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CosmiTec's Love Letter, Issue #107 -- Who are you influenced by?
October 21, 2013

If you thought October 2013 is a crazy month, November 2013 will be far more crazy and intense!

Don't wonder why.

The Stars are just telling us that it's meant to be that way.

Don't be surprised and don't think it's all going weird and/or wrong.

It just goes the way it's meant to go.

And remember, smooth seas never made skillful sailors.

Look at it this way: we're living on a testing field on which we learn to develop and sharpen our skills.

Love takes care!
Luc De Jaeger

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Table of Contents

Our regular features
  1. The Love Forecasts for the Month
  2. Love Quotes of the month
  3. What's new on our web site?

Our occasional features

  1. Who are you influenced by?

Love Forecasts for November 2013

Click here to download the November 2013 calendar in pdf format.

If you thought that October 2013 was crazy, November 2013 will be far more crazy!

You better fasten your seatbelts because this month of November 2013, transformational and radical events will follow each other, one after the other, in a speedy way...

First, there is the exact Uranus-Pluto square which we compare with the clash of two giants whose wild fights are shaking and shocking the world.

Second, there are 3 (three) planetary stations and third, there is a Solar Eclipse.

Also, most of the month, there is a stellium in the fixed water sign Scorpio and the majority of planets reside in water signs adding to the importance of this element and Scorpio's intensity and transformational powers.

November 2013 is gonna be a wild ride for sure with rollercoaster events to unfold.

Anyway, in general, events are likely to happen around November 6, November 12, November 18-19 and/or November 27.

If you are born around December 30, February 12-13, March 29-30, May 15, July 1, August 17, October 2 or November 16, this whole month is about profound changes that may be upsetting but that are meant to bring innovation and a wind of change.

Don't fight the events but embrace them and transform yourself.

After all, you are born on this Planet Earth for your own Self, for your own 'self-development' and to experience everything possible or impossible so to bring your own Self closer and closer to perfection.

If you are born around January 5-6, February 18-19, April 4-5, May 20-21, July 7-8, August 22-23, October 8-9 or November 22-23, expect fortunate changes and developments during this month.

The exact Uranus-Pluto square around November 1 is the 4th out of 7 that started in June 2012 and that will continue through March 2015.

Uranus at 9° Aries builds a waxing square with Pluto at 9° Capricorn and is all about feeling fenced in and the compulsive urge to break free or break away.

The current (geocentric) square is one of the most powerful ones because it coincides with the heliocentric square also!

We are amidst a very turbulent and ground-breaking astrological configuration that will have consequences for mankind's future.

The current powers represented by forceful Pluto in strict and conservative Capricorn (the governments, banking world, corporations and multinationals) are questioned and challenged by freedom-loving people who long for progress, liberation and more innovation (Uranus in Aries).

This waxing square is powerful, forceful, wild and rebellious for whatever reason (turbulent weather, mass protests, massive uproar, accidents or violence).

The keyword is radical CHANGE, standing on your own feet (again) and taking responsibility for your own life (again).

Around the same day of November 1, the Sun and retrograde Mercury are conjunct at 9° Scorpio resulting in public announcements and messages.

Knowledge is power and some revelations are to be expected.

The November 2-3 Solar Eclipse at 11° Scorpio is (according to astrologer and researcher Bernadette Brady) a gentle family eclipse with a focus on new ideas and insight.

Act upon your creative ideas, imagination (and instinct).

This Solar Eclipse may be very enlightening, the more so because it falls on a degree of sharing a vision.

This will not be a peaceful and calm Solar Eclipse though because at the same time Mercury conjuncts the North Node of the Moon at 7° Scorpio.

It's a very hectic and buzy period with lots of nervous tension and news.

Because of the (wide) conjunction with Saturn and the exact sextile with Mars, this Solar Eclipse is a very enterprising and pioneering one giving a start to new projects.

It's a Solar Eclipse of standing on your own feet (reinforcing the meaning of the current exact Uranus-Pluto square!), getting to work and getting things done.

Also, this Solar Eclipse in Scorpio, the zodiac sign of debt, shared resources, insurances etc. marks financial losses and/or expenses.

Don't be too wasteful.

November 3 and 4 are marked by (traffic-) accidents, releasing lots of stress and tension, fighting for freedom, clashes and violence.

Some of you will have to fight for your life.

If you are born around January 16, March 1-2, April 16, June 2, July 19, September 4, October 19-20 or December 3, the influences will affect you more or less.

Especially November 4 can be an obstructive day with plans to be cancelled, unfulfilled longings and confusing news.

This will especially apply if you are born around January 25-26, March 11-12, April 26, June 11-12, July 29, September 13-14, October 29 or December 12.

Some of you tend to follow your imagination rather than reality. Spiritual insight may grow.

Venus enters business-minded Capricorn around November 4-5.

In this material sign, Venus is interested in your résumé and accomplishments. Big money counts too.

The additional conjunction of the Sun and Saturn at 14° Scorpio, which will be exact around November 6, brings the focus on older people also.

You may be attracted to higher-ups, people wearing a uniform or 'serious' people (like engineers and scientists).

Love and duty go hand in hand and you tend to love more responsibilities.

Perhaps you have to take care of elderly people as well.

Jupiter stations at 20° Cancer around November 6 and starts its backwards movement.

Retrograde Jupiter is less flamboyant and less outgoing than direct Jupiter.

People will restrict their expenses, buy less and find faith on an inner level.

You don't need advisors, gurus or teachers when you can find the answers within.

Jupiter is at a very home-bound and home-loving degree during its station, adding to the November 3 'family eclipse.'

Clearly, November brings the focus on home and the family in many ways.

Around November 10, Mercury too stations and turns direct again at 2° Scorpio.

Geminis and Virgos (and the Gemini and Virgo Ascendants as well) will feel relieved and in tune again.

During its station between November 8 and November 14, Mercury points to changing the place (or residence), doing research and/or study work and/or doing home improvements.

Beware of arguments and quarrels during this time frame though.

Try to be consistent in your way of reasoning.

Neptune is the 3rd body that will station this month of November 2013 and it will do so around November 13 at 2° Pisces.

Neptune will then slowly start to move direct again.

During the station and as long as Neptune resides at this dissolving degree, 'father figures' may leave your world and some structures will vanish.

November 14 brings love's sorrow and sadness. You may not feel too well.

A beloved person may be ill.

This will be the more so if you are born around March 29, June 30, October or December 30.

Mid November is not the appropriate moment to travel by sea because issues with ships (and cruises) are to be feared.

Because Venus at 9° Capricorn squares Uranus at 9° Aries around November 14, you may feel separated from (a) beloved one(s).

Venus will conjoin Pluto at 9° Capricorn the day after, around November 15, and may point to (physical) abuse.

Women should pay attention who they meet during these days.

November 15 and 16 are turbulent days full of dissatisfaction, illness and upsetting events that will affect the physical body.

If you are born around these days of November 15-16, you will feel these influences during your whole (solar return) year (counting from birthday to birthday).

A health check would not hurt.

Around November 16 and 17, plans may be cancelled, for another time, and it looks like you cannot trust the news.

Communications are unclear.

There is lots of confusion going on and things are clear as mud.

For the second time this month, Mercury will conjunct the North Node of the Moon.

This time the conjunction finds place around November 17 at 6° Scorpio.

Needless to say, this conjunction marks another period of tension and stress.

There is so much going on at once and people are really very buzy.

Around November 20-21, chaotic events result in physical injuries or issues.

There can be flu-like symptoms, so take care.

If you are born around January 5-6, February 18-19, April 4-5, May 20-21, July 7-8, August 22-23, October 8-9 or November 22-23, November 21 brings relief, happy feelings and/or a boost to your love life.

There is a whole lot of creativity and flair in the air and if you want to fulfill a wish, this day looks very promising.

With the Sun entering expansive and flamboyant Sagittarius around November 21, you are optimistic, hopeful and aim high.

Be realistic though because around November 24, the Sun at 2° Sagittarius squares dissolving Neptune at 2° Pisces.

This waning square is a very illusive and disappointing one.

Too high expectations and naive idealism often result in shattered and vanishing dreams.

There can be betrayal, self-delusion and errors in judgment.

Study and research are on the agenda around November 25 when Mercury and Saturn conjoin at 16° Scorpio -- a very investigative degree.

Venus at 19° Capricorn opposes Jupiter at 19° Cancer around November 27-28.

Don't indulge and don't overdo.

The Venus-Jupiter opposition often results in spendthrift and/or bluff.

Love Quotes of the Month

Fall in love with someone who deserves your heart, not someone who plays with it
-- Source Unknown --

There’s a difference between who we love, who we settle for, and who we’re meant for
-- Source Unknown --

Live without pretending, love without depending, listen without defending, speak without offending
-- Source Unknown --

Two people don’t have to be together right now, in a month, or in a year. If those two people are meant to be, then they will be together somehow at sometime in life
-- Source Unknown --

Any home can be a castle when the king and queen are in love
-- Source Unknown --

Sometimes you can’t explain what you see in a person. It’s just the way they take you to a place where no one else can
-- Source Unknown --

What's New on Our Web Site?

From now on, you can download a (free) monthly calendar (in pdf format) with all astrological aspects and configurations for each month of the year on our free monthly forecasts page .

Starting with this issue, we also link to the monthly calendar in each Love Letter when we discuss the monthly astrological forecasts.

We added different new articles (that we previously published in this Love Letter): one about the Mercury Neptune connections , one about the Mercury Venus connections and one about the Venus Uranus connections .

Who are you influenced by?

In the natal horoscope wheel, you can 'read' the interactions with all your relationships (in a wide sense) very easily.

Your natal chart not only shows the relationship with a partner, your children, parents and/or siblings but also shows how you get on with clients, co-workers, grandparents, adopted children, etc.

Your natal chart even shows which of all the possible relationships influence you (and your life) the most.

This is especially noticeable if you have planets/bodies in or conjunct your 1st house.

The 1st house (and its cusp, also called the Ascendant) relate to your own Self and your instinctive urges and drives.

Every planet or body in this house influences your own Self depending on which house the planet or body rules.

The rulerships are related to the cause-and-effect of everything that happens.

Looking to which house the planet in your 1st house (or conjunct your Ascendant) rules, points to what affects your own Self.

It points to something or someone that influences you and the way you manifest your own primal urges.

Planets and bodies in your 1st house or conjunct your Ascendant show what or who marks your life.

If the ruler of the 7th house of relationships, the partner and everyone you meet (i.e. all that is part of your external world, opposite to what is your internal world which is represented by the 1st house), you can be sure that other people, and the partner especially, can affect you deeply -- for good or bad.

We may say that 'the other' or the partner has so much influence over you that you will not be able to withstand the influences.

The influences can be harmful and paralyzing, but they can be energizing as well depending on the planet involved and the aspects.

If the ruler of the 3rd house of siblings (and especially the older one or, if you are the first born, the one born after you) is in your 1st house or conjunct the Ascendant, expect your brother or sister to influence your life deeply.

If the ruler of the 5th house of children and/or the sibling born 2nd after you, is in your 1st house or conjunct the Ascendant, expect a child (most often the 1st born) or the sibling born 2nd after you, to have influence over you and over your life.

Indeed, when using the derivative house meanings (by turning the horoscope wheel so that the 3rd house becomes the 1st house), you will notice that the 5th house is actually the 3rd house counting from the 3rd house (which translates to 'the sibling of the sibling.'

If you are a woman and the ruler of the 4th house of 'the mother' is in your 1st house or conjunct the Ascendant, your mother will affect your life profoundly -- for good or bad.

She has influence over you.

Using the derivative house meanings can be extremely spot-on, so, don't neglect this method in horoscope analysis.

For example, if the ruler of the 11th house is in your 1st house or conjunct the Ascendant, it's not only a friend that may affect your life deeply but also a child of 'the other.'

Why? Because the 11th house is the 5th house (of children) counting from the 7th house (of 'the other').

The 11th house tells us something about 'the other's child' (adopted children, children in the Kindergarten,...).

If you want to know who you are influenced by, just simply delineate the rulership of the planets and bodies that are posited in your 1st house or that are conjunct your Ascendant.

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