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CosmiTec's Love Letter, Issue #161 -- Venus Declinations
April 21, 2018

Finally, Uranus will enter the fixed earth sign Taurus mid May.

Whenever a generational outer planet changes signs, it changes the background of the world profoundly for years to come.

Disrupting and shocking Uranus in materialistic and physical Taurus is surely going to bring HUGE EXISTENTIAL changes for the next years to come.

Expect sudden events and experiences that WILL bring you out of your comfort zone.

This long transit (it remains in Taurus till 2026) will bring the opportunity to free yourself from materialistic shackles and it will bring drastic economic changes that will likely result in breaking up the chains of the current tyrannical materialistic (financial) system that is almost solely based upon dependence and debt (the so-called western debt-economy).

All our love
Luc De Jaeger

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Table of Contents

Our regular features
  1. The Love Forecasts for the Month
  2. Love Quotes of the month
  3. What's new on our web site?

Our occasional features

  1. Venus Declinations

Love Forecasts for May 2018

(slowly hover over a paragraph with the mouse and wait a second for additional astrological information)

Click here to download the May 2018 calendar in pdf format.

In general and on a mundane level, events are likely to happen around May 4-5, May 12, May 18-19 and/or May 24-25.

During this month of May, the following planetary configurations will affect some birthdays in particular:
  • If you are born around February 1, March 18, May 2-3, June 18, August 4, September 20, November 4 or December 19, this month is related to illness and angst.

    You may not feel too well and/or you may feel down.

  • If you are born around February 8, March 25, May 10, June 26, August 12, September 28, November 12 or December 26, this month brings a cold shower during which you might have to face some hard facts.

    You may not feel too well and might not fly too high.

  • If you are born around January 24-25, March 10, April 25, June 10, July 28, September 12, October 28 or December 12, this month is related to exciting or thrilling events experienced with others, turbulent group experiences and/or disruption with or through others or someone else.

  • If you are born around January 9, February 22-23, April 9, May 25, July 11, August 27, October 12 or November 26, this month is tense and stressful.

    You try to resist and don't want to comply.

    Beware of physical (over)strain.

  • If you are born around February 7, March 24, May 9, June 25, August 11, September 27, November 11 or December 25, this month is related to increased metaphysical interests.

    You may tend to hide yourself, flee away and some of you may even go "missing."

    Beware of intoxication and avoid water-related places like canals, rivers, the sea and the like.

  • If you are born around January 20, February 18-19, March 20-21, April 20-21, May 21-22, June 21-22, July 23, August 23-24, September 23-24, October 23-24, November 22-23 or December 22, this month is related to upsetting mass events.

    You want to crush any opposition.

  • If you are born around February 11-12, March 28-29, May 14, June 30, August 16, October 1, November 15-16 or December 30, this month is related to a tearful separation.

    You may feel paralyzed and down.

    Staying put causes depression and a loss of self-confidence, so, just move forward.
Generally speaking, May 3, May 10, May 22 and May 25 are less "lucky" days.

Try not to initiate any major projects on these dark, unfortunate, chaotic and empty days (no proposals, no marriages, no changes of residence,...) because things may not go as planned or wished.

Around April 30 - May 1 the Sun at 10° Taurus squares the mean Lunar Nodes, pointing to a very ego-driven period.

You don't want to give an inch and hold tight, not always realizing that stubborn self-serving behavior is not welcome.

Around and between May 3-5 intense passions prevail.

There is a huge desire and urge to be creative, to express yourself, physically or otherwise.

However, beware of too pushy behavior and/or physical injuries.

If you are born between January 15, February 28 - March 1, April 15, May 31 - June 1, July 18, September 2-3, October 18-19 or December 2, these influences will especially apply to you.

Moreover, for some of you, there will be irresistible attractions and/or lustful primal urges.

Around May 6-7 there are love dreams, high love ideals and love hopes emerging, especially if you are born between January 6-7, February 5, March 7, April 6, May 7, June 7, July 8, August 9, September 9, October 9-10, November 8-9 or December 8.

Try not to be misled in an encounter though.

Mercury at 21° Aries squares Pluto at 21° Capricorn around May 7.

This waxing square tries to manipulate with documents, communication and/or speeches in too forceful and fanatic a way.

Don't try to impose your opinion(s) because emotions may run high and cause annoyance now.

Around the same day of May 7 Venus at 16° Gemini squares Neptune at 16° Pisces, suggesting imaginative (love) desires and unfulfilled love longings.

You may feel mesmerized by someone, may experience high love ideals and/or live a platonic bond with someone.

Often, there are hidden or secret affairs going on, or undisclosed love feelings.

Love and sacrifice go hand in hand and it may also indicate some connection between love and abuse or deceit.

Around May 8-9 the Sun at 18° Taurus opposes retrograde Jupiter at 18° Scorpio pointing to too high expectations, especially on a financial level (because the Taurus-Scorpio axis is above all a financial and/or economic axis).

For some, this aspect denotes bankruptcy while for others, it brings lots of income (money from others like inheritances, legacies, loans,...).

This aspect also suggests joy and the feeling that everything goes as it should.

Something unreal tends to be real, in a highly auspicious way.

Strong pride boosts the ego and (self-)image and there is no hesitation to exaggerate.

Also, it may happen that uncommon publicity is achieved, putting some of you in the lime light.

Around May 9 you feel blessed and happy in matters of love and romance, the more so if you are born between January 29, February 28, March 30, April 29-30, May 30-31, July 1, August 1-2, September 1-2, October 2-3, November 1-2 or December 1-2.

It's definitely time for a small gift or present or share your feelings of love...

Around May 10-11 you feel blissful and over-joyed.

You are in a very creative time frame and want to share love abundantly as well.

Love at first sight or exciting love encounters may happen.

If you are born between January 24-25, March 10, April 25, June 10, July 28, September 12, October 28 or December 12, the current astrological configurations may affect you most.

Around May 12-13 Mercury at 28° Aries squares Mars at 28° Capricorn, suggesting harsh disputes and disagreements.

This waxing square brings legal issues to the foreground and tense and harsh debates.

These days are marked by dissatisfaction, separation and some of you may even be fired.

Also, some of you might change the residence and/or travel and start the necessary preparations.

Anyway, these days are fully marked by separation and moving to the next level.

Around May 12 passion reigns and will affect you most if you are born between January 11-12, February 10, March 11-12, April 11, May 12, June 12, July 13-14, August 14, September 14, October 14-15, November 13-14 or December 13.

Around May 13 Mercury and Uranus conjoin at 29° Aries while at the same day, Mercury enters the fixed earth sign Taurus.

Mercury, the messenger brings surprising news, revealing documents or agreements regarding possessions, financial topics and/or economic deals.

The May 15 New Moon period is highly powerful and explosive with disruptive and surprising Uranus entering stable and inert Taurus, while impulsive Mars enters revolutionary and upsetting Aquarius (and thus also squares Uranus, its dispositor).

It looks like mid May brings a U-turn, the reversal of some existential situation.

Uranus still rules an air sign (Aquarius) and when this generational planet enters a sign it is incompatible with (Taurus is still an earth sign and air and earth don't blend at all), it will try to stir the pot abruptly and shake everything physical and material.

True, with the additional planets in the earth sign Capricorn (Saturn and Pluto), this additional move of rebel Uranus in another earth sign will bring ground-breaking experiences.

Earthquakes, earth-slides, mining disasters and everything related to the soil, ground or earth may be part of it.

Transiting Uranus will reside in Taurus till 2026.

Disrupting and shocking Uranus in materialistic and physical Taurus is surely going to bring HUGE EXISTENTIAL changes for the next years to come.

Expect sudden events and experiences that WILL bring you out of your comfort zone.

In the end, this transit will bring the opportunity to free yourself from materialistic shackles and it will bring drastic economic changes worldwide that will likely result in breaking up the chains of the current tyrannical materialistic (financial) system that is almost solely based upon dependence and debt (the so-called western debt-economy).

Uranus is too freedom-loving to get bound by a very physical and materialistic sign resulting in some heavy shake-ups...

Because Mars also enters the sign that is ruled by Uranus and Mars also squares its own dispositor (Uranus), Uranus becomes yet more powerful these days.

Mars, often representing the armed forces, is in a state of emergency.

Mid May is full of nervous tension and shocking events or experiences.

Realize though that any shock creates an awakening.

In other words, no awakening without a shock...

The waning Mars-Uranus square at 0° in a sign points to a revolution, a turning things upside down due do some rage or anger.

This is a very accident-prone aspect that often brings physical injuries.

Beware of airplane crashes or accidents now.

The hectic mid May period is confirmed and even reinforced by Mercury at 9° Taurus squaring the mean Lunar Nodes around May 19.

As usual, Mercury-Lunar Node aspects bring lots of nervousness, a busy atmosphere and lots of buzz.

Venus enters home-bound Cancer around the same day of May 19.

Now is a good time to do some home-decorating, make your home a cozy place.

In matters of love and romance, Venus is in a fluctuating sign denoting that love will have its ups and downs.

Around May 20-21 the Sun enters mutable Gemini, bringing the focus on documents, letters, messages and communication.

Chances are you will be more on the road, more on the move and/or take short trips.

Siblings enter your life (again) for the next days or weeks.

Mercury at 16° Taurus opposes retrograde Jupiter at 16° Scorpio around May 23.

This aspect is practical and the reasoning is quite down-to-earth.

Around the same day of May 23 there is a lot of talks and high hopes pop up.

You hope for the best.

A new big scandal seems to be in the works.

If you are born between January 6-7, February 5, March 7, April 6, May 7, June 7, July 8, August 9, September 9, October 9-10, November 8-9 or December 8, you are in a highly talkative mood but may be more absent-minded too.

You have lots of inspiration and a very active imagination.

Venus at 8° Cancer opposes Saturn at 8° Capricorn around May 25-26.

This aspect may denote issues with cash flow and/or a lack of money or funds.

Also, love is at a distance and something keeps you separated from a beloved one.

Around May 29-30, Mercury enters its own sign Gemini and suggests short trips, being on the move again.

In the days to come, you will be on the road more often but also be more talkative.

Beware of more gossip and/or rumors.

Love Quotes of the Month

A man usually falls in love with a woman who asks the kind of questions he is able to answer
-- Ronald Colman --

Many a man in love with a dimple makes the mistake of marrying the whole girl
-- Stephen Leacock --

By all means marry: if you get a good wife, you'll become happy; if you get a bad one, you'll become a philosopher
-- Socrates --

When it comes to broken marriages most husbands will split the blame -- half his wife's fault, and half her mother's
-- Source unknown --

It's the good girls who keep diaries; the bad girls never have the time
-- Tallulah Bankhead --

Flirt: "a girl whose favorite man is the next one"
-- Source unknown --

What's New on Our Web Site?

We continued editing our order forms and texts to comply with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

We recall that the GDPR takes effect on May 25, 2018 so that all businesses in Europe must comply to these new (stringent) regulations before this date.

Venus Declinations

Declinations are under-researched in astrology, even though some astrology schools make use of it (like the Cosmobiologists or people who follow the Magi Astrology system).

Perhaps Kt. Boehrer has done the best research till today

However, there is too much evidence that declinations might even be more important than the longitudinal position of the planets (the measure of the zodiacal sign, degree and minute of the Sun's movement along the ecliptic and through the zodiac) that are most often, if not exclusively used in Western astrology.

While declinations are incorporated in all our research projects, we have not researched the declinations as a separate research project itself, but will soon do so because of some specific observations we made that we want to talk about and share here.

While analyzing and writing the monthly forecasts, we also keep track of some lesser known methods, planets or bodies to find their importance, meaning and power.

We also take note of the declinations between transiting bodies and have, after a couple of years, found some consistent meanings for specific declinations that involve the planet Venus.

What are declinations ?

Declination is defined as the parallel measure of the distance of the arc of the ecliptic from the equator as it inclines to and from the equator.

Hence, we only have parallel and contra-parallel aspects between bodies or planets.

Each degree and minute of longitude corresponds with a degree and minute of declination along the ecliptic so that all planets and bodies occupy a position in longitude and in declination.

The reason is that all astrological activity solely takes place along the ecliptic so that every body, planet, asteroid or whatever should be related to the ecliptic by both longitude and declination.

Because the Sun is ALWAYS true by longitude to its declination position on the ecliptic, it's the only totally reliable astrological body so that it sets the standard for all other planets and bodies.

Our observations

While looking at the transiting bodies and planets, it occurred to us that two Venus declinations brought consistent results:
  • Mercury parallel or contra-parallel Venus
  • Venus parallel or contra-parallel Jupiter
On days one of these declinations could be found, without interference of more challenging aspects or declinations, it was found that people tend to be enjoyable, friendly, peacefully, gently with some possibility of love encounters, romance, and/or nice gifts, presents etc.

Almost invariably, such days were nice days, less stressful.

So far, we did not notice any difference between the parallel and contra-parallel aspect.

So, if you want to date, find love, have a nice day, a Mercury-Venus or Venus-Jupiter parallel or contra-parallel may add to a positive experience.

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