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CosmiTec's Love Letter, Issue #152 -- Natal Mars and Happiness in Relationships
July 21, 2017

August 2017 has particularly few aspects and planetary patterns -- except for some planetary stations and the Solar and Lunar Eclipses.

This suggests a less busy month but not less powerful!

If you think Jupiter is the planet of happiness, we hope you will reconsider after reading our article about natal Mars and what it reveals about your happiness predisposition in matters of love and romance.

From now on, our monthly forecasts will include the so-called "dies atri", unlucky or unfortunate days.

It's recommended not to initiate any major projects on these days because things may go wrong.

After following these days for some time, there is evidence to suggest that these days are more chaotic, more disruptive than average and that's why we decided to include these days in our monthly forecasts.

Love & hugs
Luc De Jaeger

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Table of Contents

Our regular features
  1. The Love Forecasts for the Month
  2. Love Quotes of the month
  3. What's new on our web site?

Our occasional features

  1. Natal Mars and Happiness in Relationships

Love Forecasts for August 2017

(slowly hover over a paragraph with the mouse and wait a second for additional astrological information)

Click here to download the August 2017 calendar in pdf format.

In general and on a mundane level, events are likely to happen around August 4, August 11, August 18, August 24 and/or August 31.

During this month of August, there are no particular powerful patterns or configurations that affect specific birthdays so that we will take a look now at the astrological patterns that are active this month.

Though, on a mundane level, there are less astrological configurations and patterns than average, there still are some very powerful ones at work as you will see.

Generally speaking, August 1, August 17, August 21-22 and August 29 are less "lucky" days.

Try not to initiate any major projects on these dark, unfortunate, chaotic and empty days (no proposals, no marriages, no changes of residence,...) because things may not go as planned or wished.

Around August 1 you are likely in a highly creative and artistic mood.

Enjoy a concert or just listen to some music, attend a party or go out shooting some photos to escape from the daily realities.

If you are born around February 4, March 20-21, May 6, June 21, August 8, September 23, November 7-8 or December 22 these influences will affect you most.

Uranus stations at 28° Aries and turns retrograde around August 3.

Whenever a planet stations and re-gresses, it suggests some kind of re-jection, re-considering and/or re-turning.

The atmosphere is cool and you try to keep up appearances.

At this particular degree, disruptive Uranus suggests hospitalization and/or surgery for some of you.

Any station of Uranus may intensify (medical or technological) discoveries and/or inventions.

People tend to react more impulsively, abruptly -- often without a reason because of the station in impulsive Aries.

It's better not to act or decide too soon and wait till Uranus takes up some speed again before jumping to and executing any new ideas.

Around August 4 expansive and legal Jupiter at 17° Libra squares transformative and intense Pluto at 17° Capricorn.

This waning square between two giants indicates the loss of money, status, reputation and/or esteem.

Some of you may be fired, others may face serious legal issues.

Expect quite some power struggles around these early August days, ruthless behavior and changes in laws.

This waning aspect intensifies your beliefs and convictions and is set to go to the bottom of anything whatever it takes.

This aspect may enlarge the scope of research and investigations.

Also, law and justice are not the same and each of us has to find out what norms or morals still apply in our lives and whether or not we want to walk the talk.

In some ways, this can be a shocking aspect that is able to rebuild and restructure after breaking up, demolishing or quitting obsolete (and even illegal) structures and traditions.

The Lunar Eclipse at 15° Aquarius, a so-called "critical degree", around August 7 indicates separation, breaking up, breaking free and/or taking a U-turn for the sake of being free.

Indeed, this is a very freedom-loving degree that cannot stand to be pinned down and is able to change the rules, completely.

Because all Full Moons (and Lunar Eclipses in particular) create awareness, this one too will deliver.

Chances are some of you will no longer follow a certain path and change course because of increased or new insights.

In some instances, this Full Moon will bring a message with some urgency, related to a male person.

On August 11 you can be misled and/or swayed by someone.

You may feel betrayed and infidelity may occur.

Also, there can be unfulfilled (love) dreams or the wrong expectations and chances are you feel dissatisfied.

Beware of infections and perverts...

If your Sun is at 13° in a sign (which happens to be the case if you are born around January 3-4, February 1-2, March 3-4, April 2-3, May 3-4, June 3-4, July 5, August 5-6, September 5-6, October 6, November 5 or December 5), these influences may affect you in particular.

Around August 13 Mercury stations and turns retrograde at 11° Virgo.

As usual, Mercury's station affects all Geminis and Virgos (and Gemini and Virgo Ascendants) most and they will likely feel not too well around this day.

Things may not go as smooth as you wished and you better wait a couple of days to cope with the changed energies.

Postpone any major decision till Mercury turns direct again (after September 5).

Venus at 17° Cancer opposes Pluto at 17° Capricorn around August 15.

While this opposition indicates insatiability, it also suggests jealousy and possible (financial) blackmail.

There is some push and intensity regarding agreements and relationships (in the widest sense).

Women should be careful who they date now.

Beware of legal issues and/or blocking influences in your encounters and meetings.

On a positive note, this opposition also suggests births, pleasure from music and arts, social charm, impressing others with your manners and sophistication and/or artistic notoriety at some level.

On August 15 and 16 you may experience extremes of passion or envy.

Some of you may even indulge in sex marathons, but others may enjoy harmonic and/or satisfying job changes.

These days are all about sex, passion and physical pleasure.

However, some of you may experience physical assaults and/or rape.

So, beware!

If your Sun is at 16° or 17° in a sign (which happens to be the case if you are born around January 6-7, February 4-6, March 6-8, April 5-7, May 6-8, June 6-8, July 8-9, August 8-10, September 8-10, October 9-10, November 8-10 or December 8-9), this configuration may influence you especially.

Still around August 16, the Sun and the Lunar North Node conjoin while Venus at 19° Cancer squares Jupiter at 19° Libra.

Any Sun-Lunar North Node conjunction is told to bring some improvements, benefits and/or successes.

It's a period of increased confidence during which you're able to express yourself and impose your influence.

Because of the additional waning Venus-Jupiter square, you can be wasteful, too careless, too optimistic, too fun-loving, over-accommodating and/or over-indulging.

While you may feel "high" romantically and sociably, the current astrological conditions do favor a nice social life.

Around August 19-20 you may feel alone and/or separated.

You rather prefer going your own way and restrict any social contacts.

If you are born around January 12, February 26, April 12, May 28, July 15, August 30, October 15, November 29, these influences are likely to affect you most.

Around August 21 the long anticipated Great American Solar Eclipse occurs at 28° Leo.

When looking at the Solar Eclipse you will notice this Eclipse exactly hits President Trump's Ascendant/Mars conjunction in Leo.

Moreover, the August 2017 Eclipse will be the first with a path of totality crossing the USA's Pacific coast and Atlantic coast since 1918.

Also, its path of totality makes landfall exclusively within the United States, making it the first such Eclipse since the country's independence in 1776.

Hence, this Solar Eclipse is called "The Great American Eclipse."

Astrologers know that eclipses predominantly work out in the countries or areas they are visible and this one will thus bring the USA in the spotlight with important events to happen all over that country in the second half of this year.

This Solar Eclipse is actually part of 4 eclipses that belong to the same 19-year metonic cycle group:
  • August 22, 1979: Solar Eclipse on 29° Leo
  • August 22, 1998: Solar Eclipse on 28° Leo
  • August 21, 2017: Solar Eclipse on 28° Leo
  • August 21, 2036: Solar Eclipse on 29° Leo
In medieval astrology, 28°-29° Leo coincided with the position of the Royal Fixed Star Regulus which was told to bring great note and power.

Though the Fixed Star is now positioned at 0° Virgo, the late Leo degrees still have their influence on Royalties, celebrities and certain leaders of state (the more so if the Eclipse conjuncts one's Ascendant of self and identity).

To find out its meaning for the US president(s), we looked at what happened in the past when the Solar Eclipses of this metonic cycle group were active (note that a Solar Eclipse works out within 6 months):
  • August 22, 1979: Solar Eclipse on 29° Leo.

    President Carter experienced the November 1979 Iran hostage crisis.

    He remained in isolation in the White House for more than 100 days and failed in his mission to rescue the hostages.

    Political analysts cite this as a major factor in the trajectory of Jimmy Carter’s presidency and his loss in the 1980 presidential election.

  • August 22, 1998: Solar Eclipse on 28° Leo.

    President Clinton faced the Lewinsky scandal in December 1998 that lead to his impeachment on two charges, one of perjury and one of obstruction of justice.

    However, in the end, Clinton was not removed from office.

  • August 21, 2017: Solar Eclipse on 28° Leo.
If this metonic cycle has an influence on the US President(s), it must work out that way again, the more so because, this time, the Solar Eclipse also conjuncts the Ascendant and Mars of the President, denoting the Eclipse will affect him personally.

Late 2017 (especially November-December because of the Scorpio New Moon that squares the Solar Eclipse) is likely to bring some crisis situation for the President and the USA.

Also, it's always interesting to take a look at what happened when a previous Solar Eclipse too was at 28° Leo.

The previous Eclipse happened on August 22, 1998.

Know that he met his current wife Melania in the second half of September 1998.

All the Moon phases that were active between mid 1998 - early 1999 will repeat again between mid 2017 till early 2018, making that issues and themes that were experienced then, may surface and/or be triggered again in 2017.

It's likely the upcoming Solar Eclipse will also influence his relationship again and/or repeat themes that were then part of his life.
Solar Eclipse August 22, 1998 28°48' LeoSolar Eclipse August 21, 2017 28°53 Leo
First Quarter August 30 6°38 SagittariusFirst Quarter August 29 6°11 Sagittarius
Full Moon September 6 13°40 PiscesFull Moon September 6 13°53 Pisces
Last Quarter September 13 20°05 GeminiLast Quarter September 13 20°40 Gemini
And so forth...

Life is cyclic and history still repeats itself, for the time being...

Following the great astrologer Bernadette Brady, this Solar Eclipse of the Saros Cycle 1 North might indicate unexpected events involving friends or groups that place a great deal of pressure on personal relationships.

Relationship issues may loom large and you are advised not to make any hasty decisions since information is distorted and possibly false.

This Eclipse series also has an essence of tiredness or health problems attached to it.

Anyway, any North Node Solar Eclipse marks personal and major milestones and indicates an important new beginning in one's personal life.

If you are born around February 9, March 26, May 11, June 27, August 13, September 28, November 13-13 or December 27, this Solar Eclipse period may result in dissatisfaction, a loss of work and/or a loss of energy.

Around August 22-23, the Sun enters Virgo, suggesting work at hand.

This can be an "empty", dark or unlucky period, full of chaos, which might affect you most if you are born around January 11, February 9-10, March 11-12, April 11, May 11-12, June 12, July 13, August 13-14, September 14, October 14, November 13 or December 13.

The dissatisfaction may linger on between August 26-30.

Venus at 28° Cancer squares Uranus at 28° Aries around August 24.

This waxing square is eccentric and curious but detached in matters of love and romance.

A flirt is possible but you will likely feel uncomfortable because of an inner clash between emotional attachment and keeping your freedom.

Around August 25 Saturn at 21° Sagittarius stations and turns direct again.

Stationing Saturn in the sign of religion and beliefs, publicity and foreign affairs indicates you will have to come to terms with these topics.

Expect stricter rules, questioning and redefining your beliefs, delays in matters of foreign affairs and more skepticism.

Around the same day of August 25-26, Venus enters playful Leo and Mars conjoins the north Node of the Moon at 23° Leo.

Now that both Venus and Mars reside in Leo, the love life of all fire signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) may blossom.

In showy Leo, Venus loves some drama and wants to be noticed.

This is a vain position for Venus to be in and a charming combo as well.

Triangular relationships may find good ground to grow now.

Anyway, enjoy gatherings or parties and socialize.

The Mars-North Node of the Moon combo in Leo can be reckless and impulsive, resulting in physical injuries.

Beware of accidents and fire-related issues.

The Sun and rational Mercury meet at 3° Virgo around this busy and hectic day of August 26 suggesting taking decisions without insight and oversight.

You're most interested in facts & figures and the minutest details instead.

Around August 31 Retrograde Mercury re-enters Leo, making that 4 bodies (Mercury, Venus, Mars and the Lunar North Node) currently reside in this dry and fiery zodiac sign.

Mercury and Leo have in common that they are highly talkative.

There may be lots to talk about now.

Love Quotes of the Month

Woman is the source of man's confusion
-- Roman proverb --

Corporal charms may indeed gain admirers, but there must be mental ones to retain them
-- Colts --

A woman is like your shadow; follow her, she flies; fly from her, she follows
-- S.R.N. Chamfort --

A woman needs to know but one man well in order to understand all men; whereas a man may know all women and understand not one of them
-- Helen Rowland --

A bachelor is one who enjoys the chase but does not eat the game
-- Source unknown --

Grumbling is the death of love
-- Marlene Dietrich --

What's New on Our Web Site?

There are a couple of updates to mention:
  • We added a page about the (love) Justin Bieber.

  • We added another page about the natal Venus Mars inconjunct, which we posted in the previous Love Letter.

  • There were minor editions and HTML5 changes on different pages.

Natal Mars and Happiness in Relationships

Whether or not you will be happy in relationships is often written in your own natal chart, as part of "the natal promise."

While Jupiter is often told to represent happiness, evidence has shown that this is not the only factor to look at.

Taking a look at the essence of the meaning of Mars will shed another light on the matter.

Mars is the most instinctive driven and primal planet of all.

Mars is the self-asserting and penetrating drive that needs to live itself fully and cannot stand and cope with delay, obstruction, hesitation or restraint.

Mars is very extravert and will do anything to out itself in a linear, direct, honest and open way.

Mars is happiest being and living itself fully.

Planets are influenced by the zodiac sign they are posited in though; the signs color the planets accordingly and build the background of the action.

Some zodiac signs enhance and strengthen the planetary meanings while other zodiac signs restrict the meanings and cause more frustration.

Fiery Mars feels best in fire (Aries, Leo or Sagittarius) and air (Gemini, Libra or Aquarius) signs, because both extravert and outgoing signs encourage the extravert Mars traits.

In these extravert zodiac signs, Mars is able to let others (the partner as well) know what they like or don't and what they need.

Sharing your needs and primal urges in an open and unrestricted way is necessary for someone to feel comfortable, content and fulfilled.

When you have Mars in the more introvert earth (Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn) or water (Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces) signs, chances are, your primal needs and urges are outed in a less direct way, or even withheld and not expressed at all.

Mars in the introvert signs, is more fearful to show or out the urges directly, resulting in more guilt, lower self-esteem, anxiety and even self-destructive behavior.

Mars in a water or earth sign easily feels overruled and overpowered by outer or external situations, circumstances and persons -- which lowers feelings of happiness in relationships.

Numerous psychological studies have pointed out that extravert people are happier than introvert people.

The extraverts are more likely to find chances to fall in love, for example. And this gives them ‘a happiness edge’ over others.

They are also the soul and life of parties and more easily draw people around them.

However, such studies almost always analyze Western cultures and in the Western world extraverted personalities are still favored.

Western society seems not to accept introverts easily because of the focus on competition, energetic and sociable interaction, the impact upon others, clear directions and instructions.

So, though psychological studies in the Western world are biased in some way, it's still a fact that when Mars is not able to express itself in the natal chart because of its sign placement, it increases personal dissatisfaction and lowers your happiness factor in relationships.

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