Your Free Love Forecasts Will Indicate When Your
(Love) Life Will Prosper

Is He Astrologically Afflicted?

This page gives an overview of all your free love forecasts that you can find on this web site.

The love horoscopes will not only deal with your love life, but with relationships in a general sense as well.

Because we want to give you a more personalized reading, we go further than simplistic and mainstream Sun Sign astrology.

We describe degree areas, planetary pictures, Fixed Stars etc. that affect your Sun's or Ascendant's degree or your solar houses (putting the Sun on the Ascendant and using the equal house system).

So, check your birth chart, and if you do not have your Chart Wheel at hand, just get your free natal chart at Astrodienst AG.

  • To read your free annual or yearly love forecasts for your Sun sign (from 2005 till 2018), click here.

    From 2019 on, we no longer publish the annual forecasts because we want to focus on projects with more lasting value like writing astrology books.

Why not compare our love horoscopes with the love forecasts that some other highly acclaimed online astrological services provide?

The better you're informed, the better you can take your chances!

Just check the love forecasts at:

  1. Carol Allen
  2. California Astrology Association

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