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Sign Compatibility Everything related to Sun or Moon sign compatibility:
Compatibility Charts Everything about what brings you together and what holds you together, what about your love life, love horoscopes etc.
Astroseduction We tell you how astrology can help you to attract and seduce any zodiac sign! We will also talk about our astrological research into infidelity and cheating...
Sexual Astrology Everything related to sex and astrology: sexual (in)compatibility, sexual dysfunctions, hot tips to (sexually) please your partner and more...
Astrofertility Everything related to astrology and (in)fertility, baby gender prediction etc.
Love & Astrology General articles about love and astrology. How to delineate from your natal chart how you perceive love. What means love to you and what's your style of love? When will you find love and are you cut-out-for-love?
Marriage Horoscopes When is the best time to marry? How to choose the best wedding setting date? Astrological research regarding marriage. Whom will you marry?
Divorce Horoscopes When is divorce likely? What astrological research has been done re divorce?
Astroreport Reviews We review all the available astrological reports and profiles of online astrology services to know whether they are worth the price and whether they are valuable. Whe also take a look at the free services.
Astrodating Everything related to astrology and dating. How can astrology help in dating, when is the time appropriate to date, which online dating services have the best corporation or foundation chart and much more...
Celebrity Lovers The love life of celebrities revealed...

Celebrity lovers (Introductory page with a listing of celebrities we analyzed)
Very Unique Gifts Astrology can point to the perfect gifts for any zodiac sign. We also tell you why!

Unique gifts (Introductory page with a list of the zodiac signs to choose from)
Free Love Forecasts Read our free online forecasts and predictions and some free forecasts of other online service providers

Love Forecasts (General Introductory page with an overview of all the Forecast on our site)
Finding Love Here we tell you how to find love (i.e. when is the time right?) and where to find love on planet Earth.
Astro Love Quotes Love and sex quotes to make you smile:
Zodiac Signs
(in love)
What are the traits and peculiar characteristics of the zodiac signs, especially when they fall or are in love?
Planets in Love What do the planets, (sensitive) points and bodies reveal and mean regarding your love life?
Midpoints What are Midpoints? How to calculate them and how to find them.

Midpoints in Love. What is the signification of midpoints regarding your love life and which ones are a 'must use'?

Natal Love Midpoints. Natal midpoints and their meanings for your love life.

Midpoints in Synastry. How to use the midpoints in a chart comparison between two people.

Midpoints in Synastry - Examples. Examples that show how midpoints work out in synastry (chart comparison between two people).

Book Reviews We present the most reliable astrology books with unique content that is empirical researched. No psycho blah blah but profound knowledge that has stood the test of time and that every single student of astrology should learn or know. Top-notch books we rave about.
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Astrodamus Reports
About Us
Who are we at Cosmic Technologies? How did we grow to such a successful online astrological business? What can you order from us at Cosmic Technologies (CosmiTec), what are our services etc.?

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