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CosmiTec's Love Letter, Issue #176 -- Natal Mars Uranus Connections
July 21, 2019

Next week (or two), fiery and dry Mars and Jupiter will trine each other in fire signs.

Following astrometeorology, this aspect denotes heatwaves during summer (and also wildfires and/or really big fires).

A trine aspect is an aspect of "no friction", "no brakes", something that goes or develops in unrestricted ways with blazing speed.

Because this combo is "dry", it might bring drought as well.

However, with the upcoming Jupiter-Neptune square in September (and the last one this year), intermittent heavy rainfall will follow (with the accompanying inundations or floods).

It's all pre-programmed following a higher script that follows certain "rules" that seem to be very tightly related to those explained in the Kybalion.

We cannot but compare this with some programmed "artificial intelligence" that "just is" and unemotionally follows a coded template.

Hence, the Universe never acts "at random", in a chaotic way based upon coincidences and/or probabilities...

On the contrary, it's a system, based upon complicated geometrical patterns and energies that are very meaningful and predetermined, especially regarding life on Planet Earth.

The saying that Planet Earth is "Prison Planet", may be more real than imagined.

Love forever
Luc De Jaeger

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Table of Contents

Our regular features
  1. The Love Forecasts for the Month
  2. Love Quotes of the month
  3. What's new on our web site?

Our occasional features

  1. Natal Mars Uranus Connections

Love Forecasts for August 2019

(slowly hover over a paragraph with the mouse and wait a second for additional astrological information)

Click here to download the August 2019 calendar in pdf format.

In general and on a mundane level, events are likely to happen around August 5, August 11-12, August 19 and/or August 26-27.

During this month of August, the following planetary configurations will affect some birthdays in particular:
  • If you are born around January 1, February 14, March 31, May 16, July 2, August 18-19, October 4 or November 18, there is relief in whatever situation you are.

    There can be happy surprises, big breaks and/or exciting progress.

  • If you are born around February 6-7, March 23, May 8, June 24, August 10, September 26, November 10 or December 25 some fortunate developments are going on.

    You are able to introduce new perspectives, organize big things and/or enjoy increased optimism.

  • If you are born around January 21, March 7, April 21, June 7, July 24, September 9, October 25 or December 8, there can be huge financial expenses and/or losses.

    You may be quite self-indulgent and may enjoy living in some trance or dream-state.

    Your imagination runs high which may result in big disappointments as well.

    Some of you may be misguided and/or face legal issues though.

  • If you are born around January 30, March 15, April 30, June 16, August 2, September 18, November 2 or December 17 there are groundbreaking changes going on that open doors and bring about new perspectives.

  • If you are born around February 3-4, March 20, May 5, June 21, August 7, September 22-23, November 7 or December 21-22, you may start to live together under one roof or with others in some group.

    Some of you may change the residence, relocate, move or travel in group.

    Real estate, construction work and buildings are on the agenda.
Generally speaking, August 1, 17, 21, 22 and 29 are "less lucky" days.

Try not to initiate any major projects on these dark, unfortunate, chaotic and empty days (no proposals, no marriages, no changes of residence,...) because things may not go as planned or wished.

Mercury stations and turns direct again at 23° Cancer Around the New Moon (SuperMoon) of August 1

Rejoice Geminis, Virgos, Gemini Ascendants and Virgo Ascendants because your life will slowly start to get back on track again and you may start to open up more.

Important decisions can be made now, even though there is still some preparation time going on.

Minor changes are on the agenda, especially regarding a move, the (place of) residence, the workplace or some changes in the nearby environment.

The changes are for the better and may open and enhance your world in a certain way.

Around August 2, Venus at 6° Leo squares Uranus at 6° Taurus, pointing to a short-lived attraction or encounter.

This waxing square in fixed signs suggests disruptions or turbulence in relationships (in the widest sense) and the need to break up or break free.

This can be a flirtatious aspect as well, pointing to an urge to just be noticed.

Freedom-loving Uranus square its own dispositor Venus in fixed signs cannot stand confinement and being tied down while fixed signs cannot let go.

You may easily understand the clash this aspect indicates.

Around August 5, there are nice and enjoyable gatherings or meetings making this a good day for a date.

There can be bliss and some windfalls.

Between August 7-9, you may love to stay at home or make home a cozy place.

It's a good time to beautify your home or gather at home.

Invite some people and enjoy.

In matters of love and romance, you may need a bit of variety.

Around August 8, there is reserve in relationships and you appear more self-contained and/or self-absorbed.

There can be difficulty in contacting someone or others.

Connecting with elderly or people who experience some health issues goes smoothly though.

The current astrological configuration will especially apply to you if you are born around January 5-6, February 4-5, March 6, April 5, May 6, June 6, July 7-8, August 8, September 8, October 8-9, November 8 or December 7-8.

There is love's sorrow or some sadness around August 9-10.

You may feel betrayed and/or disappointed in someone or in some other people.

You may feel a bit down as well or face a minor health issue.

If you are born around February 5, March 22, May 7, June 23, August 9, September 25, November 9 or December 24, chances are some relationships may cool off or be lived in a more detached way.

You may be more shy or inhibited in relationships actually.

When Mercury re-enters Leo around August 11-12, Jupiter stations and turns direct again at 14° Sagittarius while Uranus stations at 6° Taurus and turns retrograde.

Two planetary stations at the same time will, generally speaking, be surely felt.

Jupiter's station at 14° Sagittarius, its own sign and a so-called "critical degree", suggests widespread legal issues or legal issues that expand.

Stationing Jupiter always enlarges what it touches and at the degree of law and legal documents, no doubt that everything law-related now becomes a focal point.

Also, foreign affairs, foreign countries or issues with foreigners might be part of some breaking news during this station.

Stationing Uranus always creates a shock, which is just another way of saying "increases awareness", whether it turns direct or retrograde.

At 6° Taurus, stationing Uranus disrupts, disturbs and even breaks down existential certainties.

This station clearly points to 'the breach of the dam", something that ultimately comes down, breaks up, breaks or cracks open, bursts open or explodes.

Stationing Uranus in the earth sign Taurus, can present earth-shaking events or experiences (literally or figuratively).

Around the station, breakthroughs of whatever kind are to be expected, especially in the fields of technology, science, medicine or digital media, but also in many other life domains.

The backward moving of Uranus in the sign of possessions, money and material gain may even indicate some tendency to break away from financial or material securities.

When Jupiter and Uranus station during the same period the theme of (space and scientific) exploration may really be hot.

Around August 12, there is some secretiveness around your relationships.

Beware of self-deception.

Some relationships are lived in a platonic way.

Music can have a healing effect to balance the current mood out.

If you are born around January 8-9, February 7, March 9, April 8, May 9, June 9, July 10-11, August 11, September 11, October 11-12, November 10-11 or December 10-11, these influences will especially apply to you.

Around August 14, the Sun and Venus meet at 21° Leo.

Enjoy a gathering, socialize and enjoy this Full Moon period.

If you are born around February 10, March 27, April 11, May 12, June 12, June 28, August 14, September 29-30, October 15, November 14, December 13-14 or December 28, some highly intense love encounters and/or irresistible attractions can be experienced.

Not all of these encounters will be welcome because of the intensity and the force they bring forth.

Mercury at 6° Leo squares Uranus at 6° Taurus around August 16.

This waxing square indicates traffic issues and contrariness.

A sudden change of course, a sudden turn of events and/or breaking news can be expected.

Following astrometeorology, Mercury-Uranus squares suggest a period of heavy wind here and there.

Around August 17-18 Mars enters work-related Virgo, making that work is back on the agenda.

Some project needs meticulous attention and the minutest details now count.

Around these days, working alone is best, so to avoid distraction and to make sure you can focus on some menial tasks.

For some of you, there is separation from (a) co-worker(s) noticeable though.

A co-worker may leave the working floor or even be fired.

Also, expect some religion-related issues around August 19.

Venus enters service-oriented Virgo around August 21, resulting in both planets of love (Venus and Mars) being in the same sign Virgo the coming weeks.

These days, love may be found at the working floor.

Also, the love life of earth signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) especially will likely blossom.

The same is true if your Sun sign is Pisces.

Venus in submissive Virgo is rather reluctanta nd a bit shy in matters of love.

This makes for some inhibitions and difficulties in expressing emotions to others these days.

If you are born around January 5, February 3, March 5, April 4, May 5, June 5, July 6-7, August 7, September 7, October 7-8, November 7 or December 6-7, around August 21 you may travel or study.

There can be disagreements during meetings.

With the Sun entering Virgo as well, around August 23, there is now a stellium in Virgo, adding to the romantic mood that most earth signs will experience late August.

Venus and Mars conjoin at 4° Virgo around August 24, adding to the sparkles of love.

However, both planets together in Virgo are very concerned with their work and want to do it diligently.

With the Sun, Venus, Mars and Juno in Virgo late August, we expect many people to propose and/or marry.

It's a good time to party, celebrate or socialize.

Also, expect some issues related to buildings, construction work, real estate around the same day of August 24.

August 26 and 27 seem to become cloudy and overcast.

If you are born around January 5, February 3, March 5, April 4, May 5, June 5, July 6-7, August 7, September 7, October 7-8, November 7 or December 6-7, between August 27-29 some of you may start to live together with someone but for others there can be issues with buildings, apartments or construction work.

Also, separation or a change of the place or change of residence may be another option.

For some of you, a divorce might be going on.

A change of career or job may be another possible outcome.

The current astrological configurations are best lived at home, in solitude or in some tight group.

When Mercury too enters Virgo, around August 29, you will want to have it all meticulously right.

Critical thinking and analytical work prevail late August too.

With 4 planets in the sign Virgo, most Libras may experience some secret or behind the scenes affairs.

Also, you may feel held back.

Around the perigee New Moon (SuperMoon) of August 30, there is some tension in your relationships and/or romantic life.

There can be kind of a separation (but so is childbirth).

There is excitement but also some unexpected unsettling news possible.

Love Quotes of the Month

Honest women are inconsolable for the mistakes they haven't made
-- Sacha Guitry --

It's better to be happy with someone as a friend than to be unhappy being someone's lover
-- Source unknown --

It takes two to fall in love or else it becomes dangerous
-- Source unknown --

What we do to impress others are the very things others find most annoying
-- Burke Franklin --

Perfect love sometimes does not come till the first grandchild
-- Welsh proverb --

There are a few things that never go out of style, and a feminine woman is one of them
-- Ralston --

What's New on Our Web Site?

There are a couple of updates to mention:

Natal Mars Uranus Connections

In the past we have written many times about different planetary connections, analogies or affinities, mainly containing the love planet Venus.

We also started analyzing Mars connections and have written about the Mars-Jupiter and Mars-Saturn connections before.

This time, we want to delve deeper into the Mars-Uranus connection.

When do we have a Mars-Uranus connection, theme or analogy?

In most cases, the following configurations are used (there are more though (!) but this would lead us too far and make it more complicated than necessary):
  • Uranus in the 1st house
  • Mars in the 11th house
  • the ruler of the 1st house in the 11th house
  • the ruler of the 11th house in the 1st house
  • Mars in a close conjunction, square or opposition with Uranus (a tight sextile or trine counts too but in a minor way)
  • Mars at the solstice point of Uranus
  • Mars in Aquarius
  • Uranus in Aries
When at least three of the above listed analogies or connections can be found in the natal chart, we have a very powerful Mars Uranus connection that will be felt and noticed in the character and life of the native.

What does the Mars Uranus connection signify?

The principle and essence of both Mars and Uranus can be defined as the fear to be pinned down.

This connection often manifests visibly when the native is not able to show aggression directly or be assertive and push through.

There can be a huge (inner) nervous tension and/or restlessness that is often linked to some kind or form of unresolved "aggression" or anger.

People with such a connection or affinity are competitive so to relieve the inner tension.

In numerous cases, people with a powerful Mars Uranus connection face some head issues, trauma or health concerns (like migraines).

Behavior is a bit unpredictable, contrary, unstable, and people with such a connection can change their mind and actions abruptly without any prior notice.

Some of them do love to shock others, even for the sake of the thrill.

This is a very individualistic and independent combo, making that the native has it difficult to comply with orders from authorities (like father figures, elderly etc.).

Freedom means a lot to the native and lots of the natives don't want to be bound to rules, regulations, formalities and other restrictions that raise nervous tension and the urge to break free.

Interestingly, powerful Mars Uranus connections have some very specific meanings when found in a female chart.
  • a powerful Mars Uranus connection is very often indicative of a partner with a huge age difference (even more than 30 years in some instances).

    Such relationships can be very rewarding and even quite long-lasting if other astrological configurations confirm this.

  • Women with this connection in their natal chart tend to be victimized by a partner or person of the opposite sex because of the inability to defend herself properly and/or appropriately

  • In matters of love and romance, distance makes the heart grow fonder.

    The more the partners are together and get emotionally entangled, the more the native is feeling the urge to break up, rebel or become destructive.

    Love at a distance and/or without a legal bond, works best.

    Issues about love and hate with the opposite sex (men) are a recurring theme.

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