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CosmiTec's Love Letter, Issue #124 -- Power Conflicts in Relationships
March 21, 2015

There is a very specific aspect in a natal chart that highly increases the odds of experiencing huge power conflicts in relationships (between lovers, co-workers, family-members, friends,...).

If you think that power struggles in whatever kind of a relationship have to do with Pluto, you may reconsider when you read our featured article.

April too will be eventful with lots of powerful astrological configurations still going on.

Love & Light
Luc De Jaeger

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Table of Contents

Our regular features
  1. The Love Forecasts for the Month
  2. Love Quotes of the month
  3. What's new on our web site?

Our occasional features

  1. Power Conflicts in Relationships

Love Forecasts for April 2015

Click here to download the April 2015 calendar in pdf format.

In general and on a mundane level, events are likely to happen around April 3, April 10, April 16-17, April 13 and/or April 30.

April is marked by the following powerful configurations:
  • A Lunar Eclipse at 14° Libra, a 'critical' degree

  • Jupiter stations on its most powerful degree and turns direct again

  • Heavy Pluto stations and turns retrograde at a 'critical' degree

  • There is a SuperMoon (perigee New Moon) on April 18
During this month of April 2015, a couple of planetary configurations will affect some birthdays in particular:
  • If you are born around January 12, February 25, April 11, May 28, July 14, August 30, October 15 or November 29 you may feel ill and/or sad.

    There may be a lack of trust.

    Some of you may feel depressed and/or lose focus and/or lack ambition.

    There can be a sense of being wronged and some of you want to give up.

  • If you are born around January 19, March 5, April 19, June 5, July 22, September 7, October 22 or December 6, this month of April 2015 is about a fortunate change and establishing new perspectives.

    There is optimism and a sense of leadership (you being in control of your life and the events happening).

  • If you are born around January 17, March 2, April 17, June 2, July 19, September 4, October 20 or December 4, your whole month is marked by a reality check and facing some facts.

    You may feel ill or not at ease and/or face some physical injuries.

    Some events prevent you from 'flying high.'

  • If you are born around January 30, March 16, May 1, June 17, August 3, September 18, November 3 or December 17, this month of April 2015 is likely to become tense and stressful.

    There can be separation (in a wide sense and for whatever reason).

    You are quite willful and try to resist changes.

  • If you are born around January 16, March 1, April 16, June 1, July 18, September 3, October 19 or December 3, the second half of the month may become enjoyable.

    There can be gatherings and meetings that prove to be profitable or auspicious.

    It's a sociable time.

  • If you are born around December 30, February 12, March 29, May 14, June 30, August 16, October 1 or November 16, you will need some patience this month.

    Some of you may move, change the residence or do some home improvements while others plan to travel.
Let's take a look now at how the month will unfold.

From April 1 till April 11 Mars and Venus are in the earth sign Taurus which will bring more passionate involvements in the (love) life of the earth signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn).

Around April 2-3 there is some imposed separation from others and your relationships experience something upsetting.

This will especially apply to you if you are born around this day -- which will mark your whole (solar return) year (counting from birthday to birthday) -- but will also affect you if you are born around January 3, February 17, May 19, July 5, August 21, October 6 or November 20.

The Lunar Eclipse at 14° Libra around April 4 suggests (a) mass event(s), events affecting many people at once.

There is the potential to start something anew and the Eclipse points to a critical time of development.

It's a hectic and busy time, which is confirmed by Mercury at 9° Aries opposing the North Node of the Moon at 9° Libra around April 5.

Moreover, around the same day of April 5, the Sun at 15° Aries squares Pluto at 15° Capricorn, implying forceful behavior, the urge to impose things, power conflicts/struggles and the need to display power.

This waxing square at critical degrees is a very intense, fanatic and even destructive one.

The dissatisfaction is huge.

However, if you are born around April 5-6, your whole (solar return) year (counting from birthday to birthday) is marked by auspicious astrological configurations indicating a happy turn of events, changes for the better, changes that will open doors or bring new opportunities.

Around April 6 the Sun and Uranus conjoin at 16° Aries.

This is an aspect of freedom and liberation.

There is the urge to bring innovation and reforms but this aspect alone has not enough power yet to fully and really manifest the urges.

It takes more to implement novelties, especially mass-consciousness -- which is still not high enough.

However, this aspect and the current astrological configurations may bring breaking news that might raise awareness and consciousness yet further.

Around April 7-8, Mercury at 15° Aries conjoins Uranus and squares Pluto at 15° Capricorn.

This waxing square indicates a fixed mindset and imposing one's thoughts upon others.

It reflects a battle between differing opinions and convictions (like a media or propaganda war).

This combo reflects a lot of communication these days.

People can be in a very talkative mood also.

Following astrometeorology, the configurations may mark stormy weather here and there.

In mundane astrology, this configuration is not a welcome one for businesses and/or for the stock market and financial deals because it's related to financial reversals.

Jupiter at 12° Leo stations and turns direct around April 8.

Stationing Jupiter tends to exaggerate and overdo, the more so because 12° Leo is a degree of expansion.

There is increased optimism noticeable and you are in a positive mood.

Some of you tend to overindulge though.

The Sun and Mercury conjoin at 19° Aries around April 9-10.

There are hidden (underground) activities that are not successful and may bring sorrow and separation.

Venus enters airy Gemini around April 11.

In this position, Venus is sociable (called the social butterfly) and represents 'the wanderer' who loves to move, change the place, enjoy and socialize -- without any commitment.

The astrological configurations around April 11-12 may prove to be very auspicious and lucky in many ways.

These thrilling and exciting configurations will especially color your life if you are born around January 5, February 19, April 5, May 21-22, July 8, August 24, October 9 or November 23.

Around April 14-15 Mercury enters possessive and inert Taurus and is very concerned about possessions and money (income).

In the earth sign Taurus, Mercury, the messenger, has not much to say and if it does, it brings financial news or information about physical goods (parcels).

Also, Mercury tends to chew things over and over and needs time to absorb information.

Venus at 4° Gemini opposes Saturn at 4° Sagittarius around April 15 resulting in financial issues (blockages), money shortages and not being able to get money or be paid.

Also, Venus-Saturn oppositions indicate separation from loved ones (for whatever reason).

This aspect creates a distance between you and others.

Around April 17 heavy Pluto stations and turns retrograde at 15° Capricorn.

A big part of April will be marked by this intense station at a 'critical' degree that represents a very strong attachment to the past and to conservative principles.

This station will likely dig deep into governments, the corporate and banking world to bring out more undercover or underground things when Pluto turns direct again.

Also, issues and discoveries regarding the soil, the underground and surface of the earth may pop up.

Transformative Pluto in the corporate sign Capricorn will further unveil big and profound changes related to the governments, banking and corporate world and it's expected that the information will be released as soon as Pluto turns direct again.

The days around Pluto's station can be challenging and may bring physical issues and/or sadness.

Around the April 18 perigee New Moon at 28° Aries, Mars at 12° Taurus squares stationing Jupiter at 12° Leo.

Any perigee Moon period may indicate extreme weather in some regions worldwide.

The waning square in fixed signs is very showy, the more so because Mars is very weak in Taurus and stationing Jupiter is very strong.

Actions and activities are subject to legal review and there is a conflict (clash) between some activities and pleasure.

In some instances sex is not appropriate and/or unlawful.

Mars-Jupiter aspects are often called the aspects of 'the crusader' and/or 'the explorer.'

This aspect may suggest huge protests and/or outing one's beliefs or convictions in a fiery way.

Venus at 9° Gemini squares Neptune at 9° Pisces around April April 19 which suggests secret (love or sex) affairs coming out into the open.

You may feel the victim of some situation (either financially or sexually).

The April 19 configurations are tense and full of resistance and not giving in.

There is a lot of demand upon your thoughts and mental stress and nervousness may occur.

Around April 20 the Sun enters stable and physical Taurus.

There is some relief and pleasantness with others noticeable.

Mercury at 12° Taurus squares Jupiter at 12° Leo around April 21.

Beware of misjudgments and irresponsible behavior.

Mercury and Mars meet at 16° Taurus around April 22-23.

This is a very decisive and sharp aspect, verbally combative and impatient as well.

You can be outspoken, firing bold statements.

April 24 brings happy feelings and artistic urges.

Around April 26 there can be home improvements and/or the need to change the place.

Some of you may study in a group or discuss matters with others in a meeting.

Around April 28 you can be absent-minded, live in your head.

There is a talkative mood also.

Love Quotes of the Month

A heart that loves is always young
-- Greek proverb --

There is no instinct like that of the heart
-- Lord Byron --

Sometimes following your heart means losing your mind
-- Source Unknown --

Love is a fire. But whether it's going to warm your heart or burn down your house, you can never tell
-- Joan Crawford --

Love ceases to be a pleasure, when it ceases to be a secret
-- Aphra Behn --

Love is not what the mind thinks, but what the heart feels
-- Greg Evans --

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Currently, the guides are available in English, Italian and Portuguese.

Power Conflicts in Relationships

From a metaphysical (spiritual) point of view, relationships are not the ultimate goal in or purpose of life.

Relationships (in a wide sense) are just tools, means to develop yourself.

SELF-development and your own evolution (to perfection) is the ultimate goal in or purpose of life.

Hence, all the people you encounter, meet or have to do with, are part of your own development and evolution.

In other words, these people help you for good or ill, overcome shortages, issues, try to help you learn a lesson or bring an experience that you 'needed.'

Some relationships may bring relief while others can be quite challenging.

From an astrological point of view, your natal chart reflects your pre-birth agreement (contract) with all the lessons you will or must learn -- whether you like it or not.

It's obvious that when you have to encounter or endure some challenging relationships, some astrological configurations or patterns have to show up in your natal chart.

One of these astrological configurations that we now want to talk about is found to bring huge power conflicts with others, especially between people of the same gender.

The power conflicts are related to any one of the same gender (especially) and can manifest in your family relationship or with a co-worker, a competitor, a lover or a friend...

This aspect is a Sun-Neptune conjunction, square or opposition (and by extension Sun-Neptune connections, analogies or affinities).

The Sun-Neptune sextile and trine aspects work out to a lesser extent but may count too if both planets are at the same numerical degree (which is always a very powerful indication by itself).

So, if your natal chart shows a Sun-Neptune conjunction, square or opposition, it's highly likely you will experience a huge power conflict with someone in your environment and most likely this 'competitor' is of the same gender.

In numerous cases, you both share the same interest(s) or mindset (making for a powerful attraction to occur), have the same concepts and 'merge' for some time.

This is the Neptune part of the aspect, blending and merging with one another.

But Neptune has a twist: it's a planet of secret and/or hidden activities that does not disclose its real intentions.

Sneaking Neptune hides the intentions of the ego (represented by the Sun).

That's why it's quite difficult to not enter this relationship as you cannot see who is inside this Trojan Horse.

You're sucked into a relationship and will only notice after the power conflict what was going on in reality.

Sooner or later, this aspect will manifest a HUGE (power) conflict/clash.

Actually, it's more than predisposition, it's almost predestination at work here.

If you want a very good example on how this Sun-Neptune aspect (analogy, connection or affinity) works out, take a look at the natal chart of Carl Gustav Jung and notice the exact Sun-Neptune square at the same numerical degree.

We got a big aha-moment when we read a short biography of him discussing his profound friendship and collaboration with Sigmund Freud that disintegrated and finally ended in a nasty and highly stressful break-up.

In our practice, we have found this aspect to especially manifest between people of the same gender (for unknown reasons) in whatever relationship they were.

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