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CosmiTec's Love Letter, Issue #103 -- Progressed Venus Stationing
June 21, 2013

With so many astrological activity going on in July 2013, be prepared for a very busy and eventful month.

There are nothing less than 3 planetary stations, a Grand Trine in water signs, a perigee Full Moon and three planetary ingresses.

Additionally, most of the outer planets are more or less motionless and the majority of planets and bodies reside in water signs -- resulting in predominant 'water issues.'

Be prepared: we recommend a raincoat and waterproof boots to wade through the month.

Our main article is about the importance of the station of progressed Venus.

Progressions (using the key of 1 day after birth = 1 year after birth) are one of the most reliable predictive tools and the planetary stations infallibly mark some of the milestones in your lifemap.

Lovely Greetings!
Luc De Jaeger

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Table of Contents

Our regular features
  1. The Love Forecasts for the Month
  2. Love Quotes of the month
  3. What's new on our web site?

Our occasional features

  1. Progressed Venus Stationing

Love Forecasts for July 2013

Another busy and eventful month enters the global picture: 3 planetary stations, a Grand Trine in water signs, a perigee Full Moon and three planetary ingresses.

Moreover, most of the outer planets are more or less motionless and the majority of planets and bodies reside in water signs -- resulting in predominant 'water issues.'

Following some principles based upon astrometeorology, this may become a very 'wet month' with stormy weather here and there.

In general, events are likely to happen around July 5-6, July 13, July 19-20 and/or July 26.

July 2013 will mark the lives of some of you in a specific way:
  • If you are born around January 28, March 14, April 29, June 14, July 31, September 16, November 1 or December 15, the month may bring some chaotic moments with unbelievable events taking place.

  • If you are born around February 8, March 25, May 10, June 26, August 12, September 27, November 12 or December 26, the month brings illness and/or emotional angst.

    You may feel sad or down. Some things are dissolving in your world.

  • If you are born around January 12, February 25, April 12, May 28, July 14, August 30, October 15 or November 29, the month will bring lots of hard work and difficulties to overcome.

  • If you are born around December 30, February 12, March 29, May 14, June 30, August 16, October 2 or November 16, the month will bring some hardship and a reality check. It's a month of facing facts and enduring some physical issues.
July starts with a bummer when Venus at 4° Leo squares Saturn at 4° Scorpio around the 1st.

You feel disappointed and may be rejected.

It's a sad day and you may feel miserable.

Some health issues are to be faced if you are born around this day of July 1, December 30, February 12, March 29, May 15, August 17, October 2 or November 16.

Expect a reality check.

Around the same period of July 1-2, the Sun at 10° Cancer opposes Pluto at 10° Capricorn resulting in misusing and abusing power.

It's a confrontational period during which some drastic and extreme measures have to be taken.

The Sun at 12° Cancer squares Uranus at 12° Aries around July 4.

The waxing square works out in a disruptive and upsetting way. It's a rebellious aspect resulting in opposition and manifestations against whatever.

There is an irritable mood and atmosphere noticeable.

Saturn stations at 4° Scorpio around the July 8 New Moon. Saturn starts its direct motion in the sign of Scorpio, representing sex, death, debt, taxes, insurances and all other 'shared resources.'

In this stationing position, restricting Saturn will focus on these matters and will redefine them.

No doubt, new priorities will be set and new boundaries will be imposed making for tightening your belts.

Some of you may consider changing jobs or become unemployed.

Stationing Saturn often works out in that it will restrict freedom and push for a more sobering lifestyle.

New commitments may steer your life.

Around the same day of July 8-9, Venus at 13° Leo squares the North Node of the Moon at 13° Scorpio resulting in reclusive behavior. You don't want to socialize.

Also, there can be financial issues and you are urged to take some precautions.

Around July 9, the Sun and Mercury conjoin at 17° Cancer discussing agreements and formalities.

Fiery Mars enters moody and vacillating Cancer around July 13 making for a period of increased impulsive behavior.

It's a time of doing home improvements and the like but it's also a period of more patriotism and protective urges.

July 14-16 are marked by health issues if you are born between January 12-13, February 25-26, April 12-13, May 28-29, July 14-15, August 30-31, October 15-16 or November 29-30.

You may feel oppression and physical stress and tension.

You may resist external forces and will be able to stand firm.

If you are born between February 11-12, March 27-28, May 13-14, June 28-29, August 15-16, September 30-October 1, November 14-15 or December 28-29, your love life may get a huge boost around July 16-17.

It's a very creative and artistic period as well. In general, you may feel happy and have some very enjoyable days.

Independent and disruptive Uranus stations at 12° Aries around July 17 and turns retrograde.

Stationing Uranus turning backwards is less individualistic and more focused on human affairs.

In Aries, the sign of the Warrior, Uranus is fighting for a humanistic cause. It will present new discoveries, scientific breakthroughs but also upsetting news that may help humanity evolve.

Because the station happens on one of the most powerful degrees, Uranus is able to push through unexpectedly and fierly.

Because of the powerful and domineering stationing position of Uranus, July may become a very turbulent month.

During the station of Uranus, there is also building an exact Grand Trine in water signs between Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune at 4° in the water signs.

In mundane astrology, this Grand Trine in water signs will bring tons of rain and storm in some areas (reinforced by the station of Uranus) resulting in floods and inundations.

There can be severe damage to property.

On a more personal level, this Grand Trine is likely to affect you directly if you are born around January 24, February 23, March 25, April 24, May 25, June 26, July 27, August 27, September 27, October 27, November 26 or December 26.

Depending upon other (natal) configurations, it may bring:
  • pessimism and sadness

  • some plans to be canceled

  • illness (especially related to the liver, lungs or infections)

  • financial issues and shortages
This configuration is a dissolving one because it takes place at 'dissolving degrees.'

Also, this Grand Trine may bring a lost and lonely feeling for some of you and you may feel quite annoyed.

The stormy influences that accompany the Grand Trine may linger on till July 20-21 when Mercury stations and turns direct again at 13° Cancer.

When Mercury, the messenger, stations and is about to move forward again, it has a public announcement to make.

Decisions resulting in new perspectives will be pushed through and made public.

This will be the more so because the station happens around and just before a Full Moon that always brings things out into the open.

So, expect breaking news announcements around the Full Moon.

The days around July 20 are marked by a lack of zest, not being able to work or attend events.

However, after rain comes sunshine and around the July 22 perigee Full Moon, initiating Mars and optimistic Jupiter will meet at 5° Cancer.

Both planets will join forces to bring help, to take a fortunate course of action and become enterprising in a helpful way.

The period of the July 21-22 Full Moon may bring things out into the open and show new (successful) activities.

July 22 may become a powerful day, not only because of the Mars-Jupiter conjunction and the perigee Full Moon, but also because Venus enters Virgo and the Sun enters Royal Leo at the same time!

That's quite a lot!

Venus in Virgo may find love at the working place and may meet new friends through the job.

There is some disappointment and love's sorrow coming around July 26 when Venus at 4° Virgo opposes Neptune at 4° Pisces. Absence makes the heart grow fonder...

Love (or a beloved one) is out of reach and you may miss someone.

Actually, this opposition builds a Kite configuration or pattern in which Saturn and Jupiter are involved.

This Kite denotes a solitary time during which you only value what has substance and is reliable.

You should and will discard all that no longer serves.

Mars at 9° Cancer opposes Pluto at 9° Capricorn around July 28 while the Sun at 5° Leo squares Saturn at 5° Scorpio on the same day.

These brutal and violent aspects block creative self-expression.

There is just frustration and anger around.

You feel paralyzed or restricted.

The Mars-Pluto opposition is now becoming part of an accident-prone and violent Cardinal T-Square in which stationing Uranus is the apex planet and still at one of the most potent Aries degrees.

This T-square will result in very upsetting events that cause physical injuries late July/early August.

If you are born between January 12-14, February 25-28, April 12-15, May 28-May 31, July 14-17, August 30-September 2, October 15-18 or November 29-December 1, late July will bring separation, love's sorrow and lots of tension in your romantic life.

Love Quotes of the Month

We accept the love we think we deserve
-- Stephen Chbosky --

Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love
-- Mother Teresa --

Love is like the wind, you can't see it but you can feel it
-- Nicholas Sparks --

Man may have discovered fire, but women discovered how to play with it
-- Candace Bushnell --

Never love anyone who treats you like you're ordinary
-- Oscar Wilde --

Ultimately, it is the desire, not the desired, that we love
-- Friedrich Nietzsche --

What's New on Our Web Site?

We updated our Leo in love page with new additional and significant traits which is the result of a very time-consuming analysis of 42,000+ birth data taken from the AstroDatabank.

We fixed different issues and bugs on our site for mobile phones.

Progressed Venus Stationing

Planetary stations are one of the most reliable and infallible predictive tools an astrologer can have.

Anytime a planetary station hits a natal planet or sensitive point (like the Ascendant or a house cusp), events start to unfold with high accuracy.

Transiting stations work out on the day of the station when they hit a natal planet or sensitive point.

Progressed stations work out in the year of the exact station -- without them aspecting or hitting any natal or progressed planet or point.

Indeed, progressed stations ALWAYS work out.

In this article we take a look at the station of progressed Venus.

The progressions are used to forecast (long-term) influences following the key of 'one day after birth = one year after birth.'

In other words, if you take an ephemeris and find your birthdate you can count one day forward to predict the events that will unfold during your 1st year.

The date of birth is year zero and the following day represents age 1. Two days after birth represents age 2 etc.

You may notice that following the days after birth, there will be days on which a planet stations (changes from direct to retrograde motion or vice versa).

These are the most important days (years).

You can list these days and convert them to years (ages).

These years WILL mark events that will be remembered your life long.

When you have listed these planetary stations counting forward, you can also go backward.

Count your birthdate as zero and the day before your birthdate as age 1, 2 days before your birthdate as age 2 etc.

These are the converse progressed positions that are as valid is the direct progressions.

Likewise, you can find days before your birthdate on which planets change direction and you should also write them to your list.

This way, you have an overview of all the ages during which planets station and change direction.

Fortunately, most astrological software programs have a hit list that show the planetary stations immediately and conveniently.

If you happen to find Venus on your list, your life will start to take on a different course in matters related with Venus.

What does Venus represent in the progressed chart?

Progressed Venus is about relationships (in a wide sense).

Progressed Venus is also about money and possessions.

Progressed Venus is about what you value.

When Venus stations it will mark the year in which these topics pop up strongly.

First and foremost, progressed Venus stationing almost always marks a year of financial changes (because of a job change, wealth through marriage, inhertitances,...).

Progressed Venus stationing will also mark the year in which major relationship milestones happen (marriages, divorces, separations, death of the partner, meeting new people,...).

There is no difference between Venus starting to turn direct versus starting to move retrograde actually regarding the events that happen (there can and will be either marriages or divorces on both occasions).

However, retrograde Venus is more 're-alistic' and often more 're-strictive', while Venus moving forward is more liberating.

Venus starting its direct motion is often releaved to find some release from some situation.

Venus going backwards becomes more re-clusive and shy or 'on itself.'

Retrograde Venus tries to find peace and harmony in itself.

Also, when Venus starts turning retrograde, you are less likely to socialize and may be less affectionate.

On the other hand, you may become more materialistic and attached to property and/or possessions/money.

Your values will thus be altered (re-versed) by the change of direction as well.

Hence, you may tend to feel better after a divorce when Venus stations and turns direct rather than when Venus stations and turns retrograde.

In some cases, a Venus return will bring back a former lover but this is not the most common trait of the progressed station as such.

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