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CosmiTec's Love Letter, Issue #233 -- Natal Mercury-Uranus Connections
April 21, 2024

The whole month of May is marked by stationing Pluto, slowly returning to the critical degrees of 0° Aquarius and 29° Capricorn later this year.

Also, Neptune has reached 29° Pisces, a position that it will hold throughout May and June also.

Precipitation, maritime issues and all the resulting issues and/or damage may be more prevalent in the headlines here and there.

Loving greetings
Luc De Jaeger

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Table of Contents

Our regular features
  1. The Love Forecasts for the Month
  2. Love Quotes of the month
  3. What's new on our web site?

Our occasional features

  1. Natal Mercury-Uranus Connections

Love Forecasts for May 2024

(slowly hover over a paragraph with the mouse and wait a second for additional astrological information)

All dates are calculated for the European Time Zone.

Click here to download the May 2024 calendar in pdf format.

In general and on a mundane level, events are likely to happen around May 5, 11, 18 and/or 25-26.

During this month of May there are no specific planetary configurations of stationing outer planets that might affect some specific birthdays in particular.

Generally speaking, May 3, 10, 22 and 25 are "less lucky" days.

Try not to initiate any major projects on these dark, unfortunate, chaotic and empty days (no proposals, no marriages, no changes of residence,...) because things may not go as planned or wished.

In the 45° dial, there are some powerful midpoint combos between outer planets going on that work out the whole month and will mark this month's Zeitgeist:
  • the Jupiter/Chiron midpoint hits the Saturn/Neptune midpoint (JU/CH = SA/NE), exact around May 5,
  • Neptune hits the Jupiter/Pluto midpoint (NE = JU/PL), exact around May 10,
  • the Jupiter/Uranus midpoint equals the Saturn/Pluto midpoint (JU/UR = SA/PL), exact around May 11,
  • the Jupiter/Uranus midpoint equals the Neptune/Chiron midpoint (JU/UR = NE/CH), exact around May 15.
The JU/CH = SA/NE planetary picture suggests, among others: health issues (SA/NE) that result in checking with a medical doctor (JU/CH).

So indeed, this month tends to be pointing to lots of people being ill or having health concerns.

If you are born around January 28, March 13, April 27-28, June 13, July 30-31, September 15, October 30-31 or December 14, this planetary picture will likely affect you most.

The NE = JU/PL midpoint is indicative of, among others: the huge fraud or corruption, the big scandal, the drug-related issues, the big deception or confusion.

The JU/UR = SA/PL midpoint suggests, among others: the breaking through a stalemate situation, trying to break through heavy oppression, the demolition of a concrete structure or tall building, the uncovering of a construction, the relief through a prosthesis.

The JU/UR = NE/CH midpoint suggests, among others: the sudden shock experience, the trembling, the peculiar findings or discoveries, the radical painful reform.

With 4 planets/bodies in Taurus during most of May, those of you born under the zodiac sign Gemini or having Gemini rising are in a treacherous period this month.

Also, there is lots going on behind closed doors during this period.

You may feel isolated or confined and/or may experience some health issues.

If you are Taurus or have Taurus rising, expect a heavy workload, lots of responsibilities, and a testing time to help you in your personal development.

There can be an increased cash flow going on.

If you are Libra or Sagittarius or have Libra or Sagittarius rising, take in particular care of your health.

Following astrometeorology, a stellium in Taurus tends to a stable weather pattern with weather lingering on but there is also an increased chance or risk of earth-slides, earthquakes and other earth-related disasters.

Neptune will be at 29° Pisces, the last degree of the zodiac.

That very last degree of the zodiac marks just that, the end of a full cycle, and indicates the end of the rope (literally or figuratively as well), dissolvings, chaos and confusion, endings, bankruptcies, severe maritime and environmental issues, an exodus, sorrow, uncertainty, tears with people fleeing away and/or hiding for whatever reason, intrigue, lies, deception and secrets etc. all over.

Following astrometeorology, the whole month long may bring more precipitation than usual, inundations, floods, drownings etc. here and there.

Around the May 1 Last Quarter Moon at 11° Aquarius, Venus at 2° Taurus squares (stationing) Pluto at 2° Aquarius.

This waxing square is a very passionate one and it's likely you want to conquer someone.

However, don't overdo as this aspect can be too forceful, too lustful as well.

Usually, when Venus and Pluto build an aspect, beware of (financial) blackmail.

It's not a peaceful combination anyway.

Also, some transformational energies are going on now, related with property, possessions and group interaction(s).

Some of you will experience the passing of a loved one.

The current Moon phase seems to indicate some unexpected windfalls for some of you.

Pluto stations at 2° Aquarius, the day after, around May 2 and turns backward.

This is a big deal as stationing Pluto often coincides with earthquakes, natural or man-made disasters, storm, the more so because it is in shocking and disruptive Aquarius and still in aspect with Venus in the earth sign Taurus.

There can be damage to property when this intense aspect is going on.

Usually, retrograde Pluto loves to dig deep, wants to investigate something to the bottom and can do so tenaciously.

Following astrometeorology, beware of intense wind and/or stormy weather here and there.

On a more personal level, stationing Pluto will most of all influence you if you are Scorpio or have Scorpio rising.

You may feel tired or lack some zest and things will not go as you wished for.

There are sunny spells around the same day of May 2.

Around May 4, there are clouds in the sky.

Mercury and Chiron meet at 21° Aries around May 6-7, suggesting internet and/or website outages and/or electronics or electrical devices breaking down.

Beware of short circuits and/or issues related to fire as well.

Following mundane astrology, expect traffic and/or transportation issues as well.

Some of you may travel or (have to) leave the place or home.

Around the same day of May 6, there are clouds in the sky.

There are sunny spells around May 7.

The May 8 New Moon at 18° Taurus, is exactly conjunct the Fixed Star Ruchbach.

This Moon phase (and week) is about some sacrifice (for ideologies, politics, religion, a culture or whatever higher purpose) during harsh times, keeping up appearances despite problems or hardship and holding one's honor and strength.

It's not recommended to buy anything around May 11 as the product can be defective or not in store or delayed.

Following astrometeorology, there can be lots of precipitation around this day.

The Sun and Uranus meet at 23° Taurus around May 13, a degree area that often coincides with sudden separations, sudden (tragic) endings and/or losses.

What started intensely and suddenly, might now break up suddenly too.

In other words, there are some shocking experiences going on.

In some instances, this conjunction marks sudden new encounters and/or 'easy come easy go' situations.

This degree area has something destructive and because of the involvement of disruptive and unexpected Uranus, it intensifies the disruptive, shattering and explosive experience.

Following astrometeorology and mundane astrology, beware of stormy weather here and there and/or earthquakes and other natural or man-made disasters.

Mercury enters material Taurus around the May 15 First Quarter Moon at 25° Leo.

There can be financial news or some news about possessions or even bills to be paid.

This First Quarter Moon suggests a week of being stuck somewhere, at some place, being in some transition zone.

Some of you may have it difficult to decide between choices or options, if there are any options left...

You can also start to experiment with something.

There are sunny spells around the same day of May 15.

Around May 17, Mercury at 2° Taurus squares stationing Pluto at 2° Aquarius, resulting in quite some annoyance, vexation and nervous tension.

There is fanaticism noticeable.

Some of you may get news about being fired or bankruptcy.

Around the same day of May 17, there are clouds in the sky.

Venus and Uranus meet at 23° Taurus while the Sun and Jupiter meet at 28° Taurus around May 18.

There is joy because of an encounter or a meeting, but there can also be sudden windfalls or the delivery of some package or parcel.

Some of you may find love at first sight while others might experience short-lived attractions.

This can be a thrilling period of love-making, pregnancy, childbirth and getting together for some of you.

Around May 19, there are clouds in the sky.

Mars conjuncts the true Lunar North Node at 14° Aries while the Sun enters Gemini around May 20, presenting yet more sudden encounters that can be disruptive this time though.

Any time Mars is in aspect with the Lunar Nodes, following mundane astrology, it affects a group of people and results in physical injuries.

Hence, this aspect is very accident-prone and is often called a bloody combination, literally, as it is found during times of shootings, severe and fatal accidents etc.

The fiery degree area adds to this.

The Sun entering Gemini is indicative of contact with neighbors and/or siblings or getting a message from them.

There might be a developing news coverage.

Traffic and/or transportation issues may pop up and some of you may be on the go a lot around this day.

Around May 22, it's a good day for a date or to find a partner.

Also, it's a great day to be joyful and be creative, artistic, socialize, gather or attend a concert or event.

Following mundane astrology, beware of fires.

Around the May 23 Full Moon at 2° Sagittarius, Venus and Jupiter meet at 29° Taurus before Venus leaves Taurus and enters Gemini later that day.

These aspects too suggest being on the go a lot, moving, changing the place, for whatever reason.

Some of you may change the place of residence, others may travel and there is still contact with and/or news about or from siblings and/or neighbors.

The coming week is marked by intrigue, mobbing, boycotts, career changes and some kind of blackmail.

Following astrometeorology, there can be lots of precipitation here and there with possible floods, inundations, water-related and/or maritime issues here and there.

Around May 25, Jupiter enters Gemini as well, suggesting travel, changing the place, and some big news.

Many people can be 'on the go', feeling nowhere home and/or experiencing existential chaotic circumstances.

Around the same day of May 25, beware of bankruptcies, not being able to work, having a bad cold or not feeling too well, resulting in sick leave.

Mars and Chiron meet at 22° Aries around May 29, suggesting strikes, protests, manifestations, obstructions, not willing to work or not being allowed or in the mood to work.

Some of you may change jobs.

Mars and Chiron together can be very cruel, ruthless though and we have found this combination often to coincide with shootings.

There are sunny spells around the same day of May 29.

The May 30 Last Quarter Moon at 9° Pisces tends to indicate a week of music, attending a concert, the urge to do something in a creative way.

However, this degree area often coincides with separation and disruption that may bring a mourning mood in the domestic area as well.

Mercury and Uranus meet at 24° Taurus around May 31, indicating sudden changes of course, breaking news and being stuck suddenly.

Beware of sudden transportation and/or traffic disruptions.

Following astrometeorology, all Mercury-Uranus aspects tend to increase the wind speed, coinciding with heavy wind and even storm here and there.

Around the same day of May 31, there are clouds in the sky.

Love Quotes of the Month

Marriage is like a game of chess, except the board is flowing water, the pieces are made of smoke and no move you make will have any effect on the outcome.
-- Jenny Seinfeld --

Marriage is not just spiritual communion and passionate embraces; marriage is also three-meals-a-day and remembering to carry the trash out.
-- Joyce Brothers --

Before I got married, I had six theories about raising children; now I have six children and no theories.
-- John Wilmot --

A good relationship is where each partner secretly suspects they got the better deal.
-- Source unknown --

We always hold hands. If I let go, she shops.
-- Henry Youngman --

The best sign of a healthy relationship is no sign of it on Facebook...
-- Source unknown --

What's New on Our Web Site?

We added a page about Mars conjunct the Descendant that we previously published in a Love Letter.

We updated the page about the (love) life of Kevin Costner and Brad Pitt.

We added a page about the Venus containments pointing to the predestination for a lasting love bond that we published previously too in a Love Letter.

There were some minor editions on different pages.

Natal Mercury-Uranus Connections

In previous Love Letters we delineated numerous planetary connections or affinities already.

Now it's time to delve deeper into the Mercury Uranus connections.

In most cases, the following configurations are used (there are more though (!) to define Mercury Uranus connections but this would lead us too far and make it more complicated than necessary):
  • Mercury in the 11th house
  • Uranus in the 3rd or 6th house
  • the ruler of the 11th house in the 3rd or 6th house
  • the ruler of the 3rd or 6th house in the 11th house
  • Mercury in a close conjunction, square or opposition with Uranus (a close sextile or trine counts too but in a minor way)
  • Mercury at the solstice or mirror point of Uranus
  • Uranus in Gemini or Virgo
  • Mercury in Aquarius
When at least three of the above listed analogies or connections can be found in the natal chart, we have a very powerful Mercury Uranus connection that will be felt and noticed in the character and life of the native.

What do Mercury Uranus connections signify?

When restless Mercury and erratic Uranus meet, you can imagine, this combination coincides with abrupt and unsettled energies.

Communication and the thinking process change at lightning speed.

Insight and ideas pop up in the most unexpected way, at the most unexpected moments.

Both planets are cerebral, mental ones so that they give lots of mental power (for good or ill).

Both planets cannot be contained easily and hence, the Mercury Uranus connections mark freedom, free speech, and open and free expression of the mind.

Hence, people with dominant Mercury Uranus connections may come across as taboo-less, liberated natures who are provocative and shock others at times because of their so-called inappropriate remarks.

However, people with such a powerful connection just want to leave behind the traditional and mainstream ideas, points of view and boundaries and check out new territory, new ideas, new possibilities.

There is no way to pin them down to restrictive and conventional ways of thinking and their way of thinking outside of the box often results in brilliance.

For some people, this connection is perceived as unreliable and a disturbing factor so that people with strong Mercury Uranus affinities may become an outcast, someone to be avoided.

The unconventional interests, way of thinking and short-lived attention span and concentration, tends to cause disruptions in communication when sentences are suddenly broken off and/or subjects changed abruptly, seemingly without any reason.

The jumping from one thing to another, even unrelated, marks this connection fully.

There is quite some impatience noticeable as well and people with this connection are hardly able to stand or sit still, and need to move and change the place a lot.

They can be hyperactive, hyper-kinetic.

Their need for excitement may result in non-committal open relationships, so to keep their independence too.

Oddly enough, people with such a dominant connection tend to have lots of skin-related issues.

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