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CosmiTec's Love Letter, Issue #135 -- The Fixed Stars in Love
February 21, 2016

If you still doubt that astrology 'works' and don't 'believe' our lives are ruled by 'higher forces', you may reconsider when you understand that the lead-contamination (Saturn) of the water-supply (Neptune) in some states in the USA (breaking news since late 2015) happened when both planets were then in an exact waning (dissolving) square.

Both planets will remain in a waning square till late 2016 and may thus point to further and other water-related issues (among many other things of course).

As if the year is not busy enough already, expect March to be a very eventful, possibly shocking and busy month.

There will be a Solar Eclipse, a Lunar Eclipse, there will be 5 planetary ingresses (!), Saturn stations and turns retrograde and there will be an exact Jupiter-Saturn square.

More about this (and more) in our monthly forecast below.

Love. Always.
Luc De Jaeger

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Table of Contents

Our regular features
  1. The Love Forecasts for the Month
  2. Love Quotes of the month
  3. What's new on our web site?

Our occasional features

  1. The Fixed Stars in Love

Love Forecasts for March 2016

(slowly hover over a paragraph with the mouse and wait a second for additional astrological information)

Click here to download the March 2016 calendar in pdf format.

In general and on a mundane level, events are likely to happen around March 3-4, March 9-10, March 15-16, March 23 and/or March 30-31.

During this month of March 2016, a couple of planetary configurations will affect some birthdays in particular:
  • If you are born around February 8, March 25, May 10, June 26, August 12, September 28, November 12 or December 26 you are in for some surprises this month.

    Shared experiences mark this month for good or ill.

    There can be more unrest, restlessness and chances are you will experience quite something with others.

    Some of you should beware of aggression and becoming too tense.

  • If you are born around February 6, March 22, May 7, June 22, August 9, September 24, November 8 or December 23, there is hard, very hard work to do, physically or otherwise.

    Some of you may face enforced changes and yet others may fear separation due to some health issues.

    You are tenacious though and try to overcome any obstacles with stamina and power.

  • If you are born around January 21-22, March 6-7, April 20-21, June 6-7, July 23-24, September 8-9, October 23-24 or December 7-8, you really feel misunderstood this month.

    It seems you cannot establish contact with others and prefer solitude.

    Others may feel deceived, betrayed and are hurt emotionally.

    There is agony.

    Also, there can be a painful separation for whatever reason and some of you may visit a hospital.

    Anyway, this can be a disappointing month for many of you in many ways (especially in the 2nd half of the month).
Let's take a look now at how the month will unfold.

In general and on a mundane level, the whole month of March is marked by (stationing) Saturn being at the Neptune/mean North Node of the Moon midpoint (45° dial/list, orb 1°).

This suggests disappointments, feeling misunderstood and some issues establishing contacts with others.

Also, beware of betrayal.

Health issues are part of the background influences this month.

There is more sadness and agony going on and people may more openly feel hurt emotionally, especially in the 2nd half of the month.

The early March days show a difficult separation from (a) beloved one(s).

There is a distance between beloved ones and you may rather prefer some time alone.

You may feel limited financially as well.

If you are born around February 6, March 22, May 7, June 22, August 9, September 24, November 8 or December 23, these separative and/or limiting influences will especially affect you.

However, around March 2-3, there is relief and more optimism.

Things are developing successfully and there is a sudden breakthrough.

Innovation and creativity run high and there is a positive outlook.

This auspicious turn of events will especially apply to you if you are born around February 6, March 23, May 8, June 24, August 10, September 26, November 10 or December 24.

There are enjoyable encounters or experiences and/or love at first sight around March 3-4.

However, for some of you this may incorporate some love drama as well.

If you are born around February 7, March 24, May 9, June 25, August 11, September 27, November 11 or December 25 these important love contacts may especially happen in your life.

Around March 5 Mercury at 29° Aquarius squares Mars at 29° Scorpio while Mercury enters Pisces, the sign of its detriment soon after.

The waxing Mercury-Mars square at 'critical' degrees (which all 29° are) in fixed signs, suggests too assertive behavior, insults, sarcasm, bold statements and a sharp tongue.

You can be restless and tend to vent your frustrations and dissatisfaction more openly and impulsively and not in a diplomatic way.

Planets at 29° are often told to be 'at the end of the rope' indicating desperation, (often unfulfilled) longings that overcompensate in restlessness, agitation, tension and nervousness and that, sometimes, get out of hand.

Beware of transportation and/or traffic accidents around these days.

Because Mercury also enters vague and nebulous Pisces on the same day, confusion reigns.

Expect more mistakes made, misjudgments, facts being misrepresented and errors made everywhere.

Stay grounded and don't panic because these astrological configurations can be quite temperamental!

Mars enters fiery Sagittarius around March 6 while the Sun at 16° Pisces squares Saturn at 16° Sagittarius on the same day.

Impulsive and commanding Mars in the fiery and flamboyant sign Sagittarius becomes agitated and may heat up the atmosphere.

You may also take this literally because Mars in Sagittarius tends to increase the temperature, resulting in mild(er) or warmer weather here and there.

However, in the sign of worldview, religion and foreign affairs, Mars tends to actively defend its ideas with zeal.

It's action time and Mars becomes the crusader for whatever cause.

Bold, blunt and bullying behavior can be part of it because both Mars and Sagittarius lack some finesse and refinement.

Impatience becomes noticeable everywhere.

Because of the coinciding waxing Sun-Saturn square, there is a fight going on against higher-ups, celebrities, authorities, governments, corporations and the like.

Actually, these planetary configurations indicate actions against the 'order of things' and conservative or strict laws and legislation.

Around March 6-7 the weather may be windy and even stormy here and there.

During this hectic period, it's time to brainstorm, think outside of the box and reinvent the wheel.

Around March 8-9 the Solar Eclipse at 18° Pisces opposes Jupiter at 18° Virgo.

This is also the first SuperMoon of 2016 and may therefore be related to some 'extreme weather.'

According to the fabulous and meticulous astrologer and researcher Bernadette Brady, this Solar Eclipse belongs to the 18 South Saros Cycle which is concerned with endings or separations for the coming six months.

This parting can be anything from someone traveling, saying farewell to a co-worker or friend to divorce or death.

However, according to her, the pain of the separation is lessened by encountering new situations which lead to very positive outcomes (please, don't forget that!).

Actually, the whole year 2016 is about endings, separations and this Solar Eclipse (as well as the next one in September 2016) reinforces these tendencies.

When analyzing this important March 8-9 Solar Eclipse you will notice there are two very powerful and predominant astrological configurations active:
  • There is a T-square built by Saturn (the apex planet) which squares the Solar Eclipse on the one hand and Jupiter on the other side.
  • The Sun, Moon, Jupiter and Uranus are all at the same numerical degree in a sign (18°).
The mutable T-square in which Saturn in Sagittarius is the apex body suggests that you will need more discernment and be more selective in what you believe.

Edward Snowden wanted humankind to understand that this world is ALL about 'The Art of Deception.'

Nothing is what it seems.

What you read, hear or see in mainstream media is psychological warfare, meant to make people dependent, install confusion so to bring more fear and make people more dependent, addicted (among others) and enslave them.

During the coming six months, you may experience more frustration and, above all, more insecurity.

What this Solar Eclipse wants to learn is to be more optimistic though and rid yourself of pessimistic mindsets and attitudes.

After all, nothing is what it seems and the dark (side of) events is (are) often fabricated for other purposes than our well-being...

Hence, this Solar Eclipse will show humanity during the next six months that authoritative positions, power plays, control tactics or overbearing domination over others are not the way to go.

Instead, constructive self-control, responsibility in intimate and social relationships, unselfish efforts at helping to solidify collective goals can be used to build true justice, leadership and trust within our society.

This T-square is not an easy one for sure because it is related to dissatisfaction, dis-ease, hesitation and illness.

We therefore expect more people to be(come) ill or unemployed (which is confirmed by the upcoming Saturn-Neptune square) in the days, weeks and months to come.

On the other hand, the second astrological configuration that is active during this Solar Eclipse (the Sun, Moon, Jupiter and Uranus at the same numerical degree in a zodiac sign) shows a highly positive side of this Solar Eclipse period.

'Expect' some unexpected and sudden windfalls, rewards, innovation, good luck, in whatever situation you are!

Indeed, this is truly an auspicious planetary configuration that will give a nice break in difficult circumstances and point to a solution and relief.

It's very innovative, showing huge progress (especially in science and technology).

Around March 11, Mercury and Neptune conjoin at 9° Pisces.

While Mercury is in the sign of its detriment, Neptune is in its own sign denoting nebulous Neptune overpowers rational Mercury.

Generally, this aspect is a spiritual one and a very melodic one as well, interested in music.

Consider listening to music or attending a concert.

Aside from creativity, inspiration and premonition, this aspect tends to just bring confusion.

The Sun at 21° Pisces opposes the mean North Node of the Moon around March 11-12 suggesting setbacks, changes in recognition, a suppressed ego or identity, low self-esteem, feelings of despair, and identity crisis, a setback or health challenges.

Around March 12 gentle Venus enters compassionate Pisces.

In this zodiac sign, Venus only sees what it wants to see: Universal Love.

This is a romantic position for Venus to be in and also a creative one.

Enjoy romantic moments!

Around March 12-13 there can be some maritime and/or water-related issues.

Mercury at 16° Pisces squares Saturn at 16° Sagittarius around March 14 suggesting theft, expecting too much from others, being let down by occurrences and/or undependability.

Actually, Saturn is now the apex planet of a T-square and it squares Mercury on the one hand and Jupiter on the other hand.

This T-square suggests withdrawing from disputes to avoid a fight, the lonely stand, hesitation to decide, separation, to travel and/or leave a meeting due to disputes and/or disagreements.

Around the same day of March 14 Venus at 3° Pisces squares Mars at 3° Sagittarius denoting disputes, fanaticism, not giving in, trying to destroy things.

Indeed, when opposite forces like Venus and Mars combine, don't expect a peaceful or harmonious period.

Both planets together easily bump into each other because they pass boundaries instinctively and lack balance between giving and taking.

If you are born around January 8-9, February 22, April 7, May 23, July 9-10, August 25-26, October 10-11 or November 24-25, the days around March 14-16 may bring a conquest for love and/or sexual experiences.

Beware of rape though.

Around March 15 Mercury at 17° Pisces opposes Jupiter at 17° Virgo.

Both planets don't feel well in their respective zodiac signs because they are in the signs of their detriment/fall.

In other words, Mercury and Jupiter act like two drunken people holding each other strong.

When Mercury and Jupiter oppose each other in signs of their detriment and/or fall, they lack judgment and/or foresight.

In this position both planets tend to share gossip and vent ballooning comments.

There is a lot of restlessness, not being able to stand or sit still as well.

Both planets need change and that's what you long for.

Mercury opposes the mean North Node of the Moon around March 17 implying more restlessness and nervousness.

These days are hectic, busy and stressful for sure.

The Sun enters Aries around March 19-20 while Venus and Neptune conjoin at 10° Pisces on the same day.

These configurations long for absent beloved ones.

You are missing someone...

Mercury enters Aries as well around March 21-22 and indicates a talkative period.

Around this March 23 Full Moon period (because a Lunar Eclipse is actually a Full Moon) Jupiter at 16° Virgo squares Saturn at 16° Sagittarius.

Jupiter is the dispositor of Saturn because Jupiter rules the sign Saturn is posited in.

Whenever a planet squares its own dispositor, it presents us with challenges, hurdles and clashes.

In our January 21, 2015 Love Letter (issue #122) we already delineated this square and won't repeat the content here again.

Suffice to say that this square is very much linked to the European Union (EU) so that we assume this month is about the EU in whatever way.

Moreover, in the introduction to Issue #128 ( sent on July 21, 2015 ) we elaborated on the Jupiter-Saturn cycle that is extremely important and that you should take into account if you are interested in the way the world will unfold and progress in the (near) future.

Anyway, the days around this Jupiter-Saturn square may bring damage to property or buildings, (enforced) separation, being outdoors, (financial) losses and/or resistance.

If you are born around February 7, March 23, May 8, June 24, August 10, September 25, November 9 or December 24 these configurations are likely to affect you most.

Additionally, the Jupiter-Saturn square does not act on its own because Pluto at 17° Capricorn will trine Jupiter and semi-sextile Saturn most of March 2016.

What this means is that Jupiter-Saturn and Pluto build a medium Learning Triangle together while Saturn is the dispositor of Pluto and Jupiter is the dispositor of Saturn.

This can be a shocking configuration and chances are some events may happen that disrupt your comfort zone or status quo.

You may feel the urge to take some decisions to cope with the events or experiences that unfold and affect you.

Indeed, this can be a tressful period full of sudden and unanticipated events that need a solution.

Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto together reinforce and confirm the separative trends (though this is not always negative because travel, job changes, retirement ... are all part of it).

Also, these three bodies together often indicate damage to property and/or buildings and often this is the result of natural disasters (earthquakes, floods,...).

Anyway, for some of you, March will mark a period of a standstill, reluctance and moving forward only very slowly and with lots of hurdles and obstructions.

But moving forward you will nevertheless, how small the baby steps are... because this is a very persevering combo.

You want to take control of your own situation, whatever it takes.

Around the same day of March 23, the Lunar Eclipse at 3° Libra opposes Mercury at 3° Aries.

This configuration too is about public talks or messages and lots of buzz.

You want to convince someone and/or try to impose your will and/or opinion to others.

Saturn stations and turns retrograde at 16° Sagittarius around March 25.

Whenever Saturn turns backward, chances are you will meet or encounter someone from the past.

During its station in Sagittarius, Saturn will reconsider international (foreign) business transactions and test your world view or belief system profoundly.

What and who do you trust?

During its station, Saturn is the apex planet of a T-square because on this day of March 25 Saturn squares Venus at 16° Pisces on the one hand and Jupiter at 16° Virgo on the other side.

This T-square suggests coming down to earth with a thud, a loss of faith, infidelity, not being able to unfold, not feeling well, to be separated from a beloved one, not being able to adapt to some situations, to experience a cold shower and/or hesitation or shyness in matters of love and relationships.

Indeed, these are sobering influences that you might take into account.

Also, damage to property/buildings is likely to occur as well or cause frustration.

Venus at 20° Pisces opposes the mean North Node of the Moon at 20° Virgo around March 29.

Usually, such nodal connections result in the need for some time alone.

However, in some cases, you may encounter a beloved one from the past as well.

Mercury at 17° Aries squares Pluto at 17° Capricorn around March 30.

This waxing square denotes some overdoing in matters of public relations.

You are too forceful and fanatic in your way of communicating.

Around March 31 Mercury and Uranus conjoin at 19° Aries resulting in breaking news, restlessness and a talkative mood.

These late March days can be windy, even stormy here and there.

Love Quotes of the Month

When you have an affair with a married man, you hear a lot more about his wife than you do about yourself
-- Sandra Hochman --

Eighty percent of American men cheat in America -- the rest cheat in Europe
-- Jackie Mason --

Amor vincit insomnia
-- Source unknown --

She who is silent consents
-- French proverb --

Why is food better than men? Because you don't have to wait an hour for seconds
-- Source unknown --

Anything worth doing well is worth doing slowly
-- Gypsy Rose Lee --

What's New on Our Web Site?

We added a page about the Venus Mars square, a page about the Venus Neptune connections and a page about the Arabic Parts of Love.

All these pages (articles) were previously published in a Love Letter.

We also edited different other pages in a minor way (additional info, revised paragraphs etc.) and tweaked some HTML codes here and there.

The Fixed Stars in Love

The so-called 'fixed stars' are celestial objects that do not seem to move in relation to the other stars (like the planets).

They appear to be stationary even though they do travel (less than one minute per year).

Because proper motion was not noticed by ancient cultures (they did not have precise measurements over long periods of time to notice) these fixed stars were thought to be fixed.

Hence, though technically incorrect, the words 'fixed stars' are nonetheless used in many contexts.

In astrology, some of the fixed stars, particularly those of significant magnitude, have been found to exert powerful influence.

While the fixed stars were abundantly used by medieval astrologers, they have been forgotten somewhat by modern astrologers though.

In matters of love, the fixed stars are not widely used to find out about one's love life.

Though numerous web sites provide the positions and meaning of the most known fixed stars, this introductory article has the purpose to take a realistic look at incorporating these fixed stars in the horoscopes because the approach that most web sites advocate is, in our opinion, unscientific, unfounded and (self-)deceptive.

First of all, when using fixed stars, keep a very tight orb (maximum 1°).

Also, it's still not completely sure when exactly fixed stars work out.

It may be the magnitude and/or declination that plays a role and as long as there are no conclusive research results available, it's best to only use the fixed stars in the following situations that have proven to be reliable and do work:
  • a fixed star conjunct two planets or bodies
  • a fixed star conjunct a house cusp AND at least a planet/body
Indeed, when two bodies/planets/points/house cusp conjunct a fixed star, you will definitely see the star working out.

Researcher and astrologer Bernadette Brady has written about her own investigations and she especially takes into account the parans.

Feel free to read about and use her method because it's reliable too but more complicated (the more so because not many astrology software programs feature her method).

There is a third factor to consider: many web sites delineate outer (generational) planets conjunct a fixed star.

You should not fall into that trap.

Consider this: fixed stars remain 'stationary' for long, while outer (generational) planets too stay at the same degree for quite some time (weeks, months,...).

It's therefore unscientific and (self-)delusive to link a certain outcome in one's personal life to this generational combo.

It makes no sense, really!

Generational planets conjunct a fixed star can only give mundane background information, describe Zeitgeist and mundane events but cannot predict the outcome of your own private love life (for example).

If that was the case, everyone born during the same weeks and months would encounter the same personal issues and events.

In reality this is not true.

Therefore, ONLY take into account the personal planets and points (the house cusps, the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn) when using the fixed stars.

You can incorporate outer (generational) planets and bodies in your fixed star research though on condition they also conjunct a house cusp or personal planet/body.

As long as you have three factors of which two are planets/bodies/points, you can reliably delineate the fixed star and find out how it manifests.

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