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CosmiTec's Love Letter, Issue #138 -- Delineating Venus Returns
May 21, 2016

BBC News was wondering why so many celebrities have died in 2016 already.

You surely know the answer as we have stated in different previous Love Letters that the waning Saturn-Neptune square would bring such events.

Neptune dissolves, the more so in its own sign Pisces where it is able to act without restrictions and powerfully while Saturn represents authorities, celebrities, VIP's, etc.

And the elderly, ... of course.

Additionally, we discussed the past separative Solar Eclipses in our forecasts too.

Because the Saturn-Neptune square hangs on the whole year 2016 (actually till early 2017 if you take into account an orb) and because of another separative Solar Eclipse coming in September 2016, more 'sudden deaths' will follow.

What people may not realize is that most of these deaths (but not all of them) are first wavers (the first wave of volunteers that answered Planet Earth's call for help).

In short: the mission of many (but not all) first wavers finishes in or around 2016.

Numerous Beings, entities, higher civilisations etc. from everywhere in our Universe heard the Earth's call for help during and after WWII and they volunteered and agreed to massively help the Planet lift up her vibrations again.

The only way to honor the Universal Law of non-interference and help this Planet was to be born on it and work from the inside out (hence the baby-boomers).

So, the so-called (temporary) 'overpopulation' of this Planet was no coincidence at all and was/is even nothing to worry about (on the contrary: let's be extremely grateful for the additional 'ground troops'!).

Everything does happen for a reason...

Have you noticed the generation after the baby-boomers is called the single-generation, actually?

Again, this has a reason: getting entangled or engulfed in emotional affairs, raising a family and/or children would disturb, distract, interfere with or block the mission of some of these volunteers...

Though numerous of these volunteers got trapped in the dark energies of this Planet themselves (they were selected because they were the strongest of the strong though), enough of them were able to end their mission successfully.

Reportedly, Planet Earth is stable again and will continue with increasing speed its gradual course to a more just, fair, lighter and more joyful world.

Hence, the continuous changing of the earth's magnetic field (which scientists don't understand)!

Slowly, the 2nd and 3rd wavers will 'take over' from the 1st wavers and become more active.

This might bring more and more surprising revelations and huge progress (starting more prominently in the last quarter of 2016 and beyond).

Watch out for highly gifted teens (many of them belonging to the 3rd wave of volunteers) as well!

Just two recent examples out of NUMEROUS others: this teen invents a cheap zero-point energy device inspired by Nikola Tesla and this teen impressively disovers a Maya city based on the theory that this Mesoamerican civilization had chosen the sites to establish their cities, following the constellations in the sky!

Clearly, the teens will make the difference even if it will take some generations till things are in full balance again.

Loving greetings
Luc De Jaeger

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Our regular features
  1. The Love Forecasts for the Month
  2. Love Quotes of the month
  3. What's new on our web site?

Our occasional features

  1. Delineating Venus Returns

Love Forecasts for June 2016

(slowly hover over a paragraph with the mouse and wait a second for additional astrological information)

Click here to download the June 2016 calendar in pdf format.

In general and on a mundane level, events are likely to happen around June 6, June 13, June 20-21 and/or June 27.

During this month of June 2016, a couple of planetary configurations will affect some birthdays in particular:
  • If you are born around January 19, March 3, April 18, June 3, July 20-21, September 5, October 21 or December 5 this is a month of study, travel and/or some dissatisfaction.

    You need more patience because this is preparation time and you cannot expect any results just now.

  • If you are born around December 28, February 10, March 26, May 11, June 27, August 13, September 28 or November 12-13, this month of June may bring huge and profound changes and transformations.

    This month can present a real major turning point in your life.

  • If you are born around December 21, February 4, March 20, May 5, June 20, August 6-7, September 22 or November 6 there is the threat of loss in any area of your life.

    The supernatural and spiritual topics keep you very busy, however, for some of you, there is a possible loss of the frame of reality.

    Some of you may experience a very difficult month, often with lots of hard or difficult work.

    The June 20 Full Moon especially can be eventful!

  • If you are born around January 24, March 8, April 23, June 8-9, July 26, September 10, October 26 or December 10 there is agony this month.

    Health issues may keep you busy as well.

    Some situation is dissolving slowly but you may also experience strange or peculiar and painful events.

    Beware of brushes with the law!

  • If you are born around January 20, March 4-5, April 19, June 4-5, July 22, September 6, October 22 or December 6 you may be alone, more reclusive and/or self-contained this month.

    You may feel alienated and separated.

  • If you are born around January 11, February 24, April 9, May 26, July 12, August 28, October 13, or November 27, this month may be very tense and bring sudden reversals.

    There can be upsets and you tend to be radical and impulsive.

  • If you are born around January 7, February 5-6, March 6-7, April 5-6, May 6-7, June 6-7, July 7-8, August 8-9, September 8-9, October 9, November 8 or December 7-8 the time frame between June 23 and June 30 can bring successful associations or connections, success through others, good self-promotion and doing well.

    There are favorable developments going on in case you have no tight Sun-Saturn aspect in your natal chart or in case natal Saturn is NOT at 16° in a sign.

  • If you are born around January 3, February 1-2, March 2-3, April 1-2, May 2, June 2-3, July 3-4, August 4, September 4-5, October 5, November 4 or December 3-4, the time frame between June 6 and June 19 may bring some sadness and not feeling too well.

    You can be tired, even exhausted and/or dissatisfied.

    Take care of your health above all!
Let's take a look now at how the month will unfold.

In general and on a mundane level, the exhausting and lingering T-square (Saturn being the apex planet and at the Jupiter/Neptune midpoint in the 45° dial; orb 1°) is fully active this month.

Take care of your health and try to sleep as much as possible to let your body and mind regenerate.

In astrometeorology, this combo suggests overcast and cloudy weather with precipitation here and there.

Moreover, this T-square will become a mutable Grand Square on different occasions this month when some faster moving bodies oppose Saturn.

A Grand Square in mutable signs acts like a windmill, turning things upside-down and moving everything that was seemingly 'fixed.'

The wheel is turning indeed!

This mutable Grand Square is likely to affect all mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) in particular.

These are highly unstable and volatile energies, bringing lots of nervousness and restlessness in the ever changing atmosphere.

The keywords for the month surely are: adjusting and adapting to new circumstances, a new environment, new relationships etc...

Around May 31 - June 1, there is tension and stress and you're still coping with cancelled plans.

Transportation issues (in the widest sense) may be the culprit or may add to it.

If you are born around February 6-7, March 22-23, May 7-8, June 23-24, August 9-10, September 25-26, November 9-10 or December 24, this configuration will affect you most.

Also, around the same day of June 1, Mercury, Pluto and the North Node of the Moon build a Grand Trine in earth signs suggesting news, messages or information related to finances and/or economy that bring stability and comfort.

A Grand Trine in earth signs is very persistent and determined to bring (material) support wherever necessary.

Persuasive speeches or information get your attention.

Around June 1-2, the Sun at 12° Gemini squares Neptune at 12° Pisces while Venus too is about to square Neptune the day after.

You may feel down these first days of June, may miss a loved one and face some health issues.

Beware of alcohol and/or drug abuse.

There are unfulfilled longings and your romantic ideals cannot be attained.

Moreover, around the same day of June 2-3 the Sun and Venus at 13° Gemini oppose Saturn at 13° Sagittarius.

The attentive reader may have noticed already that these early June days are marked by a Grand Square in mutable signs between the Sun, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune -- all posited between 12°-14°.

Let's take a closer look at this mutable Grand Square for a moment.

A mutable Grand Square is always a stress factor that results in adjustments, changes and new relationships (in a wide sense).

Often, such a Grand Square involves separations and changes of the place.

Things are clearly moving and you need to be flexible and learn to go with the flow.

What else can we expect from this Grand Square?

Due to the planets and bodies involved, there is love's sorrow, dissatisfaction, sadness, pessimistic feelings, loss of money and/or possessions, a lack of trust, financial issues, unrealistic ideals, a lack of popularity and/or (self-)delusion.

Around June 4, the Sun at 14° Gemini squares Jupiter at 14° Virgo.

This waning square is about keeping up appearances, exaggeration, bold and blunt communication.

Nothing is what it seems.

Additionally, the whole first week of June is about infidelity also.

It looks like triangular relationships and/or secret love affairs now prevail.

Because of the involvement of Venus, Jupiter and Saturn in the planetary picture that is active in the first week of June and that peaks around June 4, there is yet another signification possible; the one about home improvements and home beautification.

The June 4-5 New Moon period even confirms the current romantic interference.

However, aside from love affairs, the June 5 New Moon is an auspicious one, blending the New Moon with Venus and Jupiter at the same numerical degree (14° in a sign).

There are pleasant and joyful circumstances, humanism, happiness, goodwill and advancement noticeable.

If you are born around January 5, February 3-4, March 4-5, April 3-4, May 4-5, June 4-5, July 5-6, August 6-7, September 6-7, October 7, November 6 or December 5-6, you will likely feel the optimistic trends most in case there is no tight Sun-Saturn aspect in your natal chart.

The Sun and Venus conjoin at 16° Gemini around June 6 suggesting passionate involvements and romantic moments.

Love is all around.

These days of June 5-6 can be important conception days because the conjunction happens at a very 'fertile degree.'

The Sun and Venus at 17° Gemini square the Nodes of the Moon around June 7.

Usually, when planets square the Lunar Nodes, they point to difficulties in relationships (in a wide sense).

The acceptability and social expression of love urges are questioned.

Love affairs may result in some setback, a loss, an identity crisis and/or may have financial consequences.

The next couple of days, between June 8-10, love issues and possible heartbreak linger on.

Expect a reality check.

If you are born around January 24, March 8-9, April 23, June 9-10, July 26, September 10-11, October 26 or December 10, these configurations are likely to affect you most.

Mercury at 25° Taurus opposes Mars at 25° Scorpio around June 9.

The mood is combative and competitive but try to avoid sarcasm and bullying behavior.

Do you walk the talk?

It looks like you hesitate between really doing something or just talking about something.

Mercury enters its own sign Gemini around June 13, adding to the already volatile and mutable overtone.

Changes of the place and lots of buzz and gossip may color your day.

Around the same day of June 13, Neptune stations at 12° Pisces and turns retrograde.

Whenever Neptune changes direction, expect more delusion, uncertainties and confusion.

This is not the best period for clear decision-making or focused action.

Strange enough, 12° Pisces is a degree of hiding, going missing, getting undercover (or underground) and/or chameleon-like situations which wonderfully reflect Neptune's retrograde principles as well.

Venus enters home-loving and emotional Cancer around June 17.

This surely can be an emotional day.

Remembering a loved one may be on the agenda as well as saying farewell.

You rather prefer solitude and feel detached from a beloved one though it's still not easy to let go.

Saturn at 12° Sagittarius squares stationing Neptune at 12° Pisces around June 18.

This is the 2nd Saturn-Neptune square (one more to go in September 2016) and especially important because of Neptune's powerful position while stationing in its own sign.

Neptune here is the pure dissolver, sucking anything formal, conservative, traditional, obstructive, prominent or of authority... (Saturnine principles).

In mundane astrology, the Saturn-Neptune cycle is told to bring more socialism, more syndicalism and it is also highly important for the British Monarchy.

In other words: conservatism and conservative parties are 'out' and socialism and more liberating parties are 'in' again (the Jupiter-Saturn square is waning and no longer active).

Regarding the British Monarchy, this month and the coming months are pointing to major changes.

In a general and mundane way, don't expect any certainties for the months to come, the 'old' (Saturn) will further dissolve, dissipate, evaporate (Neptune) and structures (Saturn) will further decay (Neptune); leaving you more insecure, perhaps, but with less annoying boundaries and restrictions also.

Unfortunately, The Saturn-Neptune square is an aspect of illness and that's why this month may be full of health issues.

Realize that health issues are part of a cleansing period (literally and figuratively) and that's just what this waning Saturn-Neptune square is all about!

You might want to (re-)read our assessment of the Saturn-Neptune square in the back-issues of our Love Letter: the introduction to Issue 122 and the featured article in Issue 120.

The June 20 Full Moon at 29° Sagittarius, an ending degree, is a highly powerful one, creating lots of awareness and possibly pointing to the death, resignation, abdication of an authority, VIP, celebrity or royalty -- and likely a woman because of the Venus factor.

29° Sagittarius is a degree of knee problems and this Full Moon may bring someone to his or her knees and/or point to issues with the knees and/or mobility issues also.

Separation, sadness and even mourning is confirmed by the opposition between Mercury at 11° Gemini and Saturn at 11° Sagittarius and the square to Neptune at 12° Pisces around the same day of June 20.

Actually, Mercury, Saturn and Neptune currently build a mutable T-square at 11°-12° in mutable signs.

Stationing Neptune is the apex planet and indicates disoriented feelings, mental stress and confusion.

This is the T-square of resignation, giving up, giving in, sadness and unfulfilled longings.

The Sun enters home-loving, emotional and patriotic Cancer on the same day of June 20, adding to the current emotional atmosphere.

June 20-21 show investigative results and study work, the uncovering of fraud, some sad (or serious) news.

The astrological configurations are likely to affect you most if you are born around January 19-20, March 4-5, April 18-19, June 4-5, July 21-22, September 6-7, October 21-22 or December 5-6.

Around June 22-23, Mercury at 16° Gemini (powerful in its own sign) squares Jupiter at 16° Virgo (Jupiter is in the sign of its fall).

Mercury is the stronger of the two and also the dispositor of a weak Jupiter, denoting facts that prevail, a lack of foresight, negligence, tricky legalisms and scandal(s).

There is a whole lot of stress and buzz around this day of June 22-23 because, additionally, Mercury at 16° Gemini squares the Nodes as well.

There are misunderstandings and poor communication.

Separative configurations continue around June 23-24 and suggest a sobering time and a reality check.

Around June 24-25 Jupiter and the mean North Node of the Moon are conjunct at 16° Virgo.

Whenever Jupiter is involved, there is the risk of exaggeration, overdoing and expansion.

Because 16° Virgo is quite a positive, humanitarian and giving degree area, this conjunction often points to large expenditures and money going out easily.

There is increased support and interest in philosophy and inner growth.

In all, this can be a very outgoing, expansive and extravert aspect, making big, if not HUGE promises.

Around June 26-27 a big and fortunate break awaits you together with optimistic events, the more so if you are born around December 27, February 9-10, March 25-26, May 10-11, June 26-27, August 12-13, September 27-28 or November 12.

Around June 27-28, you feel inhibited and cannot express yourself fully.

The grass seems to be greener elsewhere.

These feelings may especially apply to you if you are born around January 2, January 31 - February 1, March 1-2, March 31 - April 1, May 1, June 1-2, July 2-3, August 3, September 3-4, October 4, November 3 or December 2-3.

Around June 29-30 cerebral Mercury enters emotional Cancer.

In emotional Cancer, Mercury feels awkward and may be nervous and irritable.

Silence is golden and you want to go to the bottom of some matter.

Mars stations and turns direct again at 23° Scorpio around the same day of June 29-30.

Rejoice if you are an Aries or have Aries rising.

Stationing Mars will bring about more competitiveness again and will focus with full determination on everything hidden.

It's likely some new information will pop up regarding Scorpio-related matters (abuse, manipulation, power-conflicts, force...).

Slowly, health issues may become less annoying as Mars gets more speed (when Mars is retrograde it is closest to the earth and thus has more influence on the physical and material world).

Around June 30 you feel more optimism and some persuasive speeches may add to it.

If you are born around February 5-6, March 21-22, May 6-7, June 22-23, August 8-9, September 23-24, November 8 or December 22-23 this fortunate news may especially affect to you.

Love Quotes of the Month

If they can put a man on the moon, why can't they put one in me?
-- Flash Rosenberg --

Getting married is a lot like getting into a tub of hot water. After you get used to it, it ain't so hot
-- Minnie Pearl --

One is not born a woman: one becomes one
-- Simone de Beauvoir --

To catch a husband is an art, to keep him, a job
-- Simone de Beauvoir --

It is easier to live through someone else than to become complete yourself
-- Betty Friedan --

Next to the wound, what women make best is the bandage
-- Barley D'Aurevilly --

What's New on Our Web Site?

We added a page about French book reviews and added a page about the Draconic Zodiac in synastry which we published in the previous Love Letter.

Delineating Venus Returns

We already discussed the Venus returns prior to one's marriage but have yet to tell you how to delineate Venus returns actually.

Venus returns are delineated the same way you would delineate Lunar or Solar returns to start with.

Solar returns work out from birthday to birthday (when the transiting Sun returns to its exact position at birth), Lunar returns work out from month to month (when the transiting Moon returns to its exact position at birth) and Venus returns work out till the next Venus return (when transiting Venus returns to its exact position at birth).

So, a Venus return is just a temporary horoscope that is valid till the next Venus return.

A Venus return describes how your relationships unfold and how enjoyable the time frame will be.

Venus returns describe all Venus matters actually and hence, they will describe money matters, topics related to beauty and harmony, comfort and socializing as well.

Some important guidelines

When delineating a Venus return, you should look at the following items first:
  • The angles (Ascendant, MC, Descendant and the IC).

    These are very important and must be delineated first.

    Especially look at the degree areas.

    The Venus return becomes more powerful in case you find 0°, 14°-15° or 29° on an angle.

    Are there any planets or bodies conjunct an angle?

    These planets are extremely important and set the tone for the Venus return period.

    Is Venus conjunct an angle?

    If so, is Venus afflicted (squared by Saturn for example)?

    If Venus is unafflicted, it may become a very good and enjoyable period.

    In case Venus is afflicted, chances are you may face a separation or other upsets.

  • The house position of Venus.

    If Venus is in the 11th house of friendships and group activities, expect friendship to be a focal point during the Venus return.

    If Venus is in the 7th house of partnerships and encounters, chances are you will find a love encounter or have enjoyable contacts with others.

    The most exact midpoints (45° dial/list).

    These midpoints will point to events, experiences or feelings during the Venus return.
You can follow transiting Venus as it travels through the return chart and find out what happens when it builds exact aspects to the other planets and bodies in the return chart.

Also, the angles are important and whenever transiting Venus conjuncts an angle, expect something to happen around that day.

Usually, Venus-Saturn contacts are sobering, creating a distance while Venus-Jupiter contacts are expanding; resulting in numerous contacts and/or group activities.

However, Venus-Jupiter contacts may also suggest legal issues depending on other aspects or midpoints.

Venus-Mars contacts are related to (welcome or unwelcome) attraction(s), following one's impulses and/or spontaneous encounters.

Venus-Uranus contacts too point to sudden, spontaneous, contacts but any encounter, how enjoyable it can be, is short-lived.

Uranus is too independent and has no staying power.

Venus-Neptune is above all artistic and creative.

This is a very good contact for artistic projects but less so for romantic projects.

Venus-Pluto contacts are often referred to as the spider-web contacts and they may also refer to powerful attachments and (co-)dependent behavior.

Sometimes, they predict the death of a loved one too.

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