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CosmiTec's Love Letter, Issue #076 -- Marriage In Solar Returns
March 23, 2011

Fasten your seatbelts for an eventful and turbulent month of April as Neptune temporarily enters its own sign Pisces for the first time during Pluto's station. More about this all in the monthly forecast and our featured article.

With the planned upcoming British Royal Wedding, we share our 2010 findings regarding marriage configurations based on 546 Solar Return charts calculated for the year of one's marriage.

Because revamping our web site is our first priority now, as you will know already, we have not been able to add yet more data and divide the research between male and female Solar Return charts but as soon as our web site is overhauled, we'll continue with all our research studies.

Do take care and keep your spirits high!
Luc De Jaeger

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Table of Contents

Our regular features
  1. The Love Forecasts for the Month
  2. Love Quotes of the month
  3. What's new on our web site?

Our occasional features

  1. Marriage In Solar Returns
  2. Neptune in Pisces

Love Forecasts for April 2011

April starts quite violently with the entrance of Mars, the Warrior, in its own zodiac sign Aries around the 2nd. Actually, this month will be prone to lots of disturbing and highly unsettling influences on many levels and for many of us.

Why so?

Because the April 3 apogee New Moon at 13° Aries:
  • is exactly (!) square the January 4 Solar Eclipse (triggering the Eclipse)
  • is exactly opposite blocking Saturn
  • is accompanied by the explosive Mars-Uranus conjunction at 1° Aries
  • is accompanied by chaotic Neptune entering Pisces around April 4
  • happens during the Pluto station at 7° Capricorn (which is about to regress around April 9)
  • is accompanied by a stellium of 5 or 6 planets and bodies (depending on the Moon's position) in pushy and active Aries
On a more positive note, Jupiter conjoins the Sun around the early days of April, making an exact conjunction with the Sun around April 6 at 16° Aries.

So far the quite heavy configurations that will mark April 2011. What does this all signify?

First of all, the entrance of Mars in its own zodiac sign Aries will trigger primal instincts and physical urges to come out in the open. You may tend to become fiery and act on pure impulses. There is a strong fight or flight theme going on.

Early April we will experience raw Aries power due to this and also because of the strong Aries stellium.

Mars becomes very aggressive in the early degrees of Aries, the more so because it's also about to conjunct Uranus. The Mars-Uranus combo is always known and feared for it's accident-prone and highly disrupting influences resulting in physical injuries and damage.

Also, Mars-Uranus is often involved in surgery, violence, earthquakes and volcanic activity.

Together with the still active Jupiter-Saturn opposition, it's also related to assassinations and/or separation from a male authority figure (resignation, demise,...).

Mars-Uranus in the early degrees of Aries represents gunshots, gunfire and explosions. It may bring really dramatic and unexpected changes. Events are proceeding at lightning speed.

Also, in mundane astrology this conjunction is often part of earthquakes and the whole month of April (especially now and later on around the perigee Full Moon) may bring severe earthquakes.

This will be especially so if these configurations are accompanied by an X-class Solar flare directed towards planet Earth. So, in case such a major solar storm happens and depending upon its speed (it may reach the earth from about a day till a week after the eruption) chances are it will trigger a massive earthquake.

The New Moon opposite Saturn brings sorrow and unfulfilled plans. Events are still postponed. The time is not right yet to proceed with anything. There still is a standstill and delay, especially regarding law and legal matters.

You may want to proceed but others want to withhold and each has its reasons. You have to face this.

As soon as Jupiter and Saturn will separate and their influence will decrease (and ease), chances are you may be able to slowly unfold and proceed more successfully again.

You just need patience and it has no sense enforcing anything under the current transits.

The influence of Neptune entering its own sign is not to be underestimated also. For a delineation of Neptune in Pisces, we refer to the article we have written in this Love Letter just below.

Anyway, the 1st degree Pisces is a very unstable and chaotic one (in fact, it's the most chaotic degree of the zodiac). Though Neptune is at home in its own zodiac sign, it's still in the early degrees and needs time to accomodate.

Neptune at 0° Pisces has a very dissolving influence. Floods, inundations, sinkings and more water or gas related trouble are to be feared and may influence your love life.

It does not come as a surprise as NOAA has just issued a public warning on March 17, 2011 stating that Spring flooding is underway and expected to worsen in April 2011 in the USA. Forewarned is forearmed!

It is also related to experiencing unreal events that happen beyond your wildest dreams or imagination (for good or bad).

As long as Neptune is at 0° Pisces what's (feared) Unreal may become Real and the Impossible becomes Possible.

The strong fiery Aries configurations will be felt deeply if you are born under the zodiac sign Aries. Expect a highly hectic and busy (solar return year) with many events to happen, especially on a personal and relationship level.

If you are born under the Sun sign of Sagittarius, your love life is going to be a major focus too. The topic of children may pop up as well.

If your Sun sign is Taurus, expect sorrow and/or illness or dis-ease.

Around April 6, the Sun and Jupiter conjunct at 16° Aries. This combo may bring loneliness and sorrow though because Neptune is also involved in the picture.

The Sun and Mercury meet at 19° Aries around April 9 resulting in talks that may lead to nothing... You are taking it all too personally and need a more sobering and detached look.

Pluto turns retrograde around the same day of April 9 at 7° Capricorn and enforces its influence powerfully these first days of April 2011. It adds to the "Mars-Uranus-in-early-Aries" transformative and unsettling influences. The changes are quite dramatic. Light wants to break through the Darkness.

It's about leaving old formalities and masks behind. It's about breaking up borders and walls and pushing through with all force.

Freedom should reign and something needs to be rebuilt.

Interestingly, 7° Capricorn is a highly important degree representing changes related to one's career, the father, authority figures or governments. No doubt, lots of governments in the world are about to experience another overhaul as long as 7° Capricorn is activated by Pluto.

The more Pluto will proceed in Capricorn the more governments (Capricorn) will cintinue to reform (from the bottom up) and break free from their blocking and bureaucratic behavior and mindset.

Pluto will act like a plough in the earth sign Capricorn and will try to transform lots of strict, rigid, old-fashioned structures, rules and regulations.

Because Pluto is such a slow-moving body it will still take time (at least till it reaches 27° Capricorn).

Know that Pluto always goes to the deepest level so that it will surely bring everything from "the deep" out into the open, slowly but steadily and it will leave no stone unturned.

The result will be that rigid structures WILL break FOR SURE.

Flexibility is a must during this transit.

Another very important meaning of this stationary retrograde Pluto position and the active Jupiter-Saturn opposition has to do with real estate, buildings and property. It's time to rebuild or renovate buildings, sell or buy property. You may plan a move or consider living together.

Around April 11-12, Mars at 7° Aries squares Pluto at 7° Capricorn resulting in violent clashes. It's a very stressful period with lots of tension and upheaval. All kinds of accidents and violence will happen under this aspect. The band is breaking...

If you are born around December 29, February 11, March 28, May 13, June 29, August 15, October 1 or November 15 this month and especially April 11-12, may become very hectic for you indeed with tons of work. You will need to direct your energy well not to cause any disruptions or accidents.

Fortunately, around April 12, Mercury conjuncts Jupiter at 17° Aries resulting in talks, minor breakthroughs and hope.

Venus at 26° Pisces squares the Moon's Node at 26° Sagittarius denoting social gatherings for a purpose.

Mars at 12° Aries opposes Saturn at 12° Libra around the perigee Full Moon of April 18 (it's another SuperMoon!), fighting its way through limitations and hard work. You are urged to really push hard to get through a heavy burden.

Around the perigee Full Moon another very uncomfortable period is to be expected with possible extreme weather (incl. earthquakes and/or volcanic activity). Emotions may run high.

Quarrels and disputes may result as Mercury joins Mars at 13° Aries around April 19. But who's to blame? Do mind your words as aggressive Mars does not think first before talking or discussing.

Traffic accidents may happen under the Mercury-Mars conjunction, so you better be careful on trips and travel.

Mercury is in not too bad a situation though as it is able to convince.

The Sun enters Taurus around April 20, the most inert zodiac sign, resulting in more stubborn behavior.

Around April 21, Venus enters Aries and becomes highly flirtatious. Love at first sight and short-lived (love) encounters mark late April.

Venus conjuncts Uranus at 2° Aries around April 23 while Mercury stations to turn direct again at 12° Aries. Socialize! You may find love now. Some of you may have to deal with legal issues and/or disputes/arguments around Mercury's station though.

Indeed, direct Mercury in fiery Aries is quite assertive and will tell what's on the mind. You will try to push your opinion through.

After the love at first sight of April 23 comes a break-up around April 27 when Venus at 7° Aries squares Pluto at 7° Capricorn. This may especially affect you if you are born around December 29, February 11, March 28, May 13, June 29, August 15, October 1 or November 15.

It's not a peaceful period but still try to be moderate and balanced.

If you are born around January 27, March 12, April 27, June 13, July 30, September 14, October 30 or December 14, you should mind your health around April 26-27. Take care!

Love Quotes of the Month

One who loves much often talks little
-- Castiglione --

When a man steals your wife, there is no better revenge than to let him keep her
-- Sacha Guitry --

Changing husbands/wives is only changing troubles
-- Kathleen Norris --

A woman has got to love a bad man once or twice in her life to be thankful for a good one
-- Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings --

I love being married. It's so great to find the one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life
-- Rita Rudner --

A fool at forty is a fool indeed
-- Edward Young --

A man who moralizes is usually a hypocrite, and a woman who moralizes is invariably plain
-- Oscar Wilde --

s so great to find the one special person you want to annoy for the rest of your life

What's New on Our Web Site?

This time, we again added articles that were previously published in our Love Letter, now bringing them to a wider audience.
  • we added a page about planets in the 5th house and another one about planets in the 7th house
  • we added an article about astrological conditions bringing lasting love
  • we also added our " one way love " article.
  • minor changes to our 12 unique gift pages (testing new settings on the comment submissions)
  • we changed our 8 social media buttons in the footer of every page and replaced and reduced them by 2 larger ones (for Facebook and Twitter only). We'll try to get the buttons somewhere else on our pages when we revamp our web site. Just trying things out...

Marriage In Solar Returns

In our April 21, 2008 Issue 041 we presented the preliminary results of our research regarding marriage in Solar Return charts. We then analyzed 163 Solar Return charts calculated for the year of marriages of men and women alike.

Much has changed since and in the mean time our database has grown to 546 Solar Return charts of men and women calculated for their marriage year.

We below list the most important configurations found in these 546 horoscopes. There are numerous other configurations and combinations that we will not mention though, not to overload you with too much information that might confuse you more than necessary.

If you find any (or a couple) of the below mentioned configurations, and especially the configurations in bold, it may pay to analyze the Solar Return chart more closely and in-depth as well as the progressed charts and transits to find confirmation.

When time permits, we will start to differentiate between male and female Solar Returns as our previous research has shown that this really matters.

The configurations we mention are found in the Solar Return charts WITHOUT comparing them with the natal chart. In other words, we analyzed the Solar Return charts as stand-alone charts, calculated for the place of birth of the native (as we do not always know where the native resided during the return).
  • the Moon opposite Uranus (orb 3°) (Chi square 46.00). This aspect comes out powerfully and in numerous cases. If you find it, look for other marriage configurations to find confirmation.
  • Ceres/Part of Fortune = Vesta (the Asteroid Vesta in the midpoint between the Asteroid Ceres and the Part of Fortune) (45° dial or 8th Harmonic; orb 1°) (Chi square 45.0)
  • the Moon trine the Part of Fortune (orb 3°) (Chi square 25.0). The Part of Fortune is calculated differently for day or night births. This aspect too is found in numerous solar return charts
  • JU/MC = VE (Venus in the midpoint between the MC and Jupiter) (45° dial or 8th Harmonic; orb 1°) (Chi square 25.0)
  • Pluto trine the 9th house cusp (Topocentric houses) (orb 3°) (Chi square 24.0)
  • the 8th house cusp inconjunct (150°) the Moon's North Node (orb 3°) (Chi square 20.0)
  • the Sun sextile the Part of Fortune (orb 3°) (Chi square 18.0)
  • Venus semi-sextile the Ascendant (orb 3°) (Chi square 18.0)
  • the Sun sextile Chiron (orb 1°) (Chi square 18.0)
  • Mercury semi-square Jupiter (orb 3°) (Chi square 17.0)
  • Saturn trine the Part of Fortune (orb 1°) (Chi square 13.0)
  • Jupiter trine the MC (orb 1°) (Chi square 12.0)
  • Venus square Uranus (orb 3)) (Chi square 12.0)
  • SO/VE = Vesta (the Asteroid Vesta in the midpoint between the Sun and Venus) (45° dial or 8th Harmonic; orb 1°) (Chi square 12.0)
  • we never counted the Moon semi-square the IC (orb 3°) denoting that IF this aspect is found in a solar return chart, it's unlikely this will be a marriage year
  • we never counted Pluto conjunct the Ascendant (orb 1°) denoting that IF this aspect is found in a solar return chart, it's unlikely this will be a marriage year
  • we never counted the Sun sextile the Asteroid Juno (orb 3°) denoting that IF this aspect is found in a solar return chart, it's unlikely this will be a marriage year
  • Mercury square the Asteroid Juno (orb 3°) (Chi square 8.0)
  • the ruler of the 9th house retrograde (Chi square 7.0)
  • the ruler of the Ascendant retrograde (Chi square 7.0)
  • the ruler of the 5th house in the sign of its exaltation (Chi square 7.0)
  • the Sun conjunct Jupiter (orb 3°) (Chi square 7.0)
  • the Sun opposite Pluto (orb 3°) (Chi square 7.0)
  • the Sun conjunct the asteroid Juno (orb 3°) (Chi square 7.0)
  • Jupiter and/or Venus intercepted (Chi square 6.0)
  • Pluto in a cardinal house (houses 1, 4, 7 or 10) (Chi square 4.0)
  • the ruler of the Ascendant in Virgo (Chi square 4.0)

Neptune In Pisces

Another very slow-moving generational planet is changing signs. Around April 4, Neptune enters its own zodiac sign Pisces for the 1st time and will give a sneak preview of what to expect when it definitely resides in its own zodiac sign from 2012 on.

Around August 5, 2011 Neptune will re-enter Aquarius again in its retrograde motion so that the stay in Pisces is only temporarily (it will not go further than the 1st degree in 2011).

It's a misconception that planets in their own sign (the zodiac sign they rule) have a positive or harmonious influence.

A planet or body in the zodiac sign it rules is neither good nor bad.

Such a planet is just extremely POWERFUL, for good or bad.

A planet in its own zodiac sign is "at home" and feels exceptionally well and in "its element."

One of the major significations of a planet in the zodiac sign it rules is materialization, realization and fulfillment.

A planet in its own sign makes things happen for good or bad. We have to take this into account when delineating Neptune in Pisces and will therefore analyze Neptune in Pisces alltogether.
  • Pisces represents the wide open borderless and infinite Sea (the Ocean)

  • Pisces is thus about liquids and especially water, water and more water (representing floods, inundations water-related issues, leaks, ...).

    BR This long video in 2 parts (with a total duration of about 1 hour 24 minutes for both parts), discussing the secrets of water, is a must-see. To watch the 2nd part, click here.

    Take your time to watch it. You will be in awe about water's properties and gain much more respect for water, nature and our whole Universe.

  • Neptune in Pisces represents something that "never ends" (in other words, that lasts forever). That's why Neptune in Pisces signifies eternal and long-lasting forces and energies

  • because Pisces is a water sign and Neptune a watery planet, Neptune in Pisces is silent, even secretive and mute (like all water signs). You don't hear a water sign coming (you will understand this if you take a look at people who have the Ascendant in a water sign: i.e. Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces).

  • Hence, Pisces represents everything that happens behind closed doors and that is hidden.

  • Pisces represents large (closed) institutions and organizations (hospitals, large governmental organizations,...)

  • Pisces is reticent, reclusive and withdraws easily. Neptune in Pisces denies easily

  • Pisces is nebulous, unclear, unfocused and thus related to gases also. It creates fog and mist (purposive or not) and so does its ruler Neptune

  • Pisces is about confusion and chaos and it is seldom crystal-clear, if at all.

  • Neptune in Pisces brings ecstatic dreams and intense emotions in which one gets lost. Neptune in Pisces is about glitter & glamour.

  • Pisces is about the Unknown and all the people who remain anonymous. It's about camouflage gear and smoke curtains.

  • Pisces is apt to lies if it cannot stand reality or the truth. It is fake or covers up. It is not what it seems. It cannot stand the hard and harsh reality that is.

    You should not be shocked to find out first signs of the beforementioned keywords in that the US Government is going to use fake identities in social networks for propaganda reasons. The public opinion is going to be influenced (steered, manipulated?) by fake human-like "identities."

    It looks like nobody is going to be trusted anymore when Neptune will reside in its own zodiac sign. Confusion, lies and cover-ups will still reign!

    Stay firm and only believe in your own self. Only follow your own heart (not your brain which can be manipulated and programmed).

  • Pisces knows no boundaries (contrary to Capricorn) and cannot set limits. It's broad, wide and endless like the Universe. It's endless.

  • As a mutable sign, Pisces is very unstable and lacks stamina. It follows winding roads to reach its goals (contrary to straightforward Aries).

  • Pisces is about slides, soaking up and sinking. It's about prolapses also.

  • Pisces is a spiritual zodiac sign, psychic, mystical and often religious.

  • Pisces is about cults and subcults in our society and chances are new cults are being formed when Neptune transits its own zodiac sign.

  • Pisces is the most sensitive zodiac sign of all and very compassionate. Pisces can sacrifice themselves till exhaustion, because they know no limits.

  • Neptune in Pisces is a very sensual combination. It's seductive.

  • Pisces denotes pure and unconditional devotion

  • Pisces is one of the most creative zodiac signs and has affilliation with music, the movies, film and photography (especially with Pluto or Scorpio because of the "fixed water = fixed emotions"). So, we can expect huge advancements in these areas!

  • Neptune in Pisces will bring more glamour in the world, a renewed way of getting noticed.

  • because Pisces is the last zodiac sign, it's about resignation, letting go and cleansing to get ready for a totally new start. With Neptune in Pisces, erosions and slowly deteriorating and dissolving situations and events are likely to occur. It's dissolving borders, regulations, formalities,...

  • Hence, Neptune in Pisces represents losses and longings (we long for what we don't have or have lost)

  • Pisces is drifting, floating and often fleeing away. Escapism is one of its keywords (some will call this Transcendence) and it's related to issues of (mass) evacuation, exodus and exil.

  • Neptune in Pisces is the perfect and big dissolvent! It rules disappearances and nothingness.

  • Pisces is unrealistic and highly idealistic with sky-high expectations. Neptune in Pisces becomes the perfect dreamer. Hence it is also very deceptive and is related to disappointments all over.

  • Neptune in Pisces will bring distorted perceptions

  • Neptune in Pisces is not always an active worker, often unemployed. It has difficulties in pushing itself through and loves peace instead of war. It's the peace-maker.

  • Neptune in Pisces is about poison, alcoholics and drugs.

  • Neptune in Pisces will bring us a new form of consciousness and awareness. We are part of a much bigger Whole and Universe. There is the feeling ofoneness (because there are no boundaries All becomes One and One becomes All)

  • Pisces is one of the three dual zodiac signs (the others are Gemini and Sagittarius) and is often pulled in two opposing directions: honesty or cheating, getting noticed or unnoticed etc...

  • Pisces is the most immaterial zodiac sign. It's influence is also intangible and thus "unearthy". Neptune in Pisces will bring a shift from material interests to non-material ones for the next generation.

  • Neptune in Pisces creates things "not of this earth." Everything seems to become possible. The Unreal become Reality, the Impossible becomes Possible. We need Neptune in Pisces to make Heaven on Earth though...
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