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CosmiTec's Love Letter, Issue #082 -- Midpoints In Love Part 2
September 21, 2011

We are excited about the way social media are evolving in unexpected ways. After a year of silence (and hard work behind the scenes), 4 New York computer science students have finally publicly released the Alpha Version of a new (open source!) social network called Diaspora*. Because of the hype and buzz about it, we at Cosmic Technologies already joined them. More about it below in our web site updates.

We have been very busy editing and changing lots of pages on our web site in our continuous effort to slowly overhaul the site and make it more convenient, cleaner, more professional etc.

Still, lots has to be done. One of the major changes that we have yet to accomplish is redesigning the left navigation bar. That's something we will do soon.

In this Love Letter we continue our series about the midpoints by taking a look at two ways on how to use the midpoint configurations in matters of love.

Don't love...
BE love!
Luc De Jaeger

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Table of Contents

Our regular features
  1. The Love Forecasts for the Month
  2. Love Quotes of the month
  3. What's new on our web site?

Our occasional features

  1. Midpoints In Love Part 2

Love Forecasts for October 2011

If you are born around January 11-12, February 24-25, April 10-12, May 27-28, July 13-14, August 29-30, October 14-15 or November 28-29, the days around October 1 and 2 will be very rewarding, especially in matters of love and/or money/possessions. Sudden love encounters may result in pure bliss and happiness.

These are good days for a proposal and even a marriage may be considered. Love is all around!

However, if you are born around January 1-2, February 14-16, March 31-April 2, May 16-18, July 3-4, August 19-20, October 4-5 or November 18-19, the tension and stress is high around October 1-2. There is sudden (sad) news, news about a separation (even death belongs to the possibilities). It's an irritable time for you and you may be obliged to travel or make a short trip.

You try to resist the changes and obligations but you will have to go through it. You stick to your opinion, even if other people differ but you should also consider redefining yourself.

Mars at 8° Leo squares Jupiter at 8° Taurus around October 3, resulting in expenses and financial (and/or legal) issues. You're still too optimistic and may spend impulsively.

Around October 7, Mercury and Saturn conjoin at 19° Libra denoting a sad and/or serious mood.

There is no time for fun... It's a time of formal speeches and protocol.

However, if you are born around January 11-12, February 24-25, April 10-12, May 27-28, July 13-14, August 29-30, October 14-15 or November 28-29, auspicious news awaits you around October 7-8. Lots of insight, fortunate developments and creative ideas mark these days.

Chances are you can influence people with your way of communicating (talking, thinking,...). Expect auspicious moments and news.

Venus enters intense and passionate Scorpio around October 9. You're getting into a very sensitive and rather emotional mood now. This is a good time for creative and artistic projects (photography, painting,...).

Around October 9-10, love is more spiritual, psychic and immaterial. Your thoughts go out to someone who is absent. The days may result in a change of the place.

The apogee Full Moon of October 12 is about changing the residence, doing home improvements and/or changing the place often. This SuperMoon, like all SuperMoons, may also bring more wild or extreme weather (incl. earthquakes and/or volcanic activity) and may denote damage to buildings.

Around October 13, Mercury enters intense Scorpio while the Sun and Saturn conjoin at 20° Libra. You may think about unfulfilled plans and projects and feel limited in expressing yourself. There is a sense of loss noticeable that keeps your mind busy.

You feel a burden and are not in the mood for love. You do feel committed though.

Venus at 7° Scorpio opposes Jupiter at 7° Taurus around October 15. Any aspect between Venus and Jupiter increases your popularity, especially when your natal Sun is involved. So, if you're born around December 29, January 28, February 26, March 28, April 28, May 29, June 29, July 31, August 31, October 1, October 31, November 30 or December 29, you may feel satisfied and popular around mid October. Enjoy and socialize!

However, if you are born around January 29-30, March 15, April 30, June 16, August 2, September 18, November 2 or December 17, there is love's sorrow and dissatisfaction around October 16. You may feel rather down and inhibited. Are you rejected or missing someone?

Mercury at 6° Scorpio opposes Jupiter at 6° Taurus around October 17. There still are financial issues and you tend to be unrealistic. You cannot see things in the right proportion. Try to be moderate.

If you are born around January 29-30, March 15, April 30, June 16, August 2, September 18, November 2 or December 17, the mood is sad around October 19. You have too much on your mind and need some more distraction.

If you are born around February 5-6, March 22-23, May 7-8, July 23-24, August 9-10, September 25-26, November 9-10 or December 23-24 romance is in the air around October 22-23. It's a wonderful time to go to a concert or listen to some music together. Artistic and creative projects (photograpy, music, painting,...) score high under some auspicious configurations that are now active. Visit a photogenic scene and listen to romantic music and enjoy.

Around October 23, the Sun enters passionate Scorpio. With three bodies currently in Scorpio (the Sun, Mercury and Venus) the passion and intensity in love may just increase. This may result in more physical love, but also in more emotional ups and downs. Passion is not a linear thing, but a very winding and deep one. Beware of jealousy.

Around October 24, your (love) life may change profoundly (for the better) if you are born around February 7, March 24, May 9, June 25, August 11, September 26, November 11 or December 25. In matters of love this day may bring excitement and joyful bliss. Your creative talents may become more visible too. It's a successful day to do whatever you want; things will work out nicely.

If you are born around February 5-6, March 22-23, May 7-8, July 23-24, August 9-10, September 25-26, November 9-10 or December 23-24 you tend to talk too much around October 24. You may be more absent-minded and live in your own fantasy world.

If you are born around February 7, March 24, May 9, June 25, August 11, September 26, November 11 or December 25, the favorable configurations just go on for you around October 25. There still is lots of excitement over happy announcements and events. Lots of talks and communication is going around.

Venus at 21° Scorpio squares Mars at 21° Leo around October 27 while Mercury at 22° Scorpio too will square Mars at 22° Leo the day after, on October 28. Alas, these aspects are quite difficult the more so because they are preceded by a perigee New Moon at 3° Scorpio around October 26, denoting a major and intense turning point. Be aware that this SuperMoon, like all SuperMoons, may also bring more wild or extreme weather (incl. earthquakes and/or volcanic activity).

October 26-31 are marked by disputes, arguments and separation from loved ones.

Women should particularly pay attention who they encounter late October as the configurations are also related to rape and sexual harassment. Also, there is rivalry in love and you may not be alone in loving your partner.

Around October 29, the Sun at 5° Scorpio opposes Jupiter at 5° Taurus, bringing relief and optimism. Don't be too overconfident though as you still tend to lack a realistic view.

However, if you are born around December 27, January 26, February 24, March 26, April 26, May 28, June 27, July 29, August 29, September 29, October 29 or November 28, this day of October 29 may be a very lucky day. You may think BIG and expect positive developments!

If you are born around January 2, February 15, April 1-2, May 18, July 4, August 20, October 5 or November 19, you may be very irritated around October 30-31. You are under pressure and stress and want to quit a relationship, or get rejected and dumped yourself.

October 31 leaves you alone with unfulfilled desires and a disappointed feeling regarding your relationship(s) when Venus at 28° Scorpio squares Neptune at 28° Aquarius.

Speaking financially, your wallet may be empty too...

Love Quotes of the Month

Love is like PI; natural, irrational and very important
-- Lisa Hoffman --

The past cannot be changed, but the future is an open book; when love takes a look
-- Jeffrey C. Wrey --

You talk too much, you laugh too loud, that's the price of love
-- Brian Ferry --

A wounded heart is not cured by doctors or pharmacists
-- Spanish proverb --

Love grows cold without food and wine
-- Roman proverb --

We are so fond of each other because our ailments are the same
-- Jonathan Swift --

She looks like a woman with a past. Most pretty women do
-- Oscar Wilde --

What's New on Our Web Site?

We accomplished another round of visible and invisible changes since the previous Love Letter:
  • we replaced all our horoscope wheels in a new style and format (on all our celebrity and online dating services pages). On some other pages, you may notice that there still are wheels in the old style (with a white background) but that will change soon too as we plan to rewrite and rebuild these pages completely.

  • we changed the look and feel of the right navigation bar and matched the colors in a more pleasing way. We will also change our left navigation bar in the near future.

  • we finished rewriting all pages that we redirected to from other pages that used html anchors. Visitors using Apple computers and devices (like the iPad) may hopefully benefit from this as the Apple browser (Safari), computers (Mac) and devices are the most incompatible with html anchors.

    We cannot however, change all pages on which we use anchors as this would mean rewriting and rebuilding our whole site from scratch. Also, using html anchors is still the most convenient way to jump to paragraphs, text blocks or tables on a page.

  • we overhauled the footer on every page which is now CSS driven. In the near future we will likely experiment with further settings to find the best look & feel after we changed the look & feel of the left navigation bar.

  • we also updated our Lunar Cycle Fertility page and added clear instructions on how to order your free Moon phase Fertility Calendar through the Web site of Astrodienst in Switzerland.

  • Cosmic Technologies is now on Diaspora*, often called the "Anti-Facebook" social network, because of the buzz it currently creates in the internet world AND, more importantly, because they are onto something big that may revolutionize the way social media currently work.

    Diaspora emerged in 2010 as a response to the privacy concerns and commercial profits raised by mainstream social networking services like Facebook (and Google+). We, at Cosmic Technologies, have been silently following them already a full year.

    Unlike Facebook and Google+, Diaspora is the social network that puts YOU in control of your information. You decide what you’d like to share, and with whom. Unlike Facebook and Google+, you retain full ownership of ALL your information, including friend lists, messages, photos, and profile details.

    Unlike Facebook and Google+, the Diaspora Team also claim to never ever use advertising. They are funded by donations and have initially raised more than 200,000 USD for their project (they only needed 10,000 USD to start!).

    The founders/programmers of Diaspora (some computer science students from New York, USA) do an altruistic effort to make communication over the Internet better and less commercial. The intent of Diaspora is to decentralize your online social network, remove commercialism and help you regain control over your data. They also want to revolutionize social media...

    Diaspora is not a single site — it’s a collection of different sites worldwide, with different URLs, run by different people. But they all run the same (open source!) software, and they all talk to each other. Each server is called a "pod." As the service grows, lots of these pods will join the Diaspora network.

    Diaspora hopes to reinvent social media and is proud in claiming that Google+ imitated their "Aspects", which Google named "Circles." Actually, Diaspora looks like an imitation of Google+, or is it the other way round ;-) ??

    Quoting the Diaspora guys:
    "Diaspora aims to be a distributed network, where totally separate computers connect to each other directly, and will let you connect without surrendering your privacy. We call these computers 'seeds'. A seed is owned by you, hosted by you, or on a rented server. Once it has been set up, the seed will aggregate all of your information: your facebook profile, tweets, anything. We are designing an easily extendable plugin framework for Diaspora, so that whenever newfangled content gets invented, it will be automagically integrated into every seed.

    Now that you have your information in your seed, it will connect to every service you used to have for you. For example, your seed will keep pulling tweets and you will still be able to see your Facebook newsfeed. In fact, Diaspora will make those services better! Upload an image to Flickr and your seed can automatically generate a tweet from the caption and link. Social networking will just get better when you have control over your data.

    A seed will not just be all your existing networks put together, though. Decentralizing lets us reconstruct our "social graphs" so that they belong to us. Our real social lives do not have central managers, and our virtual lives do not need them. Friend another seed and the two of you can synchronize over a direct and secure connection instead of through a superfluous hub. Encryption (privacy nerds: we’re using GPG) will ensure that no matter what kind of content is being transferred, you can share privately. Eventually, today’s hubs could be almost entirely replaced by a decentralized network of truly personal websites."

    In other words, they don't want to compete against Facebook or Google+ or Twitter... They will blend them together in a private environment that you can use to send data to social media like Facebook, etc.

    If you want to join Diaspora*, know that they are still in Alpha and should be in Beta around November 2011 (a year after their initial launch).

    While you read this, it might still be possible that you can join on invitation only on their main web site , for traffic purposes, as long as they are in Alpha. Anyway, you will be able to enter your e-mail there to receive an invitation asap (as soon as they are in Beta).

    When you join through this main web site or through any of the other pods (see below), you will find us by searching for Cosmic Technologies in the Search box (similar to Facebook and Google+).

    Almost all the actual pods worldwide are already connected and updated within 1 hour so that every new user of Diaspora is findable within an hour on every other pod.

    This means that you can join any pod worldwide and search for a name and communicate with each other regardless of the pod you use.

    You will not even notice that a user is on another pod!

    This decentralised way of building a network currently works flawlessly.

    Some other "pods" to join Diaspora (unlike the main web site, you can already join any of the other pods WITHOUT any invitation) can be found in the 1st column of the list after the following link:

    Make sure you opt for a pod with a very high uptime over the longest possible time frame and an 'up' live status.

    The current Alpha version has basic functionality and is working flawlessly. You already can:
    • share status messages and photos privately and in near real time with your friends through aspects (sharing a link of web site does not yet give a preview of the web site though);
    • friend people across the Internet no matter where the Diaspora seed is located;
    • manage friends using aspects; and
    • upload photos and albums.
    The Diaspora Roadmap has some interesting features for the future which include, among others:
    • data portability: This allows users to Oauth to a new seed, move their entire account to the new seed and then notify all of their contacts of the change. This way, users can move around seamlessly.
    • photo tagging.
    • refining aspects (adding people to multiple groups, having people only in the public group, etc.)
    • private messaging
    • events

    Google 'Diaspora social network' to learn more about the project and read testimonials and user feedback.

    Also, because of the buzz, we expect Facebook AND Google+ to adapt to where Diaspora is heading. We expect Google+ to become more open source too (which would be a really good thing).

    Anyway, Facebook and Google+ do need some competition to let them know social media is NOT about money and profits but about connecting people, freely and unconditionally (no strings attached)!

  • following this, we already added a Diaspora share button on our home page for testing purposes (remember that they are still in Alpha, so it's all a little premature). Because Diaspora is an open source system, we expect other codes to be available in the near future with other buttons and features and we will choose a more appealing button when available.

Midpoints In Love Part 2

In the previous Love Letter we discussed the principle of midpoints. We explained what they are, how they are built/calculated. In this article we will discuss their importance in matters of love.

We can assess the midpoints in two ways:
  • we can delineate your natal chart and find out what the midpoints have to tell about your love life
  • we can use midpoints in the chart comparison (synastry) between two partners
Let's start with the delineation of the natal chart first.

When delineating a natal chart, for whatever purpose or regardless of the life domain you're interested in, there are two midpoints you MUST take into account. Always!

It's the Sun/Moon midpoint (SO/MO) and the midpoint between the Ascendant and the Midheaven (AS/MC).

The Sun/Moon midpoint (SO/MO) is about:
  • your heart (SO) and soul (MO)
  • how your physical body (SO) feels (MO)
  • how you blend the male (SO) and female (MO) principle
Every planet, body or point that aspects the Sun/Moon midpoint will tell something about these matters.

The midpoint between the Ascendant/Midheaven (AS/MC) is about:
  • who you are, your self-consciousness, the principle of "I AM" (MC) related to your direct environment and the place where you are (AS)

    Please note that the Ascendant, when using midpoints, is not related to your physical body and/or personality! The Sun rules your physical body when using midpoints.

    Unlike the meaning of the Ascendant when using the houses, the Ascendant in a midpoint or planetary picture describes your immediate environment (i.e. the family, co-workers, everything you can encounter and that is around you, the place where you are and everything that is related to that place/environment). The Ascendant represents the living environment and also "the others" you can meet there (other people, a partner -- in a large sense --,...).

    This is VERY important to know. Lots of astrologers have it wrong when using midpoints because they mix up different methods and systems which often results in the wrong delineations.

    To be perfectly clear, the Sun in a midpoint is about the physical body, among others, and the AS (Ascendant) is about your immediate living environment and place.

    An Example from our own practice will make it very clear, though it's not always that stunning in all cases, but the example shows you loud and clear what we mean.

    A client, named Nathalie, once asked us a natal analysis (personality profile). In her natal chart we found the following midpoint (45° dial, orb 1°): AS/MC = the # 448 Asteroid Natalie. In other words, the Asteroid Natalie hit her Ascendant/Midheaven midpoint. This translates as follows: "I am towards my environment and towards 'the other(s)' (AS/MC) Nathalie (the # 448 Asteroid Natalie)."

    This stunning example clearly shows how the AS/MC midpoint works out, what it represents and how it has to be interpreted!

A third midpoint is related to love and is the Venus/Mars midpoint (VE/MA). In fact, all midpoints in which Venus is part of, are important because this planet represents the archetypal principle of "love" (in a very large sense). The Venus/Mars midpoint is what drives you, it's about your passions, desires and urges. Any planet that aspects this midpoint will give you more information about your desires.

Aside from these midpoints, you also need to take a look at the Moon's Node and the midpoints and planetary pictures in which it is involved. The Moon's Node represents bonds and connections. It shows what connects you (this can be a person or a possession or...).

For example:
the Moon/Moon's Node midpoint may tell something about your bond (Moon's Node) with a woman (Moon) -- going from a sister, to the mother, to a girlfriend, etc. while the Sun/Moon's Node midpoint may represent the bond (Moon's Node) with a man (Sun) -- going from the father, a brother, a son, a male co-worker etc.

No wonder that the Venus/Moon's Node midpoint represents a "love (Venus) bond (Moon's Node)" or "love tie."

The 2nd way to assess the midpoints in matters of love, consists of a comparison between the natal midpoints (midpoint lists) of both partners.

While astrologers compare the inter-aspects between both charts, they almost always neglect a midpoint comparison, missing some most important information.

In our opinion, a midpoint comparison is a must if you want a reliable and accurate way to assess the relationship of a couple. Especially the most exact midpoints (orb 1°00' - 0°01') nail the relationship down in its essence and work out accurately during the whole life span of the relationship.

How to proceed in comparing the midpoints between both charts?

Fortunately, thanks to computer software, this is not too difficult anymore. Some software programs already have the option to do a full midpoint comparison between two charts. However, most software in the English language does not (yet) feature this option. If that's the case, you can print a list of all the natal midpoints of each chart in the 45° dial/modus (8th Harmonic) -- sorting the midpoints by degrees.

Compare the midpoints by looking at the listed degrees.

This way, you can easily spot which planets/bodies at a certain degree in the chart of partner A coincide with (equal) midpoints in the natal chart of partner B (and vice versa). All midpoints that are within the 1° orb are of interest, but, again, the very exact ones (orb 0°00' - 0°01') prevail and overpower everything else.

We're only focussing on the planets to midpoints combos, not the midpoint to midpoint combinations for now (that's way too advanced and will confuse you enormously).

For example:
When the Sun at 33° (in the 45° dial/list) of partner A equals the Venus/Saturn midpoint at 33° (45° list/dial) of partner B we write this down as SO=VE/SA. We can look up the signification of this midpoint in CoSi (that we mentioned in the previous Love Letter).

If the Sun/Mars midpoint at 12° (in the 45° dial/list) of partner A equals the Jupiter/Saturn midpoint at 12° (in the 45° dial/list) of partner B we don't take this combination into account and disregard it (for now) because it's less important.

So, we're only looking for planets/bodies to midpoint combinations.

The more auspicious the contacts are, the better.

In matters of love, the Sun (SO), Moon (MO), Venus (VE), Mars (MA) and the Moon's Node (KN) are very important. If there are no midpoint combinations in the chart comparison that include these planets/points, there is no love relationship.

Aside from looking at the coinciding midpoint-planet combinations between the partners following the 45° dial/list sorted by degrees, you can also look at the chart comparison in another way.

You can also look if certain midpoints related to love in the chart of partner A coincide with (equal) a planet/body in the chart of partner B (and vice versa).

The most important midpoints related to love are:
  • the Sun/Moon midpoint (SO/MO)
  • the midpoint between the Ascendant/Midheaven (AS/MC)
  • the Venus/Mars midpoint (VE/MA)
  • the Mars/Jupiter midpoint (MA/JU)
  • all midpoints that involve Venus (for example: Sun/Venus (SO/VE); Venus/MC (VE/MC); etc...)
For example:
If the Sun/Moon midpoint of partner A equals Saturn of partner B, we get the SO/MO=SA picture that we can look up in CoSi.

Saturn in any midpoint combination or planetary picture brings some restrictions ot separation (not always bad because the outcome depends upon the whole picture/image of the puzzle). A single midpoint combination or planetary picture does NOT tell the whole story yet, it's just one piece of the puzzle.

The more midpoint combinations there are, the more pieces of the puzzle a,d the better we get the image of the puzzle in the end.

Using the midpoints requests some structure in the way you work. Also, combining these single parts (midpoints) into a larger whole (the puzzle) has to be learned by practice.

Learning to use the midpoints may result in jaw-dropping insight and will show you that the Universe is really working in a very very systematic, structural, organized and geometrical way. This all makes astrology more "scientific" too.

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