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CosmiTec's Love Letter, Issue #091 -- Your Emotional Needs
June 21, 2012

On request of a reader and subscriber of our monthly Love Letter, we have written about the emotional needs of the 12 zodiac signs.

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Luc De Jaeger

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Table of Contents

Our regular features
  1. The Love Forecasts for the Month
  2. Love Quotes of the month
  3. What's new on our web site?

Our occasional features

  1. Your Emotional Needs

Love Forecasts for July 2012

This month of July 2012 is likely to affect you on different occasions/days if you are born around December 30, January 28, February 27, March 28, April 28, May 29, June 29, July 31, August 31, October 1, October 31 or November 30. Mostly, the experiences will be satisfactory, except if natal Saturn aspects your natal Sun which may hinder or block some of the auspicious influences.

The most important days for you are July 3-6, July 25-26 and July 31.

The general trends for some birthdays can be summarized as follows:
  • If you are born around March 18, June 18, September 20 or December 19, the month of July 2012 is marked by illness, not feeling well, emotional angst and/or feeling down and depressed.
  • If you are born around February 19, May 21, August 23 or November 22, your life seems to have reached a standstill. It's a difficult and hard month, physically and/or emotionally and you will need (but also have) the courage and tenacity to overcome any obstacles.
  • If you are born around March 21-22, June 22, September 24 or December 22-23, this will be a sobering month, bringing or keeping you down to earth in the daily realities of life. There may be physical illness or injury, preventing you from 'flying high'.
Key dates on which events in general are likely to happen are: July 2-3, July 8, July 14-17, July 23 and July 29-30.

Around July 2, there is confidence and you may experience a series of fortunate breaks and successes. It's a highly favorable time if you want or need to persuade someone. There can be promotion and fortunate developments make your days. This especially applies to you if you are born around January 27, March 11, April 26, June 12, July 29, September 13, October 29 or December 13.

Mars enters peaceful Libra around the Full Moon of July 3. Because Mars is in the sign of its detriment (Mars rules Aries, the sign that opposes Libra) it feels unable to act freely and might initiate things on its own in a very self-centered way. In sociable Libra, Mars has to take into account others to maintain balance and harmony.

Mars in this 'dreadful' position has really trouble accepting the consequences of its own actions. Its mission is to learn to restore peace.

Relationships may therefore go into battle over perceived injustices. However, on a positive note, there is an increased need to do things in partnership with each other.

If you are born around July 7, there is lots of tension during your whole (solar return) year (counting from birthday to birthday). Expect nervousness and trying to overcome some huge hurdles. Get up all your courage to master the difficulties.

July 6-7 can be very stressful if you are born around January 6, February 19, April 5, May 21, August 23, October 8 or November 22.

If you are born around January 23, February 21, March 22, April 22, May 23, June 23, July 24, August 25, September 25, October 25, November 24 or December 24 there are nasty experiences around between July 7-9. Some of you may become unemployed, others might be hospitalized, rejected or betrayed leaving you empty and alone in the world.

You are annoyed by others, may feel deceived and/or are in bad company.

Around July 10, Neptune at 2° Pisces squares the Moon's North Node at 2° Sagittarius resulting in withdrawal, reclusion or being misled. It's a time of intrigue and you should stay away from sinister persons. Be cautious when you let someone new into your life.

Uranus stations at 8° Aries and turns retrograde around July 13. This station will be felt the whole month long. Because of the station and the degree area, Uranus is very very powerful and will break and push through around its station (perhaps resulting in some earthquakes and/or volcanic activity as well).

Expect a sudden change of course in some way and acting more independently. The stationary retrograde position of Uranus can be very stiff-necked and taciturn.

A couple of days later, around July 15, Mercury too stations to move backward at 12° Leo. Now that Mercury and Uranus station around the same time, there may be issues related to the fields of transportation (traffic accidents, train and/or plane crashes etc.).

Around July 15 the Sun at 23° Cancer squares Saturn at 23° Libra. This aspect is about grief and sorrow. Clearly, mid July may become a challenging and sad period.

This is not only confirmed by the before-mentioned stationary positions of Mercury and Uranus, but also because of the square between Mars at 7° Libra and Pluto at 7° Capricorn around July 17 and the opposition between Mars at 8° Libra and Uranus at 9° Aries around the New Moon of July 19.

This all points to a very violent period that shows that Mars in Libra is not able to keep harmony and balance just now.

The mid July T-square in cardinal signs between Pluto (the apex planet), Mars and Uranus is about catastrophies, explosive and forceful events causing (physical) injuries to many.

The Sun enters its own sign Leo around July 22. The focus for the days to come is on real estate and buildings.

If you are born around December 30, January 28, February 27, March 28, April 28, May 29, June 29, July 31, August 31, October 1, October 31 or November 30 there is confidence and you may experience quite some series of fortunate breaks and successes around July 25. It's a highly favorable time if you want or need to persuade someone. There can be promotion and fortunate developments make your days.

Between July 26-28, you are likely to experience love's sorrow, love fantasies, creative and artistic desires. You may indulge in pleasures and mystic adventures.

This may especially apply to you if you are born around January 25-26, March 10, April 25, June 10, July 28, September 12, October 28 or December 12.

The Sun and Mercury conjoin at 6° Leo around July 28. You tend to go with the flow and engage in some affairs you may regret later.

Late July, there is irresistible attraction and love desires if you are born around December 30, January 28, February 27, March 28, April 28, May 29, June 29, July 31, August 31, October 1, October 31 or November 30. Make it enjoyable and cozy!

Love Quotes of the Month

Love and scandal are the best sweeteners of tea
-- Henry Fielding --

True love stories never have endings
-- Richard Bach --

Love is being stupid together
-- Paul Valery --

Love without strife is love that is smoldering
-- Italian proverb --

Marriage has many pains, but celibacy has no pleasures
-- Samuel Johnson --

Marriage is a feast where the grace is sometimes better than the dinner
-- Charles Caleb Colton --

In married life three is company and two is none
-- Oscar Wilde --

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Your Emotional Needs

People look for a relationship for various reasons: financial security, balancing a lack of self-worth, emotional needs, sexual urges, pleasure, power plays, ...

Every single zodiac sign can be analyzed by looking at the archetypal drives and urges on all of these levels.

In this article we will take a look at the emotional needs of every zodiac sign, based upon an analysis of the archetypal meaning of the temperaments of the zodiac sign.

Your natal chart is a blend of more than one planet/body/point and more than 1 zodiac sign so that, in practice, not all the listed traits will be apparent or noticeable. Astrology is much more complicated than delineating just one single zodiac sign (be it your Sun or Moon sign) but for novices it's still a good way to learn about the archetypal meanings of each of the signs individually. Also, your Moon sign is often more important than your Sun sign if you want to find out about your emotional needs and well-being.

Aries is a cardinal fire sign. Fire signs need action, activities and self-expression. Aries is intuitive and quite innocent (naive) in its approach.

Aries needs to DO something and needs a challenge.

Aries is often pushing itself fast forward (often too early) to draw attention. It's the zodiac sign of 'here I am'.

Aries must push itself through.

Aries needs to be the first in whatever it does, otherwise it will feel defeated and frustrated.

On an emotional level, Aries is not always that mature because it encompasses everything that just begins, that has just started and that still has to go a long way to develop, experience and grow. It still lacks some insight that only comes with time.

All emotions are quick and tend to flare up at times.

Because Aries seldom solicits the opinion of the other and makes up his own mind, he's not too cooperative (unlike Libra). Aries can't stand interference from others and cannot stand restraint. Things have to go their way.

Also, Aries always wants its needs to be met NOW. Impatiently, it will not and cannot wait. Not for a single second.

Aries feels well in a competitive environment.

Taurus is a fixed earth sign. Earth signs live in the material world, not in the emotional world (that is a water trait). Neither does it live in the cerebral world (which is an air trait) so that emotional well-being is a pure physical, organic thing.

Hence, they are focused on their own physical body and their possessions. They are emotionally drawn to their own physique as well. Any emotional issues will be visible in the way they appear physically or in the way they handle material goods (money and possessions).

Don't play mental games because Taurus won't like it!

Watch their eating habits and how they spend money. Watch how Taurus dresses to find out what emotional situation Taurus is in.

Taurus needs to feel grounded and secure and will very much attach to his possessions. Taurus needs a no nonsense approach. Things need time to be grasped by Taurus as it's the most inert (and slowest) sign of all the zodiac signs.

Because it's also a 'ruminant', it can stick 'ages' to its own emotions (anger, fear,...) and chew on it again and again.

Also, Taurus sticks to routine, because that's what makes it feel secure. It dislikes change (and it especially cannot stand sudden changes or unexpected surprises).

Taurus needs a harmonious, calm, cozy and beautiful environment to feel well. They need to be cuddled or touched gently. A good massage, shopping and eating nurture Taurus' emotional needs.

Taurus loves nature and needs plants, flowers (and trees) in the environment to feel emotionally well.

Gemini is a mutable air sign. All air signs are living in their heads, rather than in their bodies and/or emotions. Actually, air signs don't understand emotions very well (because emotions belong to the water element). Air and water don't blend well. That's why emotions have to be explained instead of being felt.

Anyway, Gemini is the information gatherer. Emotionally, Gemini needs to be able to live his versatility and mental dexterity. Mutable air is the most unstable element denoting that Gemini restlessly needs a change.

They only feel well when they are kept interested, change the place often and enjoy in a variety of light activities.

Emotional issues cause extreme restlessnes and the need to 'go out'. Gemini, the Twins, needs to do two things at the same time to feel fulfilled.

Cancer is a cardinal water sign. All water signs represent emotions and feelings on different levels. Cancer is ALL emotion. It finds an emotion in everything it does and encounters. It feels touched easily.

Cancer needs a cozy home environment (or another cozy place of retreat) to feel secure. Cancer feels well if it can care for something or someone.

This zodiac sign withdraws easily when hurt. Cancer is the Big Baby and/or the home-lover and/or the family (wo)man.

Because Cancer is an extremely sensitive zodiac sign, it feels easily hurt and rejected too. It wants to 'belong'; if not, jealousy will result.

Cancer takes everything in (all water signs do), absorbing the atmosphere and environment like a sponge. It wants to protect and encompass everything and it easily holds on to things (and people).

Indeed, the Crab is a clingy creature that feels upset and rejected if it cannot mother, protect, nurture (the) other(s). It craves closeness (which air and fire signs dislike)! Emotional issues go hand in hand with eating disorders.

Financial security is highly important to support the emotional well-being of Cancer.

Leo is a fixed fire sign. Fire signs need action, activities and self-expression. Leo needs to show and present himself. Leo is about 'look at me' or 'have you seen me?' (self-display). Leo is all about self-awareness -- for good or bad.

Leo may feel hurt if it cannot show itself. Hence, Leo is the drama Queen or King when (emotionally) upset.

Leo represents charcoal that is continuously smouldering and thus has lots of stamina for some time. Leo wants to create something tangible (writing a book, conceiving a child, performing an act,...) and is very creative.

Leo needs entertainment, fun and play. It's their way of feeling emotionally fulfilled.

Leo becomes generous when praised or appreciated. Leo needs to be the best (unlike Capricorn who needs to be on top and Aries who wants to be the first). Leo craves attention and especially recognition.

Their craving for attention is often seen in the way they do their interior decorating.

Leo needs to be proud of something or someone.

Virgo is a mutable earth sign. Earth signs live in the material world, not in the emotional world (that is a water trait).

Virgo is the most humble and helpful zodiac sign of all, reflecting the submissive, servile and subordinate worker (the proverbial 'civil servant').

Virgo lacks self-confidence and is unsure of itself. Virgo needs details and everything just small. It needs something to worry about as well -- and will always find something to ponder on (be it a word, a topic, a situation, an experience,...).

Now you will understand why Virgos have some difficulties in feeling excitement. They are 'dry' and cool and dislike a tear or emotional behavior.

Virgo needs to be useful in a tangible way (it's still an earth sign). Virgos can be very nagging and over-analyze emotional situations in the minutest details. Hence, it may be the most dissatisfied zodiac sign around. Virgo can be really picky in emotional matters.

Libra is a cardinal air sign. All air signs are living in their heads, rather than in their bodies and/or emotions. Actually, air signs don't understand emotions very well (because emotions belong to the water element). Air and water don't blend well. Anyway, Libra is the most sociable sign of all. Libra needs 'the other' (and is not always critical about that). Libra needs an audience and does not feel comfortable on itself, alone. Libra needs noise (music, talks, ...) and cannot stand complete silence.

It does not want to hurt anyone, cannot stand a fight and needs harmony and balance (something it seldom creates itself).

Therefore Libra avoids direct confrontation (unlike Aries). Libra is not the most honest zodiac sign and often makes U-turns to maintain balance.

Its main interest is in the well-being of 'the other'.

Libra needs a response, needs feedback to weigh up any situation. Libra is about co-operation and equality (unlike Aries).

Libra mirrors behavior of 'the other'. Emotional issues are easily reflected through the skin and their sweet tooth.

Libra needs a harmonious, neat and aesthetically pleasing environment to feel well.

Scorpio is a fixed water sign. All water signs represent emotions and feelings on different levels. Scorpio's proverb sounds like 'silent waters run deep'. All water signs are silent but because of the fixed nature of Scorpio, it's more reticent and unyielding.

Scorpio types rarely show emotions because Scorpio is still a reserved, controlled and secretive sign. Intensity and depth are part of Scorpio's life.

Emotions are to be probed, experienced to the full and if necessary torn down. The sensitivity of water then easily becomes a turbulent water-spout.

Scorpio senses instinctively and goes for its (primal) urges with determination. Scorpio cannot stand a mediocre life: it needs extremes.

Scorpio always needs to be deeply and passionately involved in everything (and everyone). In that way, Scorpio is possessive.

It's difficult for Scorpio to trust and they very much need privacy. Scorpios never open up completely and letting go off difficult feelings is almost impossible (it's the fixed trait of Scorpio).

It bonds intensely and emotionally with everything or everyone it encounters. Because fixed water materializes into ice, Scorpio can be ice-cold when hurt.

Love and hate are two parts of the same for Scorpio and traumatic experiences are part of their life.

Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign. Fire signs need action, activities and self-expression. The Archer has lots of strings to his bow but will seldom be able to use them all.

Sagittarius needs to propagate, educate, teach, moralize, preach, give (unsollicited) advice,... Sagittarius lives in concepts, not in the day-to-day reality and is thus less interested in the material world and fulfilling physical needs.

Sagittarius is lively and rather bold and blunt (tactless) and not very discriminating. It needs to experience its boundless and far-reaching imagination. Sagittarius needs to live its extravagant and exuberant carelessness now and then.

Sagittarius needs lots of space and freedom, free from limiting responsibilities.

Also, Sagittarius lives in the mind.

However, Sagittarius is still a dual sign (above human, below beast) and will vacillate between both in many occasions. This is often shown by toggling between sloppy and neat behavior.

Sagittarius is over-confident and cannot stand pragmatic and down-to-earth behavior or opinions.

Like most fire signs, emotional issues may be exaggerated over the top, out of any proportion with lots of gestures, hysteria and yelling. Sagittarius can be bullying in a very moralistic way.

Emotional issues are reflected in the way Sagittarius handles money (wasting it, gambling,...).

Sagittarius seldom feels well at home, it needs to go out, far and away. It's the explorer. They may love hiking and enjoy foreign foods. Sagittarius dislikes being confined.

Capricorn is a cardinal earth sign. Earth signs live in the material world, not in the emotional world (that is a water trait) nor in the cerebral world (which is an air trait).

Capricorn wants to be the highest, on top of everyone. Capricorn needs to be respected for being the boss, the leader, the one who is in charge. Capricorn always feels superior in whatever position.

Because Capricorn is the opposite of the most emotional zodiac sign Cancer, it is particularly unemotional (emotional self-control). It won't let a tear.

The hardness of Capricorn is central, unlike Cancer which has an outer shell to protect its sensitive and soft inside.

Because of the earth traits, Capricorn is down to earth and lives in the material world. Capricorn needs control and has to set boundaries (for others) to have everything (and everyone) under control. It cannot stand individualism which upsets the compulsive drive for control.

Capricorn needs to be respected (even for its faults). Unlike the fire signs, Capricorn is not pushy and is more aware of time (things need to grow and develop slowly but steadily).

Capricorn feels well only if it is in charge and has everything (and everyone) under control -- for good or bad.

Capricorn above all wants to achieve things. They want to produce something tangible.

Capricorn can be very negative when it cannot reach its goals. It then becomes reclusive and lives emotionally isolated (in a state of some depression).

Capricorn often under-rates, under-estimates, under-eats,...

because of its desire to be on top and climb higher and higher, Capricorn tends to emotionally detach itself from reality and other people. Capricorns may start to live emotionally separate lives, resulting in impersonal and 'cool' behavior.

Capricorn only feels well when its life unfolds within clearly defined boundaries and rules (everything at the right time); denoting that life must first become 'institutionalized'.

Security is of the umost importance to Capricorn and it will never open up if it feels insecure. Therefore, Capricorn often needs a rigid and closed environment (closed doors and windows) to feel comfortable in.

Aquarius is a fixed air sign. All air signs are living in their heads, rather than in their bodies and/or emotions. Actually, air signs don't understand emotions very well (because emotions belong to the water element). Air and water don't blend well. Anyway, Aquarius is not self-centered and not about self-display, unlike Leo. Hence, Aquarius is less personal and more impersonal, more in contact with its environment.

Don't talk about feelings with Aquarius and especially don't mother them.

Aquarius cannot stand hierarchical autocracy (unlike Leo and Capricorn) or class distinctions and needs equality (like Libra). Aquarius has an egalitarian outlook and is able to communicate with everyone.

Because Aquarius is still an air sign, it lacks some warmth and depth. There is much less close personal involvement and it rarely wants to be cuddled. Aquarius lives detached, because it reflects individualism, and does not easily become (too) intimate. Aquarius needs a friendly detached approach and loves platonic relationships.

Because of the fixed character, it holds on to its convictions (the air element) but may be able to suddenly switch to the opposite in the long run. Aquarius does not want to be pinned down. It needs to be and do things on itself.

Aquarius needs free room and space and only feels well talking about concepts and new ideas, technologies, gadgets, the latest equipment, humanity, our society. Talking about emotions, family, one-on-one relationships etc. may result in yet more detached and even cold behavior.

Aquarius is the 'autist' of the zodiac so that it may need some experience to get them at ease.

Aquarius needs plenty of natural light and an open space.

Pisces is a mutable water sign. All water signs represent emotions and feelings on different levels. Water and air are opposites and don't blend well.

Pisces is one of the most sensual and creative zodiac signs. Mutable water is not interested in the physical realm which it washes away. Pisces is very impressionable and susceptible.

Pisces is too open to other external influences and absorbs it all (due to the water element).

Pisces can hardly so 'no'. Pisces easily feels 'flooded', overflown in its sympathy, compassion and is thus very vulnerable.

Pisces tends to drift and needs a vague, misty, elusive but harmonious and dimmed atmosphere where they can retreat or withdraw.

Pisces longs for approval and affection. It most often has a very relaxed body and is liable to physical exhaustion and lassitude.

Pisces needs a very very secure environment otherwise it will retreat into itself in silence.

Water signs are not superficial (the air signs are) and they easily look below the surface, behind the appearances and curtains... Indeed, Pisces has a sixth sense!

Pisces cannot stand competition and is difficult to pin down because it follows the current and flow. It goes with the changing weather, smells and the general atmosphere.

Pisces needs compassion and tons of understanding to feel well. Sometimes, they feel the need to 'rescue' someone. Making sacrifices is their delight. Indeed, Pisces often needs (craves) kind of a 'victim' or dire situations.

Like all water signs, Pisces wants to (take) care. They have to live their artistic skills to balance their emotional state.

Pisces needs a shoulder to cry on.

Pisces needs a magical world full of wonders. Music, waterfalls (running water) and a comfortable home make them feel good.

They are also very interested in biology and nature so that the outdoors in a romantic setting may work wonders too.

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