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CosmiTec's Love Letter, Issue #001 -- Our very FIRST ISSUE
December 21, 2004

We are very happy to send you our very first Love Letter.

It took us some time to get things up and running and hopefully everything works well now.

We also hope you will read our Love Letters often and find inspiration, insight and wisdom in it.

Do also know that we very much appreciate your feedback.

After all we want this to be our Love Letter to you.

If you have any suggestions, comment or feedback click the link:
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Happy Birthday Capricorns!

And last, but not least: have ALL a VERY Merry Christmas and a HAPPY NEW YEAR with lots of love and appreciation

Luc De Jaeger

In this Issue

Our regular features
  1. The Love Forecasts for the Month
  2. Love Quotes of the month
  3. What's new on our web site?

Our occasional features

  1. Whom are you attracted to? - Some 'scientific studies'

Love Forecasts for January 2005

It seems January 2005 may start a little difficult if you are born around March, June, September or December 11-13th as some love's sorrow and disappointments are indicated.

January 4th brings Mercury, Venus and Pluto together at 22 degrees Sagittarius. New encounters can change your life in a dramatical way then, especially when you are born around March, June, September or December 13-15. Now is also the time to solve any love issues that have been simmering in the past.

For sudden happiness in love and a cheerful feeling wait till January 7-8th. This can be a charming and most enjoyable day and a good day to make a trip too. Some women may get pregnant now, especially when they are born around March, June, September or December 16-19th. Anyway, there is happiness around. Make fun and just go out!

When Mercury and Venus enter Capricorn around January 9-10th it's time for some social commitment. Issues about education and children come into the open. The mood can be somewhat serious now. Some minor quarrels may be in the air... Don't be too assertive.

There is a harmonious sextile between Mercury and Venus around January 13th. What a wonderful day to send or receive love letters and love cards. Don't forget to present your lover a small gift or have a chat now.

A good time for love conversations is around January 14th, especially if you are born around March, June, September or December 25-27th. Talk about sex, articulate your needs and views to one another. It's a good day to enjoy artistic notoriety at some level too or enjoy pleasure from music and the arts.

January 20th marks the entrance of the Sun in Aquarius. As Saturn makes an exact inconjunct to Pluto too on this very day, this can be a day of (a very sudden) separation or divorce. There is a very sudden and profound crisis popping up. Unfortunately, unfulfilled dreams can leave you in tears and a pessimistic mood for some days to come. Indeed till January 28th the stars presage quite some separations and divorces. Sorry to say but there may be a lot of misunderstandings in your relationship when you are born around January, April, July or October 13-14th.

January 24 gets better and marks a time of indulgence. However, don't exaggerate too much!

Also, around January 27 Venus opposes Saturn and Mars makes an inconjunct to Saturn. As it's winter time, a woman (Venus) (your mother, sister or sweetheart) in your surroundigs may brake a bone (a leg or an arm). If you are female, please do take extra care then!

Late January, around the 28th you want to conquer the world. Wow, you really can get through a whole lot of work now, so this is an appropriate time to put your shoulder to the wheel.

Take care!

Love Quotes of the month

A real friend is someone who walks in when the rest of the world walks out
-- Proverb --

Friendships multiply joys and divide griefs
-- H.G. Bohn --

A life's worth, in the end, isn't measured in hours, or dollars. It's measured by the amount of love exchanged along the way
-- Douglas C. Means --

A good friend is like a computer: he Enters your life, Saves you in his heart, Formats your problems and never Deletes you from his Memory
-- Source Unknown --

Time goes by so fast. People go in and out of your life. You must never miss the opportunity to tell these people how much they mean to you
-- Source Unknown --

True friends say, 'if you ever need anything, I'll be there.' True love says, 'You'll never need anything, I'll be there.'
-- Source Unknown --

What's new on our Web site?

With the New Year coming along, we have updated -- even expanded -- all our yearly love horoscopes.

Will 2005 bring you the lover of your life? Will you marry in 2005?...

Read your 2005 love horoscope

Whom are you attracted to? - Some 'scientific studies'

Did you know that there seems to exist a connection between the one you are married with and your month of birth?

We were quiet astonished to read about some scientific studies pointing to this.

In a first study, Marlis Moritz (March 2003) analyzed 2,549,000 birth data of women and men who were married in Germany between 1995 and 2000. She found that marriages more often occur between people who are born around the same period or in the same month.

Indeed, according to her findings, people generally marry someone whose month of birth is within four months of the own month of birth.

Moreover, women seem to prefer men who are born just BEFORE their birth date.

Men seem to prefer women who are born just AFTER their birth date.

Her findings also confirm the 1974 results found by two Dutch behavioral scientists, the late Drs. P.P.A.M. Kop and Dr. B.A. Heuts at the University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

Both scientists found some remarkable (statistical) significant results.

In their studies of animals they found that not every male will form a pair with any female or vice versa.

It occurred to these scientists to study whether any such preferences could be found among human beings as well.

Accordingly, they analyzed nearly 3,500 marriages in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and found some statistically significant results, depending on the month of birth.

In our Love Letter we will disclose the findings by Marlis Moritz and Kop & Heuts, from month to month. Every month you will find the results of their study for the people born that month.

So, in this first Love Letter we'll start with the results from the month of JANUARY. What did these scientists find?

Women born in January most of all prefer men born two months later. That's why females born in January most preferred males born in March, aside from males born in January. They were also atrracted to males born in October. They least preferred males born in April.

Males born in the second half of January preferred females born in the second half of October (twice as many marriages as expected by chance). They least preferred females born in July or September.

Strange hey? Though there must be a word of truth in these findings, take into account that these are just statistics and not real life examples!

From an astrological point of view the month of birth is not the same as the zodiac sign. That's why it's quite difficult to draw conclusions from such studies.

It's not because Kops and Heuts found that women born in January (most likely Capricorns?) are not attracted to males born in April (most likely Ariens?) that we can presume that female Capricorns and male Ariens cannot cope all too well with one another. Even if we know of some cases...

Next month, more about February births.

Luc De Jaeger
CosmiTec (Cosmic Technologies)
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