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CosmiTec's Love Letter, Issue #145 -- The Most Aspected Planet in Synastry
December 21, 2016

We are preparing the 2017 forecasts for the 12 zodiac signs that will be published around mid January 2017 on our web site.

So, bear with us while we analyze and write the forecasts.

Astrologically, 2017 will be marked mostly by the following planetary aspects: Jupiter square Pluto, Jupiter opposite Uranus, Saturn trine Uranus, Jupiter inconjunct Neptune and Jupiter sextile Saturn.

As you can see, most aspects involve expansive Jupiter which may enhance events or situations but also enlarge the impact.

In mundane astrology, Jupiter represents the financial market, law and the administration of the law.

Hence, 2017 will likely bring tons of legal issues, police investigations and monetary news.

Any combination of Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto especially increases the uncovering of fraud and scandals on a massive scale.

On a mundane level, it looks like 2017 will be the year of yet numerous more scandals and monetary changes or changes related to the financial world.

Happy holidays, blessings and love
Luc De Jaeger

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Table of Contents

Our regular features
  1. The Love Forecasts for the Month
  2. Love Quotes of the month
  3. What's new on our web site?

Our occasional features

  1. The Most Aspected Planet in Synastry

Love Forecasts for January 2017

(slowly hover over a paragraph with the mouse and wait a second for additional astrological information)

Click here to download the January 2017 calendar in pdf format.

In general and on a mundane level, events are likely to happen around January 5, January 11, January 17-18 and/or January 25.

During this month of January, the following planetary configuration will affect some birthdays in particular:
  • If you are born around February 3, March 19, May 4, June 20, August 6, September 21, November 6 or December 20, this month of January is likely to bring feelings of ambiguity about your aims or goals, an increased interest for occult, spiritual, mystic, hidden and/or secret matters.

    You encounter support and help uncovering 'the hidden.'

    Some of you may feel weak and tend to withdraw, go hiding.

    There is something unreal unfolding.
Generally speaking and on a mundane level, January 2017 is still marked by the wide T-square in Cardinal signs between Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto in which Pluto in Capricorn is the apex body.

This T-square will be triggered on different occasions when the Sun and Mercury will conjunct Pluto this month.

We discussed this astrological configuration already in our December 2016 forecast and won't repeat the meaning here again.

So, let's focus on what the month has further in store.

Around January 1 Mars and Neptune conjoin at 9° Pisces, a very creative and musical degree.

When Mars of activities and primal urges and Neptune of secrets meet, you can be sure there is a lot going on behind the scenes, the more so because Neptune is the stronger of the two being in its own sign.

Secret affairs and secret transactions tend to mark the turn of the year 2016-2017.

In some instances, this conjunction at this degree may result in health issues (like infections, food poisoning, intestine issues to mention the most common outcomes), marking some "down-time."

Venus enters Pisces around January 3 and becomes part of a powerful Pisces stellium that is going to influence the way this month unfolds.

Indeed, with Venus, Mars, Neptune and the South Node of the Moon (let's just forget about Chiron now) all in Pisces, January 2017 will bring lots of piscean influences and events to our lives.

First of all, if you are born under the zodiac sign Aries, you may face more sorrow, uncertainty and confusion.

Some of the Aries people may feel rather ill and should watch their health, while others may experience deceptions, betrayal, secret affairs, an encounter with 'secret enemies' and other hidden ventures.

You tend to withdraw more easily, go undercover or hide yourself.

For all zodiac signs, this stellium in secretive Pisces is likely to bring more confusion, escapism, and/or delusions.

There is lot of camouflage and undercover activities going on (often the result of a survival mechanism).

Seduction is used as a trap.

The Venus, Mars, Neptune and South Node combo reflects perversions, dissatisfaction, infidelity, unfulfilled love longings, abusive behavior, blackmail, the secret bonds or connections, disharmony in some connections etc.

This planetary combo will directly affect all water signs (Pisces, Cancer and Scorpio).

Also, these water signs may encounter romantic attractions that can be unfulfilling or impossible, for whatever reason.

Around January 3-4 (retrograde) Mercury enters Sagittarius again.

In expansive Sagittarius, Mercury, the messenger, spreads the word, quickly.

Messages, documents or news may go viral but beware of fake news, rumors and/or unconfirmed information because your imagination tends to take the lead.

Try to study the numerous facts even though the ongoing scandal(s) and/or fraud can be overwhelmingly huge.

A reality check happens around January 6 when separation and/or sadness sets in.

If you are born around January 19, March 3, April 18, June 3-4, July 21, September 5-6, October 21 or December 5, the configurations may affect you in particular.

Between January 6-8 you feel happy and blessed because of a (sudden) fortunate development in your love life.

These auspicious developments are likely to affect you most if you are born around January 9-10, February 23-24, April 7-8, May 24-25, July 10-11, August 26-27, October 11-12 or November 25-26.

Around January 7 the Sun and Pluto conjoin at 17° Capricorn, a degree of paranoia and imposing fear.

This planetary combo at this degree indicates trying to cope with extreme oppression or tyranny, to resist oppression fiercely, legal fights and hectic emotional situations.

The Sun and Pluto together in the cardinal earth sign Capricorn bring power issues and earthshaking revelations (digging things up).

Be tenacious, determined and have tons of patience now.

Notice that around these early January 2017 days, the Sun will trigger the aforementioned T-square between, Pluto, Jupiter and Uranus.

Also, around January 8, Mercury stations and turns direct at 28° Sagittarius reinforcing news going viral.

Beware of health issues related to the lungs and/or allergic reactions to certain toxic stuff (in water, food, air etc.).

If you are a Gemini or Virgo (or have Gemini or Virgo on the Ascendant), your life will slowly get a boost again.

You will see things more clearly now so that taking decisions will only become better.

Additionally, around the same day of January 8, Venus at 5° Pisces opposes the mean North Node of the Moon denoting the need for some time alone, easily feeling misunderstood by others, feeling out of a group or connection, feeling separated from a loved one.

Showing affection may be difficult and this is not a time for socializing.

Moreover, your finances may be at a low.

Financial limitations currently block progress.

The Sun at 20° Capricorn squares Uranus at 20° Aries around January 10.

This waning square is extremely independent and cannot stand complying to some rules.

This is the aspect of the eternal NO-sayer.

You want to go your own way, are contrary -- even for the sake of it -- in a very principled way.

You are intensely aware of the world situation that keeps you emotionally hooked and that makes you sick.

Around the January 12 Full Moon period the Sun at 22° Capricorn squares Jupiter at 22° Libra while Mercury enters corporate and governmental Capricorn again.

This Full Moon at 22° Cancer is at the same numerical degree as Jupiter and Saturn, blending their principles all together.

This Full Moon period is about real estate, buildings, study and research, changing the residence, travel, job or career changes but also some kind of dissatisfaction.

This is not a playful and light time that is!

The waxing Sun-Jupiter square is about ballooning behavior, the elite and higher-ups propagating promises that cannot be held and/or misjudgments.

Mercury, the messenger, at 0° Capricorn, representing the Government, the corporate or banking world always points to some official information, news or documents becoming public.

There is some message that needs to be made public around these days.

Venus and Neptune conjoin at 10° Pisces around January 12.

This conjunction is a platonic one, longing for Universal Love, trying to find the the unobtainable Ideal Lover that only exists in your own imagination but not on Planet Earth.

There are unfulfilled longings and you easily feel sorry for the weak or vulnerable ones.

This conjunction shows you want to escape from the hard realities and find solace in music, photography and/or other artistic and creative projects.

Around January 13-14 Mercury enters the same position it held around January 3-4 and triggers the same planetary picture.

So, it might be interesting to find out if the same basic principles and events that occurred around January 3-4 will manifest this time around again.

Around the January 19 Last Quarter Moon at 0° Scorpio, called the gates of death, the Sun enters shocking and disruptive Aquarius while Mars at 23° Pisces squares Saturn at 23° Sagittarius.

The waxing Mars-Saturn square represents reckless and forceful energy, overexertion and ruthlessly fighting severe oppression and resistance.

This is not a happy Last Quarter Moon.

On the contrary, it just suggests sorrow and sadness and it points to profound regeneration, the need to revamp a situation clear out to start over.

Back to square one.

In matters of love and romance, this Last Quarter Moon suggests that some of you will change partners, lovers or relationships and start over with someone else...

The entrance of the Sun in Aquarius adds to the unexpected 180° reversal or U-turn.

The current position of Mars between January 22-26 points to violence, disagreements, huge power conflicts, a fighting spirit, pushing ahead against any opposition and/or trying to conquer fierce competition.

Around January 27 Venus at 24° Pisces squares Saturn at 24° Sagittarius.

The waxing Venus-Saturn square vents dissatisfaction and indicates the desire to complain.

This is an aspect of keeping up appearances as well, faking love and/or faking riches.

The atmosphere is cooler and there are' clouds in the sky.

The Chinese New Year begins on the January 28 New Moon while Mars enters Aries, its own sign.

Mars represents the armed forces (the military and police) and is at a degree of new beginnings, primal urges to initiate something new.

In this position, Mars suggests (public) interventions by the armed forces around this New Moon period.

This New Moon period (that is most powerful before the New Moon is exact, when it's darkest) indicates sadness, feeling paralyzed, lacking courage and/or energy, unusual activities that become a source of inspiration and the like.

Around January 29 Mercury and Pluto conjoin at 17° Capricorn, a degree known for its paranoia and imposing fear.

This planetary combo at this degree indicates severe annoyance, trying to cope with extreme oppression, legal fights and hectic emotional situations.

Mercury and Pluto together in the cardinal earth sign Capricorn bring earthshaking revelations, research and the digging up of information or documents.

Be tenacious, determined and have tons of patience during this investigative time.

Around January 31 relief sets in with sudden news about auspicious developments and successful ventures.

You are able to articulate your vision and beliefs successfully.

Love Quotes of the Month

Grumbling is the death of love
-- Marlene Dietrich --

The great secret of successful marriage is to treat all disasters as incidents and none of the incidents as disasters
-- Harold Nicholson --

Love makes time pass. Time makes love pass
-- French proverb --

When the husband drinks to the wife, all would be well; when the wife drinks to the husband, all is
-- English proverb --

The real value of love is the increased general vitality it produces
-- Paul Valery --

A guy knows he's in love when he loses interest in his car for a couple of days
-- Tim Allen --

What's New on Our Web Site?

We updated the page describing the (love) life of Ashton Kutcher with the information about the birth of his 2nd child, a baby boy.

We also added a page about finding the most sensitive degrees in synastry , an article we published in a previous Love Letter.

Because of the work involved analyzing and writing the 2017 forecasts, no other updates can be reported.

The Most Aspected Planet in Synastry

When comparing two natal charts for compatibility we always look for the standouts.

What is missing, are there voids or are there predominant factors noticeable?

In doing so, you may find out that, in some cases, a certain planet of one of the partners receives lots of aspects, while some other planets are unaspected and seemingly void.

These are very important indications.

let's take a look at the following aspect grid between two partners.

Mars of partner 1 is very well aspected, compared to the other planets.

It denotes that Mars of partner 1 gets lots of attention, is triggered a lot by the planets of the other partner and will thus manifest powerfully, for good or ill.

Mars takes the initiative and chances are the Mars partner (here partner 1) is the one who ignites events or experiences.

In case the Mars partner is a woman, she may take the lead, be the more assertive partner.

In case the Mars partner is a man, he too may take the lead, but may be more pushy though and, in some instances, aggressive.

So, a planet that receives the most aspects in a very noticeable way will manifest its basic principles profoundly in the relationship between the partners.

The planetary meanings will differ slightly between a man and a woman but because not all charts in synastry show a most aspected planet, we have not been able to determine the most significant differences yet.

More research is still needed here.

When the most aspected planet is:
  • the Sun, there can be ego issues and/or too much focus on the physical body (perhaps due to health issues).
  • the Moon, there can be inconsistency, too much mood swings.
  • Mercury, there is a talkative nature and lots of restlessness, mental buzz.
  • Venus, there is too much pleasing the other and/or avoiding conflicts. The Venus partner loves to beautify everything.
  • Mars, there are lots of initiatives, activities and attending events. Mars tends to go his own way too.
  • Jupiter, there is a lecturing spirit. Jupiter not always walks the talk.
  • Saturn, there is control, restriction and/or a limiting influence. Saturn represents the no-sayer and is constrictive.
  • Uranus, there is too much freedom or a highly independent nature. The behavior is contrary and also disruptive.
  • Neptune, there is escapism. Neptune does not tell it all.
  • Pluto, there is intensity and black-and-white opinions. The Pluto person can be too forceful one way or the other.

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