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CosmiTec's Love Letter, Issue #078 -- The Marriage Chart
May 21, 2011

You may have seen it (because millions have), the colorful and very stylish Royal Wedding.

From an astrological point of view the formal moment of marriage is nothing less than the birth of the union in which the partners act as a new legal whole to the outer world. The time of marriage is said to describe the marriage and how it unfolds from then on.

For some astrologers, the marriage chart is much more important than a chart comparison (synastry) between the partners. They say that a good marriage chart overrules any challenging factors between the partners.

Other astrologers differ and have found that a chart comparison between the partners still prevails. According to these astrologers, a good marriage chart will not prevent a divorce if the synastry is full of disharmonious configurations.

In our opinion, a good marriage chart is as important as the chart comparisons.

To demonstrate the value of a marriage chart, our featured article analyzes the Royal Wedding and describes how both partners, Prince William and Catherine (Kate) Middleton will fare together as a couple...

Luc De Jaeger

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Table of Contents

Our regular features
  1. The Love Forecasts for the Month
  2. Love Quotes of the month
  3. What's new on our web site?

Our occasional features

  1. The Marriage Chart

Love Forecasts for June 2011

The month of June 2011 starts with a Solar Eclipse on the 1st day at 11° Gemini. The Eclipse is part of the Saros 13 South cycle, a series that in mundane astrology is especially of influence and importance to Australia.

This was noticeable during the 13 North Solar Eclipse of January 4, 2011 when Australia experienced massive floods. For the coming 6-7 months we again expect some wild weather in Australia, the more so because we will also experience lots of SuperMoons starting in September, resulting in extreme weather here and there in the whole world.

Anyway, This Solar Eclipse of June 1 has some restricting influences but will also bring some formalizing events. Love may be at a distance and you're focused on responsabilities and the career.

Around June 2, Mercury, the messenger, enters its own sign Gemini. There is the need to change the place more often and exchange ideas and opinions. It's a good time for short trips and for gathering all the information you need but try to stay away from gossip.

Neptune stations and turns retrograde around June 3 at 0° Pisces and squares Mercury. It's time to become more realistic and get down to earth. The Mercury-Neptune square may bring chaos in the fields of transport, traffic and communication. You can't believe or trust anybody now and the information you get is unreliable. You better don't propose or engage as this transit may bring deceptions, misunderstandings and false assumptions.

Jupiter enters Taurus around June 4, bringing expenses. Jupiter always tends to over-do, be overconfident and in the fixed earth sign Taurus, Jupiter likes the feel of money and acts as if money and resources are no problem.

Around June 9, Venus enters dual Gemini and becomes the loving butterfly, creating fairy-tale fantasies and longings as it applies to a square with Neptune at 0° Pisces. The square will be exact around June 10 and should work out well in an artistic way. In matters of love, you will be mistaken though. What you see is not what you get!

There is sorrow around June 12 if you are born around March 11, June 12, September 13 or December 13.

The Sun and Mercury join forces at 21° Gemini around June 13 to bring the word out.

Around the same day of June 13, Saturn stations at 10° Libra and turns direct. Matters of the past and/or family matters prevail during this station, the more so because Mercury also opposes the Moon's North Node at 23° Sagittarius. Documents or letters from the past come into the open or are on the agenda.

The Lunar Eclipse at 24° Sagittarius around June 15 brings issues to the foreground, related to a male person.

Mercury enters emotional Cancer around June 16 and lets your imagination wander.

Around June 18, Mercury at 4° Cancer squares Uranus at 4° Aries, resulting in breaking news and issues about real estate or buildings.

A day later, around June 19, Mercury will oppose obsessive Pluto at 6° Capricorn. You're obsessed with an idea and can't get it out of your head.

Actually, as soon as Mercury entered Cancer, it started building a Cardinal Grand Cross with Saturn, Uranus and Pluto. Because mid to late June is marked by this Grand Cross, there will be lots of (emotional and) restless talks. It looks like you can't stop talking and thinking. Everyone's talking... Breaking news keeps coming in in waves. And there's lots to do.

If you are born around December 29-30, March 28-29, June 30 or October 1-2, there is lots of stress around June 20. You may be forced to change the place and you may feel the resistence to fight against obligations and duties. However, you also have tenacity and the power and will to get through any issues you now encounter.

Around June 21, Mars enters Gemini while the Sun enters Cancer. Short trips mark your days.

On the same day of June 21, Mercury at 10° Cancer squares Saturn at 10° Libra while Mars at 0° Gemini is also about to square Neptune at 0° Pisces. Clearly, June 21 may become an eventful day marked by separation and violence. For some of you, there is loss of employment. You're in a sad mood.

Around June 26, the Sun at 4° Cancer squares Uranus at 4° Aries, bringing upsetting, unsettling and explosive moments. If you are born around March 11, June 12, September 13 or December 12-13, you may encounter love's sorrow.

The Sun at 6° Cancer opposes Pluto at 6° Capricorn around June 28 while Venus at 22° Gemini opposes the Moon's North Node at 22° Sagittarius. Enjoy family visits. You may also encounter a loved one from the past. Some of you may feel separated from a loved one.

Love Quotes of the Month

If I have sinned in love the sin has an excuse
-- Ovid --

Any guy can love a thousand girls... but only I can love you a thousand ways
-- Source Unknown --

A heart in love with beauty never grows old
-- Turkish proverb --

It is with true love as it is with ghosts; everyone talks about it, but few have seen it
-- Francois de la Rochefoucauld --

Women and wine drive men out of their mind
-- Spanish proverb --

If they say love hides in every corner, then I must be walking in circles
-- Source Unknown --

It is love, and not German philosophy, that is the true explanation of this world, whatever may be the explanation of the next
-- Oscar Wilde --

What's New on Our Web Site?

We want to mention the following changes:
  • we updated (and expanded) our natal Moon phase page
  • we added a new page about delineating Composite Charts and rebuilt (and expanded) our article about some essential information about Composite Charts
  • we deleted all the price conversions on our order pages and now only list prices in Euro (even if you still can pay the equivalent amount in USD, GBP, AUD or CAD). The currency conversions were unreliable and until we find a reliable online (or inline) converter, we decided to delete all conversions.

  • following our continuous efforts to revamp our web site, we're experimenting with the footer on some pages. They may look differently (but only temporarily -- so, nothing to worry about at all).

The Marriage Chart

An astrological rule states that every (new) beginning, be it a new love, a new job, an important purchase, a move, a birth... can be judged by inceptional horoscopes. Just draw a chart for that very moment of beginning, and you'll be able to delineate the innate disposition, development and outcome, out of this moment in space as a self-developing story like a seed that is growing and developing into a colorful flower.

When two people formaly and openly pronounce their intention to manifest as a new whole and unity, we can cast a chart for that specific moment in space. We call this the marriage chart.

A marriage chart is nothing less than a horoscope calculated for the exact moment a couple is legally married.

This horoscope can be delineated like any "natal or birth chart" and represents the married couple.

Let's take a look now how this works in practice by analyzing the (highlights of the) marriage chart of Prince William and Catherine (Kate) Middleton.

Prince William and Catherine (Kate) Middleton were officially pronounced man & wife by the Archbishop on April 29, 2011 at 11:19 am BST in Westminster Abbey, London (UK).

When delineating or assessing inceptional horoscopes, it's always important to focus on what jumps into the eye, the dominant factors (the voids and extremes) etc. You can delineate all the aspects, sign and house positions etc. etc., but that's NOT what we're going to do here. It's the standouts that matter.

What do we notice? Let's sum it all up first:
  • most planets and bodies are situated around the MC in the 9th and 10th houses
  • the Moon is void of course
  • the most exact midpoint (45° dial or the 8th Harmonic, orb 1°) is VE=Pl/MC
  • retrogade Saturn is the lead planet conjunct the IC in Libra
  • some planets/points are at the same degree in a sign: the Moon and the Node, Mars and Jupiter, Saturn and the MC
  • Mercury is exactly conjunct the Fixed Star Alpheratz
  • there is a dominant Venus-Saturn connection
  • the zodiac signs Sagittarius and Gemini are intercepted in the 5th-11th house axis
Most planets and points posited around the MC in the 9th and 10th houses mark an important marriage. In a marriage chart, it's fortunate to have the Sun in a cardinal house. In the 10th house, the Sun relates to the status and image. Because the Sun also rules the 1st house (Ascendant Leo) and is posited in the fixed earth sign Taurus, there is a very stable relationship.

Also, Mars, which rules the 10th house is also in the 10th house in its own sign Aries. Any planet in its own sign and house materializes what the house signifies. In the 10th house it raises one's status, brings one to the next level. Events culminate in a formal way.

Many culminating planets and points bring public events. A marriage is supposed to be a public event, but when it's a Royal Wedding, no doubt that it's a full world event. Clearly, this marriage will remain a public event for sure.

A void of course Moon denotes that the Moon is not building any major (Ptolemaic) aspects to planets before it leaves the zodiac sign it's in. According to a rule that is used in horary astrology, a void of course Moon denotes that "nothing will come from the matter", you will not get what you want but also "there is nothing to worry about."

It's told that important life events and decisions should not be undertaken when the Moon is void of course because things will not turn out as one likes/wants.

No doubt, the theory about the void of course Moon is a VERY important one, but, in our opinion a misunderstood one. You can't just blindly copy the rule used in horary astrrology to electional astrology or natal astrology without understanding the fundamental meanings and basics.

The basic meaning of a void of course Moon is that your situation will not change. If you're already engaged, a marriage will not alter this situation...

That's why you will not get your job promotion when you are solicited during a void of course Moon (your situation of unemployment will not change when doing a job interview during a void Moon...). But if you're already engaged and forming a couple to the outer world, it may be a good idea to marry when the Moon is void of course. Your situation as a couple will not change and you will remain a couple.

That's at least what the late Ron Bippus found in researching numerous marriage charts. In 45% of the lasting marriages, he found a void of course Moon...

Aside from his research, there is lots of controversy among astrologers when the Moon is really void of course. Should we also take the declinations into account? What if the Moon is in a major aspect (for example, a conjunction) with a planet in another zodiac sign?...

Even medieval astrologers used this rule at random or deliberately as another keen astrologer, Maurice McCann, found out. So, even medieval astrologers were not always reliable in their assessment of charts...

Clearly, this topic has created lots of mystique and needs further research. The problem, as usual, is finding reliable data (exact data of important purchases, job solicitations, proposals, etc. etc.). Without this, no reliable research can be done.

From our own limited research we do know that a void of course Moon is EXTREMELY important in job solicitations and proposals/engagements but we lack more reliable information to analyze other life events like marriages, purchases, ...

The bottom line is that in marriage charts, a void of course Moon as such, is not alarming. It depends upon the Moon's position (degree area, Fixed Star conjunctions, exact aspects to Asteroids,...) if the Moon points to marital issues.

The most exact midpoint in the marriage chart is VE=PL/MC (45° dial or 8th Harmonic, 1° orb). In other words, according to Ebertin's "Combination of Stellar Influences" (CoSi) and Witte's "Rules for Planetary Pictures", this midpoint relates to passion, irresistible attraction and a harmoniously developing relationship. This relationship and couple have charisma!

Retrograde Saturn conjunct the IC and thus opposite the MC is the lead planet in the marriage chart. There is some fear to be accepted for what the marriage is. Tradition and the family result in an unduly strong shield against invaders. Because the Sun is widely inconjunct retrograde Saturn, there is the desire to remain in power and control. Saturn conjunct the IC of family relates to formalities and sticking/clinging to frustrating rules of the past.

The planetary pairs at the same degree are revealing:
  • The Moon and Moon's Nodes are at the same degree (26°), denoting a soul union and a bond with the people (populace)
  • Mars and Jupiter are both at 21° in a sign (they are even conjunct in Aries) denoting a fortunate event. In many instances, Mars-Jupiter combos are (and should be) found in marriage charts, charts of engagements, births and other successful ventures.
  • Saturn and the MC too are at the same degree in a sign (12°). Saturn and the MC are about status and formalities. Saturn and the Mc represent the ultimate goal, the fulfillment and raising the status.

    We also refer to the above-mentioned meanings of Saturn opposite the MC.
Mercury exactly conjunct the Fixed Star Alpheratz is related to the love of movement. This couple will do many changes of the place and travel. This is confirmed by the powerful 9th house and the changing Moon posited in this house.

A dominant Venus-Saturn connection is noticeable because of the following configurations:
  • Saturn is in Libra (mundane ruled by Venus)
  • Venus is in the sign of the 10th house and widely conjunct the MC (the MC is mundane ruled by Saturn)
  • Venus is opposite Saturn
  • the ruler of the 2nd house (mundane ruled by Venus) is in the 10th house (mundane ruled by Saturn)
A dominant Venus-Saturn connection translates to "the formal (Saturn) beauty (Venus)." Saturn represents the outer appearance, the "masks", the outer skin, and the uniforms... while Venus represents the beautiful environment, aesthetics and fashion.

No doubt this combo represents the Royal Wedding to the full. If you have watched the ceremony, you have the Venus-Saturn picture!

Though Venus and Saturn do not blend well together (Venus is soft while Saturn is hard), this combo also denotes loyalty and represents kind of a dutiful love.

In a marriage chart, this connection is very welcome as it may denote a long-lasting bond! There will be the usual tragedies and sorrow too (as Saturn still is the taskmaster -- if you want it or not), but when it comes to endurability, this combo keeps a couple together -- even if "love" fades away...

The interceptions in the 5th-11th house axis are related to some issues regarding creative self-expression and children. Intercepted signs remain hidden or cannot unfold to the full. However, with both its rulers (Mercury and Jupiter) in the 10th house of public appeal in the extravert sign of Aries, things may not remain hidden for long.

Intercepted air-fire signs in the axis of creative self-expression denote that this couple enjoys playful love. There is also the love for travel or changing the place often.

In some instances, it's related to difficulties regarding children (for example getting pregnant or issues regarding raising children etc...).

Because the marriage chart is just another "birth chart", we can use all common methods and techniques to find out what the (near) future will hold. We'll demonstrate this with the help of the (secondary) progressions and solar return charts.

The (secondary) progressions (1 day after birth = 1 year after birth) show an exact Venus-Saturn opposition at 11° Aries-Libra around December 2012.

Progressed Venus will also be exactly at the Mars/Uranus = Jupiter/Uranus midpoint in the marriage chart. This planetary picture is related to childbirth! The full planetary picture of childbirth that emerges late 2012/early 2013 reads as follows: VEp = SAp = JU/UR = MA/UR.

During the same period the progressed Mars-Jupiter conjunction will also become exact at 22° Aries. It's likely late 2012, early 2013 is a period of pregnancy and childbirth.

Can we find confirmation by analyzing the solar return charts?

Let's take a look at the solar return chart for April 2012 - April 2013, calculated for London, UK as we don't know the place of the 2012 residence during the return.

The solar return Ascendant at 6° Libra is exactly opposite solar return Uranus, which rules the 5th solar return house of love and children.

Moreover, in the solar return chart, Uranus, the Ascendant and the Moon's Node are all at the same degree (6°) in a sign denoting that new people will definitely come into the life of the couple during the solar return year. The couple will welcome someone else. No doubt this combo is often found in a childbirth year! But there is more!

In the same solar return chart we find a very exact midpoint (45° dial or 8th Harmonic, orb 1°): PL = MO/VE or, in other words, Pluto is exactly at the midpoint between the Moon and Venus. According to the aforementioned classic textbooks, this is a midpoint denoting "the developing pregnancy"!

This all confirms the configurations found in the progressed chart.

We can also delineate the Lunar returns, diurnals, transits etc. to find out more about the unfolding marriage but it would lead us too far to jump too far for now. No doubt that, even if we don't have a reliable time of birth of Catherine (Kate) Middleton, the marriage chart gives enough detail to forecast how the couple might fare.

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