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CosmiTec's Love Letter, Issue #183 -- Finding the Gender of Your Firstborn Part 2
February 21, 2020

In our featured article we analyze our statistical research results found in natal charts of women who conceived a girl as their firstborn child.

It looks like the 2nd half of March will be as busy and intense as every year...

Loving greetings
Luc De Jaeger

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Table of Contents

Our regular features
  1. The Love Forecasts for the Month
  2. Love Quotes of the month
  3. What's new on our web site?

Our occasional features

  1. Finding the Gender of Your Firstborn Part 2

Love Forecasts for March 2020

(slowly hover over a paragraph with the mouse and wait a second for additional astrological information)

Click here to download the March 2020 calendar in pdf format.

In general and on a mundane level, events are likely to happen around March 4-5, 11, 17 and/or 24-25.

During this month of March, the following planetary configuration will affect some birthdays in particular:
  • If you are born around January 10, February 23, April 8, May 25, July 11, August 27, October 12 or November 26, this month may bring exciting events (for good or ill).

    Beware of physical injuries that may need some stitches.

    Some of you may get into a dispute and you better try to stay calm and collected.
Generally speaking, March 13, 14, 15 and 29 are "less lucky" days.

Try not to initiate any major projects on one of these dark, unfortunate, chaotic and empty days (no proposals, no marriages, no changes of residence,...) because things may not go as planned or wished.

The first half of March is marked by Chiron, the Lunar Nodes and the Black Moon Lilith all being at 4° in a sign.

It will be interesting to find out how this configuration will work out but it might bring some challenges for some groups of people.

The second half of March is marked by Chiron, Uranus and the Lunar Nodes all at 4° in a sign.

This is a tense combination, suggesting strikes, protests, disruptions, changes through group involvements or conflicts with groups and rebelliousness.

Notice that all these bodies and points happen to be at 4° in a sign, the degree area of the December 26, 2019 Solar Eclipse (that took place at 4° Capricorn).

It's likely this Solar Eclipse will be triggered this month.

Additionally, on a mundane level, two important 45° midpoints that involve outer planets will likely affect this month's (background) affairs and Zeitgeist as well: on the one hand, Saturn is at the Uranus/Pluto midpoint while on the other side, Pluto hits the Jupiter/Saturn midpoint.

The first midpoint suggests extreme egotism, to be toppled from a position, hate, to face huge external pressure, to demolish something, to persist despite obstacles.

The other midpoint indicates tremendous perseverance, to slowly but steadily change a situation or reach a goal, (re)construction work, renovating buildings, to tackle a heavy workload, extreme changes in lifestyle and/or transforming personal goals.

Around March 1-2, there is excitement over some artistic or creative (re)construction, rebuilding, overhaul of some structure(s).

Some of you may be attracted to or feel excited about someone who is out of reach.

If you are born around January 16-17, March 1, April 16, June 1-2, July 18, September 3, October 19 or December 3, the current configurations may affect you most.

Around March 2, there are clouds in the sky.

Retrograde Mercury, the messenger, re-enters Aquarius around March 4 while Venus enters its own sign Taurus.

In other words, Mercury and Venus are now entering fixed signs.

Venus is in a very attractive and even sensual position denoting that cuddling and making love may be on the agenda for many.

Mercury on the other hand, is a bit confused and longs for something.

There is persuasion and a bit of manipulation as well.

Around March 6, there is nervous tension in your romantic life.

Some of you may have contradictory feelings, often resulting in a toggle relationship (off-on, off-on,...).

Separation is in the air.

If you are born around January 21-22, March 6, April 20-21, June 6, July 23, September 8, October 24 or December 6-7, the current configurations may affect you most.

Around March 7, there are clouds in the sky.

The Sun and Neptune conjoin at 18° Pisces around March 8, suggesting some disappointment, especially if you are born around January 23-24, March 6, April 23, June 7, July 25, September 9, October 26 or December 8.

However, there is imagination and some of you may sense how things may further develop in life.

Neptune is very powerful in its own sign and tends to dissolve and weaken something.

Energy levels may be lower than usual with some health issues popping up.

Water-related issues may be noticeable as well during this period of precipitation.

The domestic area may experience a chaotic period.

There can be secrecy and trying to hide something.

Around the same day of March 8, Venus and Uranus conjoin at 4° Taurus while Mercury stations at 28° Aquarius and turns direct again around the March 9 Super Full Moon.

The Venus-Uranus conjunction suggests a sudden (financial or material) turn of events.

Perhaps, you may receive some gift or a parcel.

You feel excited.

Also, in matters of love and romance, this conjunction denotes love at first sight, enjoyable encounters, excitement and cheerful gatherings.

Any time Mercury turns direct again, Geminis and Virgos (and Gemini and Virgo Ascendants) will feel some relief.

Breakthroughs are more likely to happen now and decisions can be made with more insight after the station.

Following mundane astrology, stationing Mercury very often coincides with periods of strikes.

Around March 15, there are clouds in the sky.

Mercury re-enters Pisces around March 16, the sign of its detriment.

There is still some confusion noticeable.

Beware of secret love affairs and some disappointments in matters of love and romance.

Disagreements and miscommunication may happen.

Some of you may leave the partner and/or feel separated from a beloved one (for whatever reason).

For some of you, hospital visits are another possible outcome.

Around March 20, there are clouds in the sky.

Mars and Jupiter conjoin at 22° Capricorn while the Sun enters Aries around the same day of March 20.

There can be legal fights and raging fires here and there.

Something is moving fast forward and proceeding very well at lightning speed.

Whatever situation you are in, this period might bring some fortunate opportunities and windfalls.

Usually, March 20-31 marks a highly and intense emotional time frame each year again.

Try to stay collected !

Around March 21-22, Saturn moves into Aquarius.

Trying to express one's individuality and originality is not easy because of obstructions, restrictions, resistance.

Party-political and parliamentary systems are questioned or under review as long as Saturn resides in this group-oriented sign.

Controlling Saturn is trying to bring structure to different and even opposing opinions, tastes, visions, attitude etc.

Around March 22, there are clouds in the sky.

Mars and Pluto meet at 24° Capricorn around March 23, suggesting a huge workload to be tackled.

According to mundane astrology, the Mars-Pluto combination (and let's not forget Jupiter is involved also) increases the odds of violent events with a huge emotional impact.

In the earth sign Capricorn, natural disasters can be part of it, as well as blasts, accidents adn brutality.

Indeed, late March tends to become a very violent period.

This is even reinforced by the March 24 Super New Moon that squares the mean Lunar Nodes at 3-4° cardinal signs and triggers the December 26, 2019 Solar Eclipse.

What we are saying here is that most of the month and especially late March, the Lunar Nodes are at 4° Cancer, opposing the December 26, 2019 Solar Eclipse and thus triggering this eclipse.

To summarize: there is the SuperMoon that squares the Lunar Nodes, the triple conjunction between Mars, Jupiter and Pluto as well as Saturn entering Aquarius -- all in a very short time frame, marking a very hectic, stormy and turbulent late March period.

Around March 26, there is some light in the tunnel and this day is a more enjoyable one, bringing optimism, socializing, gifts or parcels that will likely cause some expenses too.

Following astrometeorology, around March 27, there can be lots of heavy rainfall and/or precipitation, as well as fierce winds (and even storm).

Around March 30-31, Mars enters the air sign Aquarius and will conjunct Saturn the day after at 0° Aquarius.

No doubt, the stormy and violent period continues.

Prepare for lots of changes of course, unexpected U-turns and emergencies.

Love Quotes of the Month

Love keeps the cold out better than a cloak
-- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow --

Love is letting go of fear
-- Gerald Jampolsky --

Life is a flower of which love is the honey
-- Victor Hugo --

True friendship comes when silence between two people is comfortable
-- Dave Tyson Gentry --

Your heart is full of fertile seeds, waiting to sprout
-- Morihei Ueshiba --

Sins become more subtle as you grow older: you commit sins of despair rather than lust
-- Piers Paul Read --

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Finding the Gender of Your Firstborn Part 2

In the first part, we analyzed 134 natal charts of women who conceived a baby boy as their first born child.

In this article we list our research results found in the natal charts of women who had a baby girl as their first child.

Though our research results are based upon statistical research (compared to control groups), the data set of 141 charts is insufficient to be significant and build a model on.

It's extremely time-consuming to find reliable birth data (Rodden Rating A and above), find out the gender of the firstborn child, add it to our database and find compelling results through our software programs.

We follow all the progress that is being made in the astrological and software world to make astrological research easier and more "evidence based."

Those who follow us since long know our point of view that statistics (and probabilities) are not the way to research and analyze astrology.

The current way of looking at astrology might be wrong after all when taking into consideration the Universal Laws (of rhythm, of vibration etc.).

Now to our research results about the natal chart of women who gave birth to a girl as their firstborn child.

None of the single configurations alone are important as it's always a combination of different astrological configurations together that bring about an event.

Some of the below listed configurations may be pieces that together build the puzzle.

Unlike the research results obtained by analyzing the natal charts of women who conceived a bay boy as their firstborn, analyzing natal charts of women who conceived a baby girl as their firstborn showed highly statistical research results when looking at planetary phases (especially taking into account the 12 phases between planets and bodies, each phase counting 30°).
  • the Moon and Pluto are in the 3rd phase of 12 (thus between 60°-90° apart in the waxing phase) (chi square 17.3)
  • Venus and Mars are in the 11th phase of 12 (thus between 300°-330° apart in the waning phase) (chi square 12.8)
  • Venus and Jupiter are in the 10th phase of 12 (thus between 270°-300° apart in the waning phase) (chi square 14.9)
  • Venus conjunct the MC (chi square 24.0)
  • Venus trine Neptune (orb 1°) (chi square 16.8)
  • Venus in the 1st house (chi square 11.6)
  • Mercury semi-square Jupiter (orb 1°) (chi square 8.3)
  • we never counted:
    • a Moon-Uranus conjunction (orb 3°) (chi square 14.1) denoting that a Moon-Uranus conjunction in the natal chart of a woman may not bring a baby girl as the firstborn.
    • a Moon-Jupiter square (orb 3°) (chi square 14.1) denoting that a Moon-Jupiter square in the natal chart of a woman may not bring a baby girl as the firstborn.
    • a Mercury-Uranus opposition (orb 3°) (chi square 14.1) denoting that a Mercury-Uranus opposition in the natal chart of a woman may not bring a baby girl as the firstborn.
    • a Mercury-Neptune opposition (orb 3°) (chi square 14.1) denoting that a Mercury-Neptune opposition in the natal chart of a woman may not bring a baby girl as the firstborn.
    • a Sun-Neptune opposition (orb 3°) (chi square 14.1) denoting that a Sun-Neptune opposition in the natal chart of a woman may not bring a baby girl as the firstborn.
    • a Mercury-Mars opposition (orb 3°) (chi square 14.1) denoting that a Mercury-Mars opposition in the natal chart of a woman may not bring a baby girl as the firstborn.
    • a Saturn-MC opposition (orb 3°) (chi square 14.1) denoting that a Saturn-MC opposition in the natal chart of a woman may not bring a baby girl as the firstborn.
  • Venus sextile the Part of Fortune (change day/night) (orb 3°) (chi square 33.8)
  • the Moon square Mercury (orb 3°) (chi square 25.0)
  • the Moon square Venus (orb 6°) (chi square 12.4)
  • the Moon square Pluto (orb 3°) (chi square 18.0)
  • the ruler of the 5th house trine Saturn (orb 6°) (chi square 36.1)
  • the ruler of the 5th house opposite or square the ruler of the Ascendant (orb 6°) (chi square resp. 13.1 and 6.3)
  • Venus retrograde (chi square 12.8)
  • Venus in the 8th house (chi square 8.2)
  • the Sun opposite Uranus (orb 3°) (chi square 15.1)
  • Mars, ruler of the IC (4th house cusp) in a Ptolemaic aspect (conjunct, sextile, square, trine or opposite) with the IC (orb 3°) (chi square 115.2)
  • the ruler of the 2nd house in the sign of its detriment (chi square 10.5)

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