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CosmiTec's Love Letter, Issue #111 -- Love and The Declination of the Progressed Moon Part 1
February 21, 2014

Some attentive readers brought to our attention that we left out some other neat astrology programs that cost nothing at all.

We list them below (and on our web site).

Thanks for the great feedback.

In our main article for this month we discuss a very powerful and reliable method that shows at a glance how one's (love) life unfolds.

Above all, the method is not complicated and can (and should) be learned by anyone.

With Love
Luc De Jaeger

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Table of Contents

Our regular features
  1. The Love Forecasts for the Month
  2. Love Quotes of the month
  3. What's new on our web site?

Our occasional features

  1. Love and The Declination of the Progressed Moon (Part 1)
  2. Astrology Software Update

Love Forecasts for March 2014

Click here to download the March 2014 calendar in pdf format.

In general, events are likely to happen around March 2, March 8-9, March 16, March 23 and/or March 29.

The late February astrological influences just continue this month of March 2014 and may be particularly related to the weather (wind or storm and 'water').

You better prepare for another round of 'water and wind'...

Also, this may be a month of more health-issues worldwide.

There are a lot of powerful astrological configurations going on this month that will bring another eventful month:
  • Mars stations and turns retrograde at 27° Libra around March 1, the day of a New Moon at 10° Pisces

  • Saturn stations and turns retrograde at 23° Scorpio around March 2

  • The Black Moon Lilith enters Leo around March 4 and squares the Nodes around March 10-11

  • Jupiter stations and turns direct at 10° Cancer around March 6

  • The mean North Node of the Moon enters Libra around March 22
And don't forget that the T-square between Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto is still active and Mars is slowly going to make a Grand Cross or Grand Square out of it that will be exact in April.

Still in general, this month will affect some birthdays in particular:
  • January 22, March 7, April 22, June 7, July 24, September 9, October 25 or December 9: this month of March 2014 is all about buildings, the home and house, changing your residence, changing the place or travelling.

    It may also be related to study.

    For some of you the month will bring annoyance and/or dissatisfaction.

  • January 23, March 8-9, April 23, June 9, July 26, September 11, October 26 or December 10: here too, March 2014 is all about real estate, buildings and/or construction work.

    There is very hard work to do and some of you will have to study or research something to resolve some issues.

    Some of you may go bankrupt or face material damage and/or financial losses.

    There are some very oppressive energies going on that you will try to overcome.

  • January 4-5, February 18, April 4, May 20, July 6, August 22, October 7-8, November 21-22: there is illness and you may not feel too well.

    The mood is somber and sad and you feel dissatisfied.
With the March 1 New Moon at 10° Pisces and Mars stationing at 27° Libra on the same day, this can become a turbulent day.

Stationing Mars in the air sign Libra may result in stormy weather (the more so because of the coinciding influences of stationing Mercury and stationing Saturn).

In the sign of its detriment, stationing Mars has less energy and may indicate a lack of zest and (some) physical issues.

Realize that Mars is more and more nearing its closest point to Planet Earth and will result in more physical dis-ease, dis-comfort (illness) overall.

Whenever Mars is closest to the earth, its influence on our planet is the highest and the most noticeable -- but more on that in our April forecasts (the month during which Mars reaches its perigee or closest point to earth).

If you are Aries or have an Aries Ascendant, you may feel the stationing influences of Mars the most.

In general, people will need more rest (sleep) during these early March days.

The retrograde motion of Mars in the sign of The Scales has a more positive influence too though.

It's indicating a time frame during which compromises are made more easily and discordant issues may be settled.

Because of the additional exact trine of Jupiter with the New Moon, this combo may bring a more peaceful atmosphere.

Saturn stations and turns retrograde at 23° Scorpio around March 2, adding to stormy weather influences.

Because re-trograde planets re-turn, re-consider, re-view, re-concile their expression, chances are the influences of the early March astrological configurations bring more stagnation and retreat in many ways.

There can be job losses and people being (more) absent or leaving for whatever reason.

If you are Capricorn or if your Ascendant is Capricorn you will feel the influences most.

These stations mark a period of leave-taking, of a lack of (setting) goals and/or lacking a strategy.

Some initiatives may be blocked or delayed and the early March days may be marked by illness and health-issues to help you clear your physical and/or etheric body.

There can be strikes too and people may rather enjoy socializing instead of working.

You may need a break to unwind.

In Scorpio, the sign of shared resources (taxes, insurances, ...), retrograde Saturn will redefine these matters.

Some of you will reconsider your career or job and some others may redefine their status, reputation or standing.

It's becoming a time of resignations.

Things from the past may be revived under the backward motion of Saturn and may be re-investigated because of Saturn's placement in Scorpio.

Retrograde Saturn is about the re-turn of (or to) historic events or old scenes.

Around the same day of March 2, Venus at 27° Capricorn squares stationing Mars at 27° Libra, releasing quite some passionate energy.

Because stationing Mars in Libra squares its own dispositor (Venus rules Libra), this passionate combo can be very sexual, but also intensely violent.

If you are born around January 17, March 3, April 17, June 3, July 20, September 5, October 21 or December 4, you will experience the passionate energies more personally (physically or otherwise).

Explosive outbursts will be short-lived though, especially between men and women.

Around March 5, Venus enters the humanitarian air sign Aquarius and is interested in socializing and group interactions.

With the additional influences of Mars in the air sign Libra, you become focused on cooperation and group involvements.

If you are an air sign (Gemini, Libra or Aquarius), you will find increased charming responses from your environment.

If you are an air sign and still single, chances are you will meet a significant other.

Diplomacy rules.

Jupiter stations and turns direct at 10° Cancer around March 6.

In its stationing position, Jupiter tends to exaggerate, for good or ill.

Jupiter is a very public and extravert planet and in emotional Cancer expect emotions to run high.

There is increased optimism noticeable.

Enjoy family gatherings, housewarming parties, real-estate transactions, home improvements and publicity related to family-, home- and house-matters.

On a larger scale, there is increased patriotism as well.

Between March 6-10, lots of astrological configurations point to separation from beloved ones, changing the place, moving the place, real estate transactions, travelling, leaving the home or house, doing home improvements or construction work etc.

If you are born between January 21-23, March 7-9, April 21-24, June 7-9, July 24-27, September 9-11, October 25-28 or December 8-11, the influences will affect you directly.

Mercury at 23° Aquarius squares stationing Saturn at 23° Scorpio around March 11, resulting in stormy and/or extreme weather.

Because the Black Moon Lilith squares the mean Nodes of the Moon around March 10-11 (and entered Leo around March 4), this will add to the turbulent weather and natural disasters here and there during the first half of March.

March 13-18 are marked by lots and lots of precipitation so that floods, inundations etc. are to be feared on some places.

Also, it's a stormy time frame as well, resulting in hurricanes, tropical storms and the like.

Casualties may have to be feared.

Mercury enters Pisces around March 17 and will bring more confusion and uncertainty.

There is gossip or there are secrets that may be hoaxes as well.

Stay focused.

Around March 20, the Sun enters Aries, focusing on new initiatives and breakthroughs.

The mean North Node of the Moon enters Libra around March 22 and reinforces the 'airy' and sociable influences that are already apparent because of the placement of Venus and Mars in air signs.

The Nodes of the Moon reside in a zodiac sign for approx. 18 months.

The Nodes leaving the material and financial Taurus-Scorpio axis towards the Aries-Libra axis of relationships and encounters will bring a shift towards more human interests instead of financial and material matters for the coming months.

With the North Node in Libra, people will strive for a more just world and for justice.

The Nodes will connect us with a more sociable environment in which, again, we will learn to cooperate and will try to find a balance between our own urges and desires and the ones of others or the (or a) partner(s).

The 'I versus You' theme will pop up frequently and people may start to 're-connect' in some way.

It may indicate an increased (or renewed) interest in marriages, relationships, bonding and making (new) agreements.

Around the same day of March 22, Mercury and Neptune conjoin at 6° Pisces.

This conjunction can bring a delicate and sensitive influence - going so far as to bring real revelations.

There is inspiration and creativity giving the right answers to certain questions but because Neptune overpowers Mercury (the latter being in the sign of its detriment), your rational mind (Mercury) is switched off in favor of your higher intuition.

Chances are your plans may have to be cancelled and you have unfulfilled longings.

It's a spiritual time but also a confusing one and it's best to see things in a poetic and sobering way.

Around March 29, Venus at 22° Aquarius squares Saturn at 22° Scorpio resulting in money shortages and a lack of social contact.

Break-ups may occur and/or you may be separated from a beloved one.

If you are born around January 22-23, March 7-8, April 22-23, June 8-9, July 25-26, September 10-11, October 25-26 or December 9-10, expect study work or research around March 30-31.

There can be travel for work also or imposed trips and changes of the place.

Love Quotes of the Month

No one is perfect until you fall in love with them
-- Source Unknown --

Love cures people -- both the ones who give it and the ones who receive it
-- Dr. Karl Ménage --

Love is like a river, always changing, but always finding you again somewhere down the road
-- Kelly Elaine --

Love is a language spoken by everyone, but understood only by a heart
-- Shirley Rindani --

Find her. Protect her. Spoil her. Dance with her and never stop loving her or someone else will
-- The Cowboy Way --

It's useless to hold a person to anything he says while he's in love, drunk, or running for office
-- Shirley MacLaine --

What's New on Our Web Site?

We updated our Compatibility horoscopes page once more with the additional astrology software programs listed in this issue.

We added a page about the relocation chart to help improve your love life or to find love.

This article was printed previously in one of our first Love Letters.

Love and The Declination of the Progressed Moon (Part 1)

Some astronomers and scientists claim that astrology is flawed because from their perspective there are 13 signs instead of the common 12 which most Western astrologers use.

The horoscope division in 12 signs of 30° each is unreal to them.

Not only do they forget (intentionally or not) that there is a difference between the Constellations and the zodiac signs (which they very often mix up) but they also neglect the fact that the division in 12 zodiac signs of 30° each (also called the Tropical Zodiac) has a very natural reason.

The Tropical Zodiac, which most Western astrologers use, is based upon the annual movement of the Sun north and south of the celestial equator.

The Sun's movement starts at the equator (at 0° declination) at the spring equinox and the Sun then travels through the Northern Hemisphere for about three months until it reaches its highest declination above the equator (which is 0° Cancer).

It then proceeds and moves downwards towards the equator again until it crosses the equator (which is 0° Libra) and heads further south till it reaches its lowest declination (which corresponds with 0° Capricorn) and goes way up again to cross the equator again around the Vernal point (0° Aries).

And so the cycle repeats.

In other words, the Sun's movement along the equator marks all our seasons and builds the cornerstone of the Tropical Zodiac and the division of the horoscope wheel in segments or sectors of 30° each.

Not to make it too difficult, it's this path of the Sun, the Moon and the other planets, which is called declination, that interests us here.

It was the German astrologer Reinhold Ebertin who did quite some research and used the declinations in his astrological work (published among others in his book 'Applied Cosmobiology').

He even used the declination midpoints!

Ebertin found a 'simple' way to show the planets' movements along the equator on a Graphic Ephemeris which is commonly called the Lifespan Declination Graph or Lifetime Graph.

Aside from the transiting declinations, he also calculated the declinations of all the progressed planets and bodies to find the milestones in life.

Many other astrologers followed in his footsteps and have researched the (secondary) progressed planets in declination and especially the progressed Moon (with the key of 1 day after birth = 1 year after birth) in declination.

They all found that particular positions of the secondary progressed Moon in declination coincided with life-changing events and/or experiences.

In particular the following positions indicate important changes:
  • the progressed Moon crossing the equator (at 0° declination)

  • the progressed Moon at its highest declination North

  • the progressed Moon at its lowest declination South
The peaks and the crossings are powerful turning points in life, indicating childbirths, moves, job changes, divorces or important separations and are especially telling the story of your (family and love) life.

We can only confirm these findings.

Things become yet more interesting and powerful when the progressed Moon reaches its peak (North or South) and goes beyond 23°26' (which is the Sun's boundaries).

When planets go beyond the 23°26' mark, thus go beyond the Sun's boundaries, they are told to be 'out of bounds' and become more powerful and more 'extreme' in their manifestation.

Such out of bounds planets (or the Moon) become independent, often uncontrollable, extraordinary and 'beyond normal.'

When the progressed Moon is out of bounds, it's thus going to bring some events to happen that are beyond expectation.

When the Moon reaches its rare maximum declination of 28°45' North or South, it's at her major standstill, resulting in huge personal changes.

For now and in conclusion, keep in mind that the secondary progressed Moon in declination marks highly powerful turning points in life when it peaks or crosses the celestial equator.

Always look at both the direct progressed declinations and the converse progressed declinations.

If you find a peak or a crossing in both the direct and converse Graphs at the same moment in time, expect something really BIG and important to change the life of the person profoundly.

In our next Love Letter we will let you know how you can calculate your own Lifespan Declination Graphs and we will also give some examples to make it yet more understandable.

Astrology Software Update

Thanks to some readers, we have a couple of additional astrology software programs that are available on the internet at no cost.

  • ZET 9 Lite. This software runs on Windows and Intel based Mac computers (OS 10.5 / 10.6).

    While this is one of the most beautiful and intuitive software programs, it has only basic features.

    Of course, the programmer wants you to upgrade to the full version.

    Nevertheless, it still has lots of features but the program also has some inconveniences and there are still a couple of bugs in it.

  • Junior Jyotish for Windows. There are versions for Linux and Android available also.

    Make sure you download the free program by clicking the link in the right column.

    This software program is for Vedic astrology an incorporates the basic principles of the classical Parashara system.

    It has also been designed to include elements of the Systems Approach (SA) to Indian Astrology by Professor V.K. Choudhry.

    It is very intuitive, has great value and has all the necessary information to start delineating Vedic charts.

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