YOUR 2005 Monthly Love Horoscopes
Showing the Trends for
Love and Romance

Is He Astrologically Afflicted?

Our 2005 monthly love horoscopes focus on the monthly trends for love, sex and romance for 2005.

We also describe events that have to do with relating and relationships in a general way. So, sometimes this may have to do with your family life, co-workers, neighbors etc...

Sometimes, when we encounter some particular astrological configurations, we will comment on these too.

You may expect the monthly forecasts to be printed on this page around the 1st day of every month.

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It seems January 2005 may start a little difficult if you are born around March, June, September or December 11-13th as some love's sorrow and disappointments are indicated.

January 4th brings Mercury, Venus and Pluto together at 22 degrees Sagittarius. New encounters can change your life in a dramatical way then, especially when you are born around March, June, September or December 13-15. Now is also the time to solve any love issues that have been simmering in the past.

For sudden happiness in love and a cheerful feeling wait till January 7-8th. This can be a charming and most enjoyable day and a good day to make a trip too. Some women may get pregnant now, especially when they are born around March, June, September or December 16-19th. Anyway, there is happiness around. Make fun and just go out!

When Mercury and Venus enter Capricorn around January 9-10th it's time for some social commitment. Issues about education and children come into the open. The mood can be somewhat serious now. Some minor quarrels may be in the air... Don't be too assertive.

There is a harmonious sextile between Mercury - Venus and Uranus around January 13th. What a wonderful day to send or receive love letters and love cards. Don't forget to present your lover a small gift or have a chat now.

A good time for love conversations is around January 14th, especially if you are born around March, June, September or December 25-27th. Talk about sex, articulate your needs and views to one another. It's a good day to enjoy artistic notoriety at some level too or enjoy pleasure from music and the arts.

January 20th marks the entrance of the Sun in Aquarius. As Saturn makes an exact inconjunct to Pluto too on this very day, this can be a day of (a very sudden) separation or divorce. There is a very sudden and profound crisis popping up. Unfortunately, unfulfilled dreams can leave you in tears and a pessimistic mood for some days to come.

Indeed till January 28th the stars presage quite some separations and divorces. Sorry to say but there may be a lot of misunderstandings in your relationship when you are born around January, April, July or October 13-14th.

January 24 gets better and marks a time of indulgence. However, don't exaggerate too much!

Also, around January 27 Venus opposes Saturn and Mars makes an inconjunct to Saturn. In case it is winter time in your country, a woman (Venus) (your mother, sister or sweetheart) in your surroundigs may break a bone (a leg or an arm). If you are female, please do take extra care then!

Late January, around the 28th you want to conquer the world. Wow, you really can get through a whole lot of work now, so this is an appropriate time to put your shoulder to the wheel.

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Around February 2nd, expansive Jupiter stations in the air sign Libra (sign of relationships) at 18°.

Jupiter will turn retrograde then while Venus enters Aquarius the same day in the monthly love horoscopes. This is quite a freedom-loving combination.

If your relationship got a burden lately, now is the time to (re-)evaluate. Is your relationship what you wished or hoped for?

Re-discover the world and find some new hope. Reflect on what is true for yourself and explore your own feelings.

Try to find your inner spirit and follow your inner self.

Retrograde Jupiter in the sign of relationships (Libra, the scales) may bring issues about judgement and justice to the foreground.

Judicial decisions (e.g. divorce orders) may bring money losses for some of you. By the way, stationing and retrograding Jupiter always may indicate some financial losses and expenses...

It's not a good time to travel now around this day, especially not by air (Libra is an air sign).

Expansive Jupiter in the sign of social gatherings may bring mass events in a new perspective, especially because Venus, just entering Aquarius, is Jupiter's dispositor.

We don't think it's wise to attend mass parties and mass events around this day because stationing Jupiter may denote disruptive events bringing quite some love's sorrow.

Find inspiration after February 3rd when the Sun is leaving the conjunction with Neptune, giving you the sense for taking the right decisions.

The day before the exact conjunction may bring deceptions. You will not be in the mood for love. You're way too impressionable and confused then, the more so because Venus and Neptune are at a critical degree (Venus at 0° Aquarius and Neptune at 15° Aquarius).

February 6th brings energy and action in our society because Mars enters Capricorn. Expect some Governmental actions and judicial decisions now. Mars entering the sign of 'governmental administrations' may point to military or police actions/interventions too.

Mars in Capricorn can be quite harsh and selfish. Sometimes it's just brute force. Would you like to make love this way?

If you have a date on this day, just remember that it's definitely not a good one for one-night-stands.

Plan your love actions carefully now and expect some unexpected set-backs. Wait till Venus enters Pisces later this month for more compassion, romance and stability in your love life.

Pay attention to misunderstandings around February 12, especially if you are born around January 12, February 10, April 12, May 13, July 15, August 14, October 15 or November 14. There may be some sad news too. Chances are this month may bring some (minor) difficulties and worry in your love (or social) life if you are born around the forementioned birthdates.

The Venus-Neptune conjunction around Valentine's Day brings love and devotion together in the monthly love horoscopes. A most romantic combination for sure. It's a day of inspirational love poems, blessings of love and creative expressions of true love...

The most favorable period regarding love and relationships in the monthly love horoscopes for February 2005, however, is around February 17 when Venus trines Jupiter. Indulge in love. Now is a good time to go out. Both planets in (communicative) air signs bring cheerfulness and favorable new encounters/attractions.

Enjoy this time.

Around February 22, it's time for a talk. Mercury sextiles Mars then. Make sure to talk things through now. It will bring relief. It also is a good time for exams or job interviews.

Late February, Venus enters romantic Pisces, bringing your loving feelings "higher and higher". This is a compassionate time, bringing love to a more impersonal level.

Indeed, the end of the month is marked by divine compassion and pure romance!

Bring these romantic dreams come true!

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In the March monthly love horoscopes you should take note of three important dates which may become turning points in your (love) life:

  • around March 20th Mercury stations at 13° Aries (it will do so till April 12th) ready to turn retrograde
  • around March 22 Saturn stations at 20° Cancer and turns direct
  • around March 27 Pluto stations at 24° Sagittarius and turns retrograde

So, the end of March may become important, but let's take a look at the beginning of March first.

Around March 4 Venus conjoins Uranus at 7° Pisces, bringing sudden bliss, joy or love (encounters) to the ones born around February 26, May 28, August 31 and November 29. It's an exciting day and a good one for a one-night-stand too.

Be in for some nice suprises or gifts. Love at first sight is in the air. If you want to meet that special someone, go out then and socialize.

Around March 6-7 it becomes critical, especially if you are born around April 10, July 13, January 10 or October 14. Mars opposes Saturn and the Sun builds an inconjunct to Jupiter.

To a lesser degree this configuration will affect you too if you are born around February 9, March 11, May 11, June 11, August 13, September 13, November 13 or December 12.

Do take extra care of your health now as the Mars-Saturn opposition can be a very turbulent and critical aspect. There is anger in the air... not love. Expect hindrances and disputes, making you feel lonely and misunderstood. You may be rejected.

After March 10-11 the Sun builds a trine to Saturn bringing more stability then. There is help, support and/or guidance from older people.

Mid-March Jupiter and Neptune trine one another in air signs. In fact the whole month of March is influenced by this devine and spiritual combination.

This very peaceful configuration is most helpful if you are an air sign (Gemini, Libra or Aquarius). Fire signs (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius) are favored as well. It's an insightful period for you.

Try to visualize your future, meditate and let the energies bring you into another state of consciousness. You are on an all-time spritual high now. Use some creative music to boost your imagination and motivation. You will be able to empower yourself. Dream your wishes as if they are fulfilled already.

Spring-time starts hectic and is full of sudden events and accidents. You better be prepared for the worst. The Sun enters Aries and Mars, ruler of Aries, is about to enter disruptive Aquarius too.

Moreover, Mercury stations to turn retrograde the same day. Take care where you go and what you communicate.

Needless to say there will be misunderstandings, (love) letters and documents that get lost, quite some problems in traffic etc.

Don't make major decisions around this period because you will regret it!

Everytime Mercury stations turning retrograde you will have to RE-think, RE-discuss, RE-vise all your words, plans, letters etc.

However, during Mercury retrograde periods, it's a very good time to study and do some research. Read a lot and think about life and your love life. But don't take major decisions or don't make them public.

Between the 20th and 22th there may be some frustrating delays and some important (saddening) news. It can be quite a disruptive time and expect the unforeseeable.

After March 22, when Venus enters impulsive and initiating Aries, sudden and affectionate love actions are around the corner. You definitely want to be loved/adored.

One-night-stands may result in a nice romance...

There is even more, passionate love can turn your life upside down now... The more so if you are an Arien! You can't get enough love...

Moreover, till the end of the month it's a very appropriate time to declare your love. Show it by presenting gifts and sending love cards.

Walk and talk with each other. Do enjoy one another and be gentle, peaceful and charming.

Pluto stationing at 24° Sagittarius around March 27 may mark the beginning of a very passionate time.

Wishing you lots of love and romantic moments!

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The monthly love horoscopes for April are marked by the Solar Eclipse on April 8th at 19° Aries and the Lunar Eclipse on April 24 at 4° Scorpio.

Saturn, still in its detriment in Cancer, squares this Solar Eclipse, indicating domestic sorrow, worries and unfulfilled emotional needs. The Eclipse conjuncts Venus, planet of love, and squares Saturn as well and will bring love's sorrow too.

This configuration will directly affect you if you are born around April 8-9, July 11-12, October 12-13 and January 9-10. The monthly love horoscopes will bring issues about love in the spotlight.

Feelings of loneliness and helplessness may overwhelm you at times. Some of you may lose a friend or a lover. There is fear of separation.

It will also affect you if your Sun is at 19° in a sign (February 8, March 9-10, May 9-10, June 9-10, August 11-12, September 11-12, November 11-12 or December 11).

However, according to the research by the brilliant and most insightful German astrologer Michael Roscher, the 19° degree Aries is not unfortunate and is one about love and relationships.

The Eclipse (and Venus) in the initiating Aries may bring a new direction in your (love) life. You will take very important decisions regarding your love life.

You will (instinctively) go after what you want and want to move forward. You want to leave the past behind and start something new.

This Eclipse may bring divorces/separations as well as marriages (we refer to the marriage of Prince Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles), moves and jobrotations.

A marriage on the day of this Eclipse with the Luminaries conjunct Venus and Square Saturn is not quite fortunate as it will bring illness and sorrow. -----SIDEBAR----------

In our experience a Solar Eclipse works out within 6 months, so, even if you do not experience the influence right now, within the coming six months something new will be initiated and most of all it will have to do with your love life.

The 19th degree Aries is the exaltation degree of the Sun, always promising new beginnings on whatever level.

The Lunar Eclipse on April 24, 2005 in transformative Scorpio builds on the same theme. However, the 4th degree Scorpio has not a negative meaning. Yes, it will bring a profound change, but it might be a change for the better. It directly affects the ones born around April 24, January 24, July 27 and October 27-28.

A Lunar Eclipse is a Full Moon and in the axis of "physical pleasures" (Taurus-Scorpio) it may bring hightened passionate feelings. During this Full Moon there is a YOD-configuration active with Jupiter at the apex, inconjunct Venus and Uranus. Clearly an appropriate time to conceive a baby.

The monthly love horoscopes for April really seem to be marked by important changes regarding relationships.

Around April 12, Mercury turns direct at 1° Aries, bringing new ideas and some important news, letters or messages. Important decisions can be made now.

Venus enters Taurus, its own sign, around April 15, bringing material gain and a good taste. Why don't you invite your lover for an exquisite dinner or meal?

Around April 23 Venus sextiles Uranus and Mars sextiles Pluto, increasing these sexual feelings (yes, the Full Moon - Lunar Eclipse is very near now!)

Make it a Romantic Full Moon!

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The monthly love horoscopes for the month of May may bring explosive passion and unrequited love or unfulfilled love's dreams.

May starts unclear when Mars enters Pisces around May 1. You have no sense of direction and feel somewhat lost and lonely. You may feel not so well either.

Your imagination gets a boost, especially around May 4 when Mercury builds a sextile to Neptune. Don't be disappointed if reality does not follow your dreams as the Sun squares stationing Neptune the same period. Don't try to force or push anything. For some of you there may be vexation in the air.

Around May 10, Venus enters airy Gemini in the monthly love horoscopes, marking a flirtatious period. Send your lover some little presents, letters or cards between May 10-12. Be attentive and communicate your love. The more so because Mercury, the messenger, enters sensual and materialistic Taurus within a couple of days. Go out for an exquisite diner.

Mid May seems to become an accident-prone and/or most stressful period. Mars conjuncts Uranus in Pisces at 10° and this usually indicates an explosive atmosphere, especially if you are born around March 1, June 1, September 3 or December 2. Be careful then and take care of your health. Be prepared for sudden interventions. For some of you this configuration may point to surgery, for others there is a sudden heavy workload coming your way. You will suddenly be called upon.

Venus trines Jupiter around May 17 bringing financial windfalls, gifts or small packages. Make sure you send your lover some nice gifts or love cards by then. Outdoor festivities bring success. It's a bright and optimistic day, especially if you are born around March 30, May 31, August 2, October 2, December 2 or January 30.

In the monthly love horoscopes of May we notice dissolving Neptune stationing around May 20 at 17° Aquarius and turning retrograde. This configuration will directly affect you if you are born around one of the following days: February 6, May 8, August 10 or November 10.

Stationing Neptune may bring weakness and often indicates a loss. The first station of Neptune is said to indicate a hopeless situation and an empty feeling. This Neptune may bring you in a state of paralysis for a moment and relationships may be difficult to form under this configuration (yes, it's unwise to pop the question now). It's a passive time.

You may be swept up by another during this transit even if you realize this only later. Please note that deceptions often occur under a stationing Neptune.

Around May 24 Venus trines retrograde Neptune idealizing love. Seduce your lover (again) and make it a romantic time.

There is an overwhelming compulsive drive and passion noticable around May 29-30 when Venus opposes Pluto. This aspect often creates obsessive desires, but as it's an opposition the desires may be unfulfilled. It's as if the other is out of reach and you seem to have no control over the situation. Financial issues pop up. This opposition affects you directly if you are born around June 14, September 16, December 15 or March 14.

However, the Sun trines Jupiter in the same period so that all air signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius) and to a lesser extent the Fire signs too (Aries, Leo and Sagittarius), may benefit from the situation in one way or the other (even financially).

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The monthhly love horoscopes for June 2005 bring some unexpected good news with Mercury trine Jupiter and the Sun square Uranus on June 1.

Venus enters Cancer around June 3 indicating a love for the home. Perhaps you should invite friends and relatives to your home and give a party then.

Also, you may consider beautifying your home now. Perhaps your home needs some repair, a new coat of paint or a new paper... Now is the time!

Venus in Cancer brings a very romantic time at home or in the family. Gather with the ones you love.

June 5 is marked by Jupiter stationing at 8° Libra, ready to turn direct. Keep an eye on this date as the days on which a planet stations bring major events out in the open. You're in for some fantastic spiritual experiences and news from abroad as Mercury and the Sun trine Neptune now.

This is a time of regaining health and optimism. Socialize and give (or go to) a party.

Around June 7 expect a heavy workload and some sharp debate about one of your projects.

Around June 11-12 Mercury enters Cancer too, but also squares Mars in the monthly love horoscopes. Don't jump to conclusions too soon as you tend to react quite emotionally now. Think before you act.

June 12, Venus trines Uranus, bringing sudden (short-lived) attractive encounters. Also, there is tendency to break free. Try to resolve your love problems now and find a way to be independent and also a happy couple.

The monthly love horoscopes for June 2005 show another turning point around June 15. That day, Uranus stations at 10° Pisces, turning retrograde and denoting a day of sudden and surprising events if you are born around June 1, September 2, December 2 or March 1.

Expect some sudden news from your hubby, your family or your employer. There is a groundbreaking change coming along within some months when Uranus will move direct again and conjoin this position. Often, totally new circumstances will pop up.

As Mercury, ruler of the Sun in Gemini, trines Uranus and squares Jupiter, there is some good news coming along. There is a solution to your problems.

Around June 20 some love's sorrow will occur as Mercury and Venus are inconjunct (quincunx) Neptune. Your lover seems to be away, absent or not responding to your needs. Write a poem to bring balance in your unfulfilled longing desires.

Between June 21-23 there are some other challenges to take as the Sun enters Cancer and both Mercury and Venus inconjunct Pluto. Unrequited love and unfulfilled love's desire that is.

Late June (around June 25-26) the monthly love horoscopes are marked by the conjunction of Mercury and Venus to Saturn. It's a time to study, a time to retreat and do some serious work. So, don't indulge in love. It will not work. Keep your feet on the ground and be realistic. You're better alone now to get all your (serious) work done.

Around June 28 both Mercury and Venus enter Leo, sign of love and creative self-expression. Your patience will be rewarded after some lonely and frustrating days. Now is the time to show your love and affection and if you want to conceive the child of your dreams, well then... go ahead.

Also, it's a good day for a marriage.

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The monthly love horoscopes for July 2005 bring quite some difficult configurations in the spotlight, one of which is the most turbulent Saturn-Chiron opposition around July 16-17 at 0° Leo/Aquarius. The aspect remains active to the full at least till July 24th. The Sun will conjoin Saturn around July 23, opposing Chiron too.

This configuration will directly affect you if you are born around April 19-22, July 22-24, October 23-24 or January 20-21 but it may affect many of us indirectly too.

This aspect is one of the worst and destructive ones we know of.

Never ever marry when this configuration is (about to become) active! Actually we cannot recommend to do anything substantial and important (don't take important decisions or sign a contract) for the whole month of July.

Expect quite some grief (this opposition most often brings a mourning mood), turbulence and a most difficult time. We at CosmiTec know what we are talking about.

Moreover, around the time when this configuration is active, the transiting Moon is in an important position too:

  • the Moon is at perigee (closest to the Earth) around July 21
  • the Moon is at maximum Southern Declination around July 20
  • the Moon is at maximum Southern Latitude around July 20
  • there is a Full Moon around July 21
pointing to a (severe) crisis north of the Equator (in mundane astrology the configuration is on the Ascendant-Descendant axis set up for Japan)...

As this Love Letter is not about extreme weather conditions, natural disasters and earthquakes, we are not going to delve deeper into this topic.

Just know that regarding the monthly love horoscopes of July, we expect marital stress, domestic violence and divorces to be a hot item during these days.

There is separation, mourning and grief, disturbing the love life of many.

Fortunately, Saturn and Chiron will not oppose one another anymore within the next months, so that this transit will not repeat itself again.

This said, let's take a look at some other configurations in the monthly love horoscopes for July 2005.

Around July 6-7 you will have quite some opportunities to meet that special someone, receive some nice presents and have a wonderful time. Mercury and Venus sextile Jupiter while Venus and Mercury are inconjunct Uranus.

It promises to become an exciting and enjoyable time. So, do enjoy!

Indeed, this configuration is about to bring some nice surprises anyway, especially if you are born around June 1, September 2, December 2 or February 28/March 1. You are favored too if you are born around August 2-5.

Around July 12 Venus opposes Neptune bringing more loneliness in your life. Your lover is absent for whatever reason, and you try to manage it alone.

Around July 16, Saturn enters Leo, the sign of children, love and creative self-expression. Leos, mind your heart from now on. Saturn can be a burden at times and things are not running smoothly. You will need more patience raising your children. Your responsability increases.

From now on, expect delays and a more serious approach in your love life (this may indicate more commitment the coming months, resulting in marriages for some of you).

Around the same time (July 16) Venus trines both Mars and Pluto in the monthly love horoscopes, building a grand fire trine. WOOOOOW! You will not be able to stop your lustful and passionate feelings especially not when you are born around April 12, August 14-15, December 14, June 13, October 16 or February 12.

Prepare for a wild time... Just one warning though: women should pay attention with whom they socialize as this configurations may indicate rape and/or aggression as well.

Around July 23 Mercury stations at 19° Leo, turning retrograde. Wel now, it promises to become an interesting time around July 20-24 if we consider the forementioned Full Moon, Saturn/Chiron opposition and Lunar position.

Be prepared for the worst... Also know that stationing Mercury on the Fixed Star Merak indicates catastrophic and shocking events.

We are not sure if the end of July will have a beautiful end as Mars squares Saturn and disruptive Uranus opposes peaceful venus, but we do wish you all the best and ...

... keep faith: after rain comes sunshine. Always!

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The first days of August 2005 bring some confusion and an empty feeling. You are missing something -- or somebody... Is it the aftermath of July?

Around August 5-6 there is some uplifting news. You may travel or make a trip. Enjoy these days, even if you need to spend some money.

Between August 8-10 the monthly love horoscopes for August 2005 bring situations out of control. Be careful not to divulge uncontrolled passion and jealousy. Don't exaggerate.

Arguments and debates may arise around August 14. Also, you may be obliged to raise your voice during some sudden actions and interventions. However, keep your communication short and to the point. Don't overdo.

Around August 16 Mercury stations and turns direct at 8° Leo. You will be excited to carry out your plans and (sudden) ideas and thoughts now. It's a good time for a party, a BBQ, to go out dancing or enjoying life. Have fun, that is. Communicate your heartfelt love.

Venus enters its own sign Libra too around August 16-17, bringing socializing to the foreground. Outdoor festivities may do well and bring a lot of people together.

Don't forget the music, as the exact Jupiter-Neptune trine in air signs around August 17 is very sensitive to music. You are especially blessed by this uplifting and inspiring trine when you're born around June 5-6, February 4, October 8. Your mood is high.

But as life goes, beautiful songs don't last long... and around August 23, when the Sun enters Virgo in the monthly love horoscopes for August 2005, you are getting more serious as work is at hand. Short encounters and short meetings are the result of too much time pressure. There is (too much) haste and no time to talk things through now.

The T-square of Mars as the apex planet with Neptune and Mercury that will be active around August 25-26 gives very much instinctive and inspirational drives to bring a change. Or, how inspiration and spiritual beliefs and thoughts can be put to work. Make your dreams come true!

Around August 30-31 Venus trines Neptune and Mercury trines Pluto. Financial issues keep you busy and chances are you have to pay your bills first. You live more in your head, planning things, rather than doing something actively. You may be constantly (or obsessively) thinking about someone. Is this love?

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The first days of September 2005 bring surprising events (and surprises too).

Venus conjuncts Jupiter at 18° Libra around September 2, making this quite a fortunate time if you are born around October 12, December 10, February 8, June 9 or August 11.

Expect some (financial) windfalls, small presents or gifts. Make some time for joy, social gatherings and have fun.

Around the same time, however, Pluto stations at 21° Sagittarius before moving direct. Stationing Pluto may bring its power to the maximum and denote explosive and very profound changes, especially if you are born around December 14, March 13, June 13 or September 15. Indirectly, it may affect many of us.

Depending on other aspects in your birth chart this station may bring profound sadness and obsessive thoughts in isolated cases.

Stations of Pluto never go unnoticed because of their extremely profound and often destructive side, especially if Pluto afflicts your chart.

Pluto will never pass this degree in your lifetime again (it's the last passage) so that it clearly marks the end ("death") of a chapter in your life. Now you can ascend from the past and deploy new skills and start new ventures. You will have the courage.

September 4 brings a talkative mood. You tend to be more critical and detail-oriented and rate your lover(s). You want to communicate your passion by talking, rather than by doing...

The tension and nervousness gets high around September 9. Some disappointing events make you lose your temper. Keep your head cool!

Venus enters passionate and compulsive Scorpio around September 11. Will you be able to resist your feelings?

It seems that September 12 brings confusion and actions that bring no results or that lead to nothing or npwhere. Your plans may also be postponed or cancelled.

Compulsive-obsessive behaviour marks September 13-17 as if you should and even must carry out your plan(s) NOW.

A lot of astrological aspects happen around September 18 all denoting separation and love's sorrow. You - or your lover - don't want to be pinned down now. You just seem to go your own way.

September 20 is a very fortunate time to socialize and (eventually) meet Mr. or Ms. Right - or a good friend.

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There are three days in the monthly love horoscopes of October 2005 that are of importance:

  • October 2-3: Mars stations and turns retrograde and there is a Solar Eclipse at 10° Libra
  • October 17: Lunar Eclipse at 24° Aries
  • October 27: Neptune stations and turns direct at 14° Aquarius

Around October 2-3 Mars stations to turn retrograde, almost on the moment we will experience a Solar Eclipse at 10° Libra.

Stationing Mars in materialistic Taurus will bring a sudden shift in and an abrupt ending of interests. Mars is often related to career interests and a retrograde Mars re-considers, re-thinks, re-verses the career and other interests that drive you. This will affect you directly if you are born around November 15, February 12, May 14 or August 16.

If you are not interested in your lover anymore, you will (immediately and abruptly) quit.

From one day on the other, your focus will change and your drives will reverse.

Also, Mars is the "need for speed", even in Taurus, the most slow and indolent sign of the zodiac. Mars is more reactive now than active and may bring some frustation that things are not proceeding fast-forward. Expect more tension, nervousness till Mars turns direct again around December 10, 2005.

The Solar Eclipse at 10° Libra (a very sociable degree) is in your favor if you are born around January 31 and May 31.

Also, blending this Solar Eclipse in Libra with receding Mars, is an indication of extramarital relationships and affairs. From October till December we expect a lot of couples to seek for more compassion and love by relating with already married partners, bringing more triangular situations.

The Solar Eclipse is a sociable one and denotes a lot of new encounters for the next six months. It's not a very sexual Eclipse with the Mercury-Jupiter conjunction in airy Libra, but it's definitely a very enjoyable one that will push you to new ventures and in which you will meet quite interesting people.

Around October 8, Venus, planet of love enters Sagittarius, sign of foreign countries, strangers and beliefs. On the same day Mercury enters passionate Scorpio and the Sun trines Neptune. This is a beautiful day. Send love messages, love letters or just talk about love.

Find your love abroad, plan a trip abroad or just travel away from your place of residence. It will open up your eyes. Your popularity is on the rise!

Expect sudden encounters, love at first sight, love letters or small gifts around October 13.

Around October 17, the Lunar eclipse at 24° Aries will bring more tension in the air. It will directly affect you if you are born around April 14, July 6 or January 14-15. This Lunar Eclipse points to disruptive (separative) events.

Live your dreams around October 21. Around October 22 your mind is strategically planning and sharp. You are assertive, but mind your words anyway.

Jupiter enters Scorpio, sing of the resources of "the others" and partners around October 26. This position may bring in more money (and legacies) -- and intense passion!

Around this day, hypnotic Neptune stations to turn direct: you start dreaming of a future again (leave the nightmare of the past behind you). No more fantasy goals but new beliefs will enter your life.

If you are born around August 7, November 7, February 4 or May 5, your life may turn 180°.

Overwhelmingly passionate will be October 29-30.

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In the monthly love horoscopes of November 2005 the Sun squares Saturn around November 3, denoting difficulties in expressing yourself. Don't expect too much joy now, you're not in the mood and the stars are neither...

Moreover, the monthly love horoscopes of November 2005 may bring a lot of health problems, sorrow and a somber mood, the more so because initiating Mars builds a nasty square with Saturn the whole month long. You seem not to be able to go forward, you get adverse reactions.

People try to block your drive and urge to accomplish something. Your lover rejects you or your parents force you to reconsider your relationship. You definitely seem not to be able to proceed in your endeavors.

Financial issues may cause quite some sorrow.

If you want to succeed you will need a lot of persistence and patience, which you have!

Between November 8 and November 12 you feel better because of some windfalls. There is a breakthrough.

Keep an eye on November 13 - 17 when Mercury stations to turn retrograde and Uranus stations to turn direct, especially 48 hours prior to the Full Moon of November 16.

Expect sudden upheaval, stressful events and breaking news, especially when you are born between August 29 - September 3, November 28 - December 3, February 26 - March 1 and May 27 - June 2.

There is quite some nervous tension in the air. You better don't travel by air in this time span because Mercury and Uranus both signify airplanes... Don't forget that Mercury is in Sagittarius, the sign of its detriment and the sign of travel too. Expect traffic jam.

Needless to say, regressing Mercury brings the usual letters and documents that get lost. Don't take any important decisions now, because you will have to re-consider, re-think the whole matter. Mercury is in expansive and mutable Sagittarius and seems not to keep in account the small print, so beware of signing any contract or document during the station.

It's a good time to brainstorm or reconsider some ideas and projects you have.

Detached, disruptive and unconventional Uranus can start to renovel and revolutionize when it goes direct again after November 17.

Around November 17 - 19 there is love's sorrow and some harsh disputes as well (Venus, Mars and Saturn are all at 11° in a sign). Venus, Mars and Saturn together point to extramarital affairs, jealousy and separation.

Expect some troublesome health problems too! Make love the safe way -- better safe than sorry!

If you are born around August 4, November 4, February 1 or May 2-3 this Venus, Mars and Saturn trio will affect you directly.

We expect a lot of people to break up their relationship now, the more so because Uranus just turned direct.

November 22, Saturn stations, turning retrograde and bringing additional workload, responsabilities and worries if you are born around August 4, November 4, February 1 or May 2-3. You feel oppressed by some external forces.

It seems that the second half of November brings endings, separation and more withdrawal than usual. There is quite some frustration and anger. Health matters may keep you busy.

Try to find some peace of mind as Jupiter trines Uranus late November, bringing relief. To every problem there IS a solution!

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In the monthly love horoscopes of December 2005 Mercury turns direct on December 4. Be ready for some enjoyable news, letters, documents or presents as stationing Mercury also sextiles Venus. This configuration will affect you directly if you are born around November 18 or January 16 and will last till December 9.

Fortunately, Mars will turn direct on December 10. Clearly, retrograde Mars in Taurus, the sign of material goods, pointed to a lot of fiery actions (and fire-raising) lately (think of the Paris riots and the many fire-raising of cars and other material goods throughout Europe). Retrograde Mars brought frustration all along!

Saturn currently transits Leo, the sign ruling France! In mundane astrology, Saturn in a sign always shows where on Earth, in which country or what cities problems do arise! When Saturn will enter Virgo in September 2007, expect problems in Turkey, Switzerland, Greece, Croatia, West India... for the next two years.

From now on, your actions are directed to tangible goods (Taurus), increasing your income and consolidating your projects. Your plans will slowly lift-off. Proceed cautiously but persistently to get what you want. Mars in sensual Taurus loves "good food." Seduce your lover with food and a romantic candle light dinner.

Mercury, the messenger, enters Sagittarius around December 12 bringing favorable news, letters or a call from "abroad" or from your family or in-laws. The news may open a door for you.

Around December 16 the Sun conjoins Pluto (right on the Fixed Star Lesath) and Venus enters Aquarius on the same day in the monthly love horoscopes. For some of you this configuration will be enlightening, bringing new discoveries, unexpected gain and the uncovering of (a secret) love, for others, sudden surprising news and discoveries may turn you into a rage and disrupt your love life...

Between December 19 and December 23 Venus slows down, ready to station and turn retrograde around December 24. We expect a lot of relationship breakups and love-affairs ending during this period and lovers returning to their former mate. Venus is too fickle during this station at the first degrees of disruptive Aquarius. Be in for some surprises. Love is not predictable and stable now. Don't marry now and don't pop the question...

Wait till Venus turns direct again after February 3, 2006.

Don't commit yourself in love affairs and keep your head cool. Think twice...

On Christmas day a lot of people will leave their home to feast somewhere else (this is what the Mercury-Neptune sextile at 15° in a sign tells us). There is a lot of traffic and conversations of hope going around then! More than usual anyway.

New Year's Eve may be cold and/or very accident prone (there is a New Moon and the Moon is at maximum Southern declination so we may also expect snow at night). Be careful, vigilent and keep it safe!

We would like to see you again in 2006 in good health and good spirits!

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