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CosmiTec's Love Letter, Issue #174 -- Mutual Moon Phase Affinities in Love Relationships
May 21, 2019

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June is fully marked by a planetary trio (Jupiter, Saturn, stationing Neptune -- and the mean Lunar Nodes as a fourth factor) at the same numerical degree in a sign (18°) that will "hit" those of you born around January 8-9, February 7-8, March 8-9, April 8-9, May 9, June 9-10, July 11, August 11, September 11, October 11-12, November 10-11 or December 10-11 in particular and directly.

More about it in our monthly forecasts below.

Luc De Jaeger

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Table of Contents

Our regular features
  1. The Love Forecasts for the Month
  2. Love Quotes of the month
  3. What's new on our web site?

Our occasional features

  1. Mutual Moon Phase Affinities in Love Relationships

Love Forecasts for June 2019

(slowly hover over a paragraph with the mouse and wait a second for additional astrological information)

Click here to download the June 2019 calendar in pdf format.

In general and on a mundane level, events are likely to happen around June 5, June 11, June 18 and/or June 26.

During this month of June, the following planetary configurations will affect some birthdays in particular:
  • If you are born around January 17, March 3, April 17, June 3, July 20, September 5, October 20-21 or December 4, there is a tendency to rebel with a huge drive against control.

    You resist (forced or imposed) changes and are ready to fight.

    This month, you will not give in but you may also be prone to overdoing physically.

    Your body may be under lots of strain and/or stress.

    Blending the old and new is not easy and at times, the rules will have to be broken.

  • If you are born around January 4, February 18, April 4, May 20, July 6, August 22, October 7 or November 21, this month may present a huge turning point or milestone in life.

    There are powerful developments going on that have an emotional impact.
Generally speaking, June 17 and 30 are "less lucky" days.

Try not to initiate any major projects on these dark, unfortunate, chaotic and empty days (no proposals, no marriages, no changes of residence,...) because things may not go as planned or wished.

This month of June 2019 is above all marked by Jupiter, Saturn, stationing Neptune and the mean Lunar Nodes all being at the same degree in a sign (18°).

This configuration will be felt the whole month but especially or more powerfully from mid to late June.

Actually, all these planets and points build a so-called astrological Circulation Pattern the whole month long.

This astrological pattern suggests the need to manage some circulation, current, stream, flow or trends of whatever kind (traffic circulation and jams, water circulation and floods, energy current, fashion trends or other trends, the circulation of people like in mass protests, the circulation of information, etc.).

You may get the picture.

Hence, some sort of manipulation will occur by whomever this month to manage the circulation, trends, streams and/or currents in whatever way.

It should be clear that this kind of manipulation will likely interfere with privacy issues as well!

Aside from this astrological pattern, Jupiter, Saturn, stationing Neptune and the mean Lunar Nodes at the same degree in a sign (18°) suggest, among others, the following events or experiences to be part of this month, especially on a more personal level: health issues (related to the liver and/or blood circulation and/or lungs), damage to buildings and/or property because of water-related issues or higher forces, gnawing loneliness, pessimism, losing the will to fight, to be very upset with this world, to feel rejected or abandoned, the (financial) losses, fraud, to be unsuccessful, to lack self-confidence, to feel hopeless and/or helpless, to have the wrong perception or mindset, to have the wrong faith, to be egotistical, to lose too much weight, to be anorectic, to face financial restrictions or shortages, to be pissed of or displeased...

If your Sun is at 18° in a sign (which is the case if you are born around January 8-9, February 7-8, March 8-9, April 8-9, May 9, June 9-10, July 11, August 11, September 11, October 11-12, November 10-11 or December 10-11), these influences will affect you strongly this month.

Around June 1, you feel happy alone and enjoy the coziness of the home environment.

This is a creative and artistic period and you may enjoy music a lot.

The June 3 New Moon period tends to become tense and stressful.

This is a turbulent and rebellious New Moon that reflects the breaking of rules or regulations and restrictions and that demands freedom.

There is lots of resistance noticeable, physically as well as mentally and some of you may experience quite some physical strain.

This New Moon period will especially affect you if you are born around January 17, March 3, April 17, June 3, July 20, September 5, October 20-21 or December 4.

On a mundane level, transportation accidents and especially air crashes or issues with air planes may be seen.

Mercury enters fluctuating and home-loving Cancer around June 4.

Family talks, communication concerning real estate or related to the home or mother may be going on.

Venus enters mutable and double Gemini around June 8-9 and loves to be on the go.

Lots of short trips and communication with siblings and/or neighbors mark this period.

In unstable and changeable Gemini, the planet of relationships indicates lots of (superficial) contacts and small talks.

Around the same period of June 8-10, the Sun at 18° Gemini first squares Neptune at 18° Pisces and later on opposes Jupiter at 19° Sagittarius.

Hence, the transiting Sun is now building a mutable T-square in which stationing Neptune is the apex planet.

This T-square in mutable signs suggests the uncovering of a big fraud or betrayal, financial losses and/or expenses, health issues (especially related to the liver, lungs or blood), acting or some interest in movies, the severe cold shower, dissatisfaction and/or increased sensitivity.

Illusions tend to become disillusions, which is actually an indication of increased awareness, consciousness and insight.

Following astrometeorology, this T-square may indicate lots of rain or precipitation here and there resulting in some water-related issues.

Mars conjoins the mean Lunar North Node at 18° Cancer while also opposing Saturn at 18° Capricorn around June 14.

Regular readers of our monthly forecasts already know how "bloody" any Mars-Lunar Node aspect can be as it is so many times involved in accidents, shootings, physical injuries affecting groups of people or the masses.

So, this mid June period can be very accident-prone and violent, resulting in casualties and lots of physical injuries for many people at once.

There is separation and sadness around.

Some of you may be fired also and/or face the death of a family-member, relative or friend.

There are difficult and even harsh surrounding situations to face and tackle.

Around June 16, Mercury and the mean Lunar North Node meet at 18° Cancer while opposing Saturn at 18° Capricorn.

Separation, sadness and sad news still mark these days.

Some information (letters, documents, news) seems to be blocked or held back.

It's time to plan or organize something and go over some formalities.

Around the same day of June 16, Jupiter at 18° Sagittarius squares (stationing) Neptune at 18° Pisces.

While this aspect may indicate quite some rainfall, humidity and/or precipitation resulting in floods or inundations here and there, it has also a religious meaning because Jupiter and Neptune are both in their own signs.

This aspect often indicates carelessness and/or a lack of responsibility, indulging in alcohol and/or drugs and adds to financial expenses or even losses.

This square aspect is a rather lazy and passive one, often the result of some really huge disappointment, betrayal or fraud.

Between June 15-19, around the June 17 Full Moon, some of you may be under attack, one way or the other, have to do some difficult research or investigations, be the victim of some severe accident and face physical injuries.

You need to fight to overcome some highly obstructive situation.

This Full Moon period can be a very harsh and aggressive one indeed.

The current astrological influences may especially affect you if you are born around January 11, February 24, April 10, May 27, July 13, August 29, October 14 or November 28.

Around June 18, Mercury and Mars meet at 21° Cancer, marking a period of emotional arguments and turmoil.

Traffic and transportation accidents are likely to happen when the planet of transport and communication meets the planet of head-on collisions.

Physical injuries due to cuts are another possibility.

Mercury and Mars at 22° Cancer oppose Pluto at 22° Capricorn around June 19-20, blending to a forceful and stormy combo.

There can be severe and sharp criticism but also the ability to tackle the biggest projects.

Beware of blackmail and fanaticism.

Following mundane astrology, this brutal mid June is full of assaults, attacks, "bloody" revenge, but also about stormy weather here and there.

Neptune stations at 18° Pisces and turns retrograde while the Sun enters Cancer around June 21, resulting in some huge disappointment, delusion and confusion.

This is clearly not a time during which you will be focused and hence, mistakes are made easily.

There can be huge longings due to an increased imagination.

Following astrometeorology, stationing Neptune increases humidity and results in more precipitation and/or fog, often resulting in water-related issues as well (inundations, floods, heavy rain, etc.).

Around June 23, Venus at 17° Gemini opposes Jupiter at 17° Sagittarius while Saturn at 18° Capricorn opposes the mean North Node of the Moon.

Additionally, around June 24, Venus at 18° Gemini squares stationing Neptune at 18° Pisces.

Actually, Venus and Jupiter are currently part of a T-square in which stationing Neptune is the apex planet.

This T-square suggests, among others, a hopeless and/or impossible relationship, betrayal, the huge obstacles in love-related matters, to be taken advantage of, the loss of focus in a love bond, the unclear love situation, the musical interests and music performances, the huge artistic and/or creative drive.

The attentive reader may have noticed that around these days, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and the mean Lunar Nodes are all at 18° in a sign, affecting you in particular when you are born around January 8-9, February 7-8, March 8-9, April 8-9, May 9, June 9-10, July 11, August 11, September 11, October 11-12, November 10-11 or December 10-11.

When that many planets or points blend together, it's not easy to delineate the outcome at all.

Generally speaking, we expect monetary and relationship concerns (in the widest sense) though.

Around June 26-27 communicative Mercury enters Leo which may result in lots of talks and discussions.

In the fire sign Leo, Mercury has a voice and is able to speak out loud and clear, and abundantly too, even in a dramatic way at times.

The focus is now on children and the youth.

Love Quotes of the Month

If you want to be happy for an hour, make love to the person you most desire; if you want to be happy for several hours, eat a meal of all the foods you love, prepared just the way you like them; if you want to be happy for the rest of your life, love your work
-- Chinese proverb --

Love is an upper. It makes you look up. It makes you think up. It makes you a better person than you were before
-- Ann Landers --

We cherish our friends not for their ability to amuse us, but for ours to amuse them
-- Evelyn Waugh --

Always forgive your enemies -- nothing annoys them so much
-- Oscar Wilde --

Cancel the wedding -- but renew the courtship
-- Alexander Drey --

Two people love each other only when they are quite capable of living without each other but choose to live with each other
-- M. Scott Peck --

What's New on Our Web Site?

We added a new page about the (love) life of Jessica Biel.

We also updated the page about the (love) life of Prince Harry, mentioning the birth of his son.

The social media widget (buttons) can now be found at the right side of our pages instead of at the bottom of the pages.

With the help of our site management, we are currently revising the way our web site ranks for visually impaired people, for example.

Our web site should be fully available to site visitors who have a disability that may make accessing the site more difficult than for the average person.

Because the service provider that has been delivering the text to speech feature on our web site for many years is currently off-line, we are also looking at other options and/or competitors.

Different visitors requested to use a larger font when publishing our articles.

We increased the text font by a pixel where possible.

In some instances, like when we use tables, the text font has not changed yet but we might increase the font here too when the tables still look good.

Finally, our web address can now be accessed through the more secure https connection.

Instead of further looking for new and more secure scripts to replace some older ones and delaying the migration, we "tied the knot" and opted for an immediate transition or conversion that went absolutely flawlessly and smoothly.

We deleted most old scripts, with some exceptions though to avoid too much dead links or partly blank pages here and there.

It took too much of our time to find and replace the scripts so that we felt obliged to make a choice and we wanted to keep our focus on astrology, writing our astrology books and doing astrological research instead of coding and/or programming.

Older scripts will be deleted when we gradually edit and update the pages and, in case we cannot find other more secure links, we will most likely delete the links and rewrite and update the pages so that we don't even need the links after all.

Converting the web site to the more secure one has some consequences though.

Our more secure https web site is seen as a totally new web site by the search engines so that we have to start from scratch and have to wait till the search engines list and rank our site again.

Fortunately, all the links in our previous Love Letters will still work because they are redirected to the https-web site (thanks to our web site management).

Mutual Moon Phase Affinities in Love Relationships

In the past we have written about the effect of the Moon Phase in relationships.

Mutual affinities between partners mark their relationship and the more mutual affinities are found, the stronger or more powerful the relationship may be(come).

Sun-Moon affinities between couples may point to lasting love and in this article we would like to mention another powerful Sun-Moon (or Moon phase) affinity or analogy that is most often found in the natal charts of married couples.

The rule goes as follows:
In the natal chart of a woman, look at the Sun's house position and in the natal chart of a man, look at the Moon's house position.

The house position of either Light reflects the distance between the Sun-Moon found in the natal chart of the partner (in which the house number equals the Moon phase number).
  • the 1st house thus equals the 1st Moon phase (0°-30°)
  • the 2nd house equals the 2nd Moon phase (30°-60°)
  • the 3rd house equals the 3rd Moon phase (60°-90°)
  • the 4th house equals the 4th Moon phase (90°-120°)
  • the 5th house equals the 5th Moon phase (120°-150°)
  • the 6th house equals the 6th Moon phase (150°-180°)
  • the 7th house equals the 7th Moon phase (180°-210°)
  • the 8th house equals the 8th Moon phase (210°-240°)
  • the 9th house equals the 9th house phase (240°-270°)
  • the 10th house equals the 10th Moon phase (270°-300°)
  • the 11th house equals the 11th Moon phase (300°-330°)
  • the 12th house equals the 12th Moon phase (330°-360°)
In a female natal chart, the house number the Sun is in reflects the Moon phase (Sun-Moon distance) of the partner/husband.

In a male natal chart, the house number the Moon is in reflects the Moon phase (Sun-Moon distance) of the partner/wife.

At least one of the affinities have to be found in both charts for a couple to marry.

Now, that may be a difficult description or explanation, so let's take a look at some examples to make this rule more clear and practical.

Let's take Paul Newman and his wife Joanne Woodward.

In Paul Newman's natal chart, we find the Moon in the 2nd house.

Following the rule, his wife should be born under the 2nd Moon phase (30°-60°), which is not the case here.

Joanne's Sun is in the 2nd house too so that her husband should be born under the 2nd Moon phase (30°-60°) too.

When looking at Paul Newman's Sun and Moon positions, they are in adjacent signs (the Sun in Aquarius and the Moon in Pisces), reflecting the 2nd Moon phase (30°-60°).

So, in their case, one of the partners has fulfilled the rule.

Let's take another example; that of Prince William and his wife Kate.

In the natal chart of Prince William we find the Moon in the 7th house.

Following the rule, his wife should be born under a 7th Moon phase (180°-210°).

When looking at Kate's natal Chart, we observe the Sun and the Moon to be in opposite signs fulfilling the rule.

In Kate's natal chart, the Sun is found in the 6th house suggesting her husband would be born under a 6th Moon phase (150°-180°).

This is not the case but one of the partners has fulfilled the rule already so that the rule holds.

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