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CosmiTec's Love Letter, Issue #095 -- Are You Faithful?
October 21, 2012

Now that we are ready to enter Scorpio territory with the upcoming Solar Eclipse, we thought it would be nice to stick to real Scorpio themes in this issue like debts, sex, uncovering secrets, fidelity etc.

That's why our featured article is about our preliminary results regarding astrological indications that point to fidelity.

On our web site, you can already read about our statistical research regarding infidelity in the horoscopes but this time, we focus on the opposite: fidelity.

Rumors go Disclosure is imminent. Whether the announcement will come from Russia or China has to be seen.

It's quite unlikely the USA will be the first, though this cannot be ruled out either.

Astrologically, it's very difficult to predict such an event as we have no idea what pattern or planetary picture to look for.

We'll have to wait and see and expect the unbelievable (before the end of 2012?).

Never ever have any fear! Fear is only for the ones who don't understand how Nature and the Universe work!

Lovely greetings
Luc De Jaeger

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Table of Contents

Our regular features
  1. The Love Forecasts for the Month
  2. Love Quotes of the month
  3. What's new on our web site?

Our occasional features

  1. Are You Faithful?

Love Forecasts for November 2012

The early Days of November 2012 show a cardinal T-square between Venus, Uranus and Pluto; Pluto being the apex point.

The 'affected degree areas' are 4-8° in cardinal signs.

This T-square is all about totally overwhelming and irresistible attraction and intense passions but also about tragedies in matters of love.

Love is fated or is this a fatal attraction?

In general, important events this month are likely to happen around November 2, November 9, November 11, November 15, November 22 and/or November 29.

Around November 1, Venus at 5° Libra opposes Uranus at 5° Aries.

Uranus oppositions are always breaking up and breaking free. It's a classic 'runaway aspect.'

Because Venus, planet of women, love and relationships, is involved, chances are that some separations and/or divorce are in the air.

On a more positive note, this aspect may also indicate lovers and/or beloved ones who are absent for just a short while.

However, depending on your own natal chart, some additional astrological configurations that are also active during this time frame, may shed a more negative outcome for some of you.

The Venus-Uranus opposition is part of a larger planetary pattern that has a sexual meaning: it's about sexual abuse, a lack of sexual morals, but also - in rare cases - lustful murder.

So, pay attention to the first days of November, especially if you are a girl or a woman.

November 2 and 3 promise to become very fruitful days.

You may be overjoyed and experience great fortunate love and/or popularity.

These are days of bliss, wealth and prosperity as well.

You will experience these auspicious configurations to the most if you are born around December 28, February 10-11, March 27, May 12, June 27-28, August 14, September 29 or November 13.

If you are born around December 29, February 11-12, March 28, May 13, June 28-29, August 15, September 30 or November 14 you will experience great changes around November 3.

Venus at 7° Libra then squares Pluto at 7° Capricorn.

This waning square demands to let go, to reconsider love because you can't force love.

It has no sense to manipulate or abuse power to get what you want. It just won't work.

It's a very emotional aspect after all (which all Pluto aspects are in fact) in which grief and inner turmoil take part.

Don't indulge and try to temper your passions.

Mercury stations and turns backwards around November 6-7 at 4° Sagittarius.

If you are born under the Sun signs Gemini or Virgo or if your Ascendant is one of these zodiac signs, the days around the station may bring some minor issues.

You may feel less alert or below par and things may not work out as anticipated.

You may as well experience symptoms of a cold for example.

Mercury is still in the sign of its detriment and when it starts regressing, it becomes quite sloppy with respect to details.

Mercury now tends to make mistakes that will have to be corrected later on.

Things may likely be put on hold for a moment.

Retrograde Mercury is known for its re-doing, re-writing, re-thinking, re-organizing etc.

Now starts a transitional phase with lots of reflection and a disoriented feeling.

During its retrogade motion, Mercury in Sagittarius (the sign of education, publishing, propagating, etc.) may release some angst for the future and you may become aware that you need to re-learn things.

It creates an awareness that will push you to more creativity and new forms of thinking.

Shortly after Mercury's station, Neptune at 0° Pisces stations too and turns direct again around November 11.

In our previous monthly forecasts, we already discussed the importance of 0° Pisces.

It's one of the most chaotic degree areas but also one that brings experiences that are totally out of the ordinary and way beyond our imagination (for good or bad).

It's a very psychic degree in which 'miracles' (that which is still unknown to us) may manifest beyond any comprehension.

Stay focused during the station!

Till December 29, Neptune will remain at the mystical and magic 0° Pisces, opening the door for more unseen revelations.

Around November 14, the Solar Eclipse at 21° Scorpio may bring some confusing moments.

This Solar Eclipse is part of the 15 North Series which, according to astrologer and researcher Bernadette Brady, is associated with a sense of joy through commitment.

So really, it's a very auspicious and creative one that will mark the background theme for the next 6 months.

Moreover, there is an ancient rule that states that any planet or body in the natal chart that corresponds with the numerical degree of the November New Moon assumes importance between November and through the following three or four lunations.

Any body in your natal chart that has the same numerical degree (21° in whatever zodiac sign) as this Solar Eclipse (which is still a New Moon in fact) will bring the matters represented by that body to the foreground.

For example, if you have natal Mars at 21°, Mars matters will become important the following months; if you have the Moon at 21° then Moon matters will prevail, etc.

Also know that 21° Scorpio, the degree of the Solar Eclipse, is a so-called 'critical degree' so that it may bring matters to a 'crisis' or climax.

This all reinforces the importance and power of this Eclipse.

Needless to say, this Solar Eclipse promises to become a very life-changing one that will mark the next 6 months.

If the Eclipse falls in your 5th natal house of children or if you are born in the first half of July or around the date of the Solar eclipse and are a woman, pregnancy and/or childbirth is possible during the next 6 months.

Anyway, the Solar Eclipse as such denotes widening the horizon, new happy and fortunate experiences and increased well-being.

Around November 14, Mercury at 0° Sagittarius squares stationing Neptune at 0° Pisces before it re-enters Scorpio in its backward motion.

There still is confusion and uncertainty around and you may be wrong in your assumptions and/or opinions.

Mind misunderstandings.

If you are born around January 14, February 28, April 13, May 30, July 16, September 1, October 16 or November 30, November 16-17 will likely change your outlook on life profoundly.

You will experience joy and harmony and feel blessed.

The Sun conjoins Mercury and the Moon's North Node at 25° Scorpio around November 17.

There may be an important meeting because there is a lot of unrest, nervousness and tension that has to be addressed.

Around the same day of November 17, Mars enters cold Capricorn and may bring an ice-cold atmosphere (litterally) as long as it resides in this zodiac sign (till late December).

Don't forget that Saturn (which now is the dispositor of both Mars and Pluto) is in mutual reception with Pluto and that this mutual reception is constricting and reducing the temperature.

Mars is in a very self-made position and you want to work or do everything alone.

Mars in Capricorn is very ambitious and a very hard worker. Work comes first, not love.

However, because of the sextile with dissolving Neptune, some of you may lose their job or experience some separation from a group (family, co-workers,...).

Follow your vision and inspiration and things will work out nicely.

The Sun enters Sagittarius around November 21 triggering more enthusiasm and optimism in general.

Getting the word out and spreading the news is what counts.

Venus enters passionate and intense Scorpio around November 22. For some of you, Venus in this position will bring love at first sight.

Physical attraction may occur but it may be short-lived.

Venus in Scorpio is in the sign of its detriment. Love desires are very focused in an often single-minded way and the need to bond with a single person becomes magnified.

Scorpio is a fixed water sign and thus very much into emotional bonds.

You don't care about meeting many people anymore. What counts are close and few connections.

On the same day of November 22, the Sun at 0° Sagittarius squares Neptune at 0° Pisces making you feel insecure and/or sad.

There are unfulfilled longings and cravings.

Mars at 4° Capricorn squares Uranus at 4° Aries around November 23 resulting in physical injuries and/or loss of life.

It's a very accident-prone time on which explosive events may happen and that may affect a group of people.

Mercury stations and turns direct again around November 26 at 18° Scorpio.

There is auspicious news waiting and you may get a proposal or a gift.

Venus conjuncts Saturn at 6° Scorpio around November 26-27.

When Venus, planet of beauty, and Saturn, planet of formalities, uniforms and older people, blend, we get a mix of both.

It's a time where fashion and beauty go hand in hand.

Relationships with older people are favored as well as meetings and encounters with people in uniforms.

However, the combo of Venus and Saturn at 6° Scorpio may as well point to health issues related to the reproductive organs. Mind your health, especially if you're a woman!

Both planets do not blend all too well though and you may feel lonely.

You may love responsibilities but may also need to take care of a beloved person.

Indeed, don't expect too much comfort or joy from the Stars because the Venus-Saturnus conjunction lines up with Uranus, Mars and Pluto resulting in upsetting and separative times full of duties, stress and sorrow.

Mars conjuncts Pluto at 8° Capricorn around the same day of November 27, adding to the heavy atmosphere.

There is lots of work to accomplish and you don't shun a challenge.

However, the solutions to any problem that now arises are not handled seriously.

Don't be too superficial and try to go to the bottom.

The Lunar Eclipse around November 28 at 6° Gemini brings a lot of movement and breakthroughs in situations that seem to stand still.

Changes of the place (relocating), small trips and moving around are now a given.

Nothing stays the same!

For some, the Lunar Eclipse will bring about new obligations and duties in matters of love.

There may be the need to help beloved ones or take care of them.

Love Quotes of the Month

Those that love most speak least
-- George Pettie --

Everybody in love is blind
-- Propertius --

Love consists in desiring to give what is our own to another and feeling his delight as our own
-- Emanuel Swedenborg --

He who finds not love finds nothing
-- Spanish proverb --

We find rest in those we love, and we provide a resting place in ourselves for those who love us
-- Saint Bernard of Clairvaux --

Love is the most fun you can have without laughing
-- Source unknown --

Love is the flower, marriage is the fruit
-- Dutch proverb --

What's New on Our Web Site?

We continued rebuilding our pages and have been updating and revising more than 50 pages: all our astrofertility pages, order pages, love quotes pages, sexual astrology pages, seduction and attraction pages and the Astrodamus pages are now redesigned.

Still lots of pages to go but after the next round of 50 pages or so, we think the majority of our web site has the new look & feel.

Are You Faithful?

On our web site we already discussed the subject of infidelity by analyzing the natal charts of cheaters and trying to find common astrological configurations and planetary alignments that presage infidelity.

Because we have more (reliable) data of male cheaters than we have of female cheaters, the results found in male charts are more conclusive than the results found in female natal charts .

There really are planetary pictures and alignments in the natal charts that are closely linked to infidelity.

Life seems not to be that 'free' at all as we assume or wish.

If infidelity is part of your current life plan or 'contract', no doubt it should and will show up in your natal chart -- and will manifest.

Because finding reliable data of cheaters is very difficult (most often, cheaters deny their behavior or lie about it), we have been trying to find astrological indications of faithful people.

However, considering that the majority of people do cheat, this research project was even more difficult to start because of a lack of available and reliable birth information.

Even people who claim they have never cheated are not to be believed till really proven otherwise.

People seldom walk their talk!

From our experience, everyone is or can be a potential cheater.

Only the few who have a specific trait or asset (that we are trying to find astrologically now) are faithful.

It's like finding a needle in a haystack though....

Because of the lack of numerous natal charts, our research results are not conclusive and cannot yet be used to build theories on.

However, they give some ideas and clues what to look for if you want some certainty to find out if you are or your partner is faithful.

It will take lots and lots of more research to validate our findings, but our research project is still ongoing and we will update the results anytime new reliable birth information becomes available.

So, what astrological indications favor fidelity instead of infidelity?

Before discussing the astrological configurations, we are looking for natal charts which show:
  • a low sex drive. Indeed, it's proven that people with a high sex drive almost always cheat.

  • a strong or firm (self-contained and/or self-controlled) attitude

  • a rather selective nature.

  • low bodily interests (the focus is not on one's physique but on mental or cerebral (spiritual) interests)
In no particular order, the following astrological configurations may indicate fidelity rather than infidelity:
  • The Moon and/or Venus and/or Mars in the 2nd house.

  • the Moon and/or Venus and/or Mars in the 8th house.

    However, this is still a tricky overlay because the 8th house is the house of the other's money. The listed factors here MAY also point to the urge to do everything for money...

    So, perhaps we will have to revise our opinion about this one.

  • the so-called 'minister-priest aspects' (found by the very keen astrologer Nance McCullough): Mercury conjunct Jupiter and/or Mercury conjunct Venus.

    Both conjunctions are significant in the charts we researched and may be an important part of an astrological fidelity signature!

  • Saturn conjunct Pluto (though this is a generational aspect, other configurations must be present too to confirm fidelity)

  • Venus Saturn connections and/or Venus Mercury connections.

  • Saturn is intercepted in the horoscope of a male nativity.

    An interception occurs when a planet (in this case Saturn) is posited in a zodiac sign that is not touched by a house cusp. The zodiac sign as well as the planet is wholly closed within a house in the natal chart.

  • The following Venus containments may be important (especially the first two listed containments).

    A Venus containment occurs when there are three adjacent planets/bodies in the natal chart viewed in a counter-clockwise direction and Venus being the middle one.

    • Venus between the Sun and Saturn
    • Venus between Saturn and Pluto
    • Venus between Saturn and Neptune
    • Venus between Pluto and Uranus
    • Venus between Saturn and the Moon
    • Venus between Jupiter and Pluto or Venus between Pluto and Jupiter
Obviously, a single configuration does not predict anything. Indeed, you can't judge the cover of a puzzle by a single piece alone!

And here's where lots of researchers go wrong by focusing on one single configuration.

If you are planning to look for fidelity in a natal chart, we recommend you first start to look for INfidelity, because cheating is so common and widespread.

If you find many infidelity configurations as listed on our infidelity pages, you should not look for any fidelity signatures anymore because it will make no sense any longer: your target will cheat or has cheated in the past.

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