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CosmiTec's Love Letter, Issue #112 -- Love and The Declination of the Progressed Moon Part 2
March 21, 2014

Astrologically, we're heading for one of the most intense months of the year 2014.

Expect changes, changes and more changes at accelerating speed.

Remember that there are no endings (there never are), only (new) beginnings and this universal principle will apply beautifully this month.

We continue our series about the progressed Moon in declination and we will look at some examples to show how the method works in reality.

Lovely greetings
Luc De Jaeger

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Table of Contents

Our regular features
  1. The Love Forecasts for the Month
  2. Love Quotes of the month
  3. What's new on our web site?

Our occasional features

  1. Love and The Declination of the Progressed Moon Part 2

Love Forecasts for April 2014

Click here to download the April 2014 calendar in pdf format.

In general, events are likely to happen around April 5, April 12, April 19 and/or April 25-26.

April will be one of the most intense months of the year 2014 because some powerful astrological configurations are going on this month that will bring one event after the other, day after day!
  • Mars is at its closest position to the earth, especially around April 14.

    This is nothing unusual as such because it happens every 2-2.5 years.

    This year however, the Mars perigee coincides with other highly powerful planetary activity listed in the next bullets.

    Perigee Mars always works out in a more physical, material and visible way.

  • There is a Lunar Eclipse at 25° Libra around April 15

  • Pluto stations at 13° Capricorn and turns retrograde on the day of the Lunar Eclipse, increasing the intensity and creating yet more awareness!

  • There is a Solar Eclipse at 8° Taurus around April 29

  • The whole month is marked by the legendary Grand Cross or Grand Square in cardinal signs, involving Mars, Jupiter, Uranus and stationing Pluto.

    This configuration will be exact between April 22-25.
Still in general, this month will affect some birthdays in particular:
  • January 3-4, April 3, July 5, October 6-7 who will be 'hit' directly by the Grand Cross and Pluto's station and will feel the intense enrgies the most.

    February 16-17, May 19, August 21 and November 20-21 births will be 'hit' indirectly by these configurations during the whole month.

  • The January 22, March 7-8, April 22, June 8, July 25, September 10, October 25-26 or December 9 birthdays will experience quite some stress, opposition, resistance and tension this month.

    Expect a bumpy road.

  • The January 8-9, February 21-22, April 8, May 24-25, July 10-11, August 26-27, October 11-12, November 25-26 birthdays will face a reality check and some hard facts.

    April 2014 will be a sobering month and you may feel some physical discomfort.
Around April 1, the Sun at 11° Aries squares Jupiter at 11° Cancer.

There is bluff and exaggeration all over.

There are misjudgements and things are blown quite out of proportion.

April 1 really is Fools' Day now!

Around April 2, the Sun conjuncts Uranus at 12° Aries denoting humanitarian interests and the sacrifice for higher purposes.

This aspect may bring some astonishing insight and technical breakthroughs.

Around April 3, the Sun at 13° Aries squares Pluto at 13° Capricorn resulting in forceful events.

Actually, in the first days of April, the Sun and Uranus together in pioneering and initiating Aries build a T-square with the Jupiter-Pluto opposition.

Because the Sun and Uranus are the apex bodies, they will display quite some willpower, leadership and auspicious developments initiated by an authority or leader.

There is a huge capacity for accomplishments and though the configuration also points to power struggles, someone is in command and can push through successfully.

If you are born between January 2-4, February 16-18, April 1-4, May 17-20, July 3-6, August 20-22, October 4-7 or November 19-21, the early April days can be very rewarding in many ways.

Some of you may find love and your popularity will likely increase.

You may experience quite some windfalls.

Creative projects succeed.

Venus enters Pisces around April 5.

This is a peaceful and very gentle combination in which Venus wants to live in harmony in a more reclusive and silent way.

Some of you may face sadness and tearful events or losses/separation, especially if you are born around January 4-5, February 18, April 4, May 20, July 6, August 22, October 7-8 or November 22.

Physical love is absent and love is raised to a higher level, either more platonic or spiritual.

April 7 is marked by the entrance of Mercury, the messenger, in impulsive and self-assertive Aries.

This can be a very talkative combo and you tend to talk before you think.

Communication will increase with lots of messages and breaking news.

Don't jump to conclusions too soon and don't be too naive (Aries is an innocent and youthful sign because it represents the beginning and thus still lacks some experience and maturity).

The Sun at 18° Aries opposes retrograde Mars at 18° Libra around April 8-9.

This aspect may affect your health and some of you may be under 'attack' (physically or verbally).

If you are born around January 8-9, February 21-22, April 8, May 24-25, July 10-11, August 26-27, October 11-12, November 25-26, there is hardship and some physical issues may pop up.

There can be love's sorrow, separation from a beloved one and/or financial issues that result in some miserable conditions.

Venus conjoins Neptune at 6° Pisces around April 11-12, making for a very artistic and creative time.

Listen to some music, enjoy a concert or live your creative and artistic dreams.

Around April 14, Mercury at 12° Aries squares Jupiter at 12° Cancer which is an aspect of irresponsible behavior and neglect.

On the one side, you may feel betrayed but on the other hand, this aspect may also harm your reputation.

Don't give in to lies or dishonnest activities.

Around the same day of April 14-15, Mercury and Uranus will conjoin at 13° Aries.

Mid April, Mercury and Uranus are now the apex planets of the T-square that contain the Jupiter-Pluto opposition.

There is breaking news about technical evolutions or fortunate developments.

Pluto stations around the same day of April 14-15 at 13° Capricorn and turns retrograde.

In this position, Pluto is in a very powerful position and represents the (power of the) financial and corporate world and the governments.

In Capricorn, intense and powerfull Pluto brings power struggles in the corporate and banking world as well as in governments.

Because Pluto rules the 'Underworld' (litterally and figuratively), there is quite something going on that is hidden for most of us and that will be disclosed later on.

Things are changing profoundly.

The station alone is powerful enough to bring a metamorphosis to the financial system (taxes and the others' money) and in governments or corporations.

Because Pluto is the body of extreme reversals and profound transformations with an emotional connection, this configuration will not go unnoticed.

What's even more.

During Pluto's station and the other planetary patterns, there is a Lunar Eclipse going on as well at 25° Libra around April 15.

A Lunar Eclipse is a Full Moon that is a little more powerful.

Because Full Moons bring things out into the open, creating more awareness, the days before this Lunar Eclipse will be significant and highly eventful.

A Full Moon or Lunar Eclipse always marks the end of the waxing (longing) Moon phase and thus marks a completion, the fulfillment of something.

This Lunar Eclipse in Libra, the sign of relationships (at large) will focus yet more on cooperation and interaction between people, couples, partners etc. because the principle of the opposition aspect relates very well with the Libra principle.

This can be a very revealing Lunar Eclipse, uncovering and disclosing quite a lot already.

Stormy events may happen and there can be anger in the air.

Mercury at 16° Aries opposes Mars at 16° Libra around April 16.

There are discussions, arguments and lots of talk around these days.

It's a good day for teachers, instructors or people who want to carry out some plans.

This especially applies to you if you are born around January 6, February 20, April 6, May 22, July 8, August 24, October 9 or November 23.

Between April 17-19, Mars is still in its closest position to the earth, retrograde in the sign of its detriment and currently at a 'critical' degree.

So, Mars is still in an exceptional condition.

This implies that during this whole time frame Mars is in a position of 'clashes and crashes.'

In other words, there are serious issues and differences pertaining to what's your territory or belonging and the territory or belonging of the other(s).

There are issues pertaining to keeping a (physical) distance and knowing your boundaries.

During this Mars position, some people may have it difficult to make a difference between the own territory and/or possessions and the others'.

In many instances, this may manifest in different ways: increased (car) accidents (cars bumping into one another), more fights (people not keeping a distance) or physical abuse (harrasment) and aggression, theft and robbery.

Around April 18, the Sun at 28° Aries opposes the North Node of the Moon, indicating resignations and/or people in power leaving or experiencing a setback.

This is a difficult configuration for VIPs or celebrities to stay in power and maintain a position.

Some people may resign because of personal or other reasons.

The Sun enters the fixed earth sign Taurus around April 20 and focuses on material goods and possessions.

You may long for more stability after the turmoil of the past days and weeks.

Around the same day of April 20, Jupiter at 13° Cancer squares Uranus at 13° Aries which is always a restless combo.

There is the urge to break away and break free to liberate the world asap.

This aspect is a revolting and impatient one resulting in exaggerations to impose transformations impulsively.

It's a fanatic combo also, the more so because around April 21, Jupiter at 13° is exactly opposite stationing Pluto at 13° Capricorn and Uranus also squares Pluto, reinforcing inner urges for big changes.

During these days, there are a whole lot of astrological patterns at work that have to do with finances, expenses, losses, bankruptcy and possible crashes.

These configurations will linger on and are part of the background picture of April 2014.

Around April 22, Mercury at 28° Aries opposes the North Node of the Moon at 28° Libra denoting a very busy, hectic and stressful time.

Mars at 13° Libra also squares Jupiter at 13° Cancer and triggers the Grand Square or Grand Cross (containing Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto) that will be exact till April 25.

This Grand Cross in cardinal signs acts like a turning wheel (cardinal signs are initiating, active, instinctive and goal-oriented) that will set quite some things in motion.

In initiating signs, it will bring novelties, new beginnings.

A cardinal Grand Cross can be a huge driver during which so many things are going on at the same time that it creates a lot of stress and tension just because of that.

The cardinal modality is very self-motivated (instinctive) and expressive and often works in survival mode.

The primary concern of a cardinal Grand Cross is starting something new, pushing things through, often without thinking or without an organized plan.

However, the wheel is turning and cannot be stopped.

If you are born around January 22, March 8, April 22, June 8, July 25, September 10, October 25-26 or December 9, there is a lot of construction work going on in your world around April 22.

Your focus is on real estate, buildings, changing the place of residence, moving, doing home improvements etc.

In the mean time, Mercury will enter Taurus around April 23 mentally focusing yet more on your possessions and money.

In general, April 23 can be eye-opening and bringing a big turn of events for many.

If you are born around January 22, March 8, April 22, June 8, July 25, September 10, October 25-26 or December 9, there is a lot of research, study work going on in your world around April 24.

There can be imposed trips or travel (for work) and duties come first.

The Sun and Mercury conjoin around April 25-26 at 5° Taurus of slowly developing mental processes.

The Sun and Mercury together try to absorb information and chew over it.

Around April 29 there is a Solar Eclipse at 8° Taurus.

It's always worth looking at the meaning of the Eclipse cycles through the research results by astrologer Bernadette Brady.

According to her research, this Eclipse is basically about wasted energy and misdirected motivation, especially when dealing with groups.

She advices to not take real action.

Additionally we can add that the exact midpoint picture of this Eclipse cycle also refers to paralysis, not being able to take action, to be sad, a mourning mood and impatience.

More positively, the Solar Eclipse supports meditation and gentler (less competitive) activities.

Between the Lunar Eclipse and this Solar Eclipse, many astrological configurations refer to financial issues or losses that may be resolved during the last days of April when Jupiter is at 14° Cancer, a 'Thanks God' degree and one of resolving issues and new opportunities.

Love Quotes of the Month

A woman will do anything when she loves or hates
-- Propertius --

An angry lover tells himself many lies
-- Publius Syrius --

Love is a bad neighbour, but to have none is worse
-- Spanish proverb --

I like the whiskey old and the women young
-- Errol Flynn --

It is better to be unfaithful than to be faithful without wanting to be
-- Brigitte Bardot --

Love is a matter of chemistry but sex is a matter of physics
-- Source Unknown --

What's New on Our Web Site?

We updated and expanded the following pages:

Love and The Declination of the Progressed Moon Part 2

In the previous Issue, we discussed the principle and basics of the direct and converse progressed Moon in declination.

We mentioned that the crossing (at 0° declination) and the highest declinations (North or South) represent turning points and milestones in one's life.

Most astrology software programs are able to calculate the positions of the planets and points in declination.

It's best to have the progressed Moon's position in declination shown in a graph.

Some software programs have a graph with the Equator (horizontal 0° line) in the middle and the North declinations above the 0° line, the declinations South below the 0° line.

Other programs show the 0° line (Equator) at the bottom and print the declination lines North or South above the horizontal Equator in different colors or thickness.

If you have no software program with this feature, you can still get your progressed Moon in declination graphs from Astrodienst.

Just follow the instructions below:
  1. Go to
  2. Select 'Free Horoscopes' in the left navigation bar, top left
  3. Choose 'Horoscope Drawings & Calculations'
  4. Choose 'Extended Chart Selection'
  5. Login or enter the birth information by following the instructions on the screen
  6. In the 'Extended Chart Selection' window, click on the 'Special Charts' link next to the "Methods:"
  7. In the 'Select the type of chart you want' drop-down menu, just scroll down and find the 'Ebertin's Life Diagram, Progressed declinations' option
  8. In the 'options' heading, make sure you enter a start date
  9. Then, click on the blue 'Click here to show the chart' button
  10. The (very) light blue line is the (direct) progressed Moon in declination line
The graph shows the crossings of the Equator (0° declination) at the bottom and the highest declinations (North and South) are at the top of the Graph.

Now let's take a look at some random examples to illustrate the principles.

Recently (early January 2014), Francois Hollande , the French president, admitted having an affair, resulting in the separation from his wife.

When looking at his direct progressed Moon in declination graph, you will be stunned to find out that late December 2013, the progressed Moon in declination crossed the Equator (at 0° declination) denoting a turning point in his life.

Most often, the progressed Moon crossing the Equator coincides with separations (in a wide sense).

Another example is Frank Sinatra , who married in February 1939 when the progressed Moon in declination was at its highest declination South.

He remarried in November 1951 when the progressed Moon in declination was at its maximum North.

Sarah Ferguson , the British Duchess of York who married Prince Andrew in July 1986, did so when the progressed Moon in declination crossed the Equator at 0° declination.

The British soccer player David Beckham , married spice girl Victoria Adams in July 1999 when the progressed Moon in declination was in maximum declination South!

Bill Gates , one of the founders of Microsoft Corp. and still one of the richest men in the world, married on January 1, 1994 when the progressed Moon in declination crossed the Equator (0° declination).

Julia Roberts got twins in November 2004 when the progressed Moon in declination was at maximum South declination.

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