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CosmiTec's Love Letter, Issue #086 -- Venus Saturn Connections
January 21, 2012

We finally finished writing our annual forecasts for the 12 zodiac signs.

Because of the immense workload this involves, we considered it would be best to have the predictions online asap, before continuing with the web site overhaul. After all, the forecasts are more time-sensitive than the further redesign of our web site and in case there would be bugs or errors in the new design, chances are the upload of our forecasts would have to be delayed also.

That's why the forecasts are online now and the redesign of our web site was temporarily put on hold.

In case you want the 12 forecasts to be more readable or in case you have remarks and ideas to make them more appealing or easier to navigate, let us know. We'll surely take a look at any suggestion but we make no promises as to the outcome.It should be do-able for us, after all...

Now that the 12 forecasts are online, we hope to have a bunch of web site improvements that are part of the redesign quite soon.

For the first time, we have a guest writer in this Love Letter. Vedic astrologer Carol Allen writes about 'The best sign for you to be with'. Though her article is more written for women, men too can learn something from it.

Enjoy Valentine's Day!
Luc De Jaeger

If you have any further suggestions or ideas to incorporate in one of the future issues of our Love Letter, please, click here to let us know!

Table of Contents

Our regular features
  1. The Love Forecasts for the Month
  2. Love Quotes of the month
  3. What's new on our web site?

Our occasional features

  1. Venus Saturn Connections
  2. The Best Sign For You To Be With (by Carol Allen)

Love Forecasts for February 2012

Venus at 22° Pisces opposes Mars at 22° Virgo around February 2. Is this the clash between the sexes? No, it's not but rather a clash between the nitpickers, the workers and do-ers (Mars in Virgo) on the one side and the more dreamy, idealistic and romantic souls (Venus in Pisces) on the other hand.

Try to find balance between your work and showing attention to your beloved one(s)!

Around February 3, Neptune enters Pisces definitely and will reside in this mutable water sign for the next 14 years until 2026. Neptune in Pisces is in its own sign and becomes very compassionate and highly creative.

It will likely bring much more psychic and subconscious 'feelings' and premonitions. Spirituality will become mainstream.

The downside of this generational transit is that it will also likely bring more confusion and chaotic experiences, especially when Neptune is still in the early degrees of Pisces.

On a mundane level, transits of generational or outer planets work out profoundly just before they enter another sign. So, expect some very chaotic situations early February!

Neptune at 0° Pisces is all about that is highly 'unbelievable' and that yet may become reality and materialize (for good or bad). You may hear the words 'OMG!!' more often.

Note that important keywords for Neptune (especially when it's in the watery zodiac sign it rules) are 'dissolving' and 'sucking'. It is the perfect dissolver of structures and rigid patterns. All mutable signs are non-linear and if you take the water element to it, you will know, perhaps, that water 'seeks its own ways'... -- litterally and figuratively.

For a more in-depth analysis of what Neptune in Pisces may and will bring, we refer to our article written in the March 23, 2011 Love letter Issue 076 .

If you are born around February 3-4, March 20, May 5, June 20-21, August 7, September 23, November 7 or December 21-22, you will feel rather down or ill around February 4-5. You have too much worries and feel dissatisfied for some reason. Your body is very sensitive, reacts to the minutest stimuli and you should take care of your health. You feel alone and quite pessimistic.

The Sun and Mercury meet at 17° Aquarius around February 7. If you are born between February 5-7, March 23-24, May 7-8, June 23-24, August 9-10, September 25, November 9-10 or December 24-25, there is a whole lot going on between February 6-7. You may be absent-minded but might be awakened by a cold shower. You may be in a wasteful period. Be responsible!

Your mood can be very compassionate and emotional too.

Around the Full Moon of February 7, Saturn stations and starts its retrograde motion at 29° Libra, an ending degree in the sign of relationships.

It looks like February 6-7 will become very remarkable days in not a pleasant way... Let's recall why:
  • There is a Full Moon at 18° Leo
  • Saturn stations and turns retrograde
  • Saturn is at an ending degree
  • Saturn is inconjunct Venus, its own dispositor
The total image of these listed configurations is about the end of a (love) relationship or relationship with a beloved one and, for some, the opportunity to immediately start a new bond with someone else...

On a mundane level, the whole Full Moon period may point to earthquakes and natural disasters. Take your precautions if you live around sensitive areas.

Retrograde Saturn will challenge your relationships and may bring some hardship. You will have to face some hard facts.

If you are born around March 20, June 20 (21), September 22 (23) or December 21 (22) expect a sad day, love's sorrow and tears around February 7-8. However, don't despair because Venus will very soon enter Aries on February 8 and bring the urge to seduce and attract. You then want to test if you're still attractive and may be in a flirtatious mood.

If you are born around February 9, May 11, August 14 or November 13 you will be in a very talkative mood around February 8-9. You have the urge to talk your heart out. Your mind works at high speed to grasp all the information and impressions it has to absorb and process. If you are born around February 9, this will not only happen now but will be part of your whole (solar return) year (counting from birthday to birthday).

Around February 9-10 Venus will conjoin Uranus at 2° Aries, pointing to love at first sight, enjoyable (short-lived) encounters and receiving nice presents/gifts.

The conjunction in fiery and impulsive Aries will bring magic influences to your love needs, the more so if you are born around March 23, June 24, September 26 or December 24. The influences will also be felt to a lesser degree if you are born around January 22-23, February 21, April 23, May 24, August 26, October 24 or November 25.

Enjoy the romantic mood and your love dreams but do also know that Venus and Uranus together are seldom lasting if no other configurations point to more stability!

Valentine's Day (February 14) marks the entrance of Mercury in nebulous Pisces. Mercury will also join Neptune at 0° Pisces on the same day.

If you are born around January 6, February 19, April 5, May 21, July 8, August 24, October 9 or November 23, expect a tearful event and/or news or a message about a separation then. You may be forced to make a trip or to change the place and may feel irritable. There is sadness and you may feel lost.

Venus at 8° Aries squares Pluto at 8° Capricorn around February 15. This is not a peaceful square! It can be quite brutal especially because the square is outgoing and thus pushing for action. If you are a woman, be vigilent.

If you are born around January 25, March 10, April 25, June 11, July 28, September 13 or October 28, you may feel weak and sleepy. You may be under the influence of drugs or feel ecstatic and euphoric for some reason.

Around February 19, the Sun enters Pisces and conjuncts Neptune at the same time while Mercury at 10° Pisces squares the Moon's Nodes. If you are born around January 6, February 19, April 5, May 21, July 8, August 24, October 9 or November 23, you feel not at par yet. You still feel weak.

The February 21 New Moon brings dissatisfaction, un-ease (even disease) and weakness if you are born around March 21, June 21-22, September 23-24 or December 22. Don't expect the stellar influences to go away for you this month, so, take care!

If you are born around January 6, February 19, April 5, May 21, July 8, August 24, October 9 or November 23, there is sadness, stress and tension noticeable regarding a beloved one during the New Moon period.

If you are born around February 23, May 26, August 28 or November 27 the whole period of late February is marked by hard and laborious physical work.

Mercury at 17° Pisces opposes Mars at 17° Virgo around February 23, marking a time for arguments and disputes. Try to be gentle to solve any issues and talk things out in a well-balanced way!

If you are born around January 13, February 26, April 13, May 29, July 15, August 31, October 16 or November 30, you will surely look forward to enjoying a very lucky day around February 26-28. Indeed, late February is a very fortunate period for you with lots of love, charming events, pleasure and joy.

The Sun at 9° Pisces squares the Moon's Nodes around February 29. Someone may object to your relationship(s).

You may experience a setback related to a male person (because of illness, separation, ..) as well.

Love Quotes of the Month

I need sex for a clear complexion, but I'd rather do it for love
-- Joan Crawford --

A heart that loves is always young
-- Greek proverb --

There is no reciprocity. Men love women, women love children, children love hamsters
-- Alice Thomas Ellis (aka Anna Haycraft) --

There is only one path to Heaven. On Earth, we call it Love
-- Karen Goldman --

The best mirror is an old friend
-- George Herbert --

A man is not where he lives, but where he loves
-- Latin proverb --

There is no pleasure in taking in a husband who never sees anything
-- Oscar Wilde --

What's New on Our Web Site?

We accomplished another round of changes since the previous Love Letter:

Venus Saturn Connections

In our January 21, 2010 Love Letter Issue 062 we discussed the Venus Mars connections.

In our January 21, 2011 Love Letter Issue 074 we discussed the Venus Pluto connections.

Now it's time to delve deeper into the Venus Saturn connections.

In most cases, the following configurations are used (there are more though (!) to define Venus Saturn connections but this would lead us too far and make it more complicated than necessary):
  • Venus in the 10th house
  • Saturn in the 2nd or the 7th house
  • the ruler of the 10th house in the 7th house
  • the ruler of the 7th house in the 10th house
  • the ruler of the 2nd house in the 10th house
  • the ruler of the 10th house in the 2nd house
  • Venus in a close conjunction, square or opposition with Saturn (eventually, a very exact sextile or trine counts too but in a minor way)
  • Venus at the solstice point of Saturn
  • Saturn in Libra or Taurus
  • Venus in Capricorn
When at least three of the above listed analogies or connections can be found in the natal chart, we have a very powerful Venus Saturn connection that will be felt and noticed in the character and life of the native.

What do Venus Saturn connections signify?

Venus and Saturn have principles that actually don't blend very well. Venus has a soft and charming side while Saturn is harder and colder...

Venus represents beauty (and the skin, the soft tissue as organ of sensation and temperature regulator) and harmony and needs others to find balance.

Saturn too represents the skin (the outer part) as protective integument and prefers more solitude and formalities, boundaries and limitations.

The Venus Saturn connection is all about the 'formal beauty'. German empirical research has shown that natal charts of female top models have statistically significantly more Venus-Saturn connections than average.

When Venus and Saturn combine, we get a strange combo of loneliness and a feeling of being lonely vs. singular elite-consciousness ('I do it myself'). Persons with a dominant Venus Saturn connection vacillate between both poles and have it difficult to find balance.

In most instances, limiting Saturn works against the urges of Venus to encounter and relate to people. This makes for not too many friendships and relationships. It severely reduces the natural urge to bond. Don't expect many friends, if at all. The connection makes one more private and at times even shy (depending upon other aspects, configurations or connections).

Having this connection strong in the natal chart presages tragedy in matters of love.

The hard and heavy burden that Saturn imposes upon sensitive Venus can be quite powerful. If Saturn represents (part of our) Karma, then it brings Karma to the relationship and love area.

It's a heart-breaking connection (love hurts here!) that brings real love only late in life.

To (over)compensate the limiting influences of love, this connection is highly significantly found in natal charts of people who work in the medical or social fields and who have the desire to protect 'the other' or to bring security in the life of 'the other'.

In case a person with a very strong Venus Saturn connection finds a lover, the relationship tends to become rigid and love develops into a work of duty (rather than love). Duty calls!

Hence, the person can become a very powerful and responsible helping hand when the partner gets ill or when tragedy hits the partner.

Persons with a Venus Saturn connection find status and esteem extremely important. The life expectations are (most often) too high to cope with though. Not being able to cope with too high expectations (of 'the other', the lover or partner) results in reclusion and the need to be alone. The connection then becomes a melancholic one.

One of the most odd characteristics of this connection is that people who have such a very strong connection in the natal chart assimilate external information with (at times a huge) delay. So it is, for example, that it may take the person months before understanding a subtle message of love. The brain needs long to process the information before the Aha-moment pops up in the consciousness of the person. Needless to say that love seldom waits and with the subtle messages go the lovers, leaving the person who has this Venus Saturn connection in the horoscope alone. Again. Repeating the cycle of heartbreak.

Because Saturn represents what is cold, Venus Saturn connections bring quite detached and distant behavior to the foreground. There is hesitation in relating or building relationships.

The Venus Saturn connection represents LESS sexual urges. Loyalty and trust prevail and go far beyond sexual experiences.

The person with a prominent Venus Saturn connection is not interested in sex as such but is rather interested in social commitment and/or helping others instead. Relationships tend to need lots of trust and time to develop into a sexual relationship.

People with a strong Venus Saturn connection love uniforms (which represent another side of definition of the 'formal beauty'), making it much easier for them to fall in love with people who wear uniforms.

The Best Sign For You To Be With (by Carol Allen)

Have you ever felt so instantly drawn to a man that you hoped something romantic would happen with him? (Who hasn't?)

And, in first chatting and having a great time with him, did you then try to find out his sign, just to be sure that the stars were smiling upon your bright, shiny future?

And, when you found out he was a Virgo or Leo (or whatever) did you think, "Oh no! Bob was a Leo and a big jerk - I can't do that again! Forget it…"

Only to quickly excuse yourself and never see him again?

Well - do me and YOURSELF a big favor - and CUT THAT OUT immediately!

This letter from a reader illustrates why:

Letter from reader:

* * * * * * * * * *

Hi Carol,

I recently met a lovely man, a Gemini. I am a Taurus! I didn't know he was a Gemini until about the third date. We got on so well and had a beautiful connection. When he told me he was a Gemini, my heart sank. I managed to find out his date/time of birth and I sent for your report. When the report arrived it told me everything I felt already - that we were compatible. It was great how it told me about any possible problems, of which there are few. We have a fantastic wavelength score! It got me thinking and I wondered how many women join dating sites and dismiss men because they are the 'wrong' sign. I wish your work was more widely known. There must be so many women missing out on potential happiness because of misinformation. Your report put my mind at rest. Instead of worrying about the (so-called) pitfalls and problems of a Taurus/Gemini combination I'm concentrating on the beauty of my new relationship with a wonderful man. I have the biggest smile on my face as I write this because I am so in love. Thank you again. Much love to you.


* * * * * * * * * *

Yay, Anna!

That's such sweet news… Congratulations!

Anna brings up such a great point.

The Sun sign compatibility between you and a man IS NOT a predictor of how you'll get along.

Or your emotional connection…

Or if he could be YOUR GUY.

And, just as importantly, one man of one sign can be NOTHING like another man of the same sign!

So - even if you have a bad experience with one Gemini, the perfect man for you may just happen to be a Gemini.

Or a Cancer… or a Capricorn… or even a Scorpio.


Because astrology is much more complicated and vast than just what sign you or a man are.

And the most important thing to look to for how the two of you will FEEL together, and the very DESTINY of your relationship, doesn't even consider your Sun signs…

Amazing, but true.

And so Anna brings up another great point. There are TONS of women (and men!) that won't so much as meet a potential love partner because of their sign.

But, just like what happened to Anna, they just might have found that that was the very person with whom they shared a fantastic connection and who made them happy.




So, what's this "report" Anna ordered?

It's the compatibility report I use to tell my clients (and friends!) if they’re compatible with a specific guy. It’s called "The Right Man Report."

"The Right Man Report" looks at what DOES matter between two people in relationships - the Moon signs, and even more specifically, the Moon SUB-SIGNS of both people and analyses the eight aspects of compatibility between them.

This is how you can see if you and a man can feel what Anna describes - that amazing WOW feeling, and such powerful compatibility as if you're on the same "wavelength," allowing love to grow…


You see, the Sun in your chart is an indicator of your looks, behavior, and career.

But it is your Moon that reveals your emotions, psychology, and feelings.

So, when it comes to your relationships that are personal and emotional, by looking to a man's Sun sign in relation to yours you won't learn how you'll RELATE.

You can learn more about this, and so many other amazing truths at the intersection of astrology and love in a FREE newsletter you can sign up for here: Click Here to receive her love and astrology newsletter for free .

Get More Relationship Advice

Carol Allen is a Vedic astrologer and relationship coach who has spent almost 20 years helping women achieve romantic fulfillment with men. Carol has combined her training in Eastern philosophy with the most cutting-edge relationship research to offer a unique blend of practical, effective "real-world" advice with the best "out of this world" wisdom you need to make the most of your romantic destiny.

In her e-newsletter, Carol shares her most powerful relationship tips, tools, and astrological insights directly with you.

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