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CosmiTec's Love Letter, Issue #147 -- The Natal Venus Mars Semi-square
February 21, 2017

We updated the web page about the (love) life of Donald Trump with the inauguration data (see below under the What's New on our Web Site section).

There are some interesting astrological observations we'd like to share here about the near future.

It's beyond the scope of this Love Letter and even inappropriate to go into too much detail though but it's always nice to understand that (astrological) cycles rule the world as well as our individual lives and that some cycles are about to repeat soon.

When looking at the next Solar Eclipse of August 21, 2017 (at 28° Leo) you will see this Eclipse exactly hits Trump's Ascendant/Mars conjunction in Leo.

Moreover, the August 2017 eclipse will be the first with a path of totality crossing the USA's Pacific coast and Atlantic coast since 1918.

Also, its path of totality makes landfall exclusively within the United States, making it the first such eclipse since the country's independence in 1776.

Hence, this Solar Eclipse is already called "THE American eclipse."

Astrologers know that eclipses predominantly work out in the countries or areas they are visible and this eclipse will thus bring the USA in the spotlight with important events to happen all over that country in the second half of this year.

This Solar Eclipse is actually part of 4 eclipses that belong to the same 19-year metonic cycle group:

  • August 22, 1979: Solar Eclipse on 29° Leo
  • August 22, 1998: Solar Eclipse on 28° Leo
  • August 21, 2017: Solar Eclipse on 28° Leo
  • August 21, 2036: Solar Eclipse on 29° Leo
In medieval astrology, 28°-29° Leo was the position of the Royal Fixed Star Regulus which was told to bring great note and power.

Though the Fixed Star is now positioned at 0° Virgo, the late Leo degrees still have their influence on Royalties, celebrities and certain leaders of state (the more so if the eclipse conjuncts one's Ascendant).

To find out its meaning for the US president(s), we looked at what happened in the past when the Solar Eclipses of this metonic cycle group were active (note that a Solar Eclipse works out within 6 months):
  • August 22, 1979: Solar Eclipse on 29° Leo.

    President Carter experienced the November 1979 Iran hostage crisis.

    He remained in isolation in the White House for more than 100 days and failed in his mission to rescue the hostages.

    Political analysts cite this as a major factor in the trajectory of Jimmy Carter’s presidency and his loss in the 1980 presidential election.
  • August 22, 1998: Solar Eclipse on 28° Leo.

    President Clinton faced the Lewinsky scandal in December 1998 that lead to his impeachment on two charges, one of perjury and one of obstruction of justice.

    However, in the end, Clinton was not removed from office.
  • August 21, 2017: Solar Eclipse on 28° Leo.

    If this metonic cycle has an influence on the US President(s), it must work out that way again, the more so because, this time, the Solar Eclipse is conjunct the Ascendant and Mars of the president, denoting the eclipse will affect him personally.

    Late 2017 (especially November-December because of the Scorpio New Moon that squares the Solar Eclipse) is likely to bring some crisis situation for the President and the USA.

    Why don't you take a look at the Astrodamus predictions on the page about his (love) life on our web site to find out how he will fare?

    By the way, if you still doubt astrology works, have you noticed the President's daily tweets, regular press conferences, live coverages, live streaming the signing of executive orders, the continuous bold statements and showy behavior, etc...?

    It's the way he is because fire signs make themselves noticeable !

    Much love!
    Luc De Jaeger

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    Table of Contents

    Our regular features
    1. The Love Forecasts for the Month
    2. Love Quotes of the month
    3. What's new on our web site?

    Our occasional features

    1. The Natal Venus Mars Semi-square

    Love Forecasts for March 2017

    (slowly hover over a paragraph with the mouse and wait a second for additional astrological information)

    Click here to download the March 2017 calendar in pdf format.

    In general and on a mundane level, events are likely to happen around March 6-7, March 13, March 21 and/or March 27-28.

    During this month of March, the following planetary configuration will affect some birthdays in particular:
    • If you are born around January 19, March 5, April 19, June 5, July 22, September 7, October 23 or December 6, this month of March is likely to bring more solitude and/or reclusion.

      You may hesitate to contact others or relate.

      You may feel alone and/or lonely, be separated from others or live a more detached life.

    • If you are born around February 1, March 18, May 2, June 18, August 4, September 20, November 4 or December 19, this month of March is about excitement and/or to be suddenly embroiled in something.

      There can be upsetting or turbulent situations going on.
    Generally speaking and on a mundane level, March 2017 is still marked by the wide T-square in Cardinal signs between Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto in which Pluto in Capricorn is the apex body.

    Though never exact, this T-square will be triggered on different occasions this month in a very powerful way.

    We discussed this astrological configuration already in our December 2016 forecast and won't repeat the meaning here again.

    So, let's focus on what the month has in store.

    Around March 1-2 there is the uncovering of fraud and/or secrecies.

    There is increased insight in deceit, secret and/or unlawful affairs.

    You will recognize improvements due to a change of course.

    Also, there are discussions going on and news about huge improvements.

    According to astrometeorology, the current configurations may bring stormy weather here and there.

    If you are born around January 12, February 25, April 11-12, May 28-29, July 14-15, August 30, October 15-16 or November 29, the current astrological configurations may bring exciting news, relief, revealing documents and/or auspicious financial developments.

    The Sun and Neptune conjoin at 11° Pisces around March 1-2 indicating bewilderment and deceit all over.

    There is chaos and confusion and some people go missing, withdraw or try to hide.

    There can be maritime issues or disasters happening as well.

    Around March 2-3 Jupiter at 22° Libra opposes Uranus at 22° Aries suggesting social reform, reconstructing our society along more idealistic lines.

    This opposition points to a busy period for (environmental) activists and the unwillingness to compromise freedom of thought.

    People are now challenging society and demanding to be more open, liberating, fresh and confiding.

    In matters of science and technology, this opposition often marks some radical novelties and innovations.

    Venus at 13° Aries stations and turns retrograde around March 4 implying a shift in the love consciousness.

    Usually, when Venus regresses, feelings of love are no longer expressed easily and existing relationships can be tested.

    Break-ups may happen and people may withdraw and disconnect more easily to review their values and relationships with loved ones.

    During the station and when Venus is retrograde, it's not too good a time to buy expensive goods or products either because you won't get what you want or imagined.

    Also, avoid any type of beautification (especially cosmetic surgery) and instead try to be creative and sharpen your artistic skills that may thrive when Venus is retrograde.

    Around the same day of March 4, Mercury and Neptune conjoin at 11° Pisces, still emphasizing the chaotic and confusing time frame we're in.

    The lies, gossip and slander continue.

    There is sad news and separation is in the air around March 5.

    You may feel estranged.

    If you are born around January 19, March 5, April 19, June 5, July 22, September 7, October 23 or December 6, the current influences may affect you most.

    Around March 6-7 the Sun and Mercury conjoin at 16° Pisces.

    Knowledge is power.

    Around this day you should not take everything too personally.

    Mars enters the fixed earth sign Taurus around March 9-10, indicating purchases and spendthrift (impulsive spending).

    In the sign of its detriment, Mars slows down but is still very determined and highly stubborn.

    There is fierce resistance and the primal urges are focused on resisting changes, securing one's possessions (and/or money) and ignoring any sound advice.

    Around the March 12 Full Moon, Mercury at 27° Pisces squares Saturn at 27° Sagittarius.

    This waxing square in mutable signs gives a very short attention span and increases nervous tension and mental restlessness.

    It's a very critical aspect, suggesting sharp arguments and cynical remarks.

    The mood is somber and you may grumble and complain easily.

    Mercury enters fiery and impulsive Aries around March 13, suggesting a very talkative mood.

    Mind your words because you tend to talk faster than you can think...

    Around March 17 the Sun at 27° Pisces squares Saturn at 27° Sagittarius indicating a dark mood and a heavy heart.

    This waxing square ponders and takes everything (too) serious.

    It's a very restrictive, constrictive and blocking aspect that creates tension and a distance in relationships.

    There is hesitation also and a struggle to gain acceptance.

    Mercury and Venus conjoin at 9° Aries around March 18 pointing to enjoyable or peaceful agreements.

    There can be a peaceful separation going on and some of you may prefer and enjoy solitude or being home alone.

    Today is a good day to change your residence or move also.

    The Sun enters pushy Aries around March 20, adding to a busy schedule.

    Around March 23-24 Mercury at 19° Aries squares Pluto at 19° Capricorn.

    This annoying and fanatic waxing square is way too obsessed with power and trying to make a point.

    Information, news or messages are being manipulated in an exaggerated way and higher-ups or people in charge cannot stand criticism and try to impose their agenda or views.

    Obviously, this planetary combo results in vexation, shouting and harsh disputes.

    Also, Mercury soon after squaring Pluto opposes Jupiter at 20° Libra around the same day of March 24, denoting Pluto is currently the apex body of a T-square that involves Mercury and Jupiter.

    This T-square is above all about propaganda and trying to influence others, the masses.

    It's about immense criticism or rebuffs for theories or views which are inadequately presented, repression of sound discourses or thinking but also about recognizing some fortunate or auspicious changes, reversals and transformations.

    This T-square emphasizes energy and enthusiasm to continue with transformations in a positive way.

    It's about decision-making, in a forceful way perhaps, and planning a certain course.

    Around March 25 the Sun and Venus meet at 4° Aries.

    This gentle and accommodating combo in Aries tries to please, above all, and cannot stand a fight.

    Around March 26 Mercury and Uranus conjoin at 23° Aries, making for breaking news.

    There is restlessness, nervous tension and things start to move, to change more abruptedly.

    There is resistance though and you still try to defend an opinion or point of view fiercely, resulting in disagreements and possible clashes.

    You may face separations and tension around this day.

    Also, whenever Mercury and Uranus blend, traffic and/or transportation issues (accidents) are another possible outcome.

    Retrograde Jupiter at 19° Libra squares Pluto at 19° Capricorn around March 30 indicating a loss of status, esteem and reputation.

    You may want the impossible, too much power and influence that is.

    Imposing your own views and beliefs do not work, especially not when others do not like them or disagree.

    Around March 31 Mercury enters stubborn and inert Taurus, showing an inability to change your views and focusing on money, property and possessions.

    You tend to overly repeat you own points of view and hang on to what is tangible.

    Love Quotes of the Month

    Prostitutes for pleasure, concubines for service, wives for breeding
    -- Sir Richard Burton --

    A diamond is the only kind of ice that keeps a girl warm
    -- Elizabeth Taylor --

    The natural man has only two primal passions, to get and beget
    -- William Osler --

    Anything worth doing well is worth doing slowly
    -- Gypsy Rose Lee --

    Women can always be caught; that's the first rule of the game
    -- Ovid --

    Never accept rides from strange men, and remember that all men are as strange as hell
    -- Robin Morgan --

    What's New on Our Web Site?

    There are a couple of updates to mention:
    • We updated the page about the (love) life of Donald Trump with the inauguration data.

      Just above the Updates header, you can download the Astrodamus forecasts till 2030 to find out what his (and the world's) future may have in store.
    • We updated the page about the (love) life of George Clooney with the breaking news that he and Amal are expecting twins (due this June).
    • We added some Testimonials
    • We added a new article about the most aspect planet in synastry , which we published in a previous Love Letter.

    The Natal Venus Mars Semi-square

    In previous Love Letters we delineated different natal Venus-Mars aspects already.

    This time we want to share our research pertaining to the natal Venus-Mars semi-square (aspect of 45°).

    When researching the meaning of aspects we only use a very tight orb of 1° because we're convinced this is the only way to find the essence of the aspects.

    Also, we make a difference between male and female charts, and when possible, differ between applying and separating aspects as well.

    We conduct our research with the help of the AstroDatabank which currently contains 59,000+ birth data.

    1. The Venus Mars Semi-square in the FEMALE Chart

    General Meaning

    In general, women with a tight Venus-Mars semi-square on average have two kids (most often at least 1 daughter).

    Above average they love to act, write and/or perform.

    They very often live detached from their family, a parent and/or both parents (either because of the distance, absence or divorce status).

    On average, women with a close Venus Mars semi-square tend to be very vocal.

    They have an avid interest in astrology and have siblings.

    On average suicide or an accidental death ends their earth's existence.

    A. The Applying Semi-square

    On average, they have one daughter (at least).

    There can be terminal health issues and they are abandoned by a or the parent(s) who are often divorced during childhood.

    B. The Separating Semi-square

    Women who have a tight separating Venus-Mars semi-square love to perform and are actors or actresses.

    They are lots on the move and/or change their residence often.

    They travel for work as well and are most often divorced as well.

    2. The Venus Mars Semi square in the MALE Chart

    General Meaning

    In general, men with a tight Venus Mars semi-square in the natal chart experience sexuality outside the norm (fetishism, perversions,...).

    Men with such an aspect may encounter brushes with the law.

    On average, long-lasting marriages are possible and they seem to have an exceptional mind.

    Many men have a keen interest in astrology.

    They love hard work and often do very hazardous work too.

    Also, numerous of these men are teachers and/or lecturers.

    They face accidental deaths and love dangerous and adventurous sports that are hazardous on a physical level too.

    Because of their talents and gifted assets, they receive vocational awards.

    A. The Applying Semi-square

    Men who have the applying Venus Mars semi-square above average are conceptual thinkers.

    They are teachers, propagators, lecturers,... and do the same job for long.

    They love working alone.

    They face terminal accidents and/or accidental deaths and are very talkative and/or vocal.

    B. The Separating Semi-square

    Men who have a tight separating Venus Mars semi-square above average have a eye problems.

    Men with this aspect often have a sexual fetish.

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