury at 15° Aries opposes Saturn at 15° Libra, resulting in annoying administration and burdensome paperwork or (receiving/sending) sad messages. Messages of separation/divorce come and go... It seems there was no love or love did not work out quite well...

March 19 is marked by a SuperMoon (a perigee Full Moon) at 28° Virgo, upsetting a lot of people because the Sun at the malevolent Fixed Star Scheat also squares the Moon's Nodes.

Because of the perigee Full Moon (the Moon is closest to the Earth now) and beside increased emotional behavior, there is also more gravitational pull on weather patterns and tectonic plates, resulting in extreme weather conditions also.

The Sun enters Aries around March 21 and conjuncts Uranus around the same day. It may be a rather disappointing or even sad day. Your energy level may be low.

Around March 27, Venus conjuncts Neptune at 29° Aquarius and enters Pisces on the same day. Your love ideals run very high and your compassion increases. You have artistic desires and you may want to be an object of beauty.

Around March 28, the Sun at 7° Aries squares Pluto at 7° Capricorn resulting in a heavy workload and lots of resistance. You bite the dust... But you don't want to succumb...

Around March 28, Jupiter at 14° Aries opposes Saturn at 14° Libra (also called the relationship axis and the axis about "war or peace"), denoting a standstill during the exact aspect. Jupiter and Saturn are totally opposing forces and when they are in an exact opposition (resulting in a separation), they are out of reach.

The opposition is active till early April.

Oppositions are awareness aspects (like Full Moons) where "the other", other people or outer situations and circumstances demand us to do something. The aspect brings a blend of optimism/happiness (Jupiter) on the one side and sadness and limitations (Saturn) on the other hand.

Also, because of the opposition, you are actually not sure which of these conflicting emotions (happy or sad) now prevail. The aspect is about what is allowed (Jupiter) vs. what is prohibited (Saturn), about widening horizons (Jupiter) or closing borders (Saturn).

Both planets are related to law and the legal systems as well as academic and philosophic thinking.

In many instances this opposition brings delays and conflicting messages. Things are postponed till a decision can be made.

On a mundane level, the Jupiter-Saturn opposition is often found during times of high risks and danger. The opposition acts like an over-stretched rubber band of which you don't know if it will give...

Some marriages and/or bonds will end in divorce (= happy separations!) and juridical clashes as long as this transit is active.

All in all, the Jupiter-Saturn opposition in the axis of relationships wants something to be released or will release something -- for the better.

Mars at 27° Pisces squares the Moon's Nodes at 27° Sagittarius around March 30. Clashes and arguments may result.

Around the same day of March 30, Mercury turns retrograde at 24° Aries resulting in sticking together and opposing ideas (this configuration may become clear and noticeable in strikes and manifestations). You may have to reconsider your sayings. Group actions prevail under this transit.

The station shows that you can't manage it all alone and you do feel the need to bond. Marriages are likely to start now but consider that a stationary retrograde period is never good to ignite or start any important life-changing event as you will re-consider when Mercury goes direct again.

However, sometimes you may just feel "obliged" to bond (for example because of an unexpected pregnancy etc.) though you should be aware that this alone is never a good reason! ONLY start a bond (marriage) if you are really willing to take your FULL responsabilities. Only then, this is an auspicious time for a proposal/marriage.


Love Quotes of the Month

Finding a man is like finding a job; it's easier to find one when you already have one
-- Paige Mitchell --

Love is a great beautifier
-- Louisa May Alcott --

Love and friendship exclude one another
-- Jean de La Bruyère --

Money can't buy love -- but it certainly puts you in a wonderful bargaining position
-- Harrison Baker --

When you marry your mistress, you create a job vacancy
-- Sir James Goldsmith --

Short pleasure, long lament
-- English proverb --

It is only very ugly or very beautiful women who ever hide their faces
-- Oscar Wilde --

What's New on Our Web Site?

These are the updates and changes we made since our previous Love Letter:
  • we added two pages about topics that we already discussed in previous Love Letters; one about the Venus Mars connection and another about Venus Pluto connections
  • we also added an article we previously published in a Love Letter about the Dark or Black Moon Lilith
  • we updated some outdated links throughout our web site also

Who's Your Husband?

In many astrology books you will read that the Sun in the natal chart of a woman describes "her man." This has proven to be correct indeed. The natal Sun is not only describing the woman's physical body and way of expressing herself but also who her husband(s) will likely be.

However, the Sun never "acts" alone and is in many ways influenced by other conditions like the zodiac sign and house it is in, the aspects and midpoints, the degree area etc.

From our own research, we have found that the husband of a woman is in many ways described by a combination of the zodiac sign and the house the Sun is in as well as the planet it conjuncts. So, this rule only applies if there is a planet conjunct the Sun or is in the Sun sign in the horoscope of a woman.

Because the Sun represents the creative self-expression, it also describes the creative self-expression of the man, the husband, which is most often reflected and found in the career or job of the man/husband. In other words, the Sun in the natal chart of a woman almost always points to the career drive and job interests of her (future) husband(s).

There are numerous jobs and careers in this world that cannot be described in full detail by the Sun sign and the planet that is in the Sun sign alone though. Also, the man/husband can have different jobs/careers (at the same time or one after another like a journalist who becomes a teacher or a soldier who becomes a fireman etc.) so that you have to keep it to the basics, to the archetypal meanings of the planet and zodiac signs.

Moreover, if the woman marries different times, chances are her husbands will have different careers, jobs and interests.

So, after all, some caution is still necessary and it's not always THAT easy to decipher it at all BUT from the below-listed jaw-dropping examples, you will see how valuable this simple rule still is.

In the mean time, you may have noticed that the rule does not apply if there is more than 1 planet/body conjunct the Sun or in the Sun sign.

Because we don't always have an exact time of birth of the woman, we will neglect the Sun's house position for now and focus on the Sun sign and the planet that conjuncts the Sun. Aside from the conjunctions to the Sun, any planet in the Sun sign can be handled as if it conjuncts the Sun as well.

Some real life examples from female natal charts will make it clear:
  • the Sun conjunct Mars in Virgo: the husband is a surgeon (the Sun representing "her man", Virgo representing the medical fields and Mars representing "the knives" and "blood").

  • the Sun conjunct Saturn in Aries: the husband is a police officer (the Sun representing "her man", Aries representing the armed forces and Saturn representing "uniforms" and "law & order").

  • the Sun conjunct Mars in Cancer: the husband is a selfemployed building contractor (the Sun representing "her man", Cancer representing real estate and houses and Mars representing the selfemployed entrepreneur).

  • the Sun conjunct Mercury in Sagittarius: the husband is a psycho-educationalist (the Sun representing "her man", Sagittarius representing the fields of education and sociology and Mercury representing oral and mental assets).

  • the Sun conjunct Mercury in Gemini: the husband is an ICT specialist and account manager (the Sun representing "her man", Gemini representing the fields of information technology and Mercury representing "being on the road often" or programming/writing code).

  • the Sun conjunct Saturn in Cancer: the husband is a geologist (the Sun representing "her man", Cancer representing real estate and the ground and Saturn representing "the outer surface" and the builder).

  • the Sun conjunct Mercury in Capricorn: the husband is an officer of the Highway Police (the Sun representing "her man", Capricorn representing uniforms and the fields of "law & order" and Mercury representing "being on the road often").

  • the Sun conjunct Mars in Leo: the husband is the CEO of a large organisation (the Sun representing "her man", Leo representing the fields of top management and central power and Mars representing "the entrepreneur" and "commander").
Hopefully, the examples have made it clear how awesome a simple rule can be.

Uranus in Aries

Whenever a slow-moving generational planet or body enters another zodiac sign, we can expect a real and huge shift in the world and all that it encompasses.

If the planet also aspects personal planets, bodies or points in our natal charts, the influence will also be felt on a personal level. If no personal points are involved, the transit will remain in the background, describing general world events and atmosphere.

Around March 12, 2011 heavy Uranus will enter pioneering Aries and will reside in this zodiac sign for the coming years.

To understand the (generational) meanings of any heavy planet in a zodiac sign, you just have to blend the (archetypal) meanings and keywords of the planet/body with the meanings of the zodiac sign. Think out-of-the-box here and don't forget to also use the derived meanings.

For example: Aries is the 5th sign counting from Sagittarius so that it also has significance for the education (Sagittarius) of children (the 5th sign).

Let's take a look first at the basic meaning of the cardinal fire sign Aries:
  • Aries represents "the beginning", a new start, something totally and brand new

  • Aries represents the primal (physical) impulses, urges and drives

  • because Aries is cardinal fire, it represents a linear and extremely fast-moving fiery force (if you materialize cardinal fire, you get a volcano, a gunshot or gunfire, a sparkle, fireworks,...). It ignites and extinguishes immediately afterwards, over and over.

  • Aries represents the armed forces (the military and the police) and raw power -- with or without muscles ;-)

  • Aries is all about acting NOW and craves speed

  • Aries is about pushing things through (it's pushy indeed) and it's commanding and often penetrating

  • Aries is quite bold and acts first and thinks later (if at all) and that's why it is about raw unconscious and primal power and energy

  • Aries is independent and represents all words starting with SELF (selfemployment, selfish, self-centered, self-directed, self-starter, self-confident,...). Hence, Aries is not a follower, often resulting in uncooperative behavior. This is opposite to Libra who has "no" self and is only interested in "the other" and looking for cooperation!

  • Aries is courageous and always taking action (and looking for action for the sake of it!). It's therefore combative and competitive

  • As a cardinal fire sign, Aries is very forthright and focused

  • it's a very extravert zodiac sign, outspoken and out in the open

  • Aries is the ME FIRST principle and always wants to be THE VERY FIRST (not the highest which is related to Capricorn)

  • Linear Aries always looks for the shortest paths

  • Aries is not always aware that there are other people around and therefore, Aries is often inconsiderate and too ego-oriented.
Now let's take a look at the basic meanings of the planet Uranus which rules the fixed air sign Aquarius:
  • Uranus is the awakener, often in a shocking way

  • Uranus is "unpredictable", sudden and erratic. It does not want to and cannot be pinned down

  • Uranus can have a temper and is often "explosive"

  • Uranus is breaking up, breaking free, breaking away and disrupting a status quo or balance

  • Because of the shocking influence, Uranus brings us to a higher consciousness ("aha-Erlebnisse") and it's therefore representing (utopian or just higher) visions, ideas and "higher knowledge" (metaphysics, astrology, homeopathy, invisible energies,...)

  • Uranus is about radiation from all sorts (even nuclear radiation especially in combination with Pluto)

  • Uranus is very creative and needs an outlet for this, otherwise it becomes destructive

  • Uranus is original (unconventional) and craves freedom and independency

  • Uranus is only interested in the future, not in the past

  • Uranus is selfish in that it is only interested in its own individualization (and hence easily breaks free from obligations, restrictions, boundaries, etc.)

  • Uranus becomes "the rebel" in case it's forced to conform

  • Uranus is detached (impersonal) and non-emotional

  • Uranus can be chaotic (disorganized) because it detests order and formalities

  • Uranus is about electricity, technology, ICT and digital media

  • Uranus creates excitement and inspiration

  • Due to its air qualities (it rules an air sign), Uranus is inventive and innovating. It creates breakthroughs and revelations.

  • Uranus rules cracks and ruptures (because it wants to break free instead of bonding or sticking together)

  • Uranus brings stress and tension and switches direction in a brusque way.

  • because Uranus is one of the outer planets, far away in our solar system, it's described as "the outpost"

  • because Uranus rules a fixed sign, it is also considered to be very principled and stubborn (believing in it's own convictions with determination)
The more the meanings of the planet and the zodiac sign match, the more the meanings will manifest and work out openly.

A quick look at both meanings and principles make it clear that Aries and Uranus have quite a lot in common, denoting that most principles and meanings will manifest.

Combining the archetypal keywords and significations together results in a flaming, hot-tempered and impetuous time with lots of rebellious power and energy. No doubt this can be a very violent combination at times.

Events will come at high speed (lightning speed!) and, out of the blue, they may change the world almost instantly or bring a new look at the events.

Expect more volcanic activity and earthquakes; the latter especially when Uranus is going to square transformative Pluto in the earth sign Capricorn. Do know that Capricorn represents "surfaces" (the outer skin as it were) and also rules the outer surface of Mother Earth. So, this can litterally become a groundbreaking combo!

Also be aware that Pluto is still in the early degrees of Capricorn and thus has not shown its full power and potential force yet (this will happen when Pluto passes 8° Capricorn).

Pluto and Capricorn are both representing darkness and they may bring a dark atmosphere at times (figuratively or literally; be it by volcanic ashes or by overcast weather or by a sad mood for example).

We can expect huge progression regarding digital media and technology. Revelations will bring progress on a subconscious level too (mental awareness).

Also, new technologies will be used by the armed forces, revolutionizing the way they work.

Overall, Uranus in Aries is a very auspicious position for all technology-related matters as it will bring unseen breakthroughs, one after the other. It's a very inventive combination that will likely have influence over matters of health and healing too.

The downside is the very temperamental influence which may bring war-like situations and revolts (the more so when it starts squaring transformational Pluto).

Uranus in Aries cannot stand domination or being fenced in.

There is more civil disobedience noticeable. More liberal (freedom-loving) and progressive people (Uranus in Aries) will clash (the square aspect) with autoritarian governments (Pluto in Capricorn). Censorship will be an issue. Breaking free will rule after all!

The upcoming Uranus-Pluto square is the most reliable indicator of cultural revolutions! It's about authority reforms and, most interestingly yet, also about feminism and increased female consciousness (feminine assertiveness and loosening religious patriarchal constraints). It will try to break darkness and oppression and bring (new) Light!

However, Uranus in Aries is NOT about stability at all. It will bring more chaos, panic and turmoil. The more so if disasters and rather violent events might happen instantly/overnight and change the way people view the world unexpectedly.

But after all, we need some catharsis and cleansing to move forward and on a much higher and insightful level in this ever increasingly polluted and hypocrite world and we must get all the garbage, junk or toxic waste out of this world (be it material or immaterial).

And here's where the force of flashing and shocking Uranus in Aries (The Light Bringer) will lend a helping hand because humankind has shown over and again not being able to do it any longer decently, healthy and safely on itself. For example: we fight pollution with other toxic materials on a grand scale -- just making it all the worse...

This transit will bring discomfort for many of us at times. But no catharsis and cleansing without discomfort! After all, it's all for the best.

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