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CosmiTec's Love Letter, Issue #099 -- Venus in the Elements
February 21, 2013

Aren't we living in exciting times?

The year has only started and the historic events are already accumulating like Queen Beatrix's resignation in April, the resignation of Pope Benedict XVI (which -- as such -- has nothing to do with his health -- just delineate the Pope's horoscopes), the financial investigation by the British Parliament of the British Royal Family and the largest recorded meteor strike in Russia in more than a century.

There was more to the meteor strike than mainstream media reported because the meteor 'mysteriously' exploded in mid air -- avoiding worse!

March may be another eventful and weird month...

Further ahead we are anxiously awaiting other 2013 historic events like the release of the film 'Sirius', perhaps the most researched documentary ever produced about the UFO phenomenon, and the planned historic Inner Earth Expedition.

In this issue of our Love Letter we delineate Venus in the 4 elements.

With Love!
Luc De Jaeger

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Table of Contents

Our regular features
  1. The Love Forecasts for the Month
  2. Love Quotes of the month
  3. What's new on our web site?

Our occasional features

  1. Venus in the Elements

Love Forecasts for March 2013

Most of March 2013, a majority of planets is still in the mutable water sign Pisces, keeping the atmosphere wet and watery (with inundations, rain, floods etc. here and there).

If your Sun sign or Ascendant is Aries, still take care of your health and be cautious in whatever you do because the behind-the-scenes-influences are still going on.

It did not come as a surprise that the Pope of the Catholic Church, Benedict XVI, resigned past month (he's an Aries...).

If your Ascendant or Sun sign is Pisces, expect lots of work and an eventful month.

Before going into detail, let's first take a look at some general trends for this month of March 2013:
  • In general, events are likely to happen around March 4-6, March 11-12 (!), March 18-19 and/or March 26.

  • If you are born around February 10-11, March 27-28, May 12-13, June 28-29, August 14-15, September 30 - October 1, November 14 or December 28-29 the month is going to be quite challenging for you.

    In many instances, most issues will be health-related. You will likely not be able to work and some of you may be hospitalized.

    You feel dissatisfied and you may experience a lack of zest. You tend to withdraw.

  • If you are born around January 16, March 1-2, April 16, June 2, July 18-19, September 3-4, October 19 or December 3 the whole month of March 2013 is bringing hard work. You go the extra mile to accomplish and reach your goals and obligations. Your body is likely to be much under stress.

  • If you are born around January 1, February 14, March 31, May 16, July 2, August 18, October 3 or November 17 expect some hardship from the second half of the month on. There may be physical injuries or some illness.
If you are born around March 1-2, your whole (solar return) year (counting from birthday to birthday) is full of hard work and physical stress. There is lots to accomplish and you will have to go the extra mile to reach your goals and targets.

The Sun conjuncts Mercury at 14° Pisces around March 4 while Venus at 8° Pisces squares Jupiter at 8° Gemini.

Your popularity may make you overconfident. The mood is very talkative and optimistic.

Around March 5, you can successfully accomplish quite a lot -- at the cost of your love life. There is tension in your romantic life noticeable.

Around March 7, Mercury meets Venus at 11° Pisces bringing you parcels, gifts, presents or nice messages.

It's an artistic and creative period.

If you are born around January 16, March 1-2, April 16, June 2, July 18-19, September 3-4, October 19 or December 3, you will prefer being alone around March 7 because you have lots of work and/or research to do and/or want to finish a project.

Some of you may feel sad because of the loss of a beloved one.

Around March 9, there may be travel for work or a change of the place due to some obligations and duties.

Mercury at 8° Pisces squares Jupiter at 8° Gemini around March 10. Both planets, being in the sign of their detriment, bring a lack of sound judgment. Facts are misrepresented and out of proportion.

The March 11 New Moon at 21° Pisces can be very shocking and highly revealing. Situations may be unreal.

This New Moon is the most important configuration this month because the Moon is now void of course before it enters Aries on March 12, which will coincide with the entrance of Mars into Aries on the same day of March 12.

The Moon and Mars will both cross the Vernal Point (0° Aries) together and trigger a period of a new beginning of some kind.

In mundane astrology the transitional degrees of 29° Pisces-0° Aries are very important and highly powerful because they bring things and events out into the open completely.

The effects will influence our whole World at large!

Mars is strong in its own sign Aries, the sign it rules, denoting that it will manifest instantly and without any hesitation.

Mars in commanding Aries will bring action, especially related to the armed forces, but when it resides in Aries, it will also be quite impatient, pushy and combative (the more so when it's coming close to disruptive Uranus later this month).

There is upheaval to come for sure.

If you are born around March 13, your whole (solar return) year (counting from birthday to birthday) is all about a weaker constitution or health. You may disappear 'from the stage' for some time. If you are a pregnant woman, beware of a miscarriage.

If you are born around March 15, expect a successful and creative (solar return) year (counting from birthday to birthday).

March 16 brings nice surprises and a happy feeling.

Around March 17-18, Mercury stations at 5° Pisces and starts to turn direct again.

Though taking decisions may be easier after Mercury's station, its position in Pisces, the sign of its detriment, is still far from good.

Mercury is still confused and torn in different directions.

March 18-19 are about construction work and a long-term strategy to accomplish your projects.

Around March 20, the Sun enters Aries, adding to a more action-oriented atmosphere.

Venus will follow the Sun around March 22 and enter Aries while Mars and Uranus conjoin at 8° Aries.

This accident-prone and explosive period will be necessary to awaken (some) people. Physical injuries are to be feared.

With the Sun, Venus, Mars and Uranus now in fiery and initiating Aries, the love life of fire signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) will start to improve and prosper.

The same is true for Libras because this stellium in their 7th solar house of relationships and encounters may set them in 'fire and flame.'

If you are still single, you may suddenly encounter a love interest. Enjoy!

Around March 27, Mars at 11° Aries squares Pluto at 11° Capricorn presenting another explosive combination.

Indeed, between March 22 and March 27, don't expect too much peace, comfort and harmony but disturbing and challenging situations full of man-made or nature-made stress and violence.

It's a very hectic and busy time.

If you are born around December 30-31, February 13, March 30, May 15, July 1, August 17, October 2 or November 16-17, physical injuries are possible around this period, especially around March 25. Beware of surgery.

March 26 may bring dissatisfaction and delay in projects. In some instances there are legal issues.

You want to push through though and want to enforce progress.

Around the March 27 Full Moon at 6° Libra, there is a breakthrough and relief sets in.

If you are born around March 27-28, your whole (solar return) year (counting from birthday to birthday) brings love's sorrow and sadness. You may feel ill and weak.

In general, March 27-28 is not a prosperous day in matters of love. It's a sad day.

The Sun and Venus meet Uranus at 8° Aries around March 29. During this period, you may encounter love -- even if it's short-lived.

It's a day of nice surprises as well. Beware of infidelity!

If you are born around February 11-12, March 28-29, May 13-14, June 29-30, August 15-16, October 1, November 15-16 or December 29-30, pregnancy around March 29 is possible.

If you are born around this day of March 28-29, these influences will work out during your whole (solar return) year (counting from birthday to birthday).

Mercury at 11° Pisces squares Jupiter at 11° Gemini once more this month around March 30.

It's an affectionate day though.

Now that Mercury is direct, it's still not in good shape in the sign of its detriment and it cannot judge properly and clearly.

Traffic and transportation issues may arise.

March 30-31 are marked by infidelity.

Around March 31, Venus at 11° Aries squares Pluto at 11° Capricorn bringing a very upsetting and violent period. In matters of love, passions and physical urges run too high. Women should be careful with whom they deal because this obsessive aspect can bring rape and/or brutality.

March 31 is also related to real estate. Your place of residence needs your attention.

Love Quotes of the Month

In love, men are amateurs, women the professionals
-- Francois Truffaut --

Platonic relationship: the interval between the introduction and the first kiss
-- Sophie Irene Loeb --

The game women play is 'men.'
-- Adam Smith --

All women's dresses are merely variations on the eternal struggle between admitted desire to dress and unadmitted desire to undress
-- Lin Yutang --

Do infants enjoy infancy as much as adults enjoy adultery?
-- Murray Banks --

Desire is in men a hunger, in women only an appetite
-- Mignon McLaughlin --

It's the soul's duty to be loyal to its own desires
-- Rebecca West --

What's New on Our Web Site?

We have only one important update to report. We updated our Aquarius in love page with new additional significant traits. This the result of a time-consuming analysis of 42,000+ birth data from the AstroDatabank.

Venus in the Elements

The elemental division is one of the foundations of astrology. Together with the modalities, they are the building stones and blocks of what we call the Tropical Zodiac.

The 4 elements (fire, earth, air and water) each represent a quality of being and a state of matter.

Whenever a planet or body changes an element, its background (theme) changes too.

You can't go wrong materializing the elements in all their forms to find out what they mean in our physical world and how they would work out.

What we will do now is delineating Venus, the archetypal planet of love, in the different elements.

However, Venus is just more than the planet of love. It's also a receptive force, the planet that represents our taste, that which we want to beautify, that which brings harmony and peace into our life, among others.

Venus in Fire

Fire is always making itself noticeable and when Venus is in Fire it does not come as a surprise that Venus takes the first steps in matters of love. Because Fire is 'showy', you will see Venus in fire and flame when love knocks at the door.

Venus in Fire radiates warmth and is full of enthusiasm.

Venus in Fire may love an atmosphere that represents its element: candlelight dinners or enjoying a drink or meal in front of a fireplace may bring Venus in Fire in the right mood.

When in love, Venus in Fire becomes very spontaneous.

Venus in Fire loves upbeat events to attend. It cannot stand passive situations that are found to be too boring.

Venus in Earth

Earth is the most moderate and modest element of all, and also the most 'heavy.' It radiates rest and calmness. Earth is the most physical element that you can actually take and keep in your hands.

It's the most tangible one and that's why Venus in Earth needs tangible tokens of love in its life.

No talks or chatter but 'real things'!

Venus in Earth may love an outdoor picnic or a romantic dinner with flowers on the table.

Earth is very nature-loving.

Venus in Earth loves a hug, a gentle stroke or touch on the skin or a massage -- all things material or physical.

Venus in Earth can be very sensual but it's also very reticent and easily holds within.

Venus in Earth is very dependable and needs matter to live in and around.

Venus in Air

Air is the most volatile element that you can hear from far. Indeed, Air is noisy and with Venus in Air expect lots of talks and chatter.

Venus in Air loves to inform.

Air is very mental and cerebral and, unlike Earth, dislikes physical contact.

Unlike Water, Air does not feel well when emotions come up.

That's why Venus in Air may often give a rather detached and cool impression.

Venus in Air always needs some sounds (music) in the environment.

When in love, Venus in Air becomes very talkative.

Because Air is a positive (extravert) element, Venus in Air wants to go out and meet people, socialize and connect one way or the other.

Venus in Air is superficial (not penetrating nor attaching) and therefore is often called the 'social butterfly.'

Venus in Water

You seldom hear Water, it's the most silent element of all. Venus in Water is a very private and retentive position.

Silent waters run deep and Venus in Water just loves deep emotional and spiritual (soul) connections.

No words needed. That's why Venus in Water is very subtle in matters of love.

Because Water is a negative (introvert) element, it's not blunt or bold.

Venus in Water loves a watery environment (near a fountain, enjoying a walk along the Beach,...).

Venus in Water needs a secret or private place to withdraw.

Venus in Water seldom takes the initiative.

Water is the most sensitive element and Venus in Water easily feels hurt.

The atmosphere is of the highest importance to Venus in Water.

Venus in Water can be quite clingy at times and it has to learn to let go.

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