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CosmiTec's Love Letter, Issue #171 -- Natal Venus In The Zodiac Signs
February 21, 2019

In our featured article, we present some of our findings regarding the position of natal Venus in the zodiac signs.

The results are not statistically proven, but rather the result of empirical research (without taking into account a comparison with control groups).

In a future article, we will add some specific descriptions that we derived from making a difference between male and female charts.

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Luc De Jaeger

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Table of Contents

Our regular features
  1. The Love Forecasts for the Month
  2. Love Quotes of the month
  3. What's new on our web site?

Our occasional features

  1. Natal Venus In The Zodiac Signs

Love Forecasts for March 2019

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Click here to download the March 2019 calendar in pdf format.

In general and on a mundane level, events are likely to happen around March 1, March 8, March 15, March 21 and/or March 28-29.

During this month of March, the following planetary configurations will affect some birthdays in particular:
  • If you are born around January 11-12, February 25, April 11, May 27-28, July 14, August 29-30, October 14-15 or November 28, this month can be lonely.

    You may prefer going your own way and/or appear more self-contained.

    There is the tendency to withdraw or you may not always feel well in company or with someone else.

  • If you are born around February 12, March 29, May 14, June 30, August 16, October 2, November 16 or December 30, this month suggests enjoyable contacts or gatherings.

    There is support and you feel blessed with or through others or someone else.

    This can be a sociable month and you feel good with others.

  • If you are born around January 17, March 2-3, April 17, June 2-3, July 20, September 4-5, October 20-21 or December 4-5, this may become an exciting month (for good or ill).

    Some of you may feel tense and want to take action with others.

    The atmosphere may be loaden and you may get swayed by or with others and become angry.

    A turbulent month may be ahead.
Generally speaking, March 13, 14, 15 and 29 are "less lucky" days.

Try not to initiate any major projects on this dark, unfortunate, chaotic and empty day (no proposals, no marriages, no changes of residence,...) because things may not go as planned or wished.

Around March 1, Venus at 29° Capricorn squares Uranus at 29° Aries and enters independent Aquarius right after.

This waning square at a so-called "critical degree" suggests sobering influences related to your relationships (in the widest sense).

Some disruptions are to be expected here.

Can you face "reality" and the "truth" ?

Numerous people may be or just feel rejected now.

Around March 5, Mercury at 29° Pisces, another so-called "critical degree", stations and turns retrograde.

Geminis and Virgos as well as Gemini and Virgo Ascendants might feel down a bit around the station.

Things don't go their way and some minor health challenges are possible as well.

Some of you will repeat errors already made in the past, as if the learning process is not finished completely yet.

When Mercury stations, the likelihood of strikes increases manifolds.

Following astrometeorology and mundane astrology, 29° Pisces is related to water, maritime issues, the ocean, floods, lots of precipitation, and unexpected events.

It's very likely something will happen that nobody has seen coming.

Around the March 6 New Moon at 15° Pisces, a so-called "critical degree", Uranus re-enters the fixed earth sign Taurus while the Sun and Neptune conjoin at 16° Pisces.

The dispositor of this New Moon thus conjuncts the New Moon, which is very powerful in its own sign.

It's told that 15° Pisces is a "drowning degree", being under water and/or being drowned by some situation.

You can be above your head facing some issues and you may have it very difficult handling things properly and coping with the situation.

This New Moon period is marked by chaos, uncertainty, water- related issues, feeling lost or helpless, and not being able to cope with some situation properly.

The entrance of disrupting and unpredictable Uranus in inert Uranus marks a shock.

In the past we always mentioned that Uranus in Taurus will bring existential changes, meaning really really profound stirs that will bring many of us out of our comfort zones.

Liberating and innovative Uranus will break down material goods, property and possessions.

It will start to shake and "modernize" the monetary system (think no more money notes and coins, for example) and will "immaterialize", "digitalize" lots of products in unexpected and unseen ways.

Prepare for wheel-less cars and more objects floating "in the air" in the near future (especially because we soon enter the Air era when Jupiter and Saturn conjoin at 0° next year).

So, this heavy transit will mark and change our material lives profoundly in a most innovative way too.

The Sun- Neptune conjunction at 16° Pisces suggests the disappearing, leaving, resignation, dismissal..., of a VIP or celebrity.

16° Pisces is a very public degree and points to a discovery and/or uncovering of something unknown, hidden and/or secret.

Some things may get resolved now and/or gain publicity.

Around March 11 there is nice and uplifting news if you are born around February 1, March 18, May 2-3, June 18-19, August 4-5, September 20-21, November 4-5 or December 19.

The Sun at 23° Pisces squares Jupiter at 23° Sagittarius around March 13-14.

This waxing square in which Jupiter is very powerful in its own sign, denotes publicity, coming forward with something.

Following mundane astrology, 23° Pisces is a degree of sadness though, and it will be interesting to find out in what way this First Quarter Moon period will work out.

Around March 14-15, the Sun and retrograde Mercury conjoin at 24° Pisces.

This degree is about a shock and the resulting paralysis.

There may be strikes, but also situations during which some intense encounters happen that easy come and easy go.

Around the same day of March 14-15, retrograde Mercury at 23° Pisces, the sign of its detriment, squares Jupiter at 23° Sagittarius, its own sign.

Publicity of secret documents are on the agenda.

Information that gets out may be unreliable though and/or not everything that is told will be carried out.

Beware of bluff or gossip.

Around March 20 the Sun enters Aries and marks the start of an emotionally intense period till March 31.

This is the more so because around the Full Moon period of March 21 at 0° Libra, a so-called "critical degree", Venus at 23° Aquarius (the dispositor of this Full Moon), also squares Mars at 23° Taurus, in the sign of its fall.

Because Venus is the dispositor of Mars in Taurus (Venus rules Taurus), this is truly a very energetic and intense Full Moon.

First of all, the Full Moon at 0° Libra is powerful in its own right and it points to new encounters, new agreements, new relationships, to socialize, to be popular in some way, to talk about money and/or business.

Some of you may change the social environment, learn new languages or just change the place to accept a new opportunity.

The additional waning Venus-Mars square longs for romance that it cannot get.

This aspect reflects physical urges without romance and tenderness and it tries to enforce "love" -- not realizing that love is not lust.

During this Full Moon phase, especially women should be careful with whom they get on because this aspect often develops into rape, rude behavior and unfulfilled love desires.

Any time Venus and Mars (which are opposites) clash with each other, there are issues with knowing your boundaries, your own urges and the ones of someone else.

Hence, this Venus-Mars square can result in clashes and accidents pointing to where the boundaries are.

If you are born around February 12, March 29, May 14, June 30, August 16, October 2, November 16 or December 30, this Full Moon period may turn out to be highly auspicious though and for you, it suggests a very creative, fortunate, passionate and loving period.

It's a very artistic period anyway.

Around March 24, Mercury and Neptune conjoin at 16° Pisces, a very public degree.

Something, yet undisclosed and/or hidden and/or secret may become public.

In some way, there can be recognition too.

Another outcome may be digging something up.

Around the same day of March 24, there can be love at first sight, a powerful encounter, a lucky day or just happy feelings that may affect you especially if you are born around January 15-16, March 1, April 15-16, May 31 - June 1, July 18, September 3, October 18-19 or December 2-3.

Around March 25-26, Mars is at 26° Taurus, conjunct the Fixed Star Algol, one of the most destructive and evil Fixed Stars, suggesting being too blunt, bold and/or bullying.

Don't be too angry now and control your emotions, if possible.

Around March 26, Venus enters Pisces focusing on romance and love ideals.

Beware of substance abuse and alcohol during this more ethereal transit though.

Listening to music will heal your soul.

Secrets and sacrifice may mark your relationships and you may have it difficult to always stand firm, giving in, in the name of "love."

Following astrometeorology, this entrance of Venus in the water sign Pisces suggests precipitation here and there.

Mercury stations and turns direct again around March 28 at 16° Pisces, while Pluto at 22° Capricorn opposes the mean Lunar North Node.

Generally speaking, stationing Mercury is often related to periods of strikes.

Also, when you are a Gemini or a Virgo or have your Ascendant in one of these zodiac signs, you will start to see more clearly now.

Things are slowly progressing and you feel on track again.

Decisions are made with more certainty.

Information and/or documents get noticed and/or are made public, the more so because the station happens at the very public degree of 16° Pisces.

The Pluto-Lunar Nodes opposition indicates power issues and complications in your relationships.

Pluto always presents (even forces) intense emotional experiences that turn something upside down.

There can be a death or painful relationship reversal.

Beware of some dramatic accidents or experiences.

Because generational body Pluto and the Lunar Nodes stay close together, their influence will last for quite some weeks (and beyond this month) so that this aspect rather indicates a background "mood" or atmosphere.

Mars enters mutable Gemini around March 31 and suggests more arguments, numerous work-related short trips, and mental or cerebral activities (like reading, studying, writing,...).

In mundane astrology, more (public traffic and/or transportation) accidents may be noticed.

Love Quotes of the Month

All love that has not friendship for its base, is like a mansion built upon sand
-- Ella Wheeler --

If love cannot stand the test of time, then it has failed the test of love
-- Bernard Byer --

Wicked men obey from fear; good men, from love
-- Aristotle --

One should always be in love. That is the reason why one should never marry
-- Oscar Wilde --

There are big ships and small ships. But the best ship of all is friendship
-- Source unknown --

You can't buy love, but you can pay heavily for it
-- Source unknown --

What's New on Our Web Site?

We added a page about the (love) life of Will Smith.

We continued with our time-consuming work to prepare for the https migration of our web site and focused on images or pics on our web site that we, as much as possible, now uploaded to our web site management's servers so that they will automatically be https proof.

Natal Venus In The Zodiac Signs

Venus, in general, is the planet of relationships and beloved ones.

It represents all that is beautiful and harmonious and it promotes balance.

The zodiac sign Venus is found in, tells more about the characteristics and predisposition of the way your relationships unfold or evolve, your sense of harmony and aesthetics and the way you handle money.

Remember that the zodiac signs describe HOW things are and what attitude they bring.

In other words, Venus in the zodiac signs will describe how you find balance, beauty, beloved ones and experience relationships.

Unlike lots of other sources, we are only listing empirically and statistically researched delineations.

In a future article, we will add some specific traits found to be different between male and female charts.

Also know that when Venus is conjunct another planet, the delineations may not apply.

Planetary aspects to Venus may alter some of the descriptions as well.

The delineations we provide are archetypal (general) meanings found in charts where Venus is the only planet in the zodiac sign.

Venus in Aries
  • Always testing others to see if one is "desired" or still attractive
  • Adventurous
Venus in Taurus
  • Love is marked by how (un)faithful one is
  • Love comfortable living conditions
  • Calm and self-contained
Venus in Gemini
  • There is the love for the intellectual, cerebral side of everything
  • The story-teller
  • Expressive
Venus in Cancer
  • Love relationships tend to have many (emotional) ups and downs
  • Home-loving
  • Easily hurt
Venus in Leo
  • Love needs romance and some drama
  • Wants to be pampered
  • Loves children
Venus in Virgo
  • Love is met at or through work
  • Loves tiny and small objects
  • Loves craftsmanship and hand-made products
Venus in Libra
  • Vacillating between extremes/opposites to maintain peace and harmony
  • Sociable
  • Artistic-creative abilities
Venus in Scorpio
  • Focuses on primal urges
  • The eternal (but often unfulfilled) longings/desires
  • Attracted to a complicated love life
  • Jealous

Venus in Sagittarius

  • Loves travel, the outdoors
  • Needs to laugh and have fun
  • Attracted to people from "abroad" (other countries/cultures)
Venus in Capricorn
  • Rationalizes the process of love
  • Needs time to grow in matters of love
  • Outer accomplishments are attractive
Venus in Aquarius
  • Values friendship above love
  • Needs a detached and more independent life style without any labels or expectations or norms
  • Loves the unusual, the original and out of the ordinary things
Venus in Pisces
  • Needs a romantic, poetical and almost glamorous love life
  • Needs to stand more firm in matters of love
  • Very devoted
  • Friendly

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