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CosmiTec's Love Letter, Issue #230 -- Are You Predestined For A Lasting Love Bond?
January 21, 2024

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During February 2024, some specific birthdays may eagerly await the time when Venus, Mars and Pluto blend together to build a highly sensual and passionate once-in-a-lifetime combination.

Luc De Jaeger

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Table of Contents

Our regular features
  1. The Love Forecasts for the Month
  2. Love Quotes of the month
  3. What's new on our web site?

Our occasional features

  1. Are You Predestined For A Lasting Love Bond?

Love Forecasts for February 2024

(slowly hover over a paragraph with the mouse and wait a second for additional astrological information)

All dates are calculated for the European Time Zone.

Click here to download the February 2024 calendar in pdf format.

In general and on a mundane level, events are likely to happen around February 6-7, 12, 19 and/or 26.

During this month of February there are no specific planetary configurations of stationing outer planets that might affect some specific birthdays in particular.

Generally speaking, February 3, 6, 8 and 16 are "less lucky" days.

Try not to initiate any major projects on these dark, unfortunate, chaotic and empty days (no proposals, no marriages, no changes of residence,...) because things may not go as planned or wished.

In the 45° dial, there are some powerful midpoint combos between outer planets going on that will mark this month's Zeitgeist:
  • the Saturn/Uranus midpoint equals the Neptune/Pluto midpoint (SA/UR = NE/PL), exact around February 10,
  • Saturn equals the Uranus/Neptune midpoint (SA = UR/NE), exact around February 11,
  • Uranus hits the Saturn/Pluto midpoint (UR = SA/PL), exact around February 11 also and, finally,
  • around February 21, Saturn hits the Pluto/Chiron midpoint (SA = PL/CH).
The SA/UR = NE/PL planetary picture suggests, among others: the disruption and/or damage because of water-related issues (lots of precipitation, floods, inundations, maritime disasters etc.), the breaking of a dam.

The SA = UR/NE midpoint is indicative of, among others: the pessimism, the sadness, the mourning, to stay put, not seeing the future clearly, the issues because of water or precipitation or maritime issues, the internet issues.

The UR = SA/PL midpoint suggests, among others: the sudden collapse of (a) concrete or tall structure(s) or building(s), the sudden crash, the demolition, the brutal attack, the retaliation, the big storm.

The SA = PL/CH midpoint suggests, among others: the devastation, the destruction, the severe oppression.

Around February 1, there are clouds in the sky.

Some of you may enjoy receiving a nice parcel, a gift or present, card or message.

Around February 1 and 2, Mars at 21° Capricorn squares the degree of the October 14, 2023 Solar Eclipse (which happened at 21° Libra).

Anytime Mars hits the same numerical degree in a sign, and especially from a square or opposition aspect, it triggers, ignites the Eclipse, resulting in some (mundane) (violent) event or accident.

There are sunny spells around February 2.

Around the February 2-3 Last Quarter Moon at 13° Scorpio and following mundane astrology, the current astrological configurations point to the likelihood of a (mass) shooting here or there.

So, beware and be vigilant!

Following astrometeorology, there can be quite some precipitation here and there.

Mercury enters Aquarius around February 5 and is about to conjunct Pluto right away on the same day.

Both Mercury and Pluto together at the degree of emergencies and crisis situations, presage breaking news about (a) (tragic) death(s), severe traffic and/or transportation accidents, among others.

It's a very investigative and analytical combination as well.

Beware of vexation and don't be too obsessive.

Try to relax and relieve your mind.

Following astrometeorology, tight Mercury-Pluto aspects are indicative of fierce wind (storm) resulting in damage here and there.

Venus at 17° Capricorn squares the true Lunar Nodes around February 6, suggesting some discomfort while socializing or feeling misunderstood.

A date may not go as wished and in some cases an appointment may be cancelled or go awry.

Currently, connecting and relating do not come easy.

Around February 8, the Sun at 19° Aquarius squares Uranus, its own dispositor, at 19° Taurus, just prior to the February 9 perigee New Moon at 20° Aquarius.

This is a very potent and disruptive and shocking SuperMoon period, the more so because of the square aspect involving its own dispositor.

Around these days, some of you will be obliged to move, change or leave the place.

Whatever now happens, happens under pressure and force (majeure).

There is some obligation involved.

Some of you will be obliged to connect or merge with others, build or connect to a group or community.

In some instances, this New Moon period might bring people together through a marriage, even though it's likely to become a rocky relationships and or a disruptive one in the end, unless it's built on highly individualistic and independent principles.

Around February 10, Mercury at 8° Aquarius squares Jupiter at 8° Taurus.

This waning square between Jupiter of exaggeration and Mercury of documents and communication in fixed signs, suggests financial and/or material issues.

For some of you this may indicate bankruptcy.

Some of you may try to prove a point by ballooning communication or presenting philosophical points of view instead of scientific facts.

This period is all about talks, talks, talks and not getting the right information.

Also, because both planets also rule travel and trips, some issues on the road or when traveling can be expected as well.

Following astrometeorology, there can be heavy precipitation and wind and even storm here and there, the more so because the degree areas involved coincide with heavy storm.

If you are born around January 13, February 26, April 11-12, May 28, July 14, August 30, October 15 or November 29, you may experience love's sorrow, unreciprocated love or mourn a (be)loved one around this day.

You may currently lack self-confidence as well and prefer solitude and silence to gain inspiration.

There are sunny spells around the same day of February 10.

Around February 11, the astrological configurations and patterns point to brutal and shocking experiences and/or, following astrometeorology, events that might indicate heavy storm here and there.

There can be (concrete) structures collapsing, maritime and/or water-related issues and, generally speaking, this is a sad and dark day with drastic and dramatic changes going on that may cause damage to property.

Around the same day of February 11, there are clouds in the sky.

Around February 13, the weather can be fair here and there and the day can be quite gentle, generally speaking.

Around the same day of February 13, Mars enters Aquarius and will conjunct Pluto the day after, around February 14 at 0° Aquarius.

All Mars-Pluto conjunctions are brutal and the more so when they happen at 0° Aquarius, a so-called 'critical degree', representing crisis situations, huge U-turns, shocks and emergencies.

This is truly a violent and accident-prone combination, indicating man-made and/or natural disasters as well.

Beware of power outages and, following astrometeorology, heavy wind (and storm) here and there.

The entrance of Mars in Aquarius brings now 4 planets/bodies (the Sun, Mercury, Mars and Pluto -- in a couple of days, Venus will take the Sun's place) which is called a stellium, in this air sign, adding to a very windy and even stormy course of the coming days and weeks indeed.

Expect the temperatures to drop profoundly too here and there with chilly weather as long as the stellium lasts (after February 24 the situation will fade slowly).

We are currently shifting from a predominant earth element that marked the past weeks to a predominant air element (resulting in more issues coming 'from above', 'out of the air' rather than coming from 'down-to-earth').

On a more personal level, if you are Pisces or have Pisces rising, you are now entering a treacherous period until late February, with people working behind your back.

You may not feel too well or experience health issues as well.

Also, there is lots going on behind closed doors during this period.

If you are Aquarius or have Aquarius rising, expect a heavy workload, lots of additional responsibilities, and a testing time to help you in your personal development.

Domestic or real estate issues may arise as well.

The influence of this stellium in Aquarius on the other zodiac signs can be summarized as follows:
  • if you are Aries or have Aries rising: beware of accidents, injuries, disputes and clashes. Friendships and group activities may bring a heavy workload but also rivalry and power conflicts.
  • if you are Taurus or have Taurus rising: your status and/or reputation is under fire. You are very ambitious and tenacious, determined to push through or proceed with a project. Beware of blackmail. Your career may be up for some review or reorganization (as well as your employer).Your career is your main focus during this period.
  • if you are Gemini or have Gemini rising: foreigners and/or foreign affairs may bring a huge workload. Beware of legal issues. There is sorrow connected to foreigners or foreign affairs.
  • if you are Cancer or have Cancer rising: shared resources (debt, loans, insurances, banking affairs, legacies, taxes and possessions of others etc.) may be on the agenda. It's a time for money management. There are changes going on in the home environment, perhaps some repairs, renovations or modifications.
  • if you are Leo or have Leo rising: relationship issues and/or disputes with others are to be feared. Beware of power plays and tense conflicts.
  • if you are Virgo or have Virgo rising: health issues keep you busy as well as issues at the workplace. There are reorganizations going on with changes related to the daily living and working environment. You may have to process a lot of information related to your health.
  • if you are Libra or have Libra rising: your children become a focal point and you might have expenses related to them. There is some sorrow related to your children. In case you have no children, you are able to push through your creative self-expression and push through your desires and/or will, albeit in a forceful and demanding way. Beware of a backlash later on.
  • if you are Scorpio or have Scorpio rising: your domestic area, real estate, the home environment and the family are a huge concern during this period. There are some changes going on at home or in the family that cause some upsets and sorrow.
  • if you are Sagittarius or have Sagittarius rising: if you have siblings, they become a focal point. Beware of traffic and/or transportation accidents as well. There can be lots of changes of the place. Also, expect a lot of new information to be absorbed and processed so that it's a great time to study or learn something.
  • if you are Capricorn or have Capricorn rising: Beware of debt and your financial situation is a focal point. There can be big expenses and/or losses and money management is to be taken into account.
Around the same day of February 14, there are clouds in the sky, followed by sunny spells later on.

Around the February 16 First Quarter Moon at 27° Taurus, Venus enters the air sign Aquarius too and starts to accompany Mars closely.

This First Quarter Moon is especially about (social) gatherings.

Both planets Venus and Mars will closely walk together in this air sign the whole month long, triggering and boosting the love life of all air signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) and the zodiac sign Leo (and Leo Ascendants) too.

For the next few days after February 16, both planets will hang around Pluto as well and Venus will personally meet (conjunct) Pluto around February 17.

This is an exceptional astrological configuration and what this means is that Venus, Mars and Pluto in the early degrees of Aquarius will especially affect and boost the love life of the following birthdays during the coming days and weeks in particular tremendously (on condition natal Saturn is not building an aspect to your natal Sun): January 20-30, May 21-31, September 22 - October 2, followed by February 19-29, March 20-30, April 19-30, June 20-30, July 22-31, August 23-31, October 23-31, November 22-30 and December 21-31 to a lesser extent.

This is a very sensual and passionate configuration that may bring irresistible physical attraction and being magnetically attracted to someone.

On a mundane level, this configuration can be highly stormy, explosive and turbulent, crossing lines and boundaries easily so that clashes (in whatever way and in the widest sense) are common during this (wild) period.

While Venus and Pluto meet at 0° Aquarius around February 17, Mercury at 19° Aquarius squares its own dispositor, Uranus, at 19° Taurus too.

Both aspects combined may coincide with the breaking news of the death of a (be)loved one or a woman.

The waning square between Mercury and Uranus suggests nervous tension, sudden changes of course or plan, restlessness and lots of noise and buzz.

Traffic and transportation can be disrupted here and there.

Following astrometeorology, both aspects have one thing in common: they coincide with heavy wind (storm) and heavy precipitation here and there.

Around February 19, the Sun enters Pisces, increasing the odds of precipitation here and there.

Pisces is a compassionate sign, with lots of artistic appeal and always willing to help.

The focus goes towards those who suffer or need help.

Around the same day of February 19, the true Lunar North Node conjoins Chiron at 16° Chiron (the mean Lunar North Node will do so around March 5-6 at 17° Aries so that we have another interesting comparison to see whether or not the true Node is more reliable than the mean Node).

This is a painful aspect, especially in matters of health.

Also, there can be upsets related to groups of people with some protests or manifestations going on.

This is not a good time to peacefully connect, rather disconnect, object or present blockages collectively.

Venus and Mars conjoin around February 22 at 6° Aquarius, a degree of the breaking of a dam, (water) leaks and structures or concrete buildings collapsing or something (structures) breaking/falling down, something bursting open suddenly.

The two opposing forces, Venus and Mars together, blend to a highly charged and passionate combination that coincides with crossing boundaries and/or lines (as all close Venus-Mars aspects do).

Hence, this combination represents clashes and crashes, accidents, inappropriate behavior and violence instead of peace.

It's a highly impatient combination, crossing lines (too) fast and bumping into others easily without thinking first.

What people often misinterpret as spontaneous action or behavior is actually not always knowing boundaries (with the resulting consequences).

Depending on your own natal horoscope, this powerful conjunction may turn out to be very sensual and passionate in a harmonious way too though.

Keen astrologer and researcher Michele Finey has thoroughly researched the Venus-Mars cycles (and written about in her book 'The Sacred Dance of Venus and Mars') and has found that Venus-Mars conjunctions mark radical social changes (even comparable to the Uranus-Pluto conjunction) but in a more personally accessible way, especially when both planets start a totally new cycle.

Mercury enters Pisces around February 22-23, marking more chaotic and confusing times ahead.

Still prepare for water-related issues, floods and inundations here and there but also beware of intoxication and/or food poisoning.

There can be a message about separation, leaving the place or changing the place, being forced and/or obliged to move to somewhere (else), and/or plans being cancelled.

For some of you, the current entrance of Mercury in Pisces marks an abdication, resignation, being fired, quitting and/or stepping down.

There may be bankruptcy as well.

With 4 planets/bodies now in Pisces (the Sun, Mercury, Saturn and Neptune) those of you born under the zodiac sign Aries or having Aries rising are entering a treacherous period that will last some months, unfortunately, having lingering health issues and/or with people working behind your back for some time.

Also, there is lots going on behind closed doors during this period.

You may feel isolated or confined.

If you are Pisces or have Pisces rising, expect a heavy workload, lots of responsibilities, and a testing time to help you in your personal development.

You might be called upon.

The influence of this stellium in Pisces on the other zodiac signs can be summarized as follows:
  • if you are Taurus or have Taurus rising: if you have children, it's possible a child will meet a partner or there can be a celebration related to the child. There can be sudden news related to a child, linked with a foreign country or a foreigner.
  • if you are Gemini or have Gemini rising: the domestic area (the home environment and the family) and real estate issues become important. A parent may be ill or need some help. Your boss or employer may experience lingering health issues.
  • if you are Cancer or have Cancer rising: for whatever reason, relationships or meetings or encounters on the one hand and foreigners or foreign affairs on the other hand are connected during this period.
  • if you are Leo or have Leo rising: lingering health issues might be concerning or annoying. You may hear news about a sudden passing of someone.
  • if you are Virgo or have Virgo rising: the illness or health situation of a partner may be a concern. Sorrow and relationships, in the widest sense, are intertwined during this time frame.
  • if you are Libra or have Libra rising: you may not feel too well and the workplace may bring some sorrow as well.
  • if you are Scorpio or have Scorpio rising: beware of a lazy period, not a really creative one. You might feel discontented, dissatisfied and experience a low.
  • if you are Sagittarius or have Sagittarius rising: some home repairs or renovations might be in place. Expect some expenses related to real estate, the home and/or family.
  • if you are Capricorn or have Capricorn rising: there can be health issues with a sibling. You may feel dissatisfied overall.
  • if you are Aquarius or have Aquarius rising: Money management is needed during this period. you may receive money or possessions from others but there are expenses also.
Following astrometeorology, a stellium in Pisces tends to cold and wet weather with more precipitation than usual (and just for your information: there will be an active Pisces stellium till April 2024).

The February 24 apogee Full Moon at 5° Virgo marks the end of a cycle, a milestone has been reached.

Though apogee New or Full Moons are technically speaking not called SuperMoons, from an astrological point of view they absolutely are in our opinion!

The pull and the push of the Moon's energies and forces are very potent in whatever way during apogee and perigee lunations!

The degree of 5° Virgo is told to be disruptive in that it points to the end of a chapter and the start of a new one.

Hence, possible separations and disruptions are actually meant to just bring on that new chapter.

It will be interesting to see what might happen around this whole Full Moon phase (a couple of days before the Full Moon and especially some days after), till approximately February 26 because Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are all around the same numerical degrees in a sign, building a so-called Small Learning Triangle.

Indeed, Venus and Mars together will be semi-sextile Saturn and square Jupiter, so that Jupiter and Saturn are necessarily building a sextile aspect.

Venus and Mars are opposite forces/energies, and the same is true for Jupiter and Saturn and it's not easy to forecast how this Small Learning Triangle containing 4 planets will actually work out.

Learning Triangles are known for their challenging nature, especially caused by the external environment or by external challenging situations that are supposed to trigger or activate a learning process, often by (subconsciously) demanding, urging to take action.

Opposing energies blended together may create some short-circuit, some clashes, disagreements, arguments, legal issues popping up, but other outcomes should not be ruled out at all.

Because of the Full Moon phase, it should bring awareness and be clear and visible for 'all to see', 'out in the open.'

There are sunny spells around the same day of February 24.

Venus at 10° Aquarius squares Jupiter at 10° Taurus during the same period of February 24-25.

This waning square often indicates expenses, purchases and/or financial losses.

Beware of over-doing and indulging in the good life.

Also, there is the tendency to please others and your over-optimism may be a bit off and thus not really welcome.

Some of you may face legal issues, a divorce or love's separation as well.

Following astrometeorology, Venus-Jupiter contacts increase the odds of showers and precipitation, the more so because Mars is nearby.

Around February 25, there are clouds in the sky.

Around February 25-26, the astrological configurations point to, among others: storm, violence, accidents, some brutal destruction in whatever way.

If you are born around January 30-31, March 15, April 30, June 16, August 2, September 17-18, November 2 and December 16-17, the whole last week of February may be full of passionate love, outstanding creative potential, and/or truly successful endeavors (on condition natal Saturn does not aspect your natal Sun).

Some of you may find the love of your life or create a masterpiece of whatever kind.

Mars at 10° Aquarius squares Jupiter at 10° Taurus
around February 27, following mundane astrology, a violent combo, the more so because the square is waning.

This waning square fights against (some) law(s) so that legal issues are part of the outcome.

Because of the impulsiveness, represented by Mars, the aspect indicates, among others: (financial) expenses, wasting possessions or money and/or material/physical losses.

Following astrometeorology, beware of stormy periods and precipitation here and there, the more so because Venus is still nearby.

The Sun, Mercury and Saturn all together meet at 9° Pisces around February 28, a very music-minded degree.

There is some sad news, often involving or connected to some kind of separation.

However, this can be a very creative period as well during which you may get lots of artistic inspiration.

Some of you may travel or take a trip while others want to study.

Beware of common colds and take care of your health.

It's not recommended to do any purchases today as the item(s) may be defective, out of stock or delayed.

Following astrometeorology, it can be quite cold and cloudy now, with some precipitation/snow.

There are sunny spells around February 29.

Love Quotes of the Month

To lose balance sometimes for love is part of living a balanced life.
-- Elizabeth Gilbert --

I love your feet because they have wandered over the earth and through the wind and water until they brought you to me.
-- Pablo Neruda --

Love must be as much a light as it is a flame.
-- Henry David Thoreau --

The first duty of love is to listen.
-- Paul Tillich --

A deep love follows a gentle kiss.
-- Sir Kristian Goldmund Aumann --

If our love is only a will to possess, it is not love.
-- Thich Nhat Hanh --

What's New on Our Web Site?

We increased the font size of all our Love Letters (even the back-issues now have the same larger font size) in our effort to make all our information mobile friendly.

We updated our FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) page with some information about the Chi squares that we mention in all our statistical research results.

We updated most of our pages in which the Chi square is mentioned to link to that FAQs page.

We also changed some links here and there.

Are You Predestined For A Lasting Love Bond?

From an astrological point of view, some people are predestined to have an easier, more comfortable love life, while others seem to face turmoil, disruptions, toggle relationships, fights and what else.

Both kinds of relationships are meaningful, purposeful as they show different (often extreme) experiences that allow to develop and become more and more perfect over time (after many many lifetimes that is).

From reliable regression therapists we learn that we will all experience these extremes in one lifetime or another because we (our 'soul') only develop by experiencing such contrasts.

Experiencing a harmonious and lasting love bond this lifetime might bring a more turbulent love life in a future life or might have brought it in past lives already.

What this means is that you should not be jealous of someone having seemingly loving and harmonious lasting relationships this lifetime, nor judging someone who has a very tough, turbulent and/or destructive love life this time.

During our own soul's development, we will ALL, at one time or another, experience such extremes when it's our turn.

Because the natal horoscope shows or reflects our pre-birth contract, our 'natal promise' for this lifetime, it might give clues or indications how our love life will unfold.

Hence, it might not come as a surprise that certain astrological configurations in the natal horoscope are statistically often linked to experiencing a (very) long lasting love bond.

The quality of the long lasting love bond cannot be determined easily as this is a very subjective matter.

It's a HUGE misconception that long-lasting marriages must be happy ones.

That's not necessarily the case at all: people may stay together because of practical or financial or material reasons, or because of religious ones, or because of guilt or a lack of self-worth, or because of the children, or because of fear or...

Empirical and statistical research by the French astrologer Jacques Lapierre in the 1980s has shown that some planetary containments of Venus, planet of relationships and encounters, in the natal horoscope coincide with at least one (very) long-lasting love bond.

A planetary containment of Venus means that Venus is right in-between two other planets (the Sun and Moon count as planets as well), counting counter-clockwise or thus following the natural order of the zodiac signs.

In the example shown below, Venus is in-between Saturn and Pluto.

There are no other planets in-between Saturn at 11° Sagittarius en Venus at 17° Sagittarius, nor are there any planets between Venus and Pluto at 15° Gemini so that Venus is the only planet in-between Saturn and Pluto.

The following containments of Venus were found by Jacques Lapierre to statistically often indicate one long-lasting marriage or profound love bond:
  • Venus in-between Uranus and Neptune
  • Venus in-between Saturn and Pluto (see the image above)
  • Venus in-between Jupiter and Pluto
  • Venus in-between Uranus and Jupiter
  • Venus in-between Pluto and Uranus

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