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CosmiTec's Love Letter, Issue #123 -- Marriages, Sun Signs and Statistics
February 21, 2015

Expect a(nother) highly busy and eventful month of March 2015.

More in our monthly forecast section below.

In this Issue's featured article we'd like to present and discuss another statistical research study recently conducted in Germany.

A retired Medical Doctor has found the time to test the Gunter Sachs data and results and what he has found is remarkable.

More about it below.

Loving greetings
Luc De Jaeger

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Table of Contents

Our regular features
  1. The Love Forecasts for the Month
  2. Love Quotes of the month
  3. What's new on our web site?

Our occasional features

  1. Marriages, Sun Signs and Statistics

Love Forecasts for March 2015

Click here to download the March 2015 calendar in pdf format.

In general and on a mundane level, events are likely to happen around March 6, March 13-14, March 20 and/or March 26-27.

Expect a very busy and eventful month, marked by the following very powerful and intense configurations:
  • Saturn stations and turns regtrograde

  • Uranus squares Pluto for the last time at 'critical' degrees

  • There is a Solar Eclipse at 29° Pisces, an ending degree

  • The March 5 Full Moon is a SuperMoon as well as the Solar Eclipse
During this month of March 2015, a couple of planetary configurations will affect some birthdays in particular:
  • If you are born around January 3-4, February 17, April 3, May 19, July 5, August 21, October 6 or November 20, you are experiencing exciting events shared and/or lived with others.

    There can be unrest and nervous tension noticable in a group you are part of (family, co-workers,...).

  • If you are born around January 5, February 19, April 5, May 21, July 7, August 23, October 8 or November 22, this month of March 2015 is about a fortunate change and a possible milestone in your life.

    A new start for the better may await you.

  • If you are born around January 19, March 5, April 19, June 5, July 22, September 7, October 22 or December 6, your whole month is marked by relief, optimism, revelations, sudden windfalls and exciting events.

  • If you are born around January 30, March 15, April 30, June 16, August 2, September 18, November 2 or December 17, this month of March 2015 is likely to bring a whole lot of hard work.

    You will need perseverance and want to go to the bottom of something.

    You might have to research something or need to stabilize a situation.

    Some of you may be doing a lot of construction work as well.

  • If you are born around December 31, February 14, March 31, May 16, July 2, August 18, October 3 or November 17, there can be financial losses and/or expenses.

    Some of you are in a self-indulging mood.

    There is great idealism noticeable and you tend to dream of a big future.

    Beware of rumors, scandals and betrayal though and try to keep your daydreaming under control.
Let's take a look now at how the month will unfold.

Mercury at 14° Aquarius opposes Jupiter at 14° Leo around March 1.

There is indecision and hesitation.

Beware of misjudgments because you are not realistic and/or don't see the facts clearly.

This day is a good day to be creative and focus on artistic projects (like music and photography) though.

Around March 2 Venus at 11° Aries opposes the North Node of the Moon at 11° Libra.

This aspect often brings a lonely feeling and some (restricting) issues regarding love and finances.

Often, the issues are found in past actions or habits that now (re)surface.

You may encounter or meet a past loved one also.

Around March 3 you may encounter an irresistible attractive person.

For some of you it will be love at first sight, for others the encounter can be 'fated.'

Most fire signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) are favored by this aspect.

However, if you are born around January 3-4, February 17, April 3, May 19, July 5, August 21, October 6 or November 20, these early March astrological configurations of irresistible attraction may affect you most.

Around March 4 there are legal issues, disputes, dissatisfaction and separation noticeable.

Venus and Uranus conjoin at 14° Aries around March 4 resulting in exciting encounters and short-lived attractions.

If you are born around January 4, February 18, April 4, May 20, July 6, August 22, October 7 or November 21, the attraction especially applies to you.

Venus at 15° Aries squares Pluto at 15° Capricorn around the same period (March 4-5) implying irresistible love affairs and fatal attractions that can disrupt existing love bonds.

Clearly, the early March configurations between Venus, Uranus and Pluto are very intense in matters of love and for some, this will indicate a milestone and turn your life upside-down.

Around the Full Moon of March 5 at 14° Virgo, you feel optimistic, happy, relieved and you may have big plans for the future.

Things are developing very well in your life, the more so if you are born around January 19, March 5, April 19, June 5, July 22, September 7, October 22 or December 6.

If you are born around this day of March 5 your whole (solar return) year (counting from birthday to birthday) is marked by these fortunate configurations.

Mars at 11° Aries opposes the North Node of the Moon at 11° Libra around March 6-7.

Unfortunately, since March 4, Mars is not in too good a position and now that it is conjunct the South Node of the Moon as well in this Full Moon period, there can be mass events going on that cause physical injuries for many (mass shootings, mass accidents, mass collisions etc...).

Readers of our monthly forecasts may already know that we don't like Mars to be in the neighbourhood of the South Node because of the 'bloody' connection it has for many.

Moreover, around March 11, Mars and Uranus conjoin at 15° Aries and square Pluto at 15° Capricorn.

This is a very violent combination, the more so because all three bodies are at 15° in a sign, a 'critical degree' representing crisis situations.

This Mars, Uranus and Pluto combo is an extremely fanatic one that cannot and will not give in what so ever.

It's a highly destructive and aggressive configuration that also represents aggression, accidents, natural disasters, physical injuries and upsetting a status quo in a very intense way.

Around March 12-13 Mercury, the messenger, enters secret and chaotic Pisces.

In this zodiac sign, Mercury is in its detriment and cannot think clear and rational.

Communication becomes less focused and confusion reigns.

This results in tons of gossip, buzz and people are in a very talkative mood.

On a positive note however, Mercury will start to trust its own intuition more and more.

Saturn stations and turns retrograde at 4° Sagittarius around March 14.

This station is quite restrictive and blocking progress.

Thinking outside of the box and going way beyond one's (conditioned) belief system or world view is necessary to move forward again.

In Sagittarius stationing Saturn will redefine our beliefs and religious thoughts and we may be in for some shockers...

Still around March 15-16 there is a lot of resistance, hard work and trying to overcome restrictions and obstacles, especially if you are born around January 30, March 15, April 30, June 16, August 2, September 18, November 2 or December 17.

If you are born around this day of March 15-16, these influences will mark your whole (solar return) year (counting from birthday to birthday).

There is sharp criticism, dissatisfaction and finger pointing around March 16 when Mercury at 4° Pisces squares stationing Saturn at 4° Sagittarius.

Mental stress prevails and beware of a mental burn-out.

Also take care of your health (you may experience a cold).

If you are born around January 19, March 5, April 19, June 5, July 22, September 7, October 22 or December 6, March 16 is full of joy and nice experiences.

Don't indulge too much.

Uranus at 15° Aries squares Pluto at 15° Capricorn around March 16-17.

This is the final clash between both giants and slow-moving generational bodies.

Both bodies are at a 'critical' degree reflecting a crisis situation.

Because this time both bodies are equally strong and powerful this is a frontal collision bringing no winner (yet).

Uranus at 15° Aries is at one of the most aggressive degrees of the zodiac reflecting fights, collisions, clashes, passion, but also physical injuries (and surgery).

Pluto at 15° Capricorn is at a separative and somber degree and is unable to let go the past.

Pluto rules an emotional and fixed sign (Scorpio) that is unable to let go and will cling, stick and hook till total self-destruction.

So, the clash between the giants is upsetting, unsettling and huge BUT because independent Uranus in fighting Aries is also trine Jupiter, the liberating and revolutionizing spirit has still the edge.

The Jupiter-Uranus trine is very helpful in releasing information and bringing revelations and breakthroughs of any kind to the foreground.

March may be a month of turmoil and unsettling events but also a month of a breaking point.

Around March 17 Venus enters its own sign Taurus and may start to bring more stability but also point to a stalemate situation (Taurus is the most inert sign of all).

The focus is on your possessions and goods.

If you are born around January 31, March 17, May 2, June 18, August 4, September 19-20, November 4 or December 18, this day of March 17 is about leaving the environment, having spiritual experiences and/or exploring the unkown.

Someone is leaving your world.

Mercury and Neptune conjoin at 8° Pisces around March 18 indicating spiritual insight and creative thinking.

Beware of deception and unreliable information though.

Around March 20 the Solar Eclipse at 29° Pisces may influence Europe and Russia on a mundane level, where it is visible.

Because the Eclipse is a SuperMoon too, March may bring some extreme weather (especially water-related like floods, precipitation or drought).

According to astrologer and researcher Bernadette Brady, this Eclipse belongs to the Saros 17 South Series.

On a personal or individual level, this Saros Series indicates sudden successes in group projects or personal relationship matters.

The Eclipse points to happiness in love and good news concerning relationships or creative expression with a group.

The degree area of the Eclipse is highly significant too as it is on an ending degree (all 29° are ending degrees), especially in the last degree of the zodiac itself, conjunct the Fixed Star Scheat.

Because an Eclipse lasts about 6 months, the influence will be felt till September 2015.

This Solar Eclipse conjunct the Fixed Star Scheat has a bad reputation in mundane astrology as it is related to floods, drowning (maritime and natural disasters), severe accidents and deaths.

Moreover, at the same time, Mars too is conjunct a Fixed Star known to indicate shipwreck and/or maritime disasters (it is conjunct Baten Kaitos).

The Fixed Star Scheat represents mental creativity too and may break with conventional thoughts.

In that sense, it can be a real eye-opener and paradigm-shifting!

The same day of March 20 the Sun enters Aries and gets more self-confident and active.

Something has to be done.

If you are born around January 19, March 5, April 19, June 5, July 22, September 7, October 22 or December 6, expect good news around March 21-22.

Things turn for the better and you may experience a series of fortunate breaks.

New perspectives are established.

Between March 23-27 you may be separated from a loved one for whatever reason.

There can be relationship issues and you have it difficult to cope with the situation.

If you are born around January 30, March 15, April 30, June 16, August 2, September 18, November 2 or December 17 the separation from a loved one may affect you directly.

Venus at 12° Taurus squares Jupiter at 12° Leo around March 27-28.

This waning aspect in fixed signs implies (large) expenses and purchases.

You may try to impress someone but don't overdo!

If you are born around January 19, March 5, April 19, June 5, July 22, September 7, October 22 or December 6, expect auspicious events to take place around March 30.

It's a good day for a proposal or to organize something.

Communicative Mercury enters impulsive Aries around March 30-31 and wants to talk.

Around March 31 the Sun at 10° Aries opposes the North Node of the Moon at 10° Libra suggesting a personal setback, a low energy level and some withdrawal/resignation.

Beware of betrayal as well and don't waste too much money around the same day.

You may face huge financial losses.

Mars enters Taurus around March 31 indicating an increased focus on material gain and/or possessions.

In this position Mars tends to buy impulsively for security reasons and to feel safe.

Now that both Venus and Mars are in Taurus, the love life of all earth signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) is activated for the next two weeks and my bring some interesting encounters.

Love Quotes of the Month

Love stretches your heart and makes you big inside
-- Margaret Walker --

Love brings to life whatever is dead around us
-- Franz Rosenzweig --

A woman has got to love a bad man once or twice in her life to be thankful for a good one
-- Source Unknown --

Being someone’s first love may be great, but to be their last is beyond perfect
-- Source Unknown --

Have enough courage to trust love one more time and always one more time
-- Maya Angelou --

If you love someone, tell them because hearts are often broken by words left unspoken
-- Source Unknown --

What's New on Our Web Site?

We updated the sun sign compatibility page with the information presented by the German researcher Bernt Hunze.

There are minor HTML5 updates on different pages.

Marriages, Sun Signs and Statistics

On our web site we published some statistical research results conducted by Gunter Sachs pertaining to marriages and Sun signs.

Gunter Sachs was a German photographer, author, industrialist, and interested in astrology and its connection with mathematics and statistics.

His research was based upon thousands and thousands of Swiss birth data.

He published his research results in different books.

Though French research confirmed some of his findings, his research was heavily criticized.

Only recently, a (now retired) German Medical Doctor, Bernt Hunze, has compared three studies based upon Swiss and French marriages (1,004,390 Swiss marriages concluded between 1987-2010 and investigated by Gunter Sachs and 6,498,320 French marriages concluded between 1976-1997) and confirmed the initial Gunter Sachs' results!

What does this mean?
  • It's very significant that female Aries significantly often marries a male Aries, Leo or Sagittarius.

    Indeed, female Aries significantly often marries a man whose Sun sign is posited in fire signs (Aries, Leo or Sagittarius).

  • By the way, it's statistically significant that most people marry a partner born around their own birth month!

    This applies to ALL Sun signs but to some Sun signs it's extremely significant (they are printed in bold in the following paragraph).

    Aries often marries another Aries, Taurus often marries another Taurus, Gemini often marries another Gemini, Leo often marries another Leo, Virgo often marries another Virgo, Libra often marries another Libra, Sagittarius often marries another Sagittarius, Capricorn highly often marries another Capricorn and Aquarius highly often marries another Aquarius.

    The Sun signs that are left out, show no statistical effect.

    However, according to French research this has nothing to do with the Sun sign(s) as such but with the Sun's longitude (and distance).

    This denotes that people tend to stastically often marry someone who has his or her Sun not too far apart, i.e. in the same or adjacent sign.

    This denotes that Aries most often marries another Aries but also a Pisces or Taurus (adjacent or neighbouring signs) etc.

    The more both Suns are in signs square, inconjunct or opposite each other, the more likely the partners will not marry and/or separate sooner or later.

    Another highly significant result is the marriages between Cancerians and Scorpios (either men or women) on the one side and marriages between Cancerians and Pisceans on the other hand.

    For long, especially Cancer and Scorpio Sun signs have been told to be a match made in heaven.

    Statistical research seems to confirm this over and over.
Statistics are a means to find significant general and impersonal trends and traits.

Statistics do NOT assess, describe or analyze your own personal and individual love/marriage life.

Statistical research is about probabilities and likelihood

Currently, most statistical research has only analyzed the Sun signs -- even if there are numerous other planets and bodies to take into account (as well as the all-important angles).

No software is currently able to analyze such a vast and complex number of planets/bodies/angles together to find for significant traits or patterns.

Also, statistics is what it is: mere numbers...

Don't choose to be part of numbers by just following statistics.

If you are a female Aries for example, it would be irresponsible to only date males who have their Sun in fire signs because compatibility goes way beyond Sun signs (the Sun is only ONE single bit of information out of numerous other pieces of the puzzle).

If you cannot decide between partners, the research studies may help but cannot replace your heart and/or pre-birth agreement/contract that still will (and has to) manifest!

Changing statistical methods will change the results but Bernt Hunze has shown that even when changing some statistical methods, some results DO stay the same and this is, according to his research and knowledge, beyond chance and beyond a self-fulfilling prophecy!

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