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CosmiTec's Love Letter, Issue #213 -- Updated Research: Marriages in Male Solar Returns
August 21, 2022

Some time ago, we let you know we were adding lots of new data to our databases.

Because of this we are now able to update one of our many research projects: the statistically significant astrological patterns found in the solar returns of men during the year of their marriage.

You can find an overview of our updated research results below in the featured article.

September 2022 points to 6 planets turning backward and Neptune returning to a degree of floods, inundations and lots of precipitation, among others.

This might become a highly erratic and unstable month overall.

Take care and keep it safe out there ;)

And be love
Luc De Jaeger

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Table of Contents

Our regular features
  1. The Love Forecasts for the Month
  2. Love Quotes of the month
  3. What's new on our web site?

Our occasional features

  1. Updated Research: Marriages in Male Solar Returns

Love Forecasts for September 2022

(slowly hover over a paragraph with the mouse and wait a second for additional astrological information)

Click here to download the September 2022 calendar in pdf format.

In general and on a mundane level, events are likely to happen around September 5, 11, 18-19 and/or 26.

During this month of September there are no specific planetary configuration of stationing outer planets that might affect specific birthdays.

Generally speaking, September 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27 and 28 are "less lucky" days.

Try not to initiate any major projects on these dark, unfortunate, chaotic and empty days (no proposals, no marriages, no changes of residence,...) because things may not go as planned or wished.

In the 45° dial, there are the following powerful midpoint combos between outer planets going on that will be exact this month and that will mark this month's Zeitgeist: Pluto hits the Jupiter/Saturn and Jupiter/Uranus midpoints (PL = JU/SA = JU/UR) on the one hand and Saturn hits the Neptune/Chiron midpoint (SA = NE/CH) on the other one.

The PL = JU/SA = JU/UR planetary picture suggests, among others: to feel oppressed and try to free oneself, the huge efforts to reach a goal, the tremendous perseverance to succeed, to try to enforce a major change of a situation to bring some relief, the total and dramatic reversal of plans previously made, to rebuild successfully, the sudden changes in the financial situation, the sudden invention after lots of research.

The SA = NE/CH midpoint on the other hand is indicative of, among others: the huge reality check, the damage through precipitation or inundations or floods, the painful agony, the defeat and pain, the misery, the painful dissolving of a situation, the painful cognitive dissonance, not being able to explain a weird and peculiar situation, the physical harm and/or pain, the harsh reality check, the sadness.

Around September 1, there are clouds in the sky.

Around September 2-3, Mercury at 6° Libra opposes Jupiter at 6° Aries.

There are legal documents and/or legal affairs to be taken into account.

Expect some information or documents to be disclosed and/or released.

Venus enters Virgo, the sign of its fall, around September 4-5.

You may find love at or around the workplace, with a co-worker or a client/customer as long as Venus resides in this zodiac sign.

There is an increased interest in caring for (a) pet(s), domestic animals, as well.

Around September 8, Mars at 10° Gemini is semi-sextile the degree area of the April 30 Solar eclipse, which took place at 10° Taurus.

Any time transiting Mars hits the degree area of the Solar eclipse, it might trigger the Solar eclipse again one way or the other, resulting in some important event happening.

Around September 9, there are clouds in the sky.

Around the September 9-10 Full Moon, Mercury stations and turns backward at 8° Libra.

As usual, stationing Mercury foremost affects Geminis and Virgos (and Gemini and Virgo Ascendants) in such a way that things won't work out as expected.

There can be some minor health issues as well and you might prefer keeping a low profile.

It's not a good idea to sign contracts now and important communication should be delayed until later.

Following mundane astrology, stationing Mercury periods often coincide with strikes, protests or manifestations.

With Mercury now going retrograde too, there are currently 6 planets in a backward motion (Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto -- and Chiron too if you will).

The majority of planets being retrograde will last till late October 2022.

A preponderance of planets retrograde is indicative of increasingly erratic and emotionally impulsive behavior and an unstable period of time.

It represents a time frame of non-conformity, re-bellion, lacking direction, lacking cohesion, scattered energies and also a lack of common sense and perspective.

Especially be aware of erratic and unreliable impulses so that you don't get swayed by these and keep grounded.

Around September 11, there are sunny spells in the sky.

Around September 12, there are still sunny spells in the sky.

Around September 14, there are clouds in the sky.

Following astrometeorology, around September 15 there can be heavy winds and even heavy storm here and there.

Venus at 14° Virgo squares Mars at 14° Gemini while the Sun at 24° Virgo opposes Neptune at 24° Pisces around September 16.

Any Venus-Mars aspect suggests some imbalance between selfish drives or urges on the one hand and respecting the boundaries and desires of others on the other hand.

Hence, such a period is very susceptible to clashes, accidents (as well as traffic and/or transportation accidents) but also violence.

Anger may easily get out of hand and lines may be crossed.

Especially at 14° in mutable signs, this waxing square indicates some chaotic situation and confusion.

Beware of messy relationships and encounters with unreliable or weak or ill people.

Following mundane astrology, beware of gas leaks or explosions, the more so because of the ongoing Sun-Neptune opposition as well.

Some of you may feel paralyzed or in shock by some event.

Following astrometeorology, Venus-Mars aspects, accompanied by strong influences of Neptune coincide with stormy weather here and there.

For the 2nd time this month, Mercury and Jupiter will oppose each other but this time, around September 18-19, both planets are retrograde, Mercury at 4° Libra and Jupiter at 4° Aries.

This aspect is all about mental confusion, stress and indecisive behavior.

There is lots of mental strain going on, inconsistency in communication and walking on thin ice.

Hard reasoning, logic and wishful thinking fluctuate and you don't know what is superstition or a scientific fact.

Try to stay grounded and practical and don't go with the media.

Also, today, Retrograde Neptune enters 23° Pisces, a degree it will occupy till late October 2022.

Following astrometeorology, 23° Pisces is a degree of floods, huge precipitation and/or inundations, the more so when the degree is occupied by the ruler of Pisces, a boundless water sign, itself.

So, prepare for some increasing water trouble in the days and weeks to come here and there.

The Sun enters Libra, the zodiac sign of encounters, gatherings and agreements around September 22-23 while conjoining (retrograde) Mercury at 0° Libra, just before Mercury re-enters Virgo on the same day.

It's likely some contracts can be signed and/or agreements can be discussed and made.

Around the same day of September 23, there are clouds in the sky.

Venus at 23° Virgo opposes Neptune at 23° Pisces around September 24, pointing to an absent loved one.

You may miss a loved one and often the absence is compensated by vivid romantic fantasies or compensated by highly artistic and creative projects.

Enjoy some music, a concert or performance.

Some of you may be disappointed in love, with the resulting "letting go", or be involved in a secret affair.

Following astrometeorology, this aspect may coincide with heavy precipitation and water-related issues.

Retrograde Mercury and Venus meet at 26° Virgo around September 26 while the Sun at 3° Libra opposes Jupiter at 3° Aries.

This is once more a time for agreements, compromises and settling legal disputes and issues.

There is publicity, and someone is now in the lime light.

Around September 26, there are sunny spells in the sky.

Venus enters its own sign Libra around September 28-29, making for an enjoyable time with others.

Time to socialize and gather that is.

In some instances, this ingress may coincide with the signing of agreements and contracts.

Around the same days of September 28-29, there are clouds in the sky.

Love Quotes of the Month

Love cannot be reduced to a catalogue of reasons why, and a catalogue of reasons cannot be put together into love.
-- Eleanor Catton --

Love is like the sea. It’s a moving thing, but still and all, it takes its shape from the shore it meets, and it’s different with every shore.
-- Zora Neale Hurston --

A woman knows the face of the man she loves as a sailor knows the open sea.
-- Honore de Balzac --

Giving someone a piece of your soul is better than giving a piece of your heart. Because souls are eternal.
-- Helen Boswell --

For it was not into my ear you whispered, but into my heart. It was not my lips you kissed, but my soul.
-- Judy Garland --

Some souls just understand each other upon meeting.
-- N. R. Hart --

What's New on Our Web Site?

We updated all our 12 seduction and 12 attraction pages.

We added a page about the Sun Pluto connections that we published in a previous Love Letter.

Updated Research: Marriages in Male Solar Returns

After adding lots of new data in the last months, we managed to increase our database of solar returns cast for the year of marriage of males to 210 charts.

Below, we present our latest statistical research results so far based upon these 210 solar returns.

They are solely based upon the solar returns as a stand-alone chart without taking into account and comparing them with the natal chart.

Because we don't always know the place of residence during the time of the solar return, we calculated all charts based on the natal place of birth.

The degree areas

The following degree areas jump out:
  • the Moon, the Ascendant or the ruler of the Ascendant between 28°-29° in mutable signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius or Pisces) (chi square 14.6)
  • the Ascendant was never found between 2°-4° in mutable signs (not statistically significant but just remarkable and something to follow up)
  • the Moon between 0°-3° in any sign (30° dial/list) (chi square 5.3)
  • lots of personal planets and bodies (except the Sun that we did not used in this case of course because it's the same as the natal degree) were found between 16°-17° in any sign (30° dial/list) (not statistically significant but just remarkable and something to follow up)
The aspects
  • the Sun square Mars (orb 1°) (chi square 17.0)
  • the Sun square Juno (orb 1°) (chi square 15.1)
  • we never found any of the following aspects (chi square 21.0)
    • the Moon conjunct Uranus (orb 3°)
    • Mercury opposite Mars (orb 3°)
    • Venus opposite or inconjunct Mars (orb 3°)
    • Venus opposite Saturn (orb 3°
    • Neptune opposite the Ascendant (orb 3°)
    • Venus conjunct Neptune (orb 3°)
    • Mars opposite Uranus (orn 3°)
    • the Sun semi-square the Ascendant (orb 3°)
  • Vesta trine the Ascendant (orb 1°) (chi square 9.8)
  • Juno conjunct the Ascendant (orb 1°) (chi square 32.3)
  • Venus parallel Juno (orb 1°) (chi square 12.6) (this aspect comes out strongly whatever control group we take)
  • the Moon opposite Mars (orb 6°) (chi square 11.9)
  • the Ascendant trine the MC (orb 1°) (chi square 12.1)
  • Pluto semi-sextile the Ascendant (orb 1°) (chi square 9.8)
  • the Moon conjunct the Lunar North Node (orb 6°) (chi square 4.6)
  • the Moon trine the MC (orb 1°) (chi square 32.3)
  • Mars square Jupiter (orb 10°) (chi square 32.3)
  • the Sun square the Moon (orb 6°) (cgi square 9.4)
  • Juno conjunct the Lunar North Node (orb 1°) (chi square 15.3)
  • the Moon opposite Uranus (orb 6°) (chi square 21.6) (this aspect was significant from the beginning when we had a smaller dataset and it keeps very significant, whatever control group we take)
  • Juno conjunct the MC (orb 1°) (chi square 7.3) (it looks like Juno conjunct the angles is an important significator)
  • the Moon opposite the Ascendant (orb 6°) (chi square 7.1)
  • Venus trine Neptune (orb 1°) (chi square 15.1)
  • the Moon conjunct the Part of Fortune (change day/night) (orb 30°) (chi square 13.7)
The rulerships
  • the (modern) ruler of the 10th house in the 7th house (chi square 9.6)
  • the (modern) ruler of the 10th house in Scorpio (chi square 8.9), Leo (chi square 6.3), Libra (chi square 5.6)
  • the (modern) ruler of the 11th house trine Pluto (orb 6°) (chi square 27.5)
  • the (modern) ruler of the 10th house in a major aspect (conjunction, sextile, square, trine, opposition) with Saturn (orb 6°) (chi square 7.1)
  • the (modern) ruler of the 10th house trine the (modern) ruler of the 5th house (orb 6°) (chi square 15.3)
  • the Sun as the ruler of the 8th house (meaning Leo is on the 8th house cusp) in a major aspect (conjunction, sextile, square, trine, opposition) with the 5th-11th house axis (orb 3°) (chi square 22.1)
  • Jupiter as the ruler of the 5th house in a major aspect (conjunction, sextile, square, trine, opposition) with the 5th-11th house axis (orb 3°) (chi square 13.5)
  • the (modern) ruler of the 5th house opposite the (modern) ruler of the 7th house (orb 6°) (chi square 21.1)
  • the Moon as the ruler of the 7th house in a major aspect (conjunction, sextile, square, trine, opposition) with the Ascendant (orb 3°) (chi square 22.1)
  • the (modern) ruler of the 2nd house in the 1st house (chi square 16.0)
  • the (modern) ruler of the 10th house retrograde (chi square 11.3)
  • the (modern) ruler of the 9th house retrograde (chi square 8.1)
  • the (modern) ruler of the 11th house retrograde (chi square 7.5)
  • Mars as the ruler of the 6th house conjunct the Ascendant (orb 3°) (chi square 16.2)
  • the (modern) ruler of the 10th house in a major aspect (conjunction, sextile, square, trine, opposition) with the (modern) ruler of the 11th house (orb 6°) (chi square 12.9)
  • the (modern) ruler of the 5th house opposite Pluto (orb 6°) (chi square 12.1)
  • Mercury as the ruler of the 10th house conjunct the Sun (orb 6°) (chi square 24.2)
  • the (modern) ruler of the 10th house trine the Sun (orb 6°) (chi square 5.6)
Signs and houses
  • the Moon in the 7th house (chi square 12.4)
  • Mars in the 12th house (chi square 9.1)
  • Uranus in the 5th house (chi square 12.7)
  • the Lunar North Node in the 7th house (chi square 8.4)
  • the Moon in Sagittarius (chi square 6.1)
  • Venus in Pisces (chi square12.0)
  • the Ascendant in Leo (chi square 8.9)
  • the Ascendant in Capricorn (chi square 12.9)
  • Juno in Sagittarius (chi square 13.7)
  • the MC in Libra, Scorpio or Sagittarius (chi square 6.9)
  • the Moon in the house of the Part of Fortune (change day/night) (chi 10.8)
  • Mars in the sign of the Sun (chi square 7.2)
  • the Vertex in Leo (chi square 13.4)

The midpoints
In the 8th Harmonic (45° dial or list) the following midpoints reign:

  • AS = MA/PL (chi square 10.8)
  • MC = SO/MA (chi square 10.7)
  • MC = MA/JU (chi square 8.9)
  • UR = MO/Juno (chi square 19.3)
  • MO = AS/MC (chi square 9.8)
  • PL = MA/Chiron (chi square 32.3)
  • PL = MA/Juno (chi square 20.3
  • MC = ME/Juno (chi square 19.6)
  • PL = MC/KN (chi square 13.7)
  • PL = MO/MA (chi square 11.7)
  • MA = SO/KN (chi square 10.8)
  • VE = JU/MC (chi square 10.7)
  • Vesta = MA/Juno (chi square 10.5)
  • MC = MO/MA (chi square 14.6)
  • AS = VE/MC (chi square 10.1)
  • Part of Fortune (change day/night) = AS/MC (chi square 10.1)
  • MC = JU/KN (chi square 9.7)
  • SO = VE/JU (chi square 8.1)
  • Juno = MO/KN (chi square 8.0)
  • VE = MA/Juno (chi square (chi square 7.3)
  • SO = AS/MC (chi square 7.2)
  • NE = VE/KN (chi square 16.3)
  • SO = MA/AS (chi square 8.0)
  • we never counted VE = SA/PL (chi square 7.6)
Other configurations
  • a New Moon (in this case meaning the Moon is within 30° of the Sun) (chi 8.5)
  • Neptune intercepted (chi square 7.4)
  • the Moon intercepted (chi square 5.2)

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