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CosmiTec's Love Letter, Issue #151 -- The Natal Venus Mars Inconjunct
June 21, 2017

The upcoming August 19 Solar Eclipse can already be felt because of the transiting Lunar North Node at the Eclipse's degree (of 28° Leo).

We already pointed out in a previous Love Letter how important this Eclipse is (and will be) for the USA and for the current president of the USA.

It's always interesting to take a look at what happened when a previous Solar Eclipse too was at 28° Leo.

The previous Eclipse happened on August 22, 1998.

Know that he met his current wife Melania in the second half of September 1998.

All the Moon phases that were active between mid 1998 - early 1999 will repeat again between mid 2017 till early 2018, making that issues and themes that were experienced then, may surface and/or be triggered again in 2017.

It's likely the upcoming Solar Eclipse will also influence his relationship again and/or repeat themes that were then part of his life.

Life is cyclic and history still repeats itself.

In our featured article of the month, we continue publishing our empirical research results about the Venus Mars aspects and this time we present the inconjunct (quincunx or aspect of 150°).

Lots of love
Luc De Jaeger

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Table of Contents

Our regular features
  1. The Love Forecasts for the Month
  2. Love Quotes of the month
  3. What's new on our web site?

Our occasional features

  1. The Natal Venus Mars Inconjunct

Love Forecasts for July 2017

(slowly hover over a paragraph with the mouse and wait a second for additional astrological information)

Click here to download the July 2017 calendar in pdf format.

In general and on a mundane level, events are likely to happen around July 8, July 15, July 21-22 and/or July 28.

During this month of July, the following planetary configurations will affect some birthdays in particular:
  • If you are born around February 7, March 24, May 9, June 24-25, August 11, September 26, November 10 or December 25, this month suggests travel, gathering experiences and learning something new.

    In some instances and depending upon your own natal chart, there can be dissatisfaction also and some sorrow or issues related to real estate, buildings, your home or apartment.

  • If you are born around January 13, February 26, April 12-13, May 29, July 15, August 31, October 16 or November 30, this month points to major and profound turn of events, for good or ill.

    Some of you may be(come) quite radical and impulsive with stress and tension building up.

    Your physical well-being and health may be compromised also.

  • If you are born around February 9, March 26, May 11, June 27, August 13, September 29, November 13 or December 27, this month is related to a very sensitive health.

    There is some weakness and a lack of zest noticeable.

    Some of you may flee, withdraw or escape from some dire situations while others gain growing insight in metaphysical matters.

  • If you are born around January 3, February 17, April 3, May 19, July 5, August 21, October 6 or November 20 this month of July shows a sudden turn of events.

    Expect some unusual events also that may, or may not be disruptive depending on your natal chart.

  • If you are born around February 3, March 20-21, May 5, June 21-22, August 7, September 22-23, November 7 or December 21-22, the second half of July may bring expenses and financial losses.

    In some cases, water-related issues may keep you busy as well (inundations, floods,...).
Let's take a look now at the astrological patterns that are active this month.

Around July 1 Venus at 26° Taurus squares the Lunar Nodes suggesting some difficulties in coping with separation or release.

You prefer being alone and are less sociable now.

Some financial issues may pop up also.

Mars at 18° Cancer opposes Pluto at 18° Capricorn around July 2 which can be a violent and forceful aspect.

There is fear of confrontation though because Mars is in the sign of its fall.

A compulsive drive to survive manifests but chances are you are not able to balance your urges properly and may overdo or succumb altogether.

Around July 3 there can be damage to property, real estate, buildings etc.

There can be upheaval as well that brings dissatisfaction.

Venus enters Gemini around July 5 while Mercury at 28° Cancer squares Uranus at 28° Aries at the same time.

In mutable and airy Gemini, Venus, planet of relationships, enjoys a flirt and many (short-lived) encounters.

You are more sociable and may love reading or seek some interesting places to feed your curiosity.

Short trips may be on the agenda.

The waxing Mercury-Uranus square indicates windy and even stormy weather here and there but also contrariness.

You differ opinions and miss some tact.

Also, your communication may be interrupted for whatever reason and/or your message(s) may not come across.

There are surprises in the air as well...

Around July 5-6 Mercury enters Leo, sign of drama and creative self-expression.

In Leo, Mercury is very talkative (reflecting self-important communication) and may express its opinions with quite some confidence.

Mercury in Leo represents the orator but also a dramatic and juvenile talker.

Enjoy some gatherings, concerts or the theater (with or without the kids if you have any).

Around the same day of July 5-6, the Sun at 14° Cancer squares Jupiter 14° Libra and is keeping up appearances.

This aspect too lacks tact because of its overdoing and exaggeration.

Unlawful behavior and/or legal issues are a given.

Power conflicts arise around the July 9-10 Full Moon when the Sun at 18° Cancer opposes intense and forceful Pluto at 18° Capricorn.

You may realize that nothing can be forced and that personal trust must be built up in people over time and that relationships with others are not to be rushed or used to extremes.

You now try to resist submission, try to obstruct forced changes and try to remain strong without giving in.

Around July 12 there is love at first sight and/or irresistible attraction which may end with separation and heartbreak the day after.

Around mid July there can be lots of precipitation, rain and water-related issues (floods, inundations,..) here and there.

Venus at 14° Gemini squares Neptune at 14° Pisces around July 17 which creates a trance-like atmosphere.

There is some sacrifice for a higher ideal noticeable but beware of alcohol, drugs and/or medication that tend to influence and distort your perception.

Around the same day of July 17-18, Mars at 28° Cancer squares disruptive Uranus at 28° Aries, which is a very accident-prone and violent combo.

Physical injuries often happen when cutting Mars and unsettling Uranus meet and clash.

This waxing square is especially destructive and turbulent, the more so because it's also at a degree of "the destruction of illusions resulting in profound reversals, mobbing, obsessions, intrigue and blackmail."

Fiery Mars enters hot and dry Leo around July 20 suggesting rising temperatures and the increased possibility of thunderstorms.

In Leo, the sign of drama and creative self-expression, Mars wants to conquer and demands support and attention.

Leo is vain and fights when its feelings of pride are injured.

Expect more passionate and impatient involvements in many matters.

The Sun at 28° Cancer squares Uranus at 28° Aries around July 21 and has likely been triggered already when Mars entered Leo (which is ruled by the Sun).

This disruptive waxing square reflects the political rebel, the freedom-fighter, the one who feels liberated.

Expect a sudden change of course.

Following mundane astrology, there is an increased risk of transportation and/or traffic accidents around these days.

The Sun enters Leo around July 22 while, at the same time, Mercury and the Lunar North Node conjoin.

Usually, Mercury-Lunar Node aspects indicate hectic and busy times, lots of buzz and a restless and nervous atmosphere.

Now that the Sun and Mars both are in self-centered and showy Leo, your ego and self-awareness may get a huge boost.

Anger may build up as well as the need to show off.

Around the July 23-24 New Moon Venus at 22° Gemini opposes Saturn at 21° Sagittarius, suggesting love is currently out of reach.

There is love's sorrow and some agony noticeable.

It looks like you are irreconcilable and agreements are difficult to attain, if at all.

If you are born around January 26, March 11-12, April 26-27, June 12, July 29; September 14, October 29-30 or December 13, you will likely feel these influences most.

Around July 24-25 there is dissatisfaction all around and you feel down because of some deceptive practices.

Beware of your physical health also.

If you are born around January 22, March 8, April 22, June 8, July 25, September 10, October 26 or December 9, the current astrological configurations are likely to influence you most.

Mercury enters its own sign Virgo around July 25-26 while the Sun and Mars conjoin at 4° Leo around July 26-27.

In Virgo, sign of work and health, Mercury represents the tiniest particles and items, but also small animals (and insects) increasing the odds of some annoying bugs keeping you busy.

Mercury is highly critical and analytical and loves menial tasks.

It's all in the minutest details!

The Sun-Mars conjunction initiates and takes action and wants to do things preferably out of self-interest!

Expect quite some work with this commanding and impatient combo.

July 28-30 is marked by some hardship, even brutality, and difficult obstructive astrological configurations.

If you are born around January 26, March 11-12, April 26-27, June 12, July 29; September 14, October 29-30 or December 13, these influences are likely to affect you most.

Venus enters home-loving Cancer around July 31.

In this vacillating and sensitive sign, Venus experiences lots of ups and downs in its relationships because it feels hurt so easily.

Now is a good time to beautify the home and/or buy property.

Love Quotes of the Month

Men talk to women so they can sleep with them and women sleep with men so they can talk to them
-- Jay McInerney --

A woman tries to get all she can out of a man, and a man tries to get all he can into a woman
-- Isaac Goldberg --

It is a woman's business to get married as soon as possible, and a man's to keep unmarried as long as he can
-- George Bernard Shaw --

Is it not strange that desire should so many years outlive performance?
-- William Shakespeare --

A woman is more responsive to a man's forgetfulness than to his attentions
-- Jarson --

One must not become attached to animals: they do not last long enough. Or to men: they last too long
-- Source unknown --

What's New on Our Web Site?

We updated the page about the (love) life of George Clooney with the news of him becoming father of twins.

We added two pages, one about the astrology of men married late in life and another one about women married late in life.

We published these research results in the previous newsletters.

Our web site management has decided to switch to a more secure https version of the web sites they host in the very near future.

This is another really BIG upgrade because, in the (near) future, our http address will no longer work...

Instead, our web address will start with the https:// notification.

We are investigating all our web pages to find out where we'll have to change the http:// part of some scripts to the more secure https:// notification.

Because of this, we were not able to add additional content, nor were we able to update older HTML scripts to the newer HTML5 scripts.

To make sure there will be a smooth transition, it's critical all our pages, scripts and code are https:// proof.

Unfortunately, some scripts can only be changed on the day of the actual transition because, otherwise, our current http:// address would result in a 404 (not found) message.

We will do the utmost to make sure all links, scripts and pages keep working and make the transition as smooth as possible!

Unfortunately, we won't be able to fix the links produced with a link shortener and used in past Love Letters.

As soon as our web site converts to the more secure https platform, lots of links in old Love Letters won't work any longer.

The Natal Venus Mars Inconjunct

In previous Love Letters we delineated different natal Venus-Mars aspects already.

This time we want to share our research pertaining to the natal Venus-Mars inconjunct or quincunx (aspect of 150°).

When researching the meaning of aspects we only use a very tight orb of 1° because we're convinced this is the only way to find the essence of the aspects.

Also, we make a difference between male and female charts, and when possible, differ between applying and separating aspects as well.

We conduct our research with the help of the AstroDatabank which currently contains 64,000+ birth data.

1. The Venus Mars Inconjunct in the FEMALE Chart

General Meaning

In general, women with a tight Venus-Mars inconjunct on average experience head injuries or surgery.

Above average they seem to have a high sex drive.

They very often have different children, often twins.

On average, women with a close Venus Mars inconjunct are sensitive to substance abuse.

They most often are married different times.

They are very vulnerable also.

A. The Applying Inconjunct

On average, they have an avid interest in astrology.

Because of insufficient data, other results are not conclusive at all.

B. The Separating Inconjunct

Women who have a tight separating Venus-Mars inconjunct live different marriages.

They may be predisposed to substance abuse.

The odds are they are the victim of incest.

2. The Venus Mars Inconjunct in the MALE Chart

General Meaning

In general, men with a tight Venus Mars inconjunct in the natal chart are divorced and/or are married different times.

Men with such an aspect may move and change the place or residence very often.

They are explorers and VERY acquisitive.

Many men experienced traumatic family events.

A. The Applying Inconjunct

Men who have the applying Venus Mars inconjunct above average are very acquisitive.

They can be wealthy, but huge losses are possible too

They often are married different times as well.

They have many lovers and love affairs.

B. The Separating Inconjunct

Men who have a tight separating Venus Mars inconjunct above average are widowed.

Men with this aspect often experienced a heart attack.

They are often top executives also.

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