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Is He The Right Man For You?

On this page, you can order your personalized Baby Gender Prediction Calendar.

For a long time now, we deliver the Expanded Lunar Cycle Fertility Overview on which you can find the single best days to conceive a boy or a girl following the Dr. Jonas method.

The disadvantage of this overview is the fact that you can only find one day per month to conceive the child of your choice.

Thanks to the feedback we get from our failures and successes from our free Baby Gender Prediction techniques, we have been able to research some more astrological techniques and methods.

After a lot of testing, we are able to pinpoint more specific accurate days to try for a boy or a girl.

That's why we can provide a Baby Gender Prediction Calendar on which you can find more days to try for the child of your choice.

We researched the methods diligently, conscientiously and tested them on hundreds of cases in the past and we are very confident that it will work in the vast majority of the cases in future pregnancies too (accuracy rate of 80%+).

In case there are not too much dates to conceive, do know that we go for reliability and quality rather than quantity!

We try to play it safe and only will list the days that are the most reliable ones.

Our Baby Gender Prediction Calendar will highly increase the odds of conceiving the baby of your choice in a way that will astonish you.

The methods we use in this Calendar are NOT based on:

  • the Chinese Calendar, which we find unreliable

  • biorhythms

  • biological cycles (ovulation cycles,...).

    We refer to the investigation done by Canadian researchers -- read our Baby Gender Prediction research page proving there are many more cycles than the ovulation cycle and women can conceive on any day of the month.

Instead, our methods fully rely on specific planetary phases, alignments and cycles related to your own natal chart (horoscope).

However, we will never disclose the exact methods as this has now become our trade secret...

Just try our Calendar for yourself - there is a full money-back-guarantee!

Order Your Baby Gender Prediction Calendar NOW!

The calendar is available in English and Italian.

We at Cosmic Technologies (Cosmitec), are very serious about your privacy. We refer to our privacy statement.

To calculate your Baby Gender Prediction Calendar, we do need your exact birth data.

If you don't know your exact time of birth, we can try to calculate or rectify it so that you can order your Baby Gender Prediction Calendar too.

Click here for more information about our rectification service.

Please note that without your prior and explicit consent we will never ever give your data away!

What do you get when you order this astrological Baby Gender Prediction Calendar?

  • you get a "real" Calendar listing all the days for every month
  • the Calendar will be sent in PDF-Format to preserve the format
  • for every month you will find 3 to 8 single days on which your chances to conceive the child of your choice are at their highest

Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee that the Calendar will work in 100% of the cases.

Though we conscientiously researched and tested the methods on hundreds of cases, we do not claim that our methods are 100% accurate.

As the exact moment of insemination cannot be known, the methods may still occasionally fail!

We only claim that by consistently following this Calendar according to our guidelines, you will highly increase the odds of conceiving the child of your choice!

We are not responsible for the way you use the Calendar or the outcome as we cannot know how strict you follow the guidelines.

You are sole responsible for your own deeds and actions.

We do offer a full money-back-guarantee via PayPal if you do not conceive the child of your choice on condition that you followed the instructions consistently and rigorously, which are:

  • you are currently not pregnant

  • you have only (unprotected) sex on the days marked in blue (for a boy) or in pink (for a girl)

  • you have absolutely NO sex or only protected sex on the other days.

    By protected sex we mean using a condom (no withdrawal or other methods are allowed because they are totally unreliable)

  • the Calendar is only valid for the Time Zone of the place of your residence. Moving to a place with another Time Zone, may alter the results

We will process your order immediately, but due to the demand, it may happen that we will need more than a week to cast your charts and send the Calendar.

Because we can't manage all the orders at the same time, we use the principle of "first in, first out."

Below you can find the order status that shows how long it will take to send you order:

  • Order status green Order Status GREEN: we are able to send the order within about two weeks
  • Order status orange Order Status ORANGE: the Baby Gender Prediction Calendar will take us longer than two weeks, but usually not longer than a month
  • Order status red Order Status RED: there is a (temporary) overflow of orders so that it will take us more than a month to send the Calendar
The current ORDER STATUS as of today  is Order Status ORANGE ORANGE
In case you have ever given us feedback regarding your free baby gender prediction order BEFORE the date of  (we'll check that!), don't click a "Buy Now" button, instead click here.


In case you don't have the Adobe Reader, click here to download a free copy of the latest version.

Baby Gender Prediction Calendar For 3 Months

The Calendar lists the days to ttc over 3 months, starting at the month of your choice.

The Calendar is sent by e-mail in pdf-format.

Click the "Buy Now" button to the right to order.

(IMPORTANT: After clicking the 'Pay Now' button in the PayPal payment window you are automatically redirected to our own Order Form that you must fill out with the birth information we need. Please, be patient, as the redirection may take some seconds!)

IF you are not redirected, contact us through our Contact Form.

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