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We at Cosmic Technologies (CosmiTec) are proud to be able to deliver some top-notch horoscope profiles that you will not find anywhere else in the Whole World.

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Our horoscope profiles

For a single person

Click here for more information about and to order a personality profile for a single person.

We offer different profiles.

Click here for more information about and to order a relationship potential report.

In these reports we delineate your (or your partner's) relationship potential, among others.

For a couple

Click here for more information about and to order a compatibility report.

We offer different profiles to match 2 people.

Our other services

  • Click here for more information about a personalized Fertility Calendar.

    This Calendar lists all your peak fertile days (especially recommended for women who encounter difficulties in getting pregnant).

  • Click here for more information about a personalized Baby Gender Prediction Calendar.

    This Calendar lists all the very specific days on which you can either conceive a girl or a boy to your choice.

  • Click here if you want to find your Wedding Setting Dates.

  • Click here if you want to take a look at and order stunningly accurate Astrodamus reports.

  • Click here if you want to take a look at our Expanded Lunar Cycle Fertility Overview to know when you're most fertile and when it's likely you will conceive the child of your choice.

  • Click here to contact us for questions about any "custom-made" reports, horoscope profiles, listings or whatever and to know how much it will cost.

  • Click here to know more about our future forecasts.

  • Click here to order and download 'Forecasting With The Moon Phases', an e-book about a step-by-step method to accurately predict the weeks ahead with the Moon phases.

Why are our reports different?

We bring together a wide variety of astrological systems and methods in our not automated horoscope profiles to offer you the best possible delineations.

To name a few:

  • if applicable, we use the principles of the Huber School, API School from Switzerland
  • if applicable, we use the principles of Uranian astrology (Hamburg School)
  • if applicable, we use the principles of Cosmobiology
  • if applicable, we use some traditional techniques as set up by Morin de Villefranche and others
  • if applicable, we use some techniques established by the Schools of Transpersonal Astrology In germany and the USA
  • if applicable, we also use some Vedic principles to delineate your horoscope profiles
  • and more....

Fortunately, we are able to read and understand most astrological methods and systems that are published in English, German, French and Dutch.

When writing your reports and when applicable, we blend the most valuable worldwide used astrological theories and methods that have stood the test of time.

This way, we are able to deliver some very personalized reports with a content unmatched by automated or computerized reports or forecasts.

Unlike other astrology chart services, all our astrology reports (except for the Astrodamus reports) are 'hand-made' which means that we do not deliver you simple computerized or automated reports (again, except for the Astrodamus reports).

We only use a computer to cast and draw the charts.

This way, we have grips on your chart and can delineate far more than computers are able to do.

There is, however, a disadvantage of this working method: time.

Our full horoscope profiles will take about a month before we can send them.

Understand that you are not alone on this world as well and that we have a very busy schedule analyzing, delineating and writing reports, doing research, answering requests etc. etc.

If you need a quick reply or answer, we recommend that you order the 'First Advice' for your specific problem or question first and order a (full) (compatibility) report or forecast later if you wish so.

Our horoscope profiles are priced in Euro (European currency) but you can also pay in USD, CAD , AUD or GBP...

If you cannot afford our reports and horoscope profiles, we suggest you take a look at our reviews of computerized (compatibility) reports from online services and sellers on our Astrology Reports Review page.

For your convenience you can find our TOP 2 of the reviewed computerized astrology charts, reports and profiles below.

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  1. Carol Allen

  2. California Astrology Association

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