Aquarius Gifts to Show
Your Aquarius Lover
Your True Affection

Below you can find some most unique Aquarius gifts that will touch your Aquarius Lover right in the heart.

There is no better way to bring your Aquarius Lover in her/his 'element' by giving some unique gifts that correspond with her/his element.

Aquarius is a fixed air Sign bringing Aquarius Home in every situation or event that corresponds with 'fixed air' (just materialize this!).

So, a gift that corresponds with 'fixed air' will do the job if you want to seduce or attract your Aquarius Lover, or if you just want to show how much you value her or him.

Unique Aquarius gifts and presents can be tangible tokens of your true love.

Aquarius just LOVES Information Technology, computers, hardware and software.

Why not giving a 'web site' as a gift? What could be a better gift than Site Build It!? (the way we, at Cosmic Technologies build our site, in a succesful way!). This might be the only all-in-one site-building, site-hosting, and site-marketing product that makes it easy to build a professional, popular, and profitable business. Just click here for a fast step-by-step demo of how SBI! works. Click here to compare Site Build It! with its competitors.

Speaking of electronics and e-gadgets, robotics also make wonderful Aquarius gifts.

If You Are Aquarius, What Is On Top Of YOUR Wishlist?

Share what's on top of your own wishlist if you are Aquarius! Which unique gift would you like to receive?

Share your

  • birth day and month (NOT the year) and
  • tell us WHY it's on top of your list

What Other Visitors Have Said

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Vacation to faraway island or clothes Not rated yet
A vacation would be the best possible gift I would like someone to tag along but also allowed my own space to be alone and relax/ then party at night. …

Games!!! Not rated yet
Feb 7, and I really like to play card and board games because it gets me involved and its something to entertain me that doesn't distract me from the person …

A diamond ring? Not rated yet
This is a rare gift. Aquarians may be like this but not all... Go ahead find the inexpensive yet beautiful ring for her/him. It's a lasting meaningful …

I really don't know Not rated yet
Heyy, my birthday is on February 4. I really actually don't know because... it depends on some days... but a gift I would want probably, would be like …

Something... Not rated yet
Something you don't find everywhere. Unique. And remember one man's garbage, might be an Aquarian's treasure.

invisible me Not rated yet
The power to 'envisible' me or a gadget so the world gets always success with our human being. We can always go to meet our brothers in any city, state, …

A gift Not rated yet
Nothing in particular but everything at the same time. We never know exactly what we want. A basket of nice things would be an idea. We love finding things. …

Books! Not rated yet
Books related to science. :)

Kite Not rated yet
Aquarians LOVE Kites!

To be able to get to the other side of the world without flying Not rated yet
I hate flying. A boat takes far too long. Then they must invent something better for those who hate flying!!

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