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CosmiTec's Love Letter, Issue #185 -- Statistics of the 22 Shortest Marriages
April 21, 2020

This is going to be an unusually long introduction because some people wanted the current global crisis situation to be clarified from our perspective too.

But first things first: when looking at the astrological configurations for May 2020, we get the impression that we have seen nothing yet at all.

Take a look:

  • three planets are stationing (Venus, Jupiter and Saturn) and ALL going backward
  • there are 4 planets/bodies entering another sign (the Sun, Mars and Mercury twice)
  • in the 45° dial, stationing Saturn will hit the Uranus/Pluto midpoint the whole month long
  • in the 2nd half of May, the mean North Node of the Moon is at 0° Cancer (all 0° in cardinal signs are extremely important and powerful as they affect the world at large)
  • there are none less than 9 stations of outer planets' midpoints
No doubt, most of the month of May will be heavy, difficult, oppressive BUT it might get a bit better late May.

It's unseen that so many astrological patterns happen at almost the same time in one single month.

However, always remember: focus on the positive changes that ultimately will result later on...

Next year, for example, will bring two more auspicious looking Solar Eclipses that span the year.

The current issues will pass eventually.

2020 is astrologically speaking bringing an overdose of Capricornian restrictions and, numerologically speaking, it's a "boxed-in year" (because 2020 is a 4-year).

2021 is a freedom-loving and liberating 5-year (2+2+1), numerologically speaking that is.

This can be uncomfortable too, but in another, more tempestuous, and revealing way.

Some people have asked our take and perspective on the current planetary situation.

The more we read and research what is happening, the more we are convinced something really fishy and sinister is going on, even though it will turn for the better.

The counting of all the virus cases is a joke.

You would think these are the factual numbers of proven and tested patients and deaths but that's not the case at all.

Doctors worldwide receive instructions to report covid-19 as a cause of death even if the patient was never tested or had no symptoms; it does not matter what you have, cancer of heart-disease or..., when you now die they will officially tell it's because of covid-19.

Even assumptions of having symptoms will put you on the list as if it's extremely important to keep creating and reinforcing the illusion of a pandemic and keep the numbers artificially and unscientifically as high as possible.

So, don't believe and follow the stats they present us daily at all because the stats are inflated and too much based upon numerous assumptions!

Regarding the stats, we had a déjà-vu because, to "prove" the predetermined outcome of global warming, most factual temperatures were adjusted, manipulated too.

The stats of covid-19 cases are a container of all tested and untested deaths and hospitalizations that might or might not be related, suggesting there is a predetermined outcome of a pandemic that has to be reached cost what cost (for whatever purpose or agenda).

Also, each country has its own (at times very different) system and method to feed the stats.

Additionally, the global death rate is not rising which is very odd.

The 2020 mortality rates for 24 European countries, for example, are substantially lower than the previous three years during which no lockdowns were enforced and no pandemic alert was issued.

If this virus is new and if we are experiencing a pandemic, it should at least increase the figures of global deaths (mortality rate) overall (counting them beside the cancer deaths, accidental deaths, suicides etc...) but this is NOT what is being seen.

It's as if death causes are just relabeled, renamed, re-adjusted or manipulated.

Also, more and more doctors claim the wrong treatment is being used because of unusually high death rates for coronavirus patients on lung ventilators (between 60-80% of the patients depending on the hospital!) compared to the ones that were not connected to lung ventilators.

More and more doctors claim it's the ventilators that seem to kill lots of people but the stats will tell the patients died of covid-19...

It's also unclear what the tests do: do they test covid-19 or other strains or varieties of the coronovirus that is just a common cold virus?

Most humans do have the coronavirus in their body, like EBV but it does not do anything (viruses are told to be "inert") and is also very asymptomatic.

What does the test proves then ?

Another odd thing is the heavy oppression going on against those who advocate the use of the anti-malaria drugs that seem to be helpful (even if the drugs don't "cure" the disease) as if some higher forces don't want this to be known.

The same is true for the vitamin C treatment (if it does not work in high doses why did Linus Pauling then get a Nobel Prize in Chemistry ?) and other methods as if these treatments are going against some higher agenda.

Some sources claim a vaccine will be available very soon but if you know that we already had the HIV, Ebola, Zika, SARS, MERS, bird flu, swine flu and whatever other kinds of viruses in the past without any vaccine till now, what makes them to release a reliable one soon for corona ?

Who will benefit (and earn profit)?

Moreover, there are patents at work (like Patent #10130701 that you can look up), making it very difficult to manufacture a vaccine without violating patents.

The whole affiliation between the WHO and Bill G. and his obsession to get everyone vaccinated, as well as his depopulation ideas, are well known as he has always been clear about it.

His obsession to get everyone vaccinated is especially concerning if you know something about the so-called "smart dust" and "quantum tattoo" technology (nano-technology chips in vaccines).

Just know that our bodies are full of viruses already (EBV, Herpes, corona, rhino, HPV, ...).

There are thousands and thousands of viruses (man-made and natural ones) in many different versions or strains and in different stages of development that mutate continuously.

This makes sense because we are not living in a static and linear world/universe as numerous "scientists" still believe and want us to believe as well.

Remember when scientists found the full human genomic DNA in claiming nobody would ever become ill anymore because they could now manufacture the magic pill to conquer all diseases.

Well now, we are still waiting for that magic pill ;)

It's hilarious to follow some scientists discussing at seminars etc. how come DNA changes or how new "secret" connections they find as if nature or the Universe is to blame ;)

Vaccinations reflect the fixed mindset of some people who have a lower level of consciousness and have forgotten the Universal Laws and how this Universe operates.

Are they going to give us a vaccine for all these thousands and thousands of mutating viruses that might or might not affect some of us at some time in our lives?

This will make for thousands and thousands of needle punctures in our arms ;) LOL

Additionally, perhaps not related but HIGHLY suspicious, is the fact that the FCC (US Federal Communications Commission) and many countries force and speed up the 5G deployment and this is happening worldwide now during the lockdowns (during a time everyone is stuck at home).

The reason is told to give us during these times of lockdowns enough bandwidth to stay connected.

Really ?

Some of the (draconian) measures taken are out of proportion, unreasonable and cannot be justified or linked to the virus alone.

So far only a couple of our observations that raise suspicion (indeed, we have many more).

If you do your own research you will find tons of other remarkable facts.

We encountered some really compelling information also.

On May 30, 2017 POTUS tweets (on Twitter):"Despite the constant negative press covfefe" (see for example:

The day after, on May 31, 2017 POTUS asks in another tweet: "Who can figure out what covfefe means?" (see for example

This post indicates it's a coded message and NOT a joke, a typo or error as the media suggest...

On March 17, 2020 the following message or post uses the word or expression or code "covfefe" (and Cov Fe2):

Cov means coronavirus and "fefe" or "Fe2" means, according to the latter post, "Ferritin + Ferrum" (used in blood tests to measure the iron content).

This message seems to indicate a combination of some strain of the coronavirus linked to blood tests and adrenochrome (blood of young children).

What did POTUS know in 2017 that is only now, in 2020, linked to the so-called coronavirus (cov)? Is the current pandemic a cover up? Or some kind of retaliation to cover up infected ones with another strain of cov (that scientists won't be able to uncover for now) to forgo prosecution? Or ...?

Now to the metaphysics of the current situation.

Astrology describes WHAT happens as it describes without judgement the current planetary energies that affect us all.

The reason WHY things happen and why they affect us in a certain way cannot be answered by astrology so that answers or insight must be found on another, higher level or layer (of consciousness).

That's where clients of "reliable" regression therapists, a very select group of channelers, mediums, spirit translators etc. come to the "rescue."

Because people have an extremely low attention span when reading texts on the internet, we will try to keep it very short and concise and only provide some basic key concepts and insight based upon these sources we consider reliable after following them for many many years.
  • After the December 21, 2012 Ascension hype, lots of people felt betrayed, disappointed because "nothing" happened (not the abundance, financial reset etc. that would manifest at a finger snap they so thought or hoped for or believed in).

  • Life went on and year after year, the December 21, 2012 hype was slowly replaced by another miraculous event in the imagination and mind of spiritual people, which they called "The Event"

  • The spiritual world was still expecting a once-in-a-lifetime event that would change the world for the better in a day or so and after that big "Event" everything would all be glory and peace and full of abundance

  • Their reasoning was based upon the belief that we were still ending the planetary cycle of approx. 26,000 years as explained by indigenous people, the Mayans and other cultures

  • Very few reliable sources slowly started to suggest that most information by so-called channelers, mediums found on the internet was plain wrong (by intention or not): there would be NO single event that would change the planet magically and there will be no savior to get us out of the mess we humans created ourselves mostly

  • The few reliable sources confirmed there would be many events though, one following after the other like dominoes falling one by one, resulting in huge changes for the better

  • The same sources unanimously now claim that the pandemic is the 1st domino to fall and that the very long awaited and anticipated "Event", to call it that way, finally is here and has started...(so, rejoice and have NO FEAR !!)

    Can you believe that ?! It has started! It's the BIG deal...

    The tide HAS turned!

  • The world will never be the same again and the so-called "waves of volunteers" to help the Earth in her transition will further help rebuilding everything slowly but steadily (these volunteers are "souls" who were chosen or willing to incarnate here on Earth during these tough and unprecedented times to help in whatever way they could in the Earth's transition).

    Remember that we are not a body. We have a body (our body is a biological-chemical construct that is like a vessel or costume that we leave behind when our pre-birth contract or agreement reaches its expiration date or period)

  • So, the global pandemic is a means to reflect, ponder and "meditate." It lets us realize we are all in this together irrespective of race, gender, beliefs etc. and it shows us that ALL our current systems that are based upon greed, betrayal, corruption, power and "more more" are LONG overdue and have to stop and get a complete overhaul

  • These sources warn us it's a PROCESS (will not go overnight) and it's only the beginning (it's only the 1st domino that has fallen and that is now going to trigger the falling of others)

  • There is MUCH more to come and hence, only the strongest of the strong have incarnated they say because it's (and will be) a very tough, uncomfortable and inconvenient ride for sure because there is a fierce war (still) going on between "The Dark" and "The Light"

  • The disruptions will increase (in whatever way) because it's the only way to make sure there is no return to the "ol' way" (lots of people still think during this pandemic everything will resume but that's not what it is about and it won't happen).

    We MUST recognize this and start to rethink EVERYTHING already and let common sense and universal principles prevail to rebuild this world, clean the polluted Earth, change the financial system etc... NOW

  • The man-made (laboratory) virus that had the potential to kill billions of people will vanquish ALL these "reliable" sources claim. Taking into account the Universal Law of non-interference, the higher realms were only allowed to lessen the effect of the virus to a level of the flu. The spreading of the virus was also a means and even "used" to disguise other secret operations that are ongoing without getting the news headlines for now because they are told to be too shocking -- but it will be revealed eventually.

  • Interestingly, Professor Luc Montagnier, who earned the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2008, claims mid April 2020 this virus can only be man-made (confirming the more reliable spirit sources)

  • Soon (whenever that may be) another domino will fall, bringing yet much more turmoil (whatever that means), tears and, especially, shock us to our core (not related to the virus as such they claim though)

  • Expect unbelievable revelations that are part of the falling dominoes, one after the other one and, especially, have no fear.

    The world is FINALLY getting its overhaul and will be liberated soon!
Hope you will see the beauty of the current events, even if it's a highly inconvenient experience.

We are asked to stay strong and firm because we will really need it.


It's going to be perfect in the end...

It's like the saying: "All's well that ends well and if it's not well yet, then it's not the end yet" ;)

Keep it safe with love ;)
Luc De Jaeger

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Table of Contents

Our regular features
  1. The Love Forecasts for the Month
  2. Love Quotes of the month
  3. What's new on our web site?

Our occasional features

  1. Statistics of the 22 Shortest Marriages

Love Forecasts for May 2020

(slowly hover over a paragraph with the mouse and wait a second for additional astrological information)

Click here to download the May 2020 calendar in pdf format.

In general and on a mundane level, events are likely to happen around May 5, 11, 18 and/or 25-26.

During this month of May, the following planetary configurations will affect some birthdays in particular:
  • If you are born around January 19, March 3, April 18, June 3, July 20-21, September 5, October 21 or December 5, this month may bring hardship and severe restrictions to overcome.

    Be tenacious during a dark period.

    Some of you will start to rebuild life and/or try to stabilize a situation.

  • If you are born around January 20, March 4, April 19, June 4, July 21-22, September 6, October 22 or December 6, this month may bring a move, change of residence, travel.

    There can be lots of changes of the place.

    Some of you will study or do research and/or be happy on your own.

    Beware of some dissatisfaction though.

  • If you are born around February 13, March 29, May 14, June 30, August 16, October 1, November 15 or December 30-31, this month may bring big expenses and/or financial losses.

    There may be big disappointments as well because of too high hopes or expectations.

  • If you are born around January 2, February 15, March 31, May 16, July 2, August 18, October 3 or November 17, you may feel not too well.

    Some of you may be ill and/or discontented and feel weak.

  • If you are born around January 10, February 23, April 8, May 25, July 11, August 27, October 12 or November 26, there can be upsets shared with others.

    Beware of disagreements.

    Take care of your health as well.

  • If you are born around January 8, February 21, April 6, May 23, July 9, August 25, October 10 or November 24, there are improvements in your situation going on.

    There is help and/or support, whatever your situation.

  • If you are born around February 12, March 28, May 13, June 29, August 15, September 30, November 14 or December 29, you try to hide or go unnoticed.

    Some of you may experience increased spiritual awareness or insight.

    Try to avoid drugs or toxic stuff as your body seems to be too sensitive to the incorrect products/food/drugs.

    Water-related issues may keep you busy.

  • If you are born around January 23, March 7, April 22, June 8, July 25, September 9-10, October 25 or December 9, this month may bring relief, whatever your situation.

    You may experience lucky and joyful breaks.

  • If you are born around January 17, March 1, April 15-16, June 1-2, July 18-19, September 2-3, October 19 or December 2-3, this month may bring fortunate developments and big achievements.
Generally speaking, May 3, 10, 22 and 25 are "less lucky" days.

Try not to initiate any major projects on these dark, unfortunate, chaotic and empty days (no proposals, no marriages, no changes of residence,...) because things may not go as planned or wished.

In short, don't expect the month of May to be a nice, gentle and calm month.

There are a huge amount of astrological configurations at work that will be mentioned in the forecasts:
  • three planets are stationing (Venus, Jupiter and Saturn) and ALL going backward
  • there are 4 planets/bodies entering another sign (the Sun, Mars and Mercury twice)
  • in the 45° dial, stationing Saturn will hit the Uranus/Pluto midpoint the whole month long
  • in the 2nd half of May, the mean North Node of the Moon is at 0° Cancer (all 0° in cardinal signs are extremely important and powerful as they affect the world at large)
  • there are none less than 9 stations of outer planets' midpoints
We will all describe these configurations separately below but understand that they often happen at the same time, making for complicated experiences and events unfolding, often all at once.

Because stationing Saturn hits the Uranus/Pluto midpoint in the 45° dial/list the whole month long, this planetary midpoint will mark the general background of the whole month in a general and mundane way.

This midpoint suggests stubbornness, forced separation(s), severe pressure, oppression, persisting despite obstacles toward reform, respecting solitude, diminished rebelliousness.

If you are born around January 22, March 6, April 21, June 7, July 24, September 8, October 24 or December 8, this midpoint configuration will hit your natal Sun too though, affecting you more personally as well.

Mercury and Uranus conjoin at 6° Taurus around May 1.

This degree area suggests the breaking of a dam, some explosion or something that bursts, something that unexpectedly comes out into the open.

Something tends to crash.

Expect breaking news, changes of course, changing opinions or information and emergencies.

Around May 4, Venus at 20° Gemini squares Neptune at 20° Pisces while the Sun and Mercury meet at 14° Taurus.

The waxing Venus-Neptune square in mutable signs suggests love illusions and indulgence.

There are longings.

This aspect is best lived in an artistic way, listening to music or watching a romantic film.

Beware of expenses or even financial losses.

You may miss a beloved one and/or a beloved one may be in hospital.

The Sun-Mercury conjunction points to some news, documents, message, report etc. regarding a material, financial or economic crisis situation.

Some of you tend to submit to the influence of others and even cross boundaries to tackle an existential crisis.

This first week of May highlights bankruptcy, governmental power conflicts or issues and/or concerns about rigid structures.

The May 7 Full Moon (another SuperMoon because the Moon is closest to Earth), is about hard work.

Around May 8, there are clouds in the sky.

Saturn stations at 1° Aquarius and turns backward around May 11.

Any time Saturn stations it is indicative of falls (literally or figuratively), demises, resignations etc.

Stationing Saturn imposes more restrictions, is more somber, darker (resulting in overcast weather also).

1° Aquarius is connected to rejection, going it alone, solitude and a feeling of being threatened by someone or something.

No need to say that the current quarantine, draconian and at times disproportional measures will still be felt powerfully here and there.

Moreover, around the same day of May 11, Mercury at 28° Taurus squares Mars at 28° Aquarius just before it enters its own sign Gemini the same day.

This is a very chaotic and turbulent combination, suggesting power conflicts and victimization.

This waxing square adds to yelling, shouting, verbal attacks, disagreements and a sharp tongue or pen.

Beware of fake news, gossip and/or unreliable information.

If you are born around January 4-5, February 18-19, April 3-4, May 20-21, July 6-7, August 22-23, October 7-8 or November 21-22, the current configurations may affect you most.

Around May 13, there are clouds in the sky.

Around the same day of May 12-13, Mars enters secretive Pisces while Venus stations at 21° Gemini and turns backward.

Some secret activities are going on.

Whatever happens, 21° Gemini is linked with an existential makeover or transformation that causes lots of tension, restlessness and even unrest.

21° in mutable signs often results in a massive shock experience that brings kind of paralysis.

Whenever Venus turns retrograde, it's not recommended to buy expensive goods.

Delay the purchase because what you will get is not what you wanted or thought it would be.

In matters of love and romance, retrograde Venus is told to bring all your relationships (in the widest sense) under review and at times it will bring back an old lover, but in other cases it will result in separations (for whatever reason).

Mars in Pisces always works in silence, behind the scenes but also behind the back.

The entrance of Mars in Pisces adds to the "paralysis", not being able to act or do anything and be baffled.

Additionally, the day after, around May 14, Jupiter too stations and turns retrograde.

At 27° Capricorn, in the sign of its fall, stationing Jupiter certainly feels not at ease and is dissatisfied with the current situation, limitations and restrictions (the background influence of Capricorn).

When Jupiter turns retrograde, it points to a slowing economy with people being more reluctant to buy stuff.

In some cases, this degree area was found when people did no longer feel home, fled or escaped to uncertain places and locations.

The mean North Node of the Moon is at 0° Cancer around May 16-17, hitting and triggering a highly important degree area.

0° Cancer represents the archetypal motherly caring principles, the home front, the longing for some comforting and emotionally safe territory.

The Lunar Nodes represent a connection, and often involve many people or groups.

The combination of the mean Lunar North Node at 0° Cancer represents the people in this world at large experiencing an existential new start, finding a "new home", a new calling, a new comfort zone and identity.

Around May 18, buildings, real estate, construction work are in the news.

If you are born around January 19-20, March 3-4, April 18-19, June 3-4, July 20-22, September 5-6, October 21-22 or December 5-6, chances are you have to do some serious research and investigate something thoroughly.

The Sun enters mutable and cerebral Gemini around May 20 and focuses on learning, transportation and moving.

Retrograde Venus at 20° Gemini squares Neptune at 20° Pisces for the 2nd time this month (the first time was around May 4).

Expect expenses or bills to be paid.

Be creative and enjoy artistic projects or listen to music to balance your longings and (love) dreams.

You may miss a beloved one and/or a beloved one may be in hospital.

Around the May 22 New Moon, Mercury and Venus conjoin at 20° Gemini while Mercury now too squares Neptune.

There is tension and separation from a beloved one noticeable.

Very often, the (grand-)mother or a caring person is involved in the situation.

If you are a woman, this tension and possible separation may coincide with a change in your outer appearance (the way you dress or the way you had your hair cut or...).

If you are born around January 25-26, March 10, April 25, June 10-11, July 28, September 12-13, October 28 or December 11-12, the current configurations may affect you most.

Around May 23, there are clouds in the sky.

Around May 28, Mercury enters home- loving Cancer and meets the mean Lunar North Node at the same day.

Late May may prove to become extremely busy, with lots of talks, lots of mental tension and nervousness going on.

Around the same day of May 28, there are clouds in the sky.

Around May 29, you may feel sad and even mourn.

You feel separated from a beloved one.

If you are born around January 22, March 6, April 21, June 7, July 24, September 8, October 24 or December 8, the current configurations may affect you most.

Love Quotes of the Month

All I need is a hug and our bed
-- Source unknown --

I can't taste my lips, would you do it for me ?
-- Source unknown --

The conversation between your fingers and someone else's skin. This is the most important discussion you can ever have
-- Iain Thomas --

The prettiest dresses are worn to be taken off
-- Jean cocteau --

Love is what makes two people sit in the middle of a bench, even if there is plenty of room at both ends
-- Source unknown --

Don’t play hard to get, play hard to forget
-- Source unknown --

What's New on Our Web Site?

We added a page about the natal Sun-Lunar North Node opposition that we published in a previous Love Letter as well as an article about Mars Pluto connections that we published in our previous Love Letter.

There were minor editions on different pages, especially related to link updates and the continuing removal of Ads.

Statistics of the 22 Shortest Marriages

In our October 21, 2019 Issue (# 179) we discussed some preliminary statistics of 22 lifelong marriages.

This time, we want to discuss the opposite: statistics of 22 of the shortest marriages.

What interests us here is the marriage dates because from an astrological point of view, the marriage date is the formal "birth" moment (creation) of a couple sharing their lives as one entity and that grows, develops and progresses from there, like a physical person.

Though 22 charts/dates is barely enough to build a theory on, there are some significant astrological conditions that should already be mentioned (they are not all statistically significant though):
  • In the 45° dial the following midpoint stood out: Mars/Black Moon = Venus (chi square 36.0)
  • Mars in a waning phase with Neptune, both planets being 90°-150° apart (chi square 5.0)
  • the Moon in a waning phase with Jupiter (chi square 5.0)
  • Mercury and Pluto are in a waning phase
  • Mercury and Neptune are between 300°-330° apart (waning phase)
  • in 1 chart out of 3 Mars is found in a mutable sign (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces)
  • in 1 chart out of 2 Venus is found in a fixed sign (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius).

    This one has to be taken with some grains of salt as, generally speaking, Venus is more often found in Aquarius than in the other fixed signs.
  • the Sun was never found in Gemini
  • Mercury was never in Taurus
  • Mars was never in Scorpio

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