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CosmiTec's Love Letter, Issue #210 -- Natal Sun Saturn Connections
May 21, 2022

June is getting tougher with three planets stationing and some challenging midpoint configurations, possibly presenting some outbursts of pent-up energy (natural disasters but also attacks, conflicts, violence, etc. on a mundane level).

In our featured article we delineate the natal Sun Saturn connections as part of an ongoing series about the astrological affinities or connections.

Loving greetings
Luc De Jaeger

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Table of Contents

Our regular features
  1. The Love Forecasts for the Month
  2. Love Quotes of the month
  3. What's new on our web site?

Our occasional features

  1. Natal Sun Saturn Connections

Love Forecasts for June 2022

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Click here to download the June 2022 calendar in pdf format.

In general and on a mundane level, events are likely to happen around June 1-2, 9, 15, 21 and/or 28-29.

During this month of June there are a couple of specific planetary configuration of stationing outer planets that might affect some birthdays in particular.
  • If you are born around January 2, February 15, April 1, May 17, July 3, August 19-20, October 5 or November 19, this month may bring increased metaphysical insight.

    Some of you tend to feel rather weak.

    Water-related issues may pop up as well and some of you may try to escape or flee away and/or go hiding.

    Because your body is very sensitive just now, try to avoid drugs, medication and the like.

  • If you are born around January 30, March 15-16, April 30 - May 1, June 16, August 2, September 18, November 2 or December 17, this month may bring some health issues and/or dissatisfaction.

    There can be some fear or angst going on too and not everything goes as you wished for.

    You may feel down a bit.

  • If you are born around January 25, March 11, April 25, June 11, July 28, September 13, October 29 or December 12, this month may bring a reality check and some hardship.

    You may face some obstructions and limitations that prevent you from flying high.

  • If you are born around January 12, February 25, April 12, May 28, July 14, August 30, October 15 or November 29, this month may bring a milestone, a major turning point (for good or ill), in your life.

    There is no turning back at all and there is some force involved.
Generally speaking, June 17 and 30 are "less lucky" days.

Try not to initiate any major projects on these dark, unfortunate, chaotic and empty days (no proposals, no marriages, no changes of residence,...) because things may not go as planned or wished.

In the 45° dial, there are a couple of powerful midpoint combos between outer planets going on that will be exact this month and that will mark this month's Zeitgeist.

First of all, there is Neptune hitting the Pluto/true Lunar Nodes midpoint (NE = PL/KN).

Additionally, in the 1st half of the month, the Jupiter/Neptune midpoint crosses the Aries point, or Vernal point (0° Aries), representing the "world at large."

The NE = PL/KN midpoint is indicative of, among others, the losses and betrayal, the large scale lies and deceptions to manipulate others, nothing is what it seems, the intentional keeping secrets or hiding something, the intentional denials, the increasing interests in metaphysics, the many deaths, losing contact with many.

The Vp = JU/NE midpoint indicates, among others, the worldwide (big) financial expenses, the worldwide financial losses, the worldwide carelessness, the worldwide uncertainty about the future, the heavy precipitation and/or water issues, the worldwide corruption and/or scandals.

June 1, is marked by upheaval, rebellion, overexertion and/or challenges leading to fight (and/or even violence).

There can be strikes and/or protests or manifestations going on here and there.

There can be accidents (from whatever kind) and (physical) injuries that are just reflecting pent-up energies that need some urgent outlet or release.

If you are born around February 9, March 26, May 11, June 27, August 13, September 28, November 12-13 or December 27, these influences may affect you most.

Following astrometeorology, the ongoing configurations may coincide with wind and even stormy weather here and there.

Around June 3, Mercury stations and turns direct again at 26° Taurus.

Geminis and Virgos (as well as Gemini and Virgo Ascendants) will likely rejoice as their ruling planet may bring some new insights and bring their life on track again.

The focus is now on asserting yourself and how to move forward constructively.

Following mundane astrology, stationing Mercury periods often coincide with strikes, protests and manifestations.

If you are born around January 18, March 3-4, April 18, June 3-4, July 21, September 5-6, October 21 or December 5, between June 3-4, there are fortunate group developments going on.

It's a great time for socializing, connecting and finding the right people for some project.

Some of you may marry or enjoy some successful mass event/gathering.

Saturn stations and turns retrograde at 25° Aquarius around June 4.

The attentive reader may notice that both Mercury and Saturn station around the same period and are building a square aspect.

Hence, they will influence each other in some way.

Stationing Saturn tends to coincide with falls, something that tumbles down or falls from a height (literally or figuratively).

Hence, early June, there can be resignations, higher ups (or elderly) passing away etc. too.

If you are Capricorn or have Capricorn rising, you may not feel too well around the station and things seem not to go as you wished for.

You may feel tired and/or a bit down as well.

There may be delays noticeable in many fields and departments.

Around June 6, there are clouds in the sky.

Around June 9, there are sunny spells.

Around June 11, Venus and Uranus meet at 16° Taurus, presenting a nice surprise, gift or card.

Some of you may enjoy a gathering, or experience love at first sight if natal Saturn does not intervene.

Short-lived attractions might occur as well but you may also enjoy some free space and leisure time.

Around the same day of June 11, there are clouds in the sky.

Mercury enters its own sign Gemini around June 13, reflecting a period of short trips, talks with neighbors or siblings and/or receiving/sending messages, letters or documents.

It's a volatile and unstable period of lots of short trips and being on the go a lot.

Mars and Chiron conjoin at 15° Aries around June 15, presenting some stumbling blocks, disruptions in some activities and possible strikes.

Beware of clashes because of willful behavior.

Venus and the true Lunar North Node conjoin around June 16 at 22° Taurus while the Sun at 25° Gemini squares Neptune at 25° Pisces.

There are gatherings and there is some confusion going on.

Beware of lies, triangular relationships, betrayal.

If you are born around January 15, February 14, March 15-16, April 15, May 16, June 16, July 17-18, August 18, September 18, October 18-19, November 17-18 or December 17, around the same day of June 16-17, you may feel ill, dissatisfied, sad, below par and it's best to keep a low profile.

Venus at 25° Taurus squares stationing Saturn at 25° Aquarius around June 18 which makes that there are some harsh situations going on.

What is presented as "love" might just be calculated behavior.

The outer appearance does not reflect the inner intentions (sincere to the face but insincere to the heart, the saying goes).

There is dissatisfaction because of a lack of money, a lack of beauty, a lack of affection, a lack of health.

It's best to not cling to all kinds of "formalities", outer appearances and alleged "obligations" because these do not represent what really IS.

Around June 19, there are clouds in the sky.

If you are born around January 15, February 14, March 15-16, April 15, May 16, June 16, July 17-18, August 18, September 18, October 18-19, November 17-18 or December 17, around the same day of June 19, there is love's sorrow, unrequited love and some sadness still prevailing.

You may not feel too well.

Around the June 21 Last Quarter Moon at 29° Pisces, the Sun enters Cancer.

The Last Quarter Moon is about endings and huge water-related issues here and there (heavy precipitation, floods, inundations etc.).

It's a degree area of refugees, an exodus, a closing of a chapter, a release and cleansing from past experiences.

Hence, this period may mark a tearful period for some of you, just to close that specific chapter and move forward again.

Around June 21, there are sunny spells possible too here and there.

Venus enters airy Gemini around June 22-23, reflecting the social butterfly.

It's a great opportunity to socialize and go out.

Around the same day of June 22, there are still sunny spells.

Around June 24, there are clouds in the sky.

Neptune stations at 25° Pisces around June 28 and turns backward.

Stationing Neptune periods tend to coincide with severe water-related issues (lots of precipitation) here and there.

If you are Pisces or have Pisces rising, this station may influence you most as it may bring you down a bit and point to disappointments.

You may particularly feel tired.

Don't expect too much and stay realistic.

This can be a very creative period though and you might try to analyze your dreams.

Around the June 28-29 New Moon, the Sun at 7° Cancer squares Jupiter at 7° Aries.

Actually, the Sun, Venus and Jupiter are all at 7° in a sign, favoring those of you born around January 27, February 25-26, March 28, April 27-28, May 28-29, June 29, July 30, August 30-31, September 30, October 30-31, November 29 or December 29 as it might bring luck, bliss, favors and fortunate encounters for you on condition natal Saturn does not aspect your natal Sun.

Love Quotes of the Month

Love starts with a smile, grows with a kiss and ends with a tear.
-- Source unknown --

It’s so funny how we set qualifications for the right person to love, while at the back of our minds we know that the person we truly love will always be an exception.
-- Source unknown --

True love is usually the most inconvenient kind.
-- Kiera Cass --

Lucky is the man who is the first love of a woman, but luckier is the woman who is the last love of a man.
-- Source unknown --

An eye for an eye only ends up making the whole world blind.
-- Source unknown --

The extreme form of passionate love is secret love.
-- Japanese proverb --

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We updated some of guides to the Astrodamus analyses and changed the URL shorteners in case some of the guides in pdf get blocked.

The tech team is investigating some possible issues with e-mails not reaching us or being blocked by internet and mail service providers.

Natal Sun Saturn Connections

In previous Love Letters we delineated numerous planetary connections or affinities already.

Now it's time to delve deeper into the Sun Saturn connections.

In most cases, the following configurations are used (there are more though (!) to define Sun Saturn connections but this would lead us too far and make it more complicated than necessary):
  • Saturn in the 5th house
  • the Sun in the 10th house
  • the ruler of the 5th house in the 10th house
  • the ruler of the 10th house in the 5th house
  • the Sun in a close conjunction, square or opposition with Saturn (a very exact sextile or trine counts too but in a minor way)
  • Saturn at the solstice point of the Sun
  • the Sun in Capricorn
  • Saturn in Leo
When at least three of the above listed analogies or connections can be found in the natal chart, we have a very powerful Sun Saturn connection that will be felt and noticed in the character and life of the native.

What do Sun Saturn connections signify?

The natal Sun above all represents our physical body and creative self-expression.

The Sun wants to shine, while Saturn sets boundaries, limits and, in that way, restrictions.

Hence, the Sun and Saturn are not too gentle a combo as the fiery radiating Sun gets blocked, even extinguished, by earthy and strict Saturn.

Forget about a spontaneous and playful nature here because what counts is responsibility (or better: taking responsibility).

Sun Saturn connections mark mature people who cannot live their creative self-expression to the full because of delays, interruptions, restrictions, work, duties, obligations and other "priorities."

Often, people with powerful Sun Saturn connections have it difficult to be themselves and they easily build a fence around them making them less accessible at first sight.

People with prominent Sun Saturn connections need to be busy, especially doing some dutiful work in society or a community.

They often have heart diseases because of the "blocked or held back heartfelt urges."

Not being able to follow one's heart may result in depression or some kind of melancholy also.

The behavior can be rigid at times and (physical and/or mental) over-strain is likely as well.

In matters of love and romance, this connection increases the odds of fertility issues and inhibitions to properly and naturally express "love and affection."

Desires and urges are often repressed behind a cool face and formalities.

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