The Lunaception Theory

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Lunaception is the method or technique called by Louise Lacey which uses a source of light to align the menstrual cycle to the phases of the Moon.

After careful research, Louise Lacey, in 1974, (re?)discovered a form of menstrual cycle regulation and natural birth control and conception aid to align the menstrual cycle with the phases of the Moon.

She found that nature and the universe are full of rhythms and cycles.

Women can come into balance with their own fertility by paying attention to the evolutionary connection between menstruation and the Moon by eliminating all light in the sleeping room for most of the cycle.

So, the theory is primarily drawing a link between menstruation and the Moon (phases).

The method uses light to control ovulation. In practice, all light should be blocked from coming into the bedroom at night.

It's mandatory for your health (of men and women alike!), that you ALWAYS sleep in COMPLETE darkness. More and more evidence and scientific research points to the importance of this.

Sleeping in a room that is not completely darkened may increase the risk of (breast and prostate) cancer and other illnesses manyfold. It seems that the pineal gland and light regulate important body functions that can be disturbed when your body is exposed to light during your sleep.

So, if you want to do something that might help to keep your body healthy, sleep in COMPLETE darkness! We refer to (among others) for more information.

You should use a light to entrain the own biological cycle to the Full Moon cycle.

A small light should shine throughout the night in the room at days 14, 15 and 16 of your cycle.

This can be as simple as a small nightlight or desk light.

After several months, the menstrual cycle should come into balance with the light.

When attempting to conceive, intercourse is had on those three nights when the lights are used.

Sleep in a COMPLETELY dark room for ALL the other days of your period/cycle.

Lunaception has also been linked with helping to increase the production of fertility-quality cervical mucus, sometimes known as "egg white cervical mucus" in reference to its unique resemblance to egg whites.

This fertile cervical mucus is what bathes the sperm in a protective and enriching coating in order to sustain the sperm until the egg is released and aid their journey to the fallopian tubes.

Studies have shown that shortly after the night light is introduced during sleep, the natural production of this fertile-quality mucus is triggered and enhanced, bringing together the critical combination of timing of ovulation with coinciding of fertile mucus.

In short, this method can also be used to increase fertility (conception) or to prevent pregnancy (contraception).

DISCLAIMER: we don't know of any woman who practiced this method to increase fertility or to prevent pregnancy.

That's why we cannot validate this theory.

However, there is evidence that the theory may be worth while further investigation and practicing.

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The links we provide below are for informational purposes only. We don't recommend any of them because, astrologically, it's all in the Stars if and when you will get pregnant.

However, for some women the information may be useful and bring additional knowledge and comfort or relief and that's why we list the links.

In case you can prove that a link is a fraud, scam, hoax or whatever, let us know and we'll remove the information asap.

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