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CosmiTec's Love Letter, Issue #187 -- The Critical 15° in a Sign (Part 1)
June 21, 2020

Unlike May and June, July tends to become "calmer" but still very restrictive with retrograde Saturn re-entering Capricorn of setting strict boundaries.

However, don't be mistaken as most of the stationing midpoints between some outer or generational planets are still active but no longer stationary (and thus not as intense in their manifestations).

Another stationary midpoint is building in July though and because it is posited at 0° in a cardinal sign, it will be noticeable worldwide.

Those of you who know a bit or two about the internet will have noticed censorship is at an all time high with 1) increased search engine algorithm updates ranking alternative (health and metaphysical) sites lower and lower or discarding them completely, 2) favoring so-called debunking and "fact-checking" sites one after the other, and 3) with the intensified banning of videos and articles and suspending accounts that criticize, question or go against the "official" narratives.

This is all about war to gain full world power and control with the help of high level psychological warfare on steroids.

In our featured article we give some preliminary empirical research results pertaining to one of the so-called "critical degrees"; 15° in a sign.

There is a lot to tell about it and that's why this is only the 1st part in a series that will be spread over different future Love Letters.

Enjoy this powerful Solstice and Solar Eclipse weekend in a compassionate and loving way.
Luc De Jaeger

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Table of Contents

Our regular features
  1. The Love Forecasts for the Month
  2. Love Quotes of the month
  3. What's new on our web site?

Our occasional features

  1. The Critical 15° in a Sign (Part 1)

Love Forecasts for July 2020

(slowly hover over a paragraph with the mouse and wait a second for additional astrological information)

Click here to download the July 2020 calendar in pdf format.

In general and on a mundane level, events are likely to happen around July 4-5, 12, 19 and/or 25.

During this month of July, the following planetary configurations will affect some birthdays in particular:
  • If you are born around February 4-5, March 20, May 5, June 21, August 7, September 22-23, November 7 or December 21-22, this month may bring some agony.

    You may feel that something is dissolving in a disappointing strange way.

    Beware of physical injuries or health issues.

  • If you are born around January 22-23, March 7, April 22, June 7- 8, July 24-25, September 9, October 25 or December 9, this month is about surprising events that may be thrilling but also upsetting alike.

    Some of you experience some tense and stressful physical moments.

    You want to fight for your freedom.

  • If you are born around January 6, February 19-20, April 5, May 21, July 7, August 23, October 8 or November 22, you may feel weaker, lack some zest.

    Some of you will keep a low profile or live in seclusion while others leave the place or go hiding.

    There is an increased awareness and insight into metaphysical or spiritual matters.

    Beware of water-related issues.

  • If you are born around January 15, February 29-March 1, April 14, May 31, July 17, September 2, October 17 or December 1, thrilling as well as upsetting turns of events or experiences may be part of your life.
Generally speaking, July 19, 22 and 28 are "less lucky" days.

Try not to initiate any major projects on these dark, unfortunate, chaotic and empty days (no proposals, no marriages, no changes of residence,...) because things may not go as planned or wished.

In the 45° dial, the Neptune/Chiron midpoint stations at the Vernal point (0° Aries) this month and shows us the background of the whole month of July 2020.

Whenever the Vernal point is hit (actually, all 0° in cardinal signs), it points to events or experiences that become public and noticeable to the World at large.

Indeed, the Vernal point represents the whole world as a group.

The Vp=NE/CH midpoint indicates, generally speaking, worldwide agony, weird, "peculiar" and uncommon experiences and public events, worldwide misery, suffering and "pain."

There is some worldwide sadness or disappointment noticeable.

Also, awareness of worldwide deception, insincerity and/or deceptive changes that are not fully apparent or understood are another possible outcome.

If you are born around February 4-5, March 20, May 5, June 21, August 7, September 22-23, November 7 or December 21-22, this midpoint may affect you more personally too.

Around July 1, the Sun and Mercury meet at 9° Cancer while Saturn, in its retrograde motion, enters Capricorn again (at 29°59').

This configuration suggests staying strong, going it alone as part of your own development to remain responsible for yourself, domestic changes, the threat of losing a mother figure, an unexpected pregnancy, not being able to live in isolation or under restrictions.

Because Saturn is very strong in its own sign Capricorn, of restrictions and setting boundaries, it points to more restrictions (again) though, and rules and regulations that have an impact on the daily living circumstances.

There is some disappointment involved.

Often, 9° Cancer is found in charts of water leaks and other water-related issues as well.

Following astrometeorology, there can be floods here and there.

Around July 2, there are clouds in the sky.

Around the same day of July 2, you are able to impose your will on others and/or build a supportive relationship with others or with some group.

If you are born around January 2, February 15, March 31, May 16, July 2, August 18, October 4 or November 18, you are likely to experience this most.

Around July 5, the Lunar Eclipse at 13° Capricorn suggests separation of some kind and appearing self-contained.

This Lunar Eclipse is posited at a very public degree, suggesting some public event to take place.

There is some kind of responsibility involved and the spotlight is directed towards the elderly or some older person(s).

Around July 7, there are clouds in the sky.

Around July 8, (slowly stationing) Mercury at 6° Cancer squares Mars at 6° Aries, very strong in its own sign.

This cardinal square can be decisive, a bit provocative and (verbally) combative.

Beware of traffic or transportation accidents.

Mercury stations and turns direct again at 5° Cancer while Chiron stations and turns backward at 9° Aries around July 11-12.

When both bodies station together, it increases the odds of strikes, protests and manifestations on a mundane level manifolds.

Geminis and Virgos (and Gemini and Virgo Ascendants as well) will certainly rejoice the direct motion of Mercury, their ruler, as they are more able to get their say again and may feel better overall.

You are able to express yourself better and may be able to take better decisions, now that you have all the necessary information.

Following astrometeorology, stationing Mercury in Cancer often increases the odds of floods here and there.

The Sun at 22° Cancer opposes Jupiter at 22° Capricorn around July 14 while it will also oppose Pluto at 23° Capricorn the day after, on July 15.

When the Sun opposes both Jupiter and Pluto, it may present heavy and big issues on a mundane level.

Because of Jupiter's involvement, the issues can be widespread and may happen suddenly and are difficult to contain easily (like wildfires, heavy rainfall, severe storms....).

Something that has been hidden for long, now enters into consciousness with full force so that this configuration may create huge awareness and some awakening.

It suggests some alertness too.

On a more personal level, this is a very restless and nervous configuration during which things are changing further, knowing they will bring changes (renewal) for the better.

Things tend to proceed suddenly and quickly, making it not easy to cope with at first though.

Following astrometeorology, there can be increased chances of heavy storms and/or natural disasters.

July 17, starts cloudy, followed by sunny spells later on.

The Sun at 28° Cancer opposes Saturn at 28° Capricorn around July 21, the day after the New Moon.

In other words, Saturn actually opposes the July 20 New Moon at 28° Cancer.

All oppositions that involve Saturn point to blockages, detachments, walls, and suggest things on hold or held back beyond your control.

This can be a very restrictive New Moon period that presents separations of whatever kind, rejection, feeling left "in the cold", hospital visits and experiencing a more formal, colder and even sterile environment.

There can be a rather sad (and mourning) mood.

On a mundane level, this blocking aspect may be lived through boycotts and intrigues.

Around July 21, there are clouds in the sky.

The Sun enters its own Royal sign Leo around July 22, focusing more on what you would enjoy and what would bring joy into your life.

Around the same day of July 22, there is more wind and there are clouds in the sky.

On this day, it's best to not buy anything as there can be some delay in delivering or there can be some damage to the products.

Around July 27, Venus at 20° Gemini squares Neptune at 20° Pisces while Mercury at 16° Cancer squares Mars at 16° Aries for the 2nd time this month.

The Venus-Neptune square misses and longs for a beloved one.

There may be issues with some mother figure.

Beware of disputes or disagreements as the Mercury-Mars square can be too decisive and verbally combative.

Some quick actions may have to be taken but don't be too impatient and impulsive because some efforts may be in vain.

You can be confused, a bit sad as well and feel lost, not knowing what to do.

This period is above all about longings and not everything will manifest or materialize.

If you are born around January 22, March 6, April 21, June 6-7, July 23-24, September 8-9, October 24 or December 8, the aforementioned astrological influences may affect you most.

Around July 30, there are clouds in the sky.

Around the same day of July 30, Mercury at 20° Cancer opposes Jupiter at 20° Capricorn, ready to oppose Pluto as well.

Beware of misjudgments.

There are sweeping statements and tall stories going around.

However, some of you will be able to persuade and convince others nicely.

Love Quotes of the Month

You can stay but your clothes must go
-- Source unknown --

It isn’t premarital sex if you have no intention of getting married
-- Drew Carey --

Everything in the world is about sex except sex. Sex is about power
-- Oscar Wilde --

A gentleman holds my hand. A man pulls my hair. A soulmate will do both
-- Alessandra Torre --

Desire is in men a hunger, in women only an appetite
-- Mignon McLaughlin --

My wife met me at the door the other night in a sexy negligee. Unfortunately, she was just coming home
-- Rodney Dangerfield --

What's New on Our Web Site?

We did not have the time to add new content last month, only minor text editions.

The Critical 15° in a Sign (Part 1)

In astrology, some degree areas are called "critical degrees" because they tend to work out more powerfully or intensely.

This is especially noticeable when looking at the ending degrees (29° in a sign) and the beginning degrees (0° in a sign).

The center of a zodiac sign (15°) is called another spotlight degree because evidence and (German) research has shown that this degree area coincides with increased tension and polarization.

These degrees have a very specific meaning, quality when triggered by a planet, body or point.

We at Cosmic Technologies wanted to find out if these "critical degree" areas point to a specific archetypal outcome when occupied by the same planet, body or point in a natal chart.

Because the Moon is a fast-moving body and describes our comfort Zone, what we love to do or what makes us feel good, we wanted to find out if the Moon's position on a "critical degree" in a natal chart would point to specific relationship issues or characteristics or to whatever common traits that would pop up.

With the help of the Swiss Astrodatabank we have been looking at the Moon's position at 15° in a zodiac sign and, as usual, we divided the research between female and male natal charts.

Unfortunately, the Astrodatabank has not enough categories and characteristics filled out which makes doing research to find common traits still not easy at all.

It's still better than nothing though but insufficient.

In this article we present preliminary research results of standouts, found in the natal charts of women who have the Moon at 15° in a zodiac sign.
  • Moon at 15° Aries: inconclusive
  • Moon at 15° Taurus: divorced (Judith Blegen, Isabella Rossellini)
  • Moon at 15° Gemini: started young (as a teen) (Ambra Angiolini, Lena Zavaroni, Amber Tamblyn)
  • Moon at 15° Cancer: inconclusive
  • Moon at 15° Leo: articulate, outspoken, assertive (Sydney Biddle Barrows, Carla Hills)
  • Moon at 15° Virgo: lots of issues with abuse and control (Candy Barr, Carlota Empress of Mexico) and a traumatic childhood
  • Moon at 15° Libra: inconclusive
  • Moon at 15° Scorpio: inconclusive
  • Moon at 15° Sagittarius: inconclusive
  • Moon at 15° Capricorn: inconclusive
  • Moon at 15° Aquarius: on average, at least one son (Cheryl Tiegs, Giuditta Saltarini, Caroline Kennedy, Leona Helmsley)
  • Moon at 15° Pisces: on average, many children (Scott Coretta King, Princess Alice, Marnie Bradley, Betty Ford)

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