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CosmiTec's Love Letter, Issue #229 -- Natal Mercury-Mars Connections
December 21, 2023

A turbulent month of January 2024 awaits us: there is a Moon wobble, heavy and intense Pluto enters Aquarius (once more), Uranus stations, most planets and bodies are in earth signs (till mid February) -- often an indication of increased risks of earth-related issues (earthquakes, landslides, mining disasters, volcanic activity etc.), and some harsh planetary pictures reinforce this all.

Stay safe, take care and tons of love
Luc De Jaeger

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Table of Contents

Our regular features
  1. The Love Forecasts for the Month
  2. Love Quotes of the month
  3. What's new on our web site?

Our occasional features

  1. Natal Mercury-Mars Connections

Love Forecasts for January 2024

(slowly hover over a paragraph with the mouse and wait a second for additional astrological information)

All dates are calculated for the European Time Zone.

Click here to download the January 2024 calendar in pdf format.

In general and on a mundane level, events are likely to happen around January 3, 10, 16, 22-23 and/or 30.

During this month of January there are the following specific planetary configurations of stationing outer planets that might affect some specific birthdays in particular:
  • If you are born around January 22, March 8, April 22, June 8, July 25, September 10, October 26 or December 9, this month might be tumultuous, disruptive and even shocking with things proceeding extremely fast.

    Expect the unexpected and be prepared to change course suddenly.

  • If you are born around January 12, February 26, April 12, May 28-29, July 14-15, August 31, October 15-16 or November 29, this month might bring uncertainty about the future.

    Expect some sleepless nights and stress combined with restlessness and irritation.

    Some of you may want to disappear, flee away and/or go hiding or missing.

    If you are a woman, your partner may quit or become ill.

    There is a lack of zest and your body might be very sensitive, reacting to external influences intensely.

  • If you are born around February 1, March 18, May 3, June 19, August 5, September 20, November 5 or December 19, this month might bring fortunate breaks and relief in whatever situation you are in.

    There is insight (illumination), even some aha-moments that bring moments of bliss.
Generally speaking, January 2, 3, 4 and 18 are "less lucky" days.

Try not to initiate any major projects on these dark, unfortunate, chaotic and empty days (no proposals, no marriages, no changes of residence,...) because things may not go as planned or wished.

In the 45° dial, there are some powerful and quite harsh and difficult midpoint combos between outer planets going on that will mark this month's Zeitgeist: the Jupiter/Saturn midpoint equals the Neptune/Chiron midpoint (JU/SA = NE/CH), the Saturn/Chiron midpoint equals the Uranus/Pluto midpoint (SA/CH = UR/PL), Pluto hits the Saturn/Neptune midpoint (PL = SA/NE) and, finally, Neptune equals the Saturn/Chiron midpoint (NE = SA/CH).

The JU/SA = NE/CH planetary picture suggests, among others: issues with real estate and/or buildings or homes, water-related issues (floods, inundations among others).

We at Cosmic Technologies, have found this planetary picture to above average indicate quite some damage to property, buildings, homes etc. for whatever reason.

The SA/CH = UR/PL planetary picture is indicative of, among others: turmoil and (material) damage.

We at Cosmic Technologies, have found this planetary picture to above average indicate earthquakes and the resulting (severe) damage.

There is hardship, especially on a physical or material level and this is a very harsh planetary picture overall.

The PL = SA/NE midpoint suggests, among others: the depressed mood, to be totally down, the heavy atmosphere, to feel downtrodden, the potential loss, the intense fear, the chronic disease, the oppression, not being able to unfold or develop properly.

The NE = SA/CH midpoint suggests, among others: the collapse or destruction of (a) building(s), the chronic illness causing hardship, the sadness and pain.

Around January 1, Venus at 3° Sagittarius squares Saturn at 3° Pisces, which is always a sobering aspect, the more so because the square is waning.

This waning square suggests a lonely feeling, and also coincides with disappointments of all kinds.

Moreover, beware of financial issues, restrictions and not being able to socialize properly.

In matters of love and romance, this aspect indicates love's sorrow, a lack of affection, rejection and/or feeling misunderstood.

Around the same period of January 1-2, Mercury stations and turns forward again at 22° Sagittarius, presenting insight and the ability to change your opinion.

Some of you may be disappointed because of some news but the information is meant to help you in your own development.

Geminis and Virgos (and Gemini and Virgo Ascendants) will rejoice, as usual when their ruler moves forward again, as their life gets back on track again slowly.

Around the January 4 Last Quarter Moon at 13° Libra, Mars enters cool and even cold Capricorn.

Following astrometeorology, there will be way more colder temperatures here and there.

There can be precipitation (even snow in some areas).

Following mundane astrology, it's possible there will be some intervention by the Armed Forces here and there as well.

Mars in Capricorn is very ambitious and goal-oriented and wants to accomplish something.

Mars is very action-oriented too and has an agenda it blindly and rather mechanically follows.

The only things that seem to count now are accomplishments and competition.

This particular Last Quarter Moon is at a very public degree, suggesting we will get lots of public revelations, disclosure, breakthroughs the coming days or week.

Around January 5, there are clouds in the sky, followed by sunny spells later on.

According to astrometeorology, around January 7-8, it might become a turbulent and stormy period leading to severe (material) damage here and there.

There is lots of buzz going on.

Expect a sudden change of plan or course.

Additionally, there is an increased risk of earthquakes and other earth-related issues causing material damage here and there.

Mercury at 25° Sagittarius squares Neptune at 25° Pisces around January 8-9, pointing to deception, being misled or betrayed.

There is confusion around and forgetfulness.

Don't rely on information as everything can be biased, set up, fake etc.

The Sun at 20° Capricorn squares the Lunar Nodes around the very potent and turbulent January 10-11 New Moon at 20° Capricorn, often called a 'Moon wobble.'

Moon wobbles are told to affect the ebb and flow (especially the tides), increasing the odds of floods and inundations substantially the whole month here and there.

This aspect particularly affects coastal areas and countries but it also has a larger impact on mundane events as it also coincides with man-made and/or natural disasters and extreme weather (from earthquakes to storm to volcanic eruptions etc.) and other tragedies causing quite a lot of casualties (and damage).

The actual underlying astrological reason is that the New Moon squares the October 14 Solar Eclipse's point of 21° Libra, thus triggers it.

This whole month is an unstable and turbulent one, emotionally but also on many other levels, indicating a highly charged period with errors being made and the significant likelihood of massive environmental damage with much loss of life and property.

Judgement is told to be poor during Moon wobbles and unstable, especially for people under stress or in leadership positions.

With the New Moon trining Uranus, chances of an earthquake here or there around this Lunation or during this month are magnified exponentially, as well as sudden and drastic changes in the weather pattern (like stormy weather).

The New Moon period and the week after it tend to bring additional events related to, among others: resignation(s) or abdication, not being able to develop oneself, separation, making a mistake leading to damage, breaking (a) bone(s) due to an accident, the low energy level, stronger forces wearing or pulling you down, paying for excessive haste or a lack of planning.

Mercury re-enters Capricorn around January 13-14, presenting an official (and public) message or statement, an announcement from a government, governmental organization, leader of state or higher-up.

There are official documents or letters coming into the open.

Following astrometeorology, the temperature will drop here and there and in some areas there can be a very cold wind.

With four planets currently in the earth sign Capricorn (the Sun, Mercury, Mars and Pluto), there is an increased risk of earth-related disasters (earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, landslides etc.) because Capricorn rules the surface of objects and Planet Earth as well.

Additionally, following astrometeorology, a stellium in cold Capricorn tends to drop the temperature here and there and increases the odds of storm and snow (in winter).

Capricorn stelliums are quite emotionless, lacking empathy while mechanically following a plan in a linear way, trying to reach a preset goal whatever it takes.

This can be a rather restrictive period in time for some of you.

If you are Aquarius or have Aquarius rising, you are currently in a treacherous period and some of you may feel ill also.

Beware of people working behind your back and it's best to just keep a low profile for the coming two or three weeks.

Around the same day of January 14, there are sunny spells first but later on it gets cloudy.

The January 17-18 First Quarter Moon at 27° Aries widely squares Pluto, still at the ending and so-called 'critical' degree of 29° Capricorn.

The degree of 27° Aries is associated with lots of precipitation, following astrometeorology.

According to mundane astrology, this degree area coincides with financial issues (debt, bankruptcy, market crashes, financial losses, etc.) and intense and profound existential changes that are meant to clear some past 'karma' or residue.

Also issues about petrol, gas and oil may arise as well.

Beware of misjudgments and intense emotions that may misguide you.

So, try to keep a distance.

On a more personal level, during this Moon phase period it's not recommended to date or bond as any relationship that starts now may not be what it is.

Legal issues will likely come out of it.

You may feel isolated during this period and tend to be(come) distrustful.

Around January 18, there are clouds in the sky, followed by sunny spells later on.

Around January 19, Venus at 25° Sagittarius squares Neptune at 25° Pisces, reinforcing relationship issues and disappointments.

There is love's sorrow, a mourning mood, and some of you may feel confused as well.

Relationships are dissolving.

Following astrometeorology, there is an increased chance of precipitation and downpours.

The Sun meets Pluto at 29° Capricorn right before entering Aquarius around January 20.

Moreover, the Sun 'pulls' Pluto with it as Pluto enters Aquarius too during the same period of January 20-21.

What this means astrologically, is that both the Sun and Pluto together are on the so-called 'critical' degree area of 29° Capricorn - 0° Aquarius.

Readers of our monthly forecasts may know in the meantime that this degree area coincides with emergencies, BIG U-turns, shocks, crisis situations and that it especially affects Royalties and the Vatican.

Late January might become a violent and accident-prone period full of uproar, turbulent events and experiences.

Pluto at 0° Aquarius has the intention to reform, to renew, to break free from chains and formalities and transform the old and conservative into something more future-proof.

Anytime Pluto entered liberating and freedom-loving Aquarius in the past, it resulted in the following events and/or experiences:
  • it had a huge impact on the Vatican (and centralized religions in a wider sense)
  • it resulted in reshaping and dissolving (centralized) monarchies
  • it changed the way of governing
  • it resulted in a new sexual revolution (liberating women, among others)
  • it resulted in revolutionary new technologies/inventions/discoveries
  • it resulted in uproar, revolts, revolutions
It will take 20+ years for Pluto to travel through this air sign and will most likely coincide with some inconvenient and disruptive events.

Aquarius is a very humanitarian, decentralized, detached, gender neutral, non-religious, cerebral (or mental) sign.

Hence, Pluto in Aquarius will bring back again power (Pluto) to the people as a whole, as a group (Aquarius).

Aquarius cannot stand hierarchy and centralized (patriarchal) power and in the coming months and years, this will start to become more noticeable when Pluto moves on in Aquarius, enforcing equality, fraternity and more humanitarian interests.

Understand that everything that now is still centralized (like power structures, energy, money, intelligence, governments, social media etc...) will NOT survive this heavy transit in the end.

Hence, monarchies who are basically a blend of centralized Leo (the sign opposite to Aquarius) and authoritarian Capricorn (the sign in the blind spot of Aquarius) energies, will start to crumble more and more and eventually disappear further down the road!

The same is true for religions that are based upon centralized power (like the Vatican, among others): in the end, they will NOT survive this powerful transit (note that transiting Pluto is also square the IC-MC axis in the current Pope's natal chart).

If you have to make choices now already, try to go and opt for decentralized things (social media, money, food, energy, communication,...).

Pluto in Aquarius will bring us "back" to the future with sustainable and natural high-tech solutions, cars and transportation without wheels (because Aquarius is an air sign; lifting everything up in the air), zero-point energy and what else.

However, beware of what can be distributed through air (drones, planes, balloons etc.) also, like poisonous or toxic stuff and how the 'air' can be manipulated or engineered (Pluto).

So, there still is a catch and every coin has two sides so that it won't be all rose scent and moonshine.

Because Pluto is connected to dark forces, the underworld, emotional trauma and burdens, the entrance of Pluto in Aquarius, the sign of the awakener and light-bringer, raises the odds that mental issues will start to surface more and more also the coming months and years.

This is the more so because the 29° Capricorn - 0° Aquarius degree area is also linked to mental breakdowns and psychological problems.

We expect the entrance of Pluto in Aquarius to bring such events to the foreground so that it will be necessary for the coming months and years to be very vigilant, stay firm and keep an eye on your mental health while everything turns upside down and gets more and more turbulent and disruptive.

Cognitive dissonance may play a role, but also some fanatical mental convictions that are not always right.

Focus on the liberating and freedom-loving traits (which may not be easy for those of you having predominant Capricorn traits who need strict rules and regulations to follow almost blindly).

Venus enters Capricorn around January 23.

With both Venus and Mars now in the earth sign Capricorn, the love life of Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo may get a boost till mid February 2024.

The same is true if your Ascendant is Cancer.

Some of you may certainly find love and this period will likely bring attraction and irresistible encounters.

Around January 23-24, the astrological configurations point to, among others: traffic issues, the need to cancel your plans, being obliged to change course or leave the place and make a mandatory trip.

The January 25 Full Moon at 5° Leo is exactly inconjunct Saturn at 5° Pisces and square Jupiter at 6° Taurus.

This Full Moon period has a sobering influence and tends to have a blocking effect as well.

An inconjunct aspect reflects something that is out of proportion and/or something or someone that or who is not present (in that sense there is detachment and/or separation).

It's indicative of a bummer, for whatever reason and in whatever way.

The degree area of 5° Leo coincides with a change of course, leaving the place of residence, moving, being on the go and/or being stuck somewhere foreign and/or between 2 choices.

Hence, some of you will be indecisive, cannot opt for 'the old' neither for 'the new' and you may feel stuck in a stalemate situation.

It's a very restless Full Moon that will allow you to try out something new, follow another path or route (literally or figuratively) by leaving the old.

Some of you may not really feel at home in some place and/or in some situation, resulting in uncertainty and stress.

Beware of issues with electronics, electricity and defects or outages as well as blocking traffic issues.

Around the same day of January 25, Mars at 15° Capricorn squares Chiron at 15° Aries.

This aspect is important because it happens at so-called 'critical' degrees that coincide with isolation, feeling down, a cry for love and affection.

The Mars-Chiron aspect itself suggests: not being able and/or willing to work, strikes, not knowing what to do or how to act, fighting for individual or personal independence, pent-up anger, the warning about a mystical event, the difficult diagnosis.

While Mercury and Mars meet at 17° Capricorn, Uranus stations at 19° Taurus and turns direct around January 27, almost always coinciding with stormy weather and, in wintertime, snowstorms here and there.

Stationing Uranus is disruptive, noisy and shocking.

Prepare for sleepless nights, events and/or experiences bringing you back to earth suddenly, and irritation, among others.

If you are Aquarius or have Aquarius rising, your life may start to slowly get back on track again.

The Mercury-Mars conjunction is indicative of haste, speed, and too impulsive behavior.

It's the classic aspect of traffic accidents, cuts and wounds and other physical injuries affecting the hands, arms or shoulders.

Decisions are made impulsively, and decisively as well as you might need to act quickly during these hectic and busy times.

Chances are you face tough deadlines.

However, patience and determination are needed too.

Beware of arguing, disputes and/or sarcasm and try not to insult because the degree meaning reinforces the Mercury-Mars symbolism.

Indeed, this aspect often coincides with conflicts that might be difficult to avoid.

And while both planets are still conjunct the day after around January 28, they both will square the Lunar Nodes.

Needless to say late January 2024 promises to present an extremely hectic and busy time frame full of interventions, tension, buzz, talks, conflict, accidents and breaking news.

Regular readers of our forecasts know without a doubt that we don't like Mars-Lunar Node aspects because they mark a period of physical injuries, accidents and/or violence affecting/injuring many people and causing numerous casualties as well.

It's a bloody combo!

Around the same day of January 28, there are sunny spells first but later on it gets cloudy.

Around the same day of January 28-29, the astrological configurations point to, among others: disappointment, not being able to adapt to someone or a relationship, the divorce or love's separation, not feeling well, to withdraw, to be a happy single, infidelity.

If you are born around January 26-27, February 25, March 27, April 26-27, May 27-28, June 28, July 29-30, August 29-30, September 29-30, October 29-30, November 28-29 or December 28, you may feel the current influences most.

Around January 31, the astrological configurations point to, among others: the sudden disruption, violence or accident, surgery, tumult, to do something or act together with others, to fiercely resist or oppose something together with others, to vent anger in a group, the fight(s).

If you are born around January 9-10, February 8, March 10, April 9, May 10, June 10-11, July 11-12, August 12, September 12, October 12-13, November 11-12 or December 11-12, you may feel the current influences most.

Love Quotes of the Month

True love is usually the most inconvenient kind.
-- Kiera Cass --

Love cures people – both the ones who give it and the ones who receive it.
-- Madame de Stael --

Lovers alone wear sunlight.
-- E.E. Cummings --

Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They are in each other all along.
-- Rumi --

Love from novels isn’t true love: it ends where it should begin.
-- Gabrielle Dubois --

Love is just a word, but you bring it definition.
-- Eminem --

What's New on Our Web Site?

We updated our page about astrological indications pointing to female cheaters with the latest research results that we published in a previous Love Letter.

We added a page about Dutch astrology book reviews.

We updated some of our responder mails when visitors use our forms and also tried to improve the url shortened links.

There were also minor improvements to increase the usability of our website on smartphones (still tons of work to do and it's time-consuming, so we prefer going slowly).

Natal Mercury-Mars Connections

In previous Love Letters we delineated numerous planetary connections or affinities already.

Now it's time to delve deeper into the Mercury Mars connections.

In most cases, the following configurations are used (there are more though (!) to define Mercury Mars connections but this would lead us too far and make it more complicated than necessary):
  • Mercury in the 1st house
  • Mars in the 3rd or 6th house
  • the ruler of the 1st house in the 3rd or 6th house
  • the ruler of the 3rd or 6th house in the 1st house
  • Mercury in a close conjunction, square or opposition with Mars (a vclose sextile or trine counts too but in a minor way)
  • Mercury at the solstice or mirror point of Mars
  • Mars in Gemini or Virgo
  • Mercury in Aries
When at least three of the above listed analogies or connections can be found in the natal chart, we have a very powerful Mercury Mars connection that will be felt and noticed in the character and life of the native.

What do Mercury Mars connections signify?

Communicative Mercury and sharp and impulsive Mars together build a decisive and direct way of thinking and talking.

People who have a predominant Mercury Mars connection ask incisive questions and usually are verbally combative and to the point.

They may talk too fast though and tend to vent critical and even sarcastic remarks.

Also, playing mental games may be a favorite 'hobby' as well.

Above average, people with a predominant Mercury Mars connection are youthful, bad boys and girls -- as if still stuck in puberty.

This clarifies why they love to tease.

When Mars is involved in powerful aspects or connections it emphasizes more egocentric and selfish traits.

Hence, this connection or affinity is more interested in pushing through its own agenda(s).

Some of these people can be very agile, having quick reflexes.

They tend to be nervous (and need a physical outlet or activity) and have some breathing issues and/or have sensitive lungs.

The lungs and respiratory system are weak spots.

People with such a predominant connection are easily attracted to more cerebral and intellectual partners.

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