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CosmiTec's Love Letter, Issue #118 -- Update Childbirth in Solar Returns
September 21, 2014

We're heading towards the month of October which will present 2 powerful Eclipses.

In our monthly forecast you will read why we define both Eclipses as 'the Love Eclipses.'

We are excited to already present and discuss some new research findings regarding childbirth in solar return charts.

Now that we have analyzed 1,030 female solar returns calculated for the year of childbirth, there are some significant results we want to post.

Luc De Jaeger

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Table of Contents

Our regular features
  1. The Love Forecasts for the Month
  2. Love Quotes of the month
  3. What's new on our web site?

Our occasional features

  1. Update Childbirth in Solar Returns

Love Forecasts for October 2014

Click here to download the October 2014 calendar in pdf format.

In general and on a mundane level, events are likely to happen around October 1, October 6-7, October 13-14, October 20-21 and/or October 27-28.

You may feel a little reclusive around October 2 and chances are you prefer staying at home.

Make your home a cozy place!

If you are born around January 18, March 4, April 18, June 4, July 21, September 6, October 22 or December 5, you can show your organizing talents and/or apply controls to suit your own particular purposes around October 2.

Around October 4, the Sun at 11° Libra squares forceful Pluto at 11° Capricorn.

This waning square denotes lost labor and fighting against oppression and forceful powers.

It's an aspect of protests that are in vain, that lead to nothing but (more) censorship and/or repression.

If you are born around January 1-2, February 14, April 1, May 17, July 3, August 19, October 4-5 or November 18, you can expect huge expenses, bankruptcy, financial issues around this day of October 4.

Be aware that the transits remain in this position for some days (till October 9).

In some instances, major adjustments of life circumstances (often because of financial reasons) may be noticeable.

If you are born around this day of October 4, you are likely to feel the financial issues and/or expenses your whole (solar return) year (counting from birthday to birthday).

Around the same day of October 4, Mercury stations and turns retrograde at 2° Scorpio.

As usual, stationing Mercury will be felt powerfully if you are a Gemini or born under the sun sign Virgo (or if your Ascendant is Gemini or Virgo).

In that case, things will not work out too well or don't go as anticipated.

You may feel minor health issues as well and you better keep a low profile.

On a mundane and more general level, stationing Mercury in an air sign (which Libra is) marks a period of possible strikes.

October 6-7 bring a rebellious and fighting mood, the more so because the Sun at 14° Libra opposes Uranus at 14° Aries.

However, there can be surprising encounters and sudden solutions to some difficult issues, bringing relief also.

This can be an inspirational, creative and enlightening period.

Around October 8, the Lunar Eclipse at 15° Aries is accident-prone, with lots of crashes, clashes and collisions.

However, aside from these crashes and possible financial issues, significant purchases, expenses, this Lunar Eclipse is a very auspicious one in matters of love.

Indeed, this Lunar Eclipse is at a marriage degree and a degree that suggests people falling in love passionately and easily (at first sight and/or unexpectedly).

People tend to bump into each other easily under this Lunar Eclipse, resulting in (often short-lived) love affairs and/or conceptions.

Actually, this Lunar Eclipse will build a Kite configuration between the Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Uranus.

These are all planets and bodies involved in and representing exciting events (on condition natal Saturn does not interfere), marriages, proposals, conceptions, childbirths, celebrations etc.

This Full Moon (which a Lunar Eclipse is) will bring this all more out into the open and make things public.

The Grand Trine in fire signs between Uranus, Mars and Jupiter will additionally bring increased consciousness, creative and unseen breakthroughs and developments (often technology-related but also noticeable in other fields).

In a less positive way, this degree area of bumping into each other may be taken literally too (resulting in crashes, a hot temper and fights here and there).

Around October 10, retrograde Mercury enters Libra again and demands to re-negotiate or reconsider things or edit an agreement.

There can be some financial strain around this day of October 10.

Love is still in the air around October 11 when Venus at 14° Libra opposes Uranus at 14° Aries.

However, because of the separative opposition aspect with Uranus, encounters are either (too) short-lived or lived from a distance (through short phone messages for example).

Beware of disappointments and love's sorrow though because around October 12, the Sun and the North Node of the Moon conjoin at 19° Libra.

Relationship issues are lingering on till October 15-16 when Venus and the North Node of the Moon conjoin at 19° Libra.

Expect love's sorrow and separation to occur till October 16.

The Sun and Mercury conjoin at 23° Libra, a lucky and helpful degree, around October 16.

You are talking or thinking about changes because things can no longer remain the same.

A move, a change of residence or relocation is possible or may be considered.

Beware of a loss of energy, not feeling too well, no willingness to work or doing any activities resulting in taking a day off around this day of October 16.

Mercury and Venus are conjunct around October 17 at 22° Libra.

Talk about love and enjoy.

Around October 21, Mercury and the North Node of the Moon conjoin, marking a very busy and hectic day.

The Solar Eclipse around October 23 at 0° Scorpio, is a very powerful and important one.

In matters of love, this degree often results in finding a new lover, leaving the partner for another one and/or transforming love to another level.

In general, this is a very auspicious Solar Eclipse that is part of the 17 New North Saros cycle.

According to researcher and astrologer Bernadette Brady, this Eclipse cycle is exciting, passionate, impulsive and may be concerned with financial projects and/or relationship issues.

Here too, the astrological configurations are highly auspicious and may bring a lot of good things and great achievements in the coming six months (the time frame a Solar Eclipse works out), on condition that natal Saturn does not interfere on an individual level.

This Solar Eclipse is likely to bring quality and strength, blending great power for good.

This Eclipse is highly powerful also because it falls at 0° Scorpio, a highly powerful transformational degree, often called the gates of death, that will revamp a situation completely.

It clears out quite a lot and will start over in a totally different way.

So, the coming 6 months look very exciting indeed!

Around October 25, the Sun and Venus conjoin at 1° Scorpio and point to marriages, proposals, childbirths, conceptions and love dreams.

If you are born around January 21, March 7, April 21-22, June 7, July 24-25, September 9, October 25 or December 8-9, you will feel the auspicious Sun-Venus conjunction most.

If you are born around January 22, March 8, April 22-23, June 8, July 25-26, September 10, October 26 or December 9-10, you may experience a difficult separation from a loved one around October 25.

Mercury stations and turns direct again at 16° Libra around October 25.

Rejoice Geminis and Virgos (and Gemini and Virgo Ascendants) because things will start to improve again slowly

Expect some news or some important messages (decisions) around the station.

Here too, stationing Mercury may be related to some strikes.

Mars enters corporate and strict Capricorn around October 26, denoting a lot of hard work to accomplish.

The atmosphere becomes cooler (and colder).

In this cardinal earth sign, Mars is very focused on goals and competition and it has to cope with some strict deadlines.

Around October 26-27, separation from a loved one is in the air.

This will especially apply to you if you are born around January 23, March 9, April 23, June 9, July 26, September 11, October 27 or December 10.

For the 2nd time this month, Mercury conjuncts the North Node of the Moon at 18° Libra around October 29-30 implying a hectic and busy time once more.

There is some hardship though and some hard facts to face.

October 30-31 is much about the search for missing people or people disappearing and/or leaving your world.

Love Quotes of the Month

One lover, that is love; two lovers, that is passion; three lovers, that is commerce
-- French proverb --

One who marries in haste repents at leisure
-- Italian proverb --

The soul that walks in love is neither wearisome nor wearies
-- San Juan de la Cruz --

The torch of love is lit in the kitchen
-- French proverb --

The first symptom of love in a young man is shyness; the first symptom in a young woman is boldness
-- Victor Hugo --

Love is the mortar that holds the human structure together
-- Karen Casey --

What's New on Our Web Site?

We added two articles about the progressed Moon in declination: Part 1 and Part 2

Both articles were previously published in a Love Letter.

We updated the sign compatibility page.

We updated the Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt pages with the information about their marriage.

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This should fix any font issues you may had.

Update Childbirth in Solar Returns

We have numerous ongoing research projects and one of them is childbirth in solar returns.

Now that we have more than 1,000 solar returns of women for the year of childbirth, we wanted to know if our previous research results published on our web site for 865 solar returns still hold.

While we are still in the process of analyzing all the data, some important and highly significant preliminary results already pop up.

We cannot wait to post them in this Love Letter first, before we will update our web site accordingly after we managed to analyze all the results.

To reiterate, we analyzed 1,030 solar returns of women, calculated for the year of childbirth.

Because we don't have the applicable relocated place of residence of the solar returns, all charts were calculated for the place of birth.

The solar returns were analyzed as a stand alone chart without comparing the charts with the natal charts.

Numerous techniques and methods were used to find out if childbirth can be found in the solar returns of women.

One of the major and promising 'discoveries' is about the planetary phases (like the Moon phases, representing the distance between planets or bodies in their waning or waxing phase).

In the 'modern' Western view of astrology, aspect analysis is one of the keys to assess and delineate horoscopes.

However, even though aspects are very important, they are just part of a bigger picture; the phases and cycles.

Aspects are a static way of delineating planetary contacts, exact at a certain time and location.

In reality, the aspects are part of the planetary phases.

Aspects are static, phases are dynamic.

Phases are part of cycles that show bigger patterns and show events that develop as part of an ongoing process and not isolated incidents.

This is an important rule in horary that shows how the event(s) will unfold!

By simply and narrowly analyzing the (static) aspects, astrologers most often forget this.

We are thrilled to find out that by incorporating the planetary phases and cycles in our astrological research, some statistically significant results cannot be denied.

While there are different ways to assess the phases and cycles, we found out that the 12 phases (instead of the common 8 phases) bring the best results.

This tallies with the findings by astrologer and researcher Michael Bergen (mentioned in our previous Love Letter when we discussed his findings pertaining to marriages over 15 years) and Robert Hand who addresses the issue of aspects being a form of house relationships (the aspects take on one of the 12 house meanings/characteristics).

Actually, this point of view is nothing new really because ancient and medieval astrologers always made a difference between waning and waxing aspects and applying and separating ones.

Yes, we should listen more to what ancient astrologers learned us!

Anyway, let's take a look at some of the preliminary results now:
  • Venus trine the MC (orb 3°) Chi square 42.2

  • Mercury and Mars are between 30°-60° (chi square 36.9), between 330°-360° (chi square 31.8) or between 0°-30° (chi square 22.8)

  • Mercury and Mars are seldom between 150°-180° (chi square 48.9).

    This means that if Mercury and Mars are in this phase (waning opposition), it's unlikely this will be a childbirth year.

  • Mercury and the Mean Node of the Moon are between 330°-360° (chi square 131.7), between 90°-120° (chi square 82.8) or between 210°-240° (chi square 49.7)

  • Venus and Mars are between 330°-360° (chi square 29.4)

  • the Sun and Mars are seldom in opposition (orb 5°) chi square 78.5

  • Moreover, the Sun and Mars are seldom between 150°-180° (chi square 37.6)

    This means that if you have a Sun-Mars opposition in the solar return chart, it's unlikely this will be a childbirth year.

  • Pluto trines the Ascendant (orb 5°) chi square 16.3

  • Sagittarius is on the Ascendant (chi square 15.3), followed by Cancer (chi square 9.3).

    These findings confirm our previous results.

  • Mars is in the 1st decan (0°-10°) of Pisces (chi square 19.2)

  • Saturn is seldom in the 6th house (chi square 11.8)

  • Pluto is in the 1st house (chi square 15.3)

    This one too confirms our previous findings.

  • The Sun and Mars are between 30°-60° (chi square 30.6) or between 330-360° (chi square 30.6)

  • Mercury and Juno are between 0°-30° (chi square 43.8)

  • Mercury and Ceres are between 270°-300° (chi square 35.6) or between 330°-360° (chi square 34.3)

  • Venus and Ceres are between 0°-30° (chi square 23.9)

  • Mars and Jupiter are between 180°-210° (chi square 97.1) or between 150°-180° (chi square 33.1).

    This denotes that Mars and Jupiter are often inconjunct or opposite.

    This confirms our previous findings regarding the aspect analysis but here, when taking the phases into account, the results are much more significant!

    However, there can be a bias due to the time frame the women are born but still, the results are important.

  • the Sun and Juno are between 0°-30° (chi square 18.9) or between 330°-360° (chi square 15.3)

    In other words, transiting Juno is conjuncting the Sun, an aspect that we have found to be significant in the solar return of a marriage.

    Can there be a relationship between marriage and childbirth? ;)

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