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CosmiTec's Love Letter, Issue #127 -- The Venus-Mars (Bi-)Quintile
June 21, 2015

We are grateful for all the feedback and additional birth data we received regarding our article about female cheaters, published in our previous Love Letter.

It's all very helpful and gives additional insight.

Aside from statistical research, we are also analyzing lots of other astrological configurations and patterns, as time permits, to find the essence of such configurations and to increase the accuracy of astrological delineations and forecasts.

One of such research projects is finding the essence of astrological aspects between bodies, planets and sensitive points.

Our featured article below describes our research findings pertaining to the Venus-Mars quintile (aspect of 72°) and biquintile (aspect of 144°) in the natal chart.

This may seem to be 'exotic' aspects, but evidence shows otherwise.

Sending our Love always
Luc De Jaeger

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Table of Contents

Our regular features
  1. The Love Forecasts for the Month
  2. Love Quotes of the month
  3. What's new on our web site?

Our occasional features

  1. The Venus-Mars (Bi-)Quintile

Love Forecasts for July 2015

Click here to download the July 2015 calendar in pdf format.

In general and on a mundane level, events are likely to happen around July 1, July 7, July 13-14, July 21 and/or July 28-29.

During this month of July 2015, a couple of planetary configurations will affect some birthdays in particular:
  • If you are born around February 4, March 20, May 5, June 21, August 7, September 23, November 7 or December 22 someone may disappear out of your life.

    Also, you are in a very sensitive mood and may be easily swayed and/or seduced.

    Some of you may feel ill and lack some zest.

    You are impressionable but may also experience increased insight and creativity in spiritual matters.

  • If you are born around February 9, March 26, May 11, June 27, August 13, September 28, November 13 or December 27, this month of July is about a thrilling turn of events.

    As long as natal Saturn is not connected to your natal Sun by aspect, this might be a change for the better.
Let's take a look now at how the month will unfold.

Venus and Jupiter conjoin at 21° Leo around July 1.

This conjunction between Fortuna Minor (Venus) and Fortuna Major (Jupiter) in the sign of love and creative self-expression results in a very affectionate time frame.

It's definitely time for a party!

However, this will not apply to everyone because around the July 2 Full Moon Mars at 5° Cancer squares the Nodes at the 5° Libra/Aries axis.

We don't like the time frames during which Mars is building challenging aspects with the Lunar Nodes because most often, on a mundane level, they presage mass accidents causing lots of physical injuries and deaths (like in mass shootings, tragic traffic or transportation accidents affecting numerous people etc.).

Moreover, during a Full Moon period, such a transit may become more powerful.

If you are born around January 26, March 12, April 26-27, June 12-13, July 29-30, September 14, October 29-30 or December 13-14, you are successful in finding some solutions to difficult problems around July 3.

This day of July 3 is full of research and being creative but beware of people working behind the scenes and/or hidden agreements that may disappoint you.

You may feel betrayed in some way.

Around July 6 the Sun at 14° Cancer opposes Pluto at 14° Capricorn reflecting intense power plays.

Mercury enters vacillating and emotional Cancer around July 8.

For some of you, the entrance of Mercury in Cancer marks a day of travel, but others will experience unfulfilled wishes and longings.

Beware of some confusion around these days.

It's a period of increased metaphysical insights.

Around July 11 Mercury at 4° Cancer squares the Lunar Nodes which often brings busy and hectic moments.

Also, there is dissatisfaction and chances are you don't feel too well.

If you are born around this day of July 11, your whole (solar return) year (counting from birthday to birthday) is marked by these influences of health issues and dissatisfaction.

The Sun at 20° Cancer squares Uranus at 20° Aries around July 12-13.

This waxing square in cardinal signs is a tense and restless one.

You cannot stand restrictions and value freedom above all.

You oppose something and may fight for a cause with others.

Venus at 28° Leo squares Saturn at 28° Scorpio around July 13-14.

You may feel hopeless because your efforts seem not to catch on.

You feel some rejection and/or resistance and that's why this period is not a good one for a proposal or agreement.

There are clouds and there can be a somber mood.

Around July 15 Mars at 14° Cancer opposes Pluto at 14° Capricorn.

This opposition is a very passionate one but tends to overdo or overact.

There can be a huge workload awaiting you.

Some of you experience favorable job changes.

Around the July 15-16 New Moon Mercury at 14° Cancer opposes Pluto at 14° Cancer too while Mercury and Mars conjunct at the same degree.

When Mercury and Mars oppose Pluto you are able to work tirelessly and push through in often a very fanatic, tenacious and violent way.

You may be involved in big arguments but are able to attack any issues without reservation.

You are able to grasp any situation quickly.

If you are born around January 7, February 21, April 7, May 23, July 9, August 25, October 10 or November 24, the days around July 17 may bring a lot of new insight and inspiration.

You may have big plans for the future.

Venus enters Virgo around July 18 while Mercury at 20° Cancer squares Uranus at 20° Aries.

There is breaking news and innovative ideas are on the agenda.

In subordinate Virgo, Venus is more timid in expressing itself.

Venus in Virgo often finds love at the working floor, so watch out for colleagues falling in love with each other.

Also, in Virgo, Venus is not that much interested in love really, it rather wants to spend time in the garden or pursuing her own interests to accomplish the tasks she feels passionate about.

If you are born around January 7, February 21, April 7, May 23, July 9, August 25, October 10 or November 24, an accident may result in an unexpected change of course or cancelling your plans around July 20.

An issue may change (the course of) your life around these days.

There is some disappointment noticeable around July 20-21 and you will likely have to face some (limiting) facts.

There is some sadness and a lack of zest around these days.

The Sun and Mercury together enter playful and showy Leo around July 22-23.

Enjoy yourself and have fun with others (have a party!).

There is separation and a lonely feeling around July 24 though.

You may feel sad.

If you are born around this day of July 24, these separating influences will be felt your whole (solar return) year (counting from birthday to birthday).

Around July 25 Venus stations at 0° Virgo conjunct the Fixed Star Regulus and turns retrograde.

The Sun signs Taurus and Libra (or Taurus and Libra Ascendants) may not feel too wel around the station and things don't go as planned or wished for.

Re-gressing Venus often re-considers, re-thinks and re-flects -- resulting in more withdrawal.

In this position at 0° Virgo, stationing Venus has a deep need for a sense of purpose and meaning.

For the coming weeks, there may be an increased interest in metaphysics and you tend to become more choosey of your relationships.

You rather want to go your own way and even live a hermit-like existence.

In Virgo, Venus has very high standards and may break up any relationship that has become (too) superficial.

During the period Venus is retrograde, existing love unions can be tested and love feelings can be misconstrued and/or misunderstood.

It's best not to propose and/or marry when Venus is retrograde.

Around the same day of July 25 Mars at 20° Cancer squares Uranus at 20° Aries resulting in a clash and fierce arguments.

It's a tense and stressful period during which you want to fight for freedom, break free and upset a status quo.

Falling out of love is much easier than falling in love around these days.

Because Venus also rules money, there may be a change in income as well.

What's even more, around July 26 freedom-loving Uranus at 20° Aries too stations and turns retrograde, making for quite some upsetting and liberating influences.

Expect a sudden change of course and breaking with the past.

This can be an accident-prone time as well.

Retrograde Venus re-enters Leo around July 31 and may meet or encounter a beloved one from the past.

Also, during these late July days, the upcoming Jupiter-Saturn square (exact early August) will already be felt and may indicate more dissatisfaction and blocked progress in general.

This is a temporary situation though because these obstructions, conservative and blocking energies will start to dissolve when the Saturn-Neptune becomes active in a couple of months...

Love Quotes of the Month

All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt.
-- Charles Schulz --

The greater your capacity to love, the greater your capacity to feel the pain
-- Jennifer Aniston --

Cheating on a good person is like throwing away a diamond and picking up a rock
-- Source Unknown --

Love is true when it comes from the heart, not from the mouth
-- Source Unknown --

Men should be like Kleenex ... soft, strong, disposable
-- Cher --

Maybe you don't need the whole world to love you, you know. Maybe you just need one person
-- Kermit the Frog --

What's New on Our Web Site?

We updated the astrological indications of childless or childfree women.

We added two new pages/articles: one about power conflicts in relationships and another one about love aphorisms

Both articles were previously published in a Love Letter.

The Venus-Mars (Bi-)Quintile

The quintile aspect (72°) is not widely used in the astrological community, mainly because the aspect is not easily found and not well-researched.

Considering that aspects are based upon the division of the horoscope wheel of 360° in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 etc. it may astonish that not all these divisions are used in reality.

When dividing the horoscope wheel in 5, you get the 72° aspect.

Some astrologers like talking about the Harmonics when dividing the horoscope wheel, a term borrowed from music and science.

The 1st harmonic of the 360° wheel is 360° (or 0° if you wish); the 2nd harmonic is 360°/2 = 180° (the opposition aspect), the 3rd Harmonic is 360°/3 = 120° (the trine aspect), etc.

The 5th Harmonic is 360°/5 = 72° which equates the quintile aspect.

The quintile aspect builds a perfect pentagram in the horoscope wheel which also equals the synodic Venus cycle (Sun-Venus conjunctions).

So, no wonder this aspect is also part of the sacred geometry of Venus (as found in the Vitruvian Man by Leonardo da Vinci) and part of numerous instances (Wicca and magic) and organizations (Freemasons, gnostics, pagan celts,...).

How we proceed

To analyze the aspects and astrological configurations we make use of the AstroDatabank which currently contains more than 48,000 birth data.

Unlike our statistical research projects, there is no software to help us find common traits and characteristics and there are no control groups and no chi squares etc.

We have to do the work manually, which is very laborious and time-consuming.

On the one hand, the AstroDatabank has numerous categories to find common traits but on the other side, it's not detailed and not complete enough.

In our research, we make a difference between the natal charts of men and women and only use birth data with a Rodden Rating of A and higher.

To find the essence of the aspects, we only use a very tight orb of 1°!

This way, we avoid overlapping (unknown or other minor) aspects and know that the aspect will manifest quite strongly.

Beware though: every aspect is part of a larger whole and hardly ever stands alone or apart.

That's why some descriptions may be wrong in some personal instances.

This will especially be the case when other exact aspects (0°00'-0°01' orb) can be found in the natal chart.

Our descriptions are traits and characteristics that can be found in the majority of the cases taken from the AstroDatabank.

The research results for the biquintile are less conclusive but still found in many instances.

The Venus-Mars quintile in the MALE horoscope

The majority of the men who have this aspect are very sports-minded.

They are fighters, sometimes literally because some renown boxers have this exact aspect.

Another peculiar trait is that males with a tight Venus-Mars quintile most often follow an unusual diet.

They are almost all very tall as well.

The majority of them has 2 children on average.

Another common trait is the surgery they had, for whatever reason (most often due to physical injuries or illness).

They seem to be cancer-prone too (we mention this because this is unlike females who have this aspect).

The Venus-Mars quintile in the FEMALE horoscope

Almost all the natal charts of females with a tight Venus-Mars quintile have a very nice voice and are very vocal.

This means that they use their voice often (like teachers, singers, actors in a theater or TV Hosts etc...).

They are frequently divorced so that this exact aspect seems not to be auspicious when married.

Indeed, the women experience quite some stressful marriages.

Interracial marriages are another common trait found in the natal charts of women with tight Venus-Mars quintiles.

There can be fertility issues of some sort.

They love animals.

The Venus-Mars biquintile in the MALE horoscope (less conclusive)

Above average the men who have this aspect are born in a large family.

They experience job-related injuries.

Another peculiar trait is death through illness.

The majority of men with a Venus-Mars biquintile have issues with the law.

The Venus-Mars biquintile in the FEMALE horoscope (less conclusive)

Almost all the natal charts of females with a tight Venus-Mars biquintile have something to do with aviation, flights and 'the air or the sky'.

They may experience accidental deaths.

They either have a very short or a very long life.

Many women were abused also.

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