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CosmiTec's Love Letter, Issue #180 -- What Tripolar Patterns Describe the Partner?
November 21, 2019

December 2019 and January 2020 are marked by a powerful Capricorn stellium (more than 3 planets/bodies will be in that zodiac sign).

Actually, there will be even 4-5 planets/bodies in Capricorn!

Lots of Capricorn themes will be experienced these months on a mundane level as well as on a personal level.

This configuration is especially powerful (and meaningful) because Saturn, ruler of Capricorn, resides in that zodiac sign also and thus disposes of all planets and bodies therein.

Moreover, Saturn is in a waning conjunction with highly transformative, forceful and intense Pluto.

For almost all Capricorns, 2020 will become a milestone year with powerful personal transformations going on (either because of health, career, relationships and/or domestic matters, for example...).

The stellium will be active in their solar return, so that the stellium will manifest or be felt almost the whole year long for them.

With love
Luc De Jaeger

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Table of Contents

Our regular features
  1. The Love Forecasts for the Month
  2. Love Quotes of the month
  3. What's new on our web site?

Our occasional features

  1. What Tripolar Patterns Describe the Partner?

Love Forecasts for December 2019

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Click here to download the December 2019 calendar in pdf format.

In general and on a mundane level, events are likely to happen around December 6-7, 13-14, 20 and/or 26-27.

During this month of December, the following planetary configurations will affect some birthdays in particular:
  • If you are born around January 17, March 3, April 17, June 3, July 20, September 5, October 21 or December 4 you may experience quite some tension and strain, especially on a physical level too.

    You can be radical and impulsive and take drastic decisions.

    There is a huge urge to feel free and independent.

  • If you are born around January 28-29, March 14, April 29, June 15, August 1, September 16-17, November 1 or December 16 you may experience some fear and agony.

    You may feel a door is dissolving slowly and/or something or someone is missing.

    At times, you may feel empty.

    Some of you may experience water-related issues.

  • If you are born around February 13, March 30, May 15, July 1, August 17, October 3, November 17 or December 31 your metaphysical or spiritual insights may increase manifolds.

    You become very sensitive.

    Some of you may feel a lack of zest or energy and feel unwell.

    At times, and especially if you are a woman, a man may disappear out of your life.

  • If you are born around January 7, February 21, April 7, May 23, July 9, August 25, October 10 or November 24, a sudden shock and/or insight or awareness may be part of your life.

    A sudden revelation may happen, opening new doors for you.
Expansive Jupiter enters restrictive Capricorn around December 2.

The entrance of Jupiter in Capricorn denotes a Capricorn stellium is now active (Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto now reside in Capricorn).

Till late January 2020 different planets and bodies will build an ongoing stellium in that zodiac sign.

During this period there will be a Capricorn "overload", denoting that Aquarians are going to face some hardship, health issues, and/or enter a treacherous period.

Indeed, Aquarians and Aquarius Ascendants may be held back, enter a puzzling period, feel not too well and may not always know how to alter the situations and restrictions.

Actually, this is a period of preparation and reevaluation.

Leos and Geminis will face great challenges and transformative changes while the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn itself) too are heading for a bumpy road.

If you are Taurus or Virgo, you may be better off because you will be able to handle things more fluently.

ALL Capricorns will face a milestone in life in 2020 that triggers profound and powerful personal changes (either in matters of health, relationships, career, family etc.) because the stellium will be active in their solar return horoscope that lasts a year.

More generally speaking, as long as the Capricorn stellium lasts, lots of Capricorn themes will enter the picture, either on a mundane level or on a personal one.

This configuration is especially powerful (and important) because Saturn, ruler of Capricorn, is also in that zodiac sign and thus disposes of all planets and bodies therein.

Saturn is in a waning conjunction with transformative, forceful and intense Pluto denoting that all Capricorn issues and themes are heading towards profound transformations that may be intense and emotionally also.

Expect a purge of some kind.

Capricorn is a builder, a climber and (re)construction work is likely to boom during this stellium.

Everything related to buildings, houses, and real estate will be in the spotlight.

The zodiac sign Capricorn represents the corporate and banking world, the governments, the higher management and leaders of state and they will try to impose their rules and goals upon society.

There can be an increase in regulations, privacy issues, setting boundaries and building more walls (literally or figuratively).

Capricorn is a very compartmentalized sign, dividing everything in a hierarchy, classes and ranks, order and structures and hence, this whole Capricorn stellium period will put the elite, aristocrats and higher-ups in the spotlight (for good or ill).

We expect a lot of higher-ups and celebrities as well as elderly to leave this world, be dismissed or step back.

This period is marked by austerity measures, increased conservative reflexes that freedom-loving people will not like at all.

Following astrometeorology, a lot of planets in the earth element, especially in Capricorn (representing the outer surface and "mask" of the earth), suggest an increased risk of earth-related disasters (like earthquakes, landslides, mining disasters, sinkholes etc.).

Also, Capricorn is a harsh zodiac sign astrometeorologically speaking.

This means that this stellium (till late January 2020) will bring a very hot summer (southern hemisphere) and a harsh winter (northern hemisphere).

As long as expansive Jupiter resides in restrictive Capricorn, it will not feel that well.

Jupiter always exaggerates, in whatever zodiac sign it is situated and in Capricorn it will vacillate between extravagance and disappointing realism.

Capricorn-ruled themes (like anything related to construction work) will flourish and expand though.

Jupiter always tends to overdo and may promise more than it can deliver, resulting in some huge disappointments.

Jupiter of law is likely to bring out more illegal (unlawful) stuff.

There can be large expenses as well.

As long as the dispositor of this stellium (Saturn) resides in its own sign Capricorn as well, there will always be a force that wants to suppress, restrict, limit and censor things, but when Saturn enters liberating Aquarius from late December 2020 on, all Capricorn influences, fences and restrictions will definitely be broken up in unstoppable and shocking ways.

Never forget we are heading towards a new ERA that will start with the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction at 0° Aquarius (the degree of the U-turn) late December 2020 (ending the 200 year long material earth cycle and starting a 200 year long immaterial air cycle).

Currently, most planets in Capricorn are in a waning phase of wrapping up.

Because of the nearing Saturn-Pluto conjunction (exact in January 2020), 2020 may mark the slow beginning of some "debt reset" or financial reset on a mundane level, one way or the other.

Around December 3, Venus opposes the mean Lunar North Node, suggesting a less sociable period of withdrawal, feeling misunderstood, reviewing your relationships (in the widest sense) and even letting go someone.

Financially speaking, this transit too tends to be sobering.

You prefer being alone, make home a cozy place and focus on artistic and creative projects.

If you are born around January 29, February 28, March 30, April 30, May 31, July 1, August 1-2, September 2, October 2-3, November 2, December 1-2 or December 31, around December 6 and 7 you may experience a very sensual time full of passion.

Around December 6 (and early December) may be marked by severe winds and stormy periods.

The Sun at 15° Sagittarius squares Neptune at 15° Pisces around December 8.

At a so-called "critical degrees", this waning square denotes lies, false or missing documents/information, resulting in confusion.

You may also feel drowned or overwhelmed by some influence.

Following astrometeorology, Neptune at 15° Pisces may indicate floods, inundations, and other water-related issues.

If you are born around January 6, February 4, March 6, April 5, May 6, June 6, July 7-8, August 8, September 8, October 9, November 8 or December 7-8, around the same day of December 8, you can be reveling in love but may face disappointment in love as well.

There can be unfulfilled love dreams, platonic love but also over-indulgence and/or a secret love affair.

Mercury enters Sagittarius, the sign of its detriment around December 9.

There is news, a message, information or even a speech that clarifies an event or situation to the world.

At 0° Sagittarius, Mercury often brings some fraudulent information out into the open.

Sagittarius wants to spread everything, wants to propagate, so that new information (represented by Mercury, the winged messenger) will be made public and may go viral.

Around the December 12 Full Moon period, Venus and Saturn conjoin at 19° Capricorn while Chiron stations at 1° Aries and turns direct.

Additionally, the day after, on December 13, Venus will also meet Pluto at 21° Capricorn.

Monetary restrictions and issues can be expected as well as love's sorrow.

Some of you may feel separated from a beloved one.

Love, duty and responsibility go hand in hand during this Full Moon.

It may be a time of taking care for someone.

Stationing Chiron often indicates protests, strikes, manifestations and no willingness to move on.

There is some sadness or mourning noticeable.

Silence is golden now and you say it better when you say nothing at all...

If you are born around January 9-10, February 8, March 10, April 9, May 10, June 10, July 12, August 12, September 12, October 13, November 12 or December 11-12, this Full Moon period may especially bring separation from a beloved one, a feeling of dissatisfaction, being alone and/or feeling lonely.

If you are born around January 11-12, February 10, March 12, April 11, May 12, June 12, July 14, August 14, September 14, October 15, November 14 or December 13-14, around December 13, there is passion and the possibility of a karmic bond with someone.

In some instances, for some of you, a female may disappear out of your life.

Around December 15, there are clouds in the sky.

On December 14, you may receive some gifts, parcels or enjoy a nice day.

Around December 17-18, there is news about some kind of separation or departure, followed by a talkative mood.

These can be tense and stressful days.

In matters of trade and commerce, there can be delays resulting in not receiving some orders timely.

Around December 20, Mercury at 16° Sagittarius squares Neptune at 16° Pisces while Venus enters Aquarius.

Beware of errors being made, and whatever is being made public now may be false or bring about more confusion.

Anyway, this can be a time of disclosure and things being made public -- but still, beware.

The entrance of Venus in Aquarius marks a crisis or emergency moment.

Beware of a fall, shock and/or separation.

There can be clouds in the sky as well.

The Sun enters Capricorn around December 22 while Venus at 2° Aquarius squares Uranus at 2° Taurus.

Capricorn themes will now start to become more mainstream.

The waning Venus-Uranus square suggests the (sudden) cooling off and even breaking off of some bonds with beloved ones.

Short-lived attractions may occur also.

Your relationships (in the widest sense) are under review.

On Christmas day, there are clouds in the sky.

The Solar Eclipse of December 26 at 4° Capricorn suggests, following the brilliant and keen astrologer and researcher Bernadette Brady, the sudden endings of associations or of a relationship, possibly with a younger person.

There is also a large emotional component, she says, as Pluto is involved and a sense of traumatic transformation (which can be through news received or short journeys undertaken).

At 4° Capricorn, this Solar Eclipse seems to denote that within the following 6 months there will be a new milestone in life with something dissolving or fading.

Someone might disappear, go missing or withdraw.

This degree area tends to show issues with adapting to some new situation and/or direction.

Some of you may feel less secure as lots of values and so-called "certainties" are slowly dissolving.

What has been learned and imprinted as "truths" in the past no longer work and you try to cope with unreal events in the background of outdated concepts.

Also, on a more mundane level, people may experience more metaphysical insights so that spiritual interests may increase.

Following astrometeorology, the Solar Eclipse suggests water-related issues (floods, maritime issues etc.).

Around December 27 the Sun and Jupiter conjoin at 5° Capricorn, which is a great transit but at a rather difficult degree of shocks and paralysis (out of fear).

Furthermore, this degree area suggests new awareness because of unknown or past forgotten facts coming to light (again).

There can be important archeological finds as well.

This conjunction is part of a cleansing period by bringing something in the consciousness and in reality (again) in quite a shocking way.

In some instances, this degree area is found in charts of (explosive) attacks also.

On December 28, there are clouds in the sky.

Mercury enters governmental and corporate Capricorn around December 29, suggesting a letter, news, some message or information from the government or some authority to be of importance.

The Sun at 8° Capricorn opposes the mean Lunar North Node around December 30, indicating the resignation, downfall, dismissal, death or disappearance of a celebrity, a VIP or higher-up.

This can be an energy-depleting aspect that may bring about an identity crisis, setback and/or loss during which you can hardly shine.

Love Quotes of the Month

I do not wish them (women) to have power over men; but over themselves
-- Mary Wollstonecraft --

A liberated woman is one who has sex before marriage and a job after
-- Gloria Steinem --

A man... is SO in the way in the house
-- Elizabeth Gaskell --

A difference of taste in jokes is a great strain on the affections
-- George Elio --

Intense love is often akin to intense suffering
-- Frances Ellen Watkins Harper --

Never marry a man who hates his mother, because he'll end up hating you
-- Jill Bennett --

What's New on Our Web Site?

We continued reviewing all our pages because of the Google search engine algorithm changes and the new Firefox and Chrome browser versions.

Actually, another big algorithm change by Google early November hit numerous websites again.

We also updated our When to find love page with all Venus-Mars in the elements combos till 2050.

This makes this page more "future-proof"

What Tripolar Patterns Describe the Partner?

Tripolar or tripod patterns are astrological configurations that are three-legged (and thus have one planet or body on each end of a leg).

The best known examples are T-squares and YOD-configurations.

Such configurations can be delineated by reading them as if they were a midpoint configuration in which the apex body or planet is at the midpoint between the two other planets/bodies.

In matters of love and romance and when looking for some description of the possible partner, we always look at the position of the Moon in a male horoscope and the Sun in a female horoscope.

Building further on this important theory, it pays to look if your natal Sun (in a female chart) or natal Moon (in a male chart) happens to be the apex body of such a tripolar pattern (T-square or YOD).

If that's the case, the two planets/bodies that build the midpoint describe the partner very well.

In this case, the apex Moon represents "the wife or girlfriend" and the apex Sun represents "the husband or boyfriend" and you should read the midpoint configuration accordingly.

Let's give an example.

Let's assume you find in the natal chart of a man that the Moon is the apex body of a YOD or T-square and is at the midpoint of the Sun and Saturn (the Sun and Saturn being in opposition when it's about a T-square or in a sextile when it's about a YOD).

In Cosmobiology, we would write this down as MO = SO/SA.

We can translate this as "the wife or girlfriend" (the Moon) = having health issues (the Sun always represents the physical body and Saturn suggests restrictions), has authority (Sun/Saturn), has discipline (Sun/Saturn), is self-contained (Sun/Saturn), has determination (Sun/Saturn), is serious (Sun/Saturn) etc.

Take a look at the natal chart of Gerard Butler.

In his chart we find a T-square in which the Moon (the apex body) squares the Uranus/Chiron opposition (MO = CH/UR).

Does it wonder that he has such a toggle or fickle relationship (Chiron/Uranus midpoint) with his long-term girlfriend (the Moon)?

In the natal chart of Johnny Depp, the Moon is the apex body of a YOD and inconjunct the Ascendant and Sun.

In other words, the Moon is at the midpoint of the Ascendant and Sun (MO = AS/SO).

Does it wonder his girlfriend(s) are a model (The Sun representing the physical body and the Ascendant pointing to one's Self in the environment; a showy combination physically).

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