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CosmiTec's Love Letter, Issue #223 -- Updated Statistical Research About Male Cheaters
June 21, 2023

On a mundane level, the whole month of July has quite some tough configurations going on and the (Moon wobble) period around July 23 might become the most eventful.

Actually, the whole month is under the influence of the exact and powerful Pluto-Lunar Nodes square (triggering the April 20 Solar Eclipse again), related to emotional mass events and turmoil.

On a more personal level, this month might present some great opportunities and have fortunate developments in store for some birthdays though.

In our featured article, we discuss our updated statistical research results about the natal horoscopes of cheating men.

Luc De Jaeger

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Table of Contents

Our regular features
  1. The Love Forecasts for the Month
  2. Love Quotes of the month
  3. What's new on our web site?

Our occasional features

  1. Updated Statistical Research About Male Cheaters

Love Forecasts for July 2023

(slowly hover over a paragraph with the mouse and wait a second for additional astrological information)

All dates are calculated for the European Time Zone.

Click here to download the July 2023 calendar in pdf format.

In general and on a mundane level, events are likely to happen around July 2-3, 9, 15-16, 23 and/or 30.

During this month of July there are the following specific planetary configurations of stationing outer planets that might affect some specific birthdays in particular:
  • If you are born around February 12, March 29, May 14, June 30, August 16-17, October 2, November 16 or December 30, this month is about dissolving situations and agony.

    Some of you may feel disappointed, experience heartbreak, and/or look for answers you cannot find.

    There are peculiar situations going on.

  • If you are born around January 5, February 18, April 4, May 20, July 6-7, August 22-23, October 8 or November 22, this month might bring quite some stress and irritable tension.

    You tend to resist changes, or rather prefer breaking some rules.

  • If you are born around January 30-31, March 16, May 1, June 17, August 3, September 18-19, November 3 or December 18, this month might bring a sudden and profound reversal.

    There is restlessness and some fanaticism involved.

    You may act impulsively and take drastic decisions.
Generally speaking, July, 19, 22 and 28 are "less lucky" days.

Try not to initiate any major projects on these dark, unfortunate, chaotic and empty days (no proposals, no marriages, no changes of residence,...) because things may not go as planned or wished.

In the 45° dial, there are the following powerful midpoint combos between outer planets going on that will be exact this month and that will mark this month's Zeitgeist: Pluto hits the Jupiter/Chiron midpoint (PL = JU/CH), the Jupiter/Saturn midpoint equals the Neptune/Chiron midpoint (JU/SA = NE/CH), the Jupiter/Uranus midpoint hits the Saturn/Pluto midpoint (JU/UR = SA/PL) and the Jupiter/Chiron midpoint equals the Saturn/Neptune midpoint (JU/CH = SA/NE).

Let's take a look now what these planetary pictures tell about this month's Zeitgeist.

The PL = JU/CH midpoint suggests, among others: the fortunate breakthrough(s) and/or developments, the big opportunity or windfall(s), the blast or big explosion.

On a personal level, this midpoint can work out very well and bring successes, luck in whatever way, the more so if you are born around January 19-20, March 5, April 19-20, June 5, July 22, September 7, October 23 or December 6- 7.

The JU/SA = NE/CH planetary picture on the other hand suggests, among others: the damage to buildings or homes, the inundation or water-related issue(s), the raging fire in a building.

The JU/UR = SA/PL midpoint indicates, among others: the destruction of a concrete building or structure, the discovery of a concrete or tall structure, the big scientific discovery.

The JU/CH = SA/NE combination suggests, among others: the medical doctor or doctors (the JU/CH midpoint) and health issues (the SA/NE midpoint), the political changes, the breakthrough of socialism/communism.

The UR/NE = PL/CH planetary combination that is exact around June 30, but might work out the whole month and in July as well, is indicative of, among others: the internet outages, websites being down worldwide (this is almost a given).

There is a huge uncertainty about how the future will develop.

Following astrometeorology, some of these midpoint combos coincide with lots of rain, water-related issues, inundations, floods, maritime disasters etc.

Let's also recall what we mentioned in our previous monthly forecasts about Neptune remaining at the last three degrees in the sign Pisces.

So, don't forget these influences that will continue to prevail still.

Around July 1, the Sun and Mercury meet at 9° Cancer.

Beware of (harsh) disputes, verbal attacks and/or issues that need decisive action.

This degree area often coincides with water leaks, or damaged pipe lines.

Following mundane astrology, there can be maritime issues/disasters or issues related to water.

Venus at 21° Leo squares Uranus at 21° Taurus around the July 3 Full Moon, suggesting a pleasant surprise.

On a personal level, this Full Moon period that widely trines Jupiter, may bring some great events or experiences, especially for earth signs (Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn).

However, on a mundane level, the Venus-Uranus square may present a sudden disruption, even shock experience here and there.

Both planets together present a 'side-leap' experience that may be life-changing or existential.

Some of you will not be able to do something or go to work, for example and for some of you there might be a mandatory change of the place or you might be obliged to take a trip.

In some cases, internet outages are likely too, as well as the breaking down of electrical or electronic devices.

Following mundane astrology, traffic accidents or issues with traffic may be expected here and there.

Around July 7, there are sunny spells first but later it gets cloudy.

Around the July 10 Last Quarter Moon at 17° Aries, Mars enters cooling Virgo while Mercury at 29° Cancer opposes Pluto at 29° Capricorn.

Indeed, following astrometeorology, Mars in the earth sign Virgo is likely to bring cooler weather.

Virgo is very analytical and demands precise and meticulous work.

The focus is on being of service, getting to work and do it diligently.

The Mercury-Pluto opposition at an ending degree suggest investigating some documents or information.

Following astrometeorology, this opposition aspect often coincides with heavy storm here or there, the more so when the planets involved are at such unstable ending degrees that are told to create very chaotic domestic situations and even fear or panic as well.

Often, this aspect indicates mental turmoil and/or an emotional crisis situation.

Following mundane astrology, collapses of structures, buildings etc. are possible, as well as power outages.

There are clouds in the sky around the same day of July 11.

Around July 11, Mercury enters Leo and squares the true Lunar Nodes.

All Mercury-Lunar Node aspects coincide with a very hectic time, lots of buzz and nervousness.

There is lots of communication and talks going on.

There are sunny spells around the same day of July 11.

It's grey and overcast around July 15.

Mercury at 11° Leo squares Jupiter at 11° Taurus around the July 17 New Moon at 24° Cancer while the true Lunar North Node enters Aries in its backward motion (the mean Lunar North Node already entered Aries on July 12).

This means that, while the mean Lunar North Node has been squaring Pluto at the ending degree of 29° in a sign since July 12, the true Lunar Nodes will now do the same and start to square Pluto for the coming weeks.

Whenever the Lunar Nodes and Pluto are in aspect, they almost always coincide with big mass events, events affecting a large group of people in a karmic way (both Pluto and the Lunar Nodes have a 'fated' or karmic quality).

Mass casualties cannot be ruled out following mundane astrology.

This is the more so because both Pluto and the true Lunar Nodes hit the same degree in a sign as the April 20, 2023 Solar Eclipse which happened at 29° Aries.

Pluto and the Lunar nodes will thus trigger the Solar Eclipse the whole month long too.

When the Lunar North Node goes from Taurus to Aries, the group consciousness will shift from issues and crises about values, comfort, possessions and money (Taurus) to issues and crises about independent actions and activities, existential threats, relationships (in the widest sense) and finding personal balance.

Expect a more active period of time during which ideals are being fought for and plans are being carried out.

The waxing Mercury-Jupiter square is very talkative but can be arrogant also, especially when in fixed (stubborn) signs.

Ballooning speeches, indiscretion, tendentious information and messages can be on the agenda.

Mars at 6° Virgo opposes Saturn at 6° Pisces around July 20, suggesting no, or a lack of, work, activities or actions being blocked and/or not being able to do what you want.

There is some duty, some obligation involved.

Around July 21, there are sunny spells first but later it gets cloudy.

Around the same day of July 21-22, the Sun at 29° Cancer opposes Pluto at 29° Capricorn while squaring the true Lunar Nodes.

This period is also called a Moon wobble period during which emotions may run high and chaotic experiences arise (especially in the domestic area).

Actually, the whole month of July is impacted by this Moon wobble.

Following mundane astrology, this period often coincides with (tragic) separations, deaths because of natural or man-made disasters, accidents, catastrophes and/or violence.

Following astrometeorology, a Moon wobble period coincides with wilder weather patterns.

If you are born around January 19-20, February 18, March 20, April 19-20, May 20-21, June 20-21, July 22-23, August 22-23, September 22-23, October 23, November 21-22 or December 21-22, the period between July 21-23 may bring meetings with powerful people, getting public prominence, be persuasive, the urge to impose one's will on others or being imposed oneself, the tragic separation, to impose something through a mass event, to be enforced or compelled to do something, among others.

Venus stations and turns backward at 28° Leo while the Sun enters Leo and Pluto at 29° Capricorn exactly squares the Lunar Nodes, all happening around July 22-23.

When Venus, planet of monetary concerns and possessions and relationships, goes retrograde, it is not advised to buy anything of value just now.

Whatever you buy during the station of Venus will not be worth it and/or will not live up to its promise.

So, don't buy anything expensive at all so not to lose large amounts of money.

At 28° Leo, the sign of love and children, retrograde Venus indicates break-ups, separations and relationship reversals.

Some of you may encounter a lover from the past.

If you are a woman, you should pay particularly attention with whom you meet because things are not always what they seem (especially not when Venus is at this particular degree).

The Sun gains strength in its own sign Leo and tends to bring more passionate moments (for good or ill).

The Pluto-Lunar Nodes square has been spoken about already and we just repeat that such an aspect coincides with mass events, often resulting in lots of casualties or victims (karmic related).

This aspect actually marks the whole month.

Chiron at 19° Aries too stations around July 23, often coinciding with obstructions and disturbing effects on a mundane level.

In practice, such stations coincided with strikes, protests, power outages and other blocking and stressful influences.

Stationing Chiron may indicate uproar, an explosive atmosphere and, following astrometeorology, extreme weather conditions.

This is the more so because, still around July 23, Mercury at 22° Leo squares Uranus at 22° Taurus, pointing to emergencies, breaking news, suddenly changing course and opinions and, following astrometeorology, tense wind or even storm here and there.

There can be black- outs, short-circuits and the period around this day promises to become tense, nervous and highly stressful.

It's a very noisy period too here and there and very tragic and separative with destructive influences going on in the background.

There are clouds in the sky around July 25.

Pluto and the Lunar Nodes square one another exactly again around July 25 and again around July 28 so that the whole second half of the month is under the influence of mass events and power issues.

There are sunny spells around July 26.

Mercury and Venus conjoin at 28° Leo around July 27, bringing enjoyable and heartfelt news.

Around July 28, Mercury enters its own sign Virgo, cooling down the temps, following astrometeorology.

There are lots of documents or information to be processed and in some instances, medical records have to be checked.

Love Quotes of the Month

We are all a little weird and life's a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love.
-- Dr. Seuss --

Love is like the wind, you can’t see it but you can feel it.
-- Nicholas Sparks --

A soulmate isn’t someone who completes you. No, a soulmate is someone who inspires you to complete yourself.
-- Bianca Sparacino --

There are all kinds of love in this world but never the same love twice.
-- F. Scott Fitzgerald --

That’s all nonviolence is – organized love.
-- Joan Baez --

The only true love is love at first sight; second sight dispels it.
-- Israel Zangwill --

What's New on Our Web Site?

We added a page about the (love) life of Catherine Zeta Jones and we edited all the seduction and attraction web pages in minor ways.

Updated Statistical Research About Male Cheaters

Since our previous 2016 updated research results, we added many more data of confirmed cheating men and have since gathered 140 reliable natal horoscopes.

Let's take a look which astrological conditions or configurations we have found so far in these 140 natal horoscopes of male cheaters.

Planets in signs or houses
  • the Moon in Aries (chi square 13.8). This one still remains high on the list and was already from the beginning a red flag.

    This does not mean that all men with an Aries Moon are cheaters.

    It does not go that way and you can't judge the cover of a puzzle by taking only one single piece in isolation.

    It takes many pieces to find out what the cover is!

  • Pluto in the 4th house (chi square 10.5)
  • Juno in Sagittarius (chi square 11.3)
  • the Sun in fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius) (chi square 8.2)
  • Venus in the 4th Quadrant (houses 10, 11 or 12) (chi square 7.9)
  • Mars in Virgo AND Mars in the 1st house (chi square 7.1)
  • the Moon in the 11th house (chi square 7.7)
  • Mars in Gemini (chi square 7.5)
  • Mars in the 12th house (chi square 6.1)
  • Mercury in Scorpio (chi square 5.2)
Planetary aspects
  • Venus semi-square Neptune (orb 1°) (chi square 22.2)
  • Mars square the Ascendant (orb 1°) (chi square 6.2)
  • Venus conjunct Mars (orb 1°) (chi square 9.1)
  • The Sun inconjunct the Moon (orb 6°) (chi square 7.7)
  • Juno sextile Ascendant (orb 6°) (chi square 7.3)
  • Venus trine the MC (orb 6°) (chi square 6.5)
  • Juno conjunct the Part of Fortune (change day/night) (orb 3°) (chi square 6.3)
  • Uranus square the Ascendant (orb 3°) (chi square 5.2)
  • we never counted the following aspects (if you find such aspects, chances are the person might not be a cheater):
    • the Moon conjunct the Ascendant (orb 5°) (chi square 14.0)
    • the Sun trine Uranus (orb 3°) (chi square 14.0)
    • the Sun opposite the Ascendant (orb 3°) (chi square 14.0)
  • the ruler of the 11th house in Cancer (chi square 13.3)
  • the ruler of the 3rd house in the 12th house (chi square 11.3)
  • the ruler of the 7th house in the 2nd house (chi square 11.3)
  • the ruler of the 8th house in the 6th house (chi square 10.5)
  • the ruler of the 5th house in Aries (chi square 7.3)
  • Uranus as the ruler of the 11th house in a major aspect (conjunction, sextile, square, trine or opposition) with the IC-MC axis (orb 3°) (chi square 15.5)
  • the Moon as the ruler of the 12th house in a major aspect (conjunction, sextile, square, trine or opposition) with the 6th-12th house axis (orb 3°) (chi square 15.5)
  • Neptune as the ruler of the 9th house in a major aspect (conjunction, sextile, square, trine or opposition) with the 3rd-9th house axis (orb 3°) (chi square 15.5)
  • the Moon as the ruler of the 5th house in a major aspect (conjunction, sextile, square, trine or opposition) with the 3rd-9th house axis (orb 3°) (chi square 14.9)
  • Uranus as the ruler of the 8th house in a major aspect (conjunction, sextile, square, trine or opposition) with the 2nd-8th house axis (orb 3°) (chi square 14.9)
  • the ruler of the 5th house in a major aspect (conjunction, sextile, square, trine or opposition) with the ruler of the 12th house (orb 6°) (chi square 10.0)
  • the ruler of the 7th house trine Mars (orb 6°) (chi square 6.1)
The midpoints (45° dial/list) (orb 1°)
  • SO/VE = JU (chi square 25.5)
  • PL/KN = Juno (chi square 20.7)
  • JU/Vesta = SA (chi square 13.3)
  • JU/SA = Vesta (chi square 9.6)

    It might be interesting to note that Jupiter, Saturn and Vesta midpoints can be part of the signature.
  • MA/Vesta = Juno (chi square 11.6)
  • MA/CH = AS (chi square 13.7)
  • VE/PL = JU (chi square 13.1)
  • NE/Juno = Palla (chi square 13.0)
  • CH/Juno = SA (chi square 12.8)
  • JU/UR = AS (chi square 10.9)
  • MA/PL = AS (chi square 10.5)
  • SA/AS = JU (chi square 9.0)
  • VE/MA = UR (chi square 8.6)
  • ME/VE = MA (chi square 8.0)
  • MA/Juno = SO (chi square 7.2)
  • NE/AS = SA (chi square 8.6)
  • MO/AS = PL (chi square 8.6)
Other configurations
  • Mercury and Pluto in mutual reception (chi square 36.3)
  • Venus is fast (chi square 7.3)
  • Mercury and Venus were never found between 10°-20° Taurus (chi square 14.0)
  • a gibbous Moon (chi square 8.9)
  • Venus was never found between 10°-20° Scorpio (chi square 11.9)
  • the Moon was never found between 0°-10° Aquarius (chi square 8.6)
  • the Ascendant was never found between 20°-30° Libra (chi square 12.8)

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